Refugee Worker: “I Have Abandoned All Hope”

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this report from Politically Incorrect:

Insider report by an ex-refugee relief worker:

On Friday [August 20] a former refugee relief worker published a post on Facebook about his work with migrants. He was in the field for three years.

Now, for the first time, he reports about his daily experiences with “refugees”. These reports are very valuable. On the one hand, we learn from an involved person who has, for months, experienced situations, and the person’s stories are trustworthy and credible accounts of horrible circumstances. On the other hand, no one can accuse the person of being a “right wing agitator” attempting to exploit and/or instrumentalize the reality of it.

Farewell to Hope

In the end, the farewell was much easier than I thought, which is probably due to the exponential climb of my frustration, on all levels.

I have given up on my voluntary work as an assistant to refugees and migrants.

The many thousands of hours during which I tried to supply real help turned out to be utterly useless. Along with me, three other volunteer workers have also quit. There was no single defining incident. I had begun to notice that, for months, my work was senseless. Senseless in that the majority of the people with whom I dealt did not want to integrate. Senseless because the politicians actually consider integration to be unnecessary, as they merely need institutions and ghettos that are expected to return fat financial gains. And senseless because we helpers were left alone with our problems at work and we were shamed when attempting to discuss the topic of the racism that had been shown to us (and German society) by so many refugees. Real problems that required immediate solutions were being downplayed and sugar-coated. Female colleagues were spat upon just because they were women. And, coincidentally, on the very day it came out that I am Jewish, a tire on my car was slashed.

Men and youths for whom we had (after a lot of convincing) found internships at various companies often quit after just one day because eight hours per day of work was “too long” for them. Regardless, the money continued to come in, and the catering, maintenance and care were guaranteed. Intolerance of religious minorities led us to having to abort approximately 50% of all of our projects, in order to avoid escalation. I could go on and on. The worst of it was that the politicians never even had a plan for successful integration. The responsibility for integration was dumped on us, the helpers. There were disruptive behaviors that made it impossible for us to achieve the peaceful “togetherness” in which we had invested so much of ourselves. These behaviors were never met with any consequences, nor were the perpetrators held to any level of accountability.

Everything remained exactly the way it was. Nothing ever moved. Nobody seemed interested. They would rather be silent than risk social ostracism. I am worried that our society will experience a monumental shift to the right because the pot will boil over in the next election. Perhaps that is what they want. If it is, then we are on the right track. There are those who warned last fall that we will have no choice but to confront these problems, which are essentially social dynamite. Not only are these individuals excluded from discussion rounds, they are actively accused of being responsible for these problems, by having pointed them out for so long that they became self-fulfilling prophecies.

But when one does the same thing over and over and expects a different result, then that is a form of insanity. My experience over three years of volunteer work shows me that this is where we stand. I have abandoned all hope.

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  1. A Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged by reality. This dude is not too swift. It took him three years to conclude what a 12 year old in a Brooklyn school yard would grok during recess.

    • “grok during recess”. Yeah but I don’t think too many people under 40 would get that allusion, unless they are SF afficionados or Heinlein fans. This guy who is Jewish is indeed very slow on the uptake. What did he expect? Apparently the endless Muslim Jihad against the Jew nation doesn’t mean anything to him. Why does he think Germany is so in love with these Muslim refugees to begin with? It has a lot to do with shared values such as anti-Semitism. Naive is the kindest thing I can say about this know-nothing. Well live and learn as you say. Notice how the original link to his facebook page entry has been taken down.

      • My liberal and gay friends are the slowest. Their argument: we need tolerance, so we should always show it to the oppressed. Incredibly naive.

        • The best thing I ever read about tolerance is that you can only have tolerance for things you don’t approve of. For instance I can’t tolerate someone giving me a million dollars but I can tolerate my counties needle exchange program.

          • I could tolerate getting a million dollars, Sam! Then I could afford to give away alotta money to my fave charities like the Jane Goodall Institute, etc.

        • Oh man! I hear ya! My gay & democratic pals say the same tbings! Its quite shocking like lemmings not taking the warning about the ledge theyre running to!

    • Beg to disagree. I was a Conservative from inside the mother’s womb. Lots of people are leftist in their youths, then gradually turn more conservative. Not me. I never had to make an ideological flip, and I’m very proud of that. I have the feeling that I ‘ve been “Right” – in both senses – my entire life.

