Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Nazis

As Thilo Sarrazin famously pointed out, Germany is in the process of abolishing itself.

The primary engine of that abolition is the importation of millions of people who are the very antithesis of Germans — not blond, not blue-eyed, not Christians, not intelligent, and not interested in behaving lawfully. Running in parallel to this process is a systematic deconstruction of German-ness, of the Germans as a people and a culture. All the characteristics related to being German must be deprecated, denigrated, stigmatized, and ultimately eradicated.

The following video and essay describe an article in a health magazine that is distributed gratis in German pharmacies. It advises parents and educators on strategies for detecting the possible presence of right-wing tendencies in the home environment of children who attend kindergarten. Do the kids’ parents cut the American labels off their clothes? Are they too quiet? Too obedient? Do the girls wear their hair in braids? All these characteristics may be signs of right-wing extremism in the home.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The sardonic essay below about the same article is from Roland Tichy’s website, and was also translated by Nash Montana:

And how blond is your Nazi kid?

by Alexander Wallasch

Alarm: “Children of right-wing parents aren’t necessarily different from kids of other parents. Sometimes they are only be noticeable after quite some time, for instance because they are very quiet or obedient.”

First and foremost, a word on my own behalf: Even when, as a journalist, one deals on a daily basis with current topics, that does not mean that one would be automatically indifferent or deadened. On the contrary, the chance that every now and then something will make one’s jaw drop may even increase. Just as is the case in the following wolf-in-sheep’s clothing case.

The sheep here is the widely loved, and almost impossible to surpass in its harmlessness, drug-store newspaper “Baby & Family”. Just who would expect anything else from this little advertisement paper besides placid articles about the lifestyles of parents and toddlers, spiked with all kinds of appropriate remedies for all kinds of baby’s booboos? Including many endearing pictures — graphics and photographs as eye-catchers for the very little and as a gratis grasping reflex for parents and children.

Not! Indeed, in the February 2016 issue one could read something that could not have been more perfidious. And it raised the question of just why probable waves of outrage and indignation of readers have not yet developed into a verbal tsunami, which should just have swept away the responsible editorial staff by now.

Turmoil in the head

On the issue’s front page, an article with the title “turmoil in the tummy” is mentioned. Yes, parents know the problem when number two just doesn’t want to come out and baby can’t sleep. The article, however, would have probably been better titled with “turmoil in the head”.

Title in the magazine: “Danger from the Right”, that Kitas (Kinder Tagesstätte, Children’s Daycare, German and Swiss name for official state-run daycare) more and more often seek help because they have to deal with “right-wing parents”. No, we’re not talking about the bald-headed daddy with a baseball bat, but, so it says: “…it doesn’t always start with the extreme. To be right-wing takes on many forms. The distinction of what is extreme and what’s not is difficult.” But the fact is, it goes on to say “that these attitudes and sentiments originate from the center of society.” And said center of society can precisely be met on the playground or at Kita as well. The editors asking their readers: “How do you handle it when (…) ideologies and discrimination invade into daily kindergarten life?”

You guessed it: this is primarily about ‘these s****y Nazi parents from the middle of society’ and not so much about their poor dogmatized children. Honestly, one has to breathe deeply several times in order to get through reading five thin pages of this Kita-purging process.

Continuing with Baby & Family. Continuing with the “danger from the right”. Continuing with, yes you already guessed it, an “expert” from the Amadeu-Antonio Foundation. No, not the boss Anetta Kahane herself this time, who’s had plenty of Kita experience in DDR-Pankow, but Kahane’s esteemed colleague Heike Radvan, the leader of the “department of gender and right-wing extremism”. (ME: Interesting that they throw together “gender issues” and “right-wing extremism” in one department. I mean, for liberals, those are like two main issues — they at least deserve two separate departments! No?) Frau Radvan explains to the editors of the pharmacy paper: “Children of right-wing parents aren’t necessarily different from children of other parents. Sometimes they are only noticeable after quite some time, for instance because they are very quiet or obedient.” Oh noes, please just see to it that your children are totally ADHD and color their blond hair black — but more about that later.

Braids and long dresses are a Nazi no-no

These children have been trained since infancy to keep their daily life a secret. Please breathe, it’s not going to get better: They wear “maybe certain brands of clothes”, another right-wing extremist specialist explains. There are no fewer than three such specialists in this article. The one mentioned didn’t mean the West-Jeans for sure. Which is a crying shame. The third woman, the graduate social worker Eva Prausner, opines: “Someone who isn’t street-smart might not notice anything.” It’s terrible how she then, as an expert, explained that “meticulously braided hair and long skirts” are such warning signs, and are evidence of right-wing parents. Furthermore: “Children of such parents wouldn’t wear any kinds of American writing on their clothing.”

