Philippe Karsenty: The Next Step for Islam is Women With Muzzles

Last month the American Freedom Alliance presented a conference in Los Angeles, “Islam and Western Civilization: Can they Coexist?” One of the guest speakers was Philippe Karsenty, the French media analyst who exposed the notorious Pallywood hoax about the “martyr” Muhammad al-Durrah.

Many thanks to Henrik Clausen for recording, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video.

WARNING: This video includes a disturbing still photo that sensitive viewers may want to skip:

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10 thoughts on “Philippe Karsenty: The Next Step for Islam is Women With Muzzles

  1. The progs know fifty percent of the world’s population in subjugation is a great head start. Those fifty percent are weak and malleable; it’s the small sliver of red blooded American males that stand in the way.

    • So a small sliver of red blooded American males (of Islam I assume)
      Is this the loudmouth rednecks and members of the gun lobby you refer to?
      The inbreds, halfwits and idjits who need a pickup truck full of firearms to boost their egos. Dream on!

  2. I thought the reference to muzzles for women was metaphoric until I saw the actual picture of a Muslim woman with a muzzle.

    I reminds me of Trump’s remark about Kizer Khan’s wife standing there on the podium like a potted plant. Khan had to do a quickstep to say his wife was still so overcome with grief at her son’s death in 2004 she still couldn’t talk. In fact, Khan is a specialist in sharia law, and wasn’t about to let a woman speak in public.

    My first impulse is to say how I’m still surprised at the depths of Islam. I am, but I shouldn’t be. Why is it necessary to make a woman wear a muzzle? I think the most likely answer is, it’s a form of Muslim virtue-signalling. The husband is signalling that he’s the holiest head-banger on the block. His wife not only wears a burka, but a muzzle.

  3. The “muzzle” is actually a batoola or batulla, a traditional “alternative” to the face veil that apparently was favoredbby some Emirati women (and is becoming less and less seen).
    Google image will allow you to see many more of these things, some of them with a really bizarre moustache pattern…

    • You are a shamelessly parroting the self-serving lies and rationalizations of your Muslim paymasters and fellow Quislings.It certainly won’t wash with anyone who is not a willfully delusional “useful idiot”.

      • Shelagh,
        I’m not sure it’s even worth answering such [material that I find lacking in meaning].
        But since you obviously mistake me for someone I’m not, let me tell you two things.
        1- for more than 10 yrs now I’ve been fighting the islamisation of Western Europe as best as I could. It did cost me much, in time spent but also in friendships lost. Still I keep on.
        Fighting through speech and writing amongst other means, i blogged (“insoumission” is the name of the blog, some papers were actually linked to here), but also translated and subtitled lots of islam-related videos, long and short ones. I believe I was one of the first to do so into French.
        Amongst the long ones you’ll find “Islam, what the west needs to know”, from Spencer et al., or Richard Landes “Pallywood” documentary…
        So I can say the pay of the Arab masters is really rather poor in my case.
        2- I know Mr Karsenty and his work for a very long time, and I respect it very much. I find his speech in this video excellent. But, I’m sad to say, I won’t share it because of the “muzzle” bit.
        I’m pretty sure that Mr Karsenty was genuinely surprised by tgia ghastly headgear, and that he didn’t mean to disinformed anyone. But 15 min searching the Internet would have told him what this was exactly…
        …and if there’s one thing I learned over the years, trying to convince lefties and other “well meaning”, it’s that you should absolutely not let them believe you are ignorant of the matter at hand.
        Truth. Blunt truth, and ONLY true facts. Otherwise you hand them a way to discard ALL you’ve been saying, even if 99% were true.
        Good day Shelagh.

        • I can see where the batulla is on the internet, but I did a search on Islamic clothing, female masks, leafed through a catalog of female Muslim “fashion” and found nothing leading to the batulla. So, it’s not something that would come up during a search done with due diligence.

          Having said that, truth is truth. You’re correct about the batulla being a traditional Muslim article of clothing for women. However, I went back to the Karsenty video, and he said nothing about it’s being new. He said, this is what’s coming, and he showed a picture of a woman in Abu Dubai. So, his video is not inconsistent with what you say.

          As far as the future, recall that Abu Dhabi became the HQ of international companies like Halliburton, so it’s supposed to be a modern, tolerant place. So, if you see women in Abu Dhabi wearing batullas, you can be pretty sure it’s spreading.

          By the way, doing the search on Muslim clothing made my stomach turn. Better they stay there and we stay here, unless there’s business to be done.

  4. I returned to this thread to comment after finding out about batula/batulla. I can understand that Shelagh is upset after seeing the picture in the video. What I would add is that NONE of the images online show the women’s mouths completely and tightly entrapped, curtailing jaw movement, and none seem to show the women’s line of sight so completed covered. Although, such a visor may well have served to cut the glare of the fierce Middle Eastern sun. Batula is also a given name in Arabic for girls and means “devoted to God” / “virgin”. I suspect you would find its origins in pre-islamic “belly dancing” culture as a part of allure / masquerade vibe. I also suspect gold and silver batula were a sign of status. It remains to be seen if it is enjoying a revival and if so in what form.

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