    • But you’re of course completely correct in that it took this IDIOT so long to come to a conclusion that should have been obvious from before this whole “refugee” crisis started. And then he’s even a Jew!!! How stupid can you be???

        • It has already been taken up by the “paleo” community. Google says “grok” appears on (a popular paleo blog/website) 10,300 times, where it’s often used as a proper noun — the typical healthy caveman.

      • I’ve always hated the common use of the word by people who don’t understand it.
        To “grok” is not equivalent to “understand”.
        Grok is understanding everything about something to the deepest level of meaning, so completely that it becomes a part of you. In the book, Heinlein pointed that it is very rare for a human to ever be able to truly grok something.
        People who toss out “I grok” as a form of “I understand” prove that they don’t understand, much less grok.

        • Indeed so, Petercat; “grok” implies a deeper level of undeerstanding and comprehension.

          It’s interesting that the “hippies” took this particular Heinlein novel (“Stranger in a Strange Land”) to their hearts, to Heinlen’s bemusement; my parents, living in Canada from 1969-79, introduced me to Heinlein and the wonderful Canadian author Robertson Davies.

          • One of my favorite theology professor wrote an essay on this Heinlein book – obviously, since the title is a quote from Paul’s Letters.

            Robertson Davies continues to sell. Hard to pick a favorite, but perhaps this one,

            Murther and Walking Spirits by Davies Robertson (1992-12-01) Paperback

            is my favorite for its description of New York as the Loyalists were fleeing to Canada during the American Revolution. Anyone who suffers from asthma will resonate with the way he describes its treatment back then, i.e., laudanum. Of course today’s 300/month charge for inhaled steroids that increase your risk for osteoporosis isn’t *that* much better….imho.

  2. Sad. But with time, a lesson learnt the hard way.

    If only more “refugee” workers would finally learn, they would be useful in convincing others not to learn the hard way.

    • There are none so blind as those who refuse to see!

      Remember the famous fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes.
      He wore finer and finer materials, as his subjects lavished praise on his satirical elegance, until an innocent child pointed and shouted out that he was naked! Finally the adults woke from their torpor and pointed and laughed too as the humiliated Emperor scuttled for cover.

      Now use this fable as an analogy for Mutti Merkel’s NAKED ambition in pursuit of the Nobel Peace Prize and a top UN post!

      Wake up Germany,start pointing at this deluded, humourless hag of a woman, boo her wherever she goes, shower her with derision, if not rotten fruit. Make her as uncomfortable in her own skin, as she has made your lives uncomfortable and perhaps she will scuttle (metaphorically) naked for the hills too!

    • Experience grants wisdom, you can give a person all the knowledge of mankind but knowledge is just a trap. Until that knowledge is utilized and experienced they will never become wise. Young men think the old man are fools, Old men know the young men are.

    • A lesson learnt too late for him or her.

      For them and their like there can be but little hope as the rest of us try to salvage our communities, culture, and survival.

      For whatever reason they passed well beyond the pale long ago and the almost terminal damage they created in the process can only be neutralised and then eradicated, not accommodated.

      They, regretfully and as I suspect, have no place in the the future scheme of things however that future should fall for we few lack the energy and resources to take them into consideration.

      There really is no mercy left in me, I simply want for me and mine to survive.

  3. Volunteering for one day a week in one of these “refugee reception centers” should become mandatory for everyone in Germany, with no loopholes for academics and politicians.
    I’m sure if they saw their little pets up close and personal, at least they might start whistling in tune with the music the rest of us hear.

    • Yep. Agreed. Although a (small) amount of Antifas, etc, may use the occasion to help their “refugee” brethren, and may even help to cover up a rape or two, the vast majority of normal-thinking people are likely to be shocked at experiencing something like this with their own eyes, rather than through the PC lens of the mainstream media.

    • An excellent idea! No exemptions for anybody. One day a week for just one month, maybe two, would open every single person in Germany’s eyes to the reality of their nation’s “people import”policy.

  4. “our society will experience a monumental shift to the right”
    Stop already. What does it even mean?

    “Senseless because the politicians actually consider integration to be unnecessary, as they merely need institutions and ghettos that are expected to return fat financial gains.”
    I don’t get it. Whenever slums and ghettos return any financial gains?
    This supposed connection of refugee influx and financial elite seems far fetched, regardless of the fact that financial system is sick and twisted.