This is how they carry on, page after page. I need a lot of patience and calmness to tell you, dear reader, more of what makes me want to vomit.

This is DDR 2.0. The federal government wrote on a website conceding the topic: “The aim was educating the child into a ‘socialist personality’. (…) Parents had a hard time defending themselves against this indoctrination. Especially when their children were spending time in day and weekly care. It unfortunately was often a necessity because of work and transit time, and when sparse provisions and lack of services left parents barely any time to take care of their children appropriately. The potential of parents to influence the education of their children was therefore massively limited.”

Is this the DDR? Or Bundesrepublik 2016? How about “integration of children of the Muslim faith?” On the internet site of the kindergarten manual of the prestigious educator Martin Textor, one kindergarten educator says: “Only a few migrant parents come to the familiarization and developmental meetings, or PTA and other parent events. They even revoke the ‘between door and frame’ conversations. (…) We know that in their world, for these parents and their children, their culture and religion, their values and attitudes are completely different from ours.”

But not a word about this in the paper. They’d much rather bloviate about how all these Adolfs and Evas manage to smuggle their quiet and obedient children into Kita, only to then take the Kita scepter into their own hands for the next thousand years: “The parents are pleasant and dedicated. They build personal relationships, and even take positions in the parents’ council,” the sociologist Köttig tells us. Yes, that is very bad indeed. Worse: These devious parents one time even managed to get parents to reject a homosexual educator.

Nazi-bride Melanie

A second colorfully aloof plot — the article wants to be nifty after all — tells us the wretched story of the daughter of a certain right-leaning Melanie. She was a single parent and had no job — yes, one wants to yell “Help!” or just laugh out loud — but anyway, thank God, said Melanie was converted by the educators [the word used is Erzieherinnen, therefore all-female educators]: “A lot of conversations took place with the (single) mother, during which she became more and more insightful.” No, one does not need a lot of fantasy in order to imagine the kinds of conversations that were held.

Well then, anyhow, it’s just good that there wasn’t a Nazi man standing by this woman, because he might have caused this exertion of influence to take a negative course on Melanie and child. Or just imagine, this new green parent model of multiple parents, as suggested by Volker Beck, would already be reality and they would have all come from an East German Nazi commune, like operators of a Lebensborn 2.0. Everything would be hopeless then.

Sure, even the Muslim mother with hijab and traditional family model isn’t so easily convinced like the dumb right-wing Melanie who took out her “frustration and social envy” on these foreigners. “Even if it was only at the kitchen table.” But in the end Melanie apologized very obediently to the mother of a migrant child who had been gravely insulted by slurs overheard at the kitchen table by her good-for-nothing devil child. Hallelujah!

But then, adds the author Julia Lang from Baby & Family, after all: “The story of Melanie is in no way an example for right-wing extremist families. Much more it shows how even just a right-wing attitude can lead to an atmosphere of intolerance and xenophobia.”

Dear Editorial staff, please take valium

The entire article is illustrated (graphics: Claudia Meitert) with women and children with braided blonde hair. Therefore: blonde, stupid, evil. They actually do not leave out a single racist cliché. Such high-quality illustrations, so reprehensibly racist the intentions behind them. And all the while, all these worries and problems of over-crowded Kitas should be taken very seriously. Thousands of underpaid women and a few men struggle daily to take seriously the needs and worries of small children. They work to create a pleasant routine for them away from home that distracts them from the obvious existential problems their parents face everyday.

The politicians demand almost unanimously that a comprehensive integration of hundreds of thousands of newly-immigrated Muslim children into a liberal German society must begin at Kita. It’s a mammoth project for the educators. And now these beleaguered employees should, per request from the drug-store paper Baby & Family, with the help of professionals from the Amadeu Foundation, become experts on right-wing extremism as well, and see if the Nazi daddy has cut off the American label from his kids’ jeans? Good grief, dear Baby & Family editorial staff: All the Chamomile tea in the world wouldn’t be enough for you: Please take Valium. And lots of it.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A note for readers of a certain age, especially the two Marks (Mark H and Mark Spahn):

The image at this top of this post was taken from an illustration accompanying the original German article in the pharmacy newspaper. While I was resizing it and formatting it last night, it kept niggling at me — it reminded me of something. What was it?

