Marine Le Pen on the Burkini, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Brexit

Marine Le Pen is the leader of the Front National and most likely the next president of France, if the European oligarchs can’t find a way to stop her.

Ms. Le Pen always handles herself so effectively in hostile interviews, possibly from having so many years of experience with them. She parries all the standard accusations effortlessly, and then goes on the offensive in a way that usually induces the questioner to change the subject.

How did CNN — the Clinton News Network — ever let all these heresies about Hillary see the light of day? And they seem to have done the English subtitling themselves:

Hat tip: CM.

6 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen on the Burkini, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Brexit

  1. I so much wish she had a different father. I’ve never heard her say anything that doesn’t make sense and I’ve never even heard her say anything racist or right-wing. Apart from her surname, there is nothing to tie her to racists.

  2. God bless Marine Le Pen – ran intellectual rings around the stone faced,
    Left wing, bleeding heart, humourless CNN harpy.

    Spot on about her love for her own country, wanting to serve France not a Provence of Europe.

    Also spot on about her assessment of Hilary Clinton too!

  3. she is wonderful & i love listening to her.
    she reminds me of the things uniquely French.
    romance in all its wonderful French forms will
    be gone as the jihad squeezes the blood
    from French hearts ..

  4. She is a brilliant politician, quick witted, intelligent, anticipating questions, her passion and patriotism always to the fore. I’d love to see her debate Merkel on “Muslim immigration”, there would be blood on the floor.

  5. Outstanding lady.

    The utter and complete opposite of the monster currently contending the US Presidential election.

    Her niece Marion also seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

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