    In all other respects this is a very interesting account. I just don’t understand what was so surprising for the author in regard to how organization works. It works just like any other non-private institution: being effective is not the point. […] my experience suggests that even in private sector it is not the point nowadays too.

    • Agreed. It’s their vile leftism that got them where they are in the first place. A shift to the right would be a great thing, as far as I can tell.

      And I, too, don’t get how slums and ghettos would elicit financial gains. Slums and ghettos DRAIN the economic system, they don’t benefit it.

      None of this makes any sense to me, either.

          • True my point was!! That was why this situation was created and is being supported in spite of reality!! And shocking people are so brainwashed they don’t understand governments are only in this for their power!! Divide and conquer politically who wins?? Hopefully, true citizens will rise!! Government growth is determined by needs, or perception of, or, in this situation, creation of. Grow Up, People!!

      • The people who profit from ghettos are the ones who are paid to build them or paid to own them and then paid to get rid of them. They drain the economy to the pockets of a few very wealthy people exploiting stupidity

    • The Slums and Ghettos give the politicians fat returns as the line their pockets with the aid $$ that is meant to convert the Slums and Ghettos to something better.
      California USA imposed a new tax on cigarettes to provide medical benefits to the children of smokers, of the $.50 tax $.02 went to medical and $.48 went to administrative costs, ie. politicians pockets. Hope that provides a little clarity.

      • Also the organizations (some of them privately owned and some owned by special interests ) that provide the refugees with accommodation get paid huge amounts per refugee .In this way the owners of the housing or of migrant hostels make huge profits at tax payer expense.They are profiteering and do not care that the migrants prey on the helpless host community as lining their own pockets comes first.

        Cash always takes priority over patriotism.

      • A similar dynamic exists in the NGO foreign aid sector and institutions like the UNHCR.

        The little people are prevailed upon to donate their hard-earned money to charities to help the poor starving children in Africa. And then you learn just how much is consumed by “administrative” costs and how little actually reaches the intended recipients.

        And then one learns that the executives of these international aid organizations earn enormous salaries, fly only First Class all the time and stay only in 5 star hotels.

        Then there is the issue of whether these charities are actually helping anybody. I vaguely recalled a Kenyan economist explaining how international charity was distorting the Kenyan economy by putting local clothing manufacturers out of business. He also noted that a, eg dentist or optometrist, who had been trained at a Western university, made more money as a chauffeur (such locals spoke English, German orFrench etc and were thus sought after by international charities) driving foreign aid workers around than practising their profession; thereby depleting the availability of dentists and optometrists to the Kenyan people AND, supply and demand, also increasing the cost of dental and optometric services to the local population.

        I Wiki’d “World Food Program” and found this criticism of foreign aid by a different Kenyan economist:

        ‘Kenyan economist James Shikwati says in an interview with Der Spiegel: “aid to Africa does more harm than good”.[23] According to him, the food aid increases corruption as local politicians have the opportunity to steal some of the aid to bribe voters or to sell the aid in the black markets killing the local agriculture.[24] He claims that the WFP people as an organisation “are in the absurd situation of, on the one hand, being dedicated to the fight against hunger while, on the other hand, being faced with unemployment were hunger actually eliminated”. He suggests that WFP answers too easily to the calls of the corrupted governments, and supplies too much of food aid leading to reduction of the production of local farmers as “no one can compete with the UN’s World Food Program”.’

        That is: foreign aid destroys the local agricultural sector and the primary purpose it serves is to provide employment to Western aid workers.
        A friend of mine, with an engineering background, traveling in Malawi in the 1980’s, encountered some Italian contractors working on a foreign aid project: a paved highway. He pointed out some obvious engineering flaws. The Italians’ response was basically: “Yeah, we know. The road will disintegrate within a few years. The people of Italy don’t know, they feel good about donating this road to poor Africans. Our company gets awarded a lucrative contract which keeps us employed and helps its profit margin. And the politicians and bureaucrats who awarded our company the contract got a kick-back. We’ll be back in 3 years time to rebuild it. Or whatever company that pays the highest kickback will get the job”

        • Expanded food and medical aid causes an increase in population which the backward societies are unable to support. I suspect that many of the problems in Africa are largely caused by the “unnatural” population increases artificially created by so called humanitarian aid. This artificially supported population increase further stresses the environment causing even greater famine and war. Colonialism is the least of Africa’s problems, humanitarians have caused more devastation than all other sources combined. All done in the name of humanism.