Finally I remembered: the trailer for the 1960 movie Village of the Damned, which was based on the novel The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham. Those glowing eyes — they make you do whatever they want!

I saw that trailer when the movie first came out, and I really, really wanted to go see it, but my parents wouldn’t let me. I don’t think I ever saw it, not even when it came out on VHS decades later. But I remember the trailer very well, fifty-six years later.

Video transcript:

0:00   Germany’s most dangerous mom snoops around in the pharmacy paper.
0:08   Hello, here she is again, the most dangerous mom in Germany!
0:12   What do I have for you today?
0:15   I’ve gotten a tip on the internet
0:18   about a newspaper that’s distributed by pharmacies,
0:21   I mean, the paper enjoys a rather high circulation,
0:25   maybe you know it, I think about…
0:28   maybe a circulation of around 700,000,
0:31   over 1.5 million readers, or something like that,
0:36   and it is called ‘Baby & Family’.
0:40   Okay? Now we know about all those pharmacy papers,
0:45   a friend of mine always calls them the pensioner’s Enquirer,
0:49   anyway, and so there is also this ‘Baby & Family’ magazine.
0:52   It’s just kind of an extra additional branch of the paper.
0:55   It’s published by Wort & Bild Verlag,
1:01   and the chief editor is Stefanie Becker.
[Stefanie Becker has been chief editor of Baby & Family since January 2007]
1:06   And so now what does Stefanie Becker write, or present to us?
1:10   From this magazine,
1:13   all possible kinds of things about, well, babies and families of course,
1:18   but the tip that I got was about a different issue.
1:21   I’m holding this one up as a surrogate,
1:24   the other issue I have printed out for myself, on the internet,
1:28   from the message, and it is from February 2016.
1:33   So unfortunately I couldn’t get that issue in the original anymore.
1:37   I started doing some research, and apparently
1:41   that issue did in fact exist, because in the meantime
1:44   it is being offered on eBay, the original,
1:47   the auction price at this time is at €50 or something.
1:50   I mean, like I said, a free magazine from the pharmacy
1:55   is now being auctioned off at eBay for a high price.
1:58   And now with this February issue,
2:01   there seems to be something special about it,
2:05   and indeed, I did start reading about what I was told about.
2:10   Namely: did this issue have an article about
2:16   kindergarten and in specific, how one can,
2:19   how parents with right-wing thinking can be recognized at kindergarten.
2:36   [Danger from the Right: How to act when right-wing ideologies and discrimination infiltrate children’s daily lives?]
2:45   Apparently because those parents also send their kids to kindergarten,
2:50   the author writes here,
2:54   “right-wing extremism”, yeah in this magazine, the pharmacy magazine,
3:00   “right-wing extremism”, that phrase induces fear,
3:03   and it makes one think of asylum homes in flames,
3:06   men with shaved heads, or the crimes of the (…).
3:10   Seldom would one connect it with women and children,
3:13   and in that there is exactly a huge danger.
3:16   Because it doesn’t always start with the extreme, being right-wing takes on many forms.
3:20   And then they list a bunch of examples,
3:23   about one mother who put her child in kindergarten,
3:26   and how this… this right-wing extremist mindset…
3:31   of this mother… shows itself through the child at kindergarten,
3:36   and so they really wrote a lot of pages about this stuff.
3:39   But — now completely independent from my asking myself
3:43   why exactly this political stuff has to be published in a pharmacy magazine —
3:48   a mag about babies and families, that’s where I just have to say,
3:52   what the heck is up with this nonsense, right?
3:55   Since when is a pharmacy, are pharmacies, political?
4:00   I mean, that is the question that I asked myself immediately,
4:03   and what especially bothered me, what really disturbed me,
4:07   in this article here,
4:11   that now the mother of a child is being described,
4:16   who supposedly has this terrible right-wing mentality,
4:20   that she’s projecting that onto the child, and that the child then
4:23   brings it into kindergarten, and that the teacher went into full alert mode,
4:27   and how the mother then has been led back to onto the correct path.
4:31   It’s interesting how this mother is being depicted, how they describe her,
4:35   and I think that is just sheer madness.
4:38   I mean, this is about a right-wing extremist attitude and mindset,
4:41   parents who send their kids to the kindergarten with that,
4:44   God help us, but the mother of that model child,
4:48   we now learn her story as written here:
4:52   Melanie’s mother, okay Melanie is the name of the child,
4:55   that blathered about right-wing extremist views at kindergarten,
4:58   “Melanie’s mother was a single mom, unemployed,
5:02   and did not have an easy life.
5:05   She would unload all her frustration and social envy
5:08   on people foreign to her, even if it was only at the kitchen table.”
5:14   Okay. So… the editor-in-chief of Baby & Family,
5:18   a pharmacy paper,
5:21   has OK’d the publication of an article
5:26   in which right-wing extremist parents are being showcased,
5:31   with the example of a mother who is unemployed,
5:35   single, and suffers from social envy.
5:39   I just find this the cat’s pajamas,
5:43   I mean, there may be unemployed single mothers
5:47   who might even nourish right-wing extremist mindsets,
5:51   but I’m just really missing the example of the well-to-do businessman
5:56   or the well-positioned personality known from politics and TV, OK,
6:02   who might, just might, also nourish a different kind of mindset
6:06   than that which conforms to us.
6:10   This stuff, this really takes the cake,
6:14   and then there’s also the title on the magazine, (…)
6:21   on the title of the February 2016 issue,
6:25   right there on the title page as a second topic
6:28   appearing in the magazine.
6:31   It says “turmoil in the tummy, when your intestines go crazy”.
6:35   Dear publishers of the magazine Baby & Family, which is
6:39   displayed at Germany’s pharmacies: when intestines go crazy
6:43   Yeah, well, that’s usually when s**t is ready to come out,
6:46   and when publishers of pharmacy magazines, and their authors
6:51   who write such articles, go crazy,
6:54   well then what results from that? When I read filth like this,
6:57   I just get headaches and I feel nauseous, but maybe
7:00   that’s the whole intent of all this, because it is after all
7:03   published in a pharmacy magazine, right?
7:06   Okay, then, I think I’m going to get me some Tylenol,
7:09   and as far as my nausea, well, I guess I’ll have to go to the pharmacy.
7:13   All right then, just see what else you can find that I should read,
7:19   and send me things,
7:22   and I will report. Bye.