        • Great post, Julius.

          Twenty or thirty years ago, I wandered (literally) into a lecture given to a small group of business students by an economist named Peter Bauer. It literally blew my mind. Bauer is truly an unsung genius and herald of the class of development economists who have proven conclusively how devastating foreign aid is for the recipient country, not to mention the poor suckers who are taxed to provide the funding.

          The article which I referenced is dated as far as its concepts on globalization, totally free capitalism and the like, but it’s evidence and conclusions on the harmful effects of foreign aid are still 100% on the mark.

          The main engine driving foreign aid seems to be, as you pointed out so forcefully, the tremendous benefits it provides to the administrators, bureaucrats, and contractors in the pipeline.

          The devastation that foreign aid generates in the developing countries is, of course, mirrored in the devastation of inner-city neighborhoods caused by welfare. Welfare and family assistance encourages unwed mothers to have multiple children, who themselves are not only unproductive, but who join gangs, commit crimes, and generally make their own neighborhoods unbearable for folks who actually obey the laws.

          One of the most bizarre instances of welfare I saw was when Hillary Clinton got called out by a West Virginia miner for advocating the closing of coal mines. He pointed out to her that she was promoting policies that would take away his job.

          She replied that of course, she supported increased benefits for the people who were out of work.

  5. The politicians lie. Those who want to, believe.
    Then everybody acts surprised.

    Sometimes I wonder who they imagine is watching the charade.

  6. But it took the writer three years before he/she “abandoned hope” enough to quit (or maybe find a new job).

    Three years.

    Unless this individual was unable to find another job in a timely way, this lengthy period of time does not augur well for the mind-change that must take place in order to avert mass bloodshed and/or an Islamic takeover.

    • No!! It shows the propaganda that has been fed to the Western masses that reality and truth are unthinkable now!!

    • I remind you that although the author became pessimistic on the results of open immigration, a primary concern was that once the problems became generally known, they would encourage right-wing politics.

  7. He said: “Senseless because the politicians actually consider integration to be unnecessary, as they merely need institutions and ghettos that are expected to return fat financial gains.”

    How? Where are the financial gains coming from? And to whom? All I see is losses…

  8. “Men and youths for whom we had (after a lot of convincing) found internships at various companies often quit after just one day because eight hours per day of work was “too long” for them.”

    This tendency towards laziness was noted by Churchill in his famous critique of Islam and its people. And the proof is in looking at any muslim majority country. Even in the ones blessed by oil wealth, the Arabs do nothing, importing foreigners to run the country, build their cities, teach their kids and staff their hospitals.

  9. This is a well though out plan to have ISLAM controll the One World Order ,the snake has been in the making for some time yet liberals refuse to see the light ,much less the journey the the Muslims use to over run and destroy a civilization . Patton was correct to do what was necessary to slow the evil known as Islam. This needs to be done again in every corner of the world ! Unfortunately fools in the USA have allowed a Muslim Communist anti Colonialist to “lead” and attempt to destroy the USA .

  10. It’s difficult to except reality but one must or continue to live in delusion. The absolute majority of the refugees will never assimilate in western society. Their religion won’t allow it. Does water and oil mix? Neither will the West and East.

  11. The sad reality is now very clear in Europe. Even worse, is to read and see the seeding of these same refugees across the U.S. by the UN /US govt. and social contractors, among the 9, the Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Church Services and others. Europe is well on the way to becoming Islamic, not by choice but pure idiocy. The United States is being driven into the same swamp by this administration, with more and more refugees being brought here, dropped in cities without them not even aware of it, and then the cost of healthcare, education and housing falls to the taxpayers when the contractors pull out. We commit national suicide too, and the media covers up the nightmare that is now unfolding. Remember, toleration is the acceptance of behavior that is not the norm. Americans had better wake up NOW. Demand that the House of Representatives stop all funding for refugee resettlement unless and until this nation gets a handle on what is happening. Trump had it right. A moratorium on those who will not accept our way of life and want Shariah law instead of the Constitution.

  12. Classy Gentleman: Excellent idea, except said politicians and academics should work every weekend in those centers for 3 months. All No-Refugee party members should be exempt-they already ‘get it.’

  13. Terminal Stupidity means–“you are going to DIE of it”. These ‘gutmenschen’ are certainly guilty of this, so they AND their society will pay the price.
    Bye-bye Deutschland.
    It just doesn’t work………………………….

    Even if you really, really, reeeeeeeeeallly try.
    Stupid wins over good intentions every single time.

  14. The actions of Obama, Merkel, Trudeau, Cameron, and the rest of the leaders shilling for immigration cannot be explained. But, the actions can be predicted. It’s like quantum mechanics, where the behavior of sub-sub atomic particles has no describable underlying cause, but the aggregate behavior itself can be predicted and described to high levels of accuracy.

    Similarly, to dismiss Obama’s behavior with “he’s a Muslim” misses the point that if he weren’t, he would likely be acting in exactly the same manner. After all, this is the way Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, and the others, indisputably non-Muslim, are acting. For these leaders, the more trouble with immigrants their neighbors are having, the more immigrants they try to take into their own countries.

    The rational response of any sane citizen is not to psychoanalyze the leaders to determine their internal mental state. The rational response should be finding ways to maintain their countries. In the US, it’s getting behind an anti-immigration President like Trump. For myself, I’m waiting until after the election, if Trump is elected, to see if this approach is effective.

    I myself am coming to wonder if you can have effective nationalist policies with an extremely diverse population with a large number of welfare recipients. It’s as if the welfare population supports any moves to increase government spending and handouts, although logically, indigenous welfare recipients ought to see new arrivals as competitors.

    There is an analogy. Liberal Jewish organizations support the importation of viciously anti-Semitic peoples. Recall that many Americans who are Jews have parents or grandparents who were immigrants. So, large numbers of recent descendants of immigrants support immigration, although the immigrants now are competitors or, worse, oppressors.

    So, it may be that rational policies only go so far in determining an electorate. It may be necessary to actually separate electorates. I notice from reading the Refugee Resettlement Watch notices that there is a tendency to place refugees in areas which are conservative. This has the effect of diluting the votes in areas that tend to oppose immigration.

    I actually think we’d have a much healthier situation today if the Confederacy had stayed separate but parallel to the United States…although, I blame the Confederacy for starting the Civil War when they clearly could have not begun the hostilities. Wars and invasions are not like chess and checkers: it’s more like juggling with live hand grenades. My point is that the larger the political unit, the less responsive it is to actual needs of the citizens, and to any rational concepts.

    So no, of course the dictators in Brussels, and even in Munich, are not going to be responsive to the actual logic or facts of the refugee situation. It’s an empirical question. The discussion of motivations is a matter of theology: often interesting, sometimes brilliant, and totally unpredictive and unproductive.

    • We may have to go through and beyond our leaders. After all, it is constitutional to form militias ourselves and to create constitutional conventions.

  15. “I am worried that our society will experience a monumental shift to the right ”
    – Yet again that is his main concern. After all the Progressive Left has been so wonderful, hasn’t it?
    – When the Muhammadans rule over you then maybe you will understand what intolerance looks like. At that point, if you are alive, you will call those on the Right patriots. You will beg them to save your skin.

  16. There may be exigencies in man’s history that require rapid, fleet and nimble cultural responses that this episode of immigration suggests man cannot do–because we are such slow learners.

    Eg what if were discovered that man needs a certain food genetically modified because it was the only way to avoid a rapid epidemic of prion disease…mad cow type brain illness.

    We could never move so swiftly. Our genome may not be suitable as a frame for modification through mutation and survival through adaptation when we don’t have a lot of time to spend convincing everyone. I.e. we may be virtual sloths at a point in history when we need jaguars.

    There was never a guarantee that H. sapiens was the last species of man.

  17. Unfortunately, the more Muslims we import, the more terror events. It’s the nature of the religion. It’s not going to change, because, as their numbers grow, so does their push for Sharia Law. There’s no way to soften their prime directive: “Convert or kill all non-believers.” One look at Europe shows you our future. Journalist Daniel Greenfield wrote, “When you turn on the evening news and see a running death toll, it’s happening more and more often. The new brand of Islamic terror only needs one thing… Muslims. Lone wolf terrorism operates off the existing Muslim population in a particular country. The bigger the Muslim population, the bigger the risk. The FBI or other law enforcement agencies cannot monitor even a fraction of the Islamic settler population sympathetic to terror. As the Muslim settler population in the country increases, the number of cases will grow.” (Source: Right Side News, Stop Lone Wolf Terrorism by Ending Muslim Immigration, August 2, 2016)

  18. “I am worried that our society will experience a monumental shift to the right because the pot will boil over in the next election. ”
    This person should not worry that the pot will boil over soon but pray that it does. If it does not Germany will be lost. I feel sorry for this person, to have such a lack of survival instincts. How can one be around such hate and contempt for more than a few minutes let alone three years and not pick up on it.
    I worked for a welfare agency (govt) here in the US for years. We served Citizen, legal immigrants, and “refugees” (the invaders) and illegal aliens. You did not need to understand the language to absolutely know that you were being disrespected in the most vile terms by the so called “refugees”. When translators were used you could tell when the translator was not relaying the whole extent of the comments but just what was needed to get the various services.
    Just do not understand how anyone can not recognize DANGER when it is so close. The govt of course has another agenda, here and in Europe and care not for the dangers they bring to their own Citizens, but how can the people who see it on the streets every day be so ignorant? How can the left/liberals be so suicidal that they care not for themselves nor for their own children?

  19. The “do gooders” refuse to see the trees because the forest gets in the way, but only for a time……then reality is clearly seen and they are “shocked”.

  20. Why do the politicians do this? At it’s simplest, it’s because the Pols in power in Europe and America are Progressives. That’s all there really is to it. All Progressives have their own internal agenda, an agenda they never explain to the voters, in fact they go to great lengths to conceal that agenda from the voters. So when you go to the election polls, all you need to remember is no vote’s for progressive’s, or anyone who takes funding from. any George Soros affiliated groups. He’s the financial backer of the Progressive worldwide movement.

  21. No!! It shows the propaganda that has been fed to the Western masses that reality and truth are unthinkable now!

  22. Good Luck to the USA!!As a Canadian PM Trudeau has sold my country to this idiocy of Islam the religion of peace!!!Merkel,Trudeau,Obama and EU all should be tried under treason laws!! May God Bless us all.

    • Good Luck to the USA!!As a Canadian PM Trudeau has sold my country to this idiocy of Islam the religion of peace!!!Merkel,Trudeau,Obama and EU all should be tried under treason laws!! May God Bless us all.Crooked Hillary lock her up!!

  23. “I am worried that our society will experience a monumental shift to the right because the pot will boil over in the next election. ”

    Despite everything he has seen, this is still the worst possible outcome he can envision. And he will dutifully vote Left at every opportunity because the alternative is so much worse.

  24. Let’s not be hard on this fellow for making himself vulnerable to criticism by admitting his misunderstanding of the situation. No doubt his intentions were good, but he was likely subjected to a great deal of indoctrination in college.

    As to the financial gains….what I suspect he refers to is the expectation that refugee resettlement would create a large, low-cost pool of unskilled labor. However, as with all commodities that are deeply discounted, there’s always a reason, a catch.

  25. I need to post this article on Facebook for my so-called liberal Leftist friends who believe Trump is so evil- because be he believes the Muslim invader refugees must be thoroughly vetted.

  26. I note Bob earlier in this thread asked us not to be too hard on this poor fellow because he was indoctrinated in college and it is a fair point Bob makes. But …

    “I am worried that our society will experience a monumental shift to the right because the pot will boil over in the next election.”

    Why is the dear fellow worried? Your experience should make you welcome a momentous shift to the right. If it has failed to, if he cannot understand that it is a policy of the Left to dilute the German nation-state as a overwhlemingly German ethno-cultural entity (of multiple Christian denominations such as Lutheran, Roman Catholic and other much smaller Christian denominations, as well as of the Jewish faith – the Rhineland Jews have been in Germany, cities such as Koln, Worms, Mainz, Speyer, Frankfurt, Trier, Heidleberg, etc, since Roman times and by sheer duration of presence must be regarded as German) then he lacks fundamental reasoning skills. That he is Jewish, only amplifies the magnitude of his defect – the lives and physical security of himself, his parents, siblings, relatives are being placed in real peril by Merkel’s policy.

    Accordingly, in sheer Darwinian terms, he lacks essential survival skills. I sincerely hope he does not procreate unless and until he intellectually abandons the lunatic ideology he subscribes to.

  27. I’m appalled by the naïveté our German „Insiderberichter“ displayed by participating in this charade for as long as he did. His being Jewish makes it more intelligible—I suspect a desire to be liberal on his part. Alas, the present day is no day for acting liberal.

    Just look at what is left of my home city, New York, once the economic powerhouse of these United States, and fear for what the future holds.

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