38 thoughts on “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Nazis

  1. I just wish we could’ve seen this coming, because then we could’ve done something about it.

    It literally doesn’t matter how cynical I get, I can never keep up.

  2. Everybody must think alike and if you don’t you are a right-wing extremist! I guess the authors don’t even see the irony in that.

  3. It’s the end of Germany, a self induced homicide of historic proportions brought about by an overindulgence in r-Type fantasies by the neo-Marxists in charge. The same is happening in the entire western world but with-out the British or Americans to intercede as happened in the 1940s
    ZARDOZ has returned, and he’s hasn’t taken his happy pill in months.

  4. Cutting the American labels off of clothes? What Levis? Is Germany so rich they import clothes made in America? I don’t think I want to hear any surprises on this one but I need to if there is one worth hearing.

    • To be honest, I was quite stunned at their “Children of such parents wouldn’t wear any kinds of American writing on their clothing” statement.

      I have no clue what it is that makes American clothes wearing children less nazi than others.

      I know that a lot of refugees wear american gear because it’s been given to them. So I guess they try to distinct the noble savages from the terrible nazi kids by the fact that the horrible nazi kids can afford nice german clothes while the poor noble savages have to wear hand me downs with american slogans and university and soda and movie etc references printed on?

      But what gets me even more is, they’re usually knocking anything American, but in this case, it’s ok because all the good people wear American clothes while all the Nazis wear German made stuff. Something like that.

      No one has ever accused these twatwaffles of being logical.

        • No. The best of them are sewn in China or Hong Kong. Read your labels. You will see Indonesia, Malasia, Honduras, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Mexico. Et cetera, almost certainly, dirty unwashed muslims have made some of your clothes. Always launder before wearing.

          I worked with a younger fellow, both of us aerospace engineers, who was from Viet Nam. Our trajectories were quite different. He made himself into a refugee long after the war struggles in Viet Nam were over because it was still a poopy place [careful Rick] to live, trekked across Cambodia, and transited in an unsafe boat to Europe. Finally he made it to the US where, as a REAL refugee, he completed a BS in engineering and became an engineer with some considerable talent.

          Hats off to my friend, Quang. His sister still resides in Viet Nam, sewing sleeves for a dollar a day. He sends her money when he can.

          James, dhans, your views of the world may be blinkered.

      • Twatwaffle. I love that. Partly because it made it through without moderation, partly because it made me smile, and party because I have not heard that expression before. I’m stealing it, first chance I have.

        • She made it up.

          I didn’t redact it, as a special reward to Nash for doing all these massive translations. It’s one of her job perks — she gets a modest amount of naughtiness-privilege.

          • Lol Baron thank you!

            I had I clue there’s even a wiki entry for that word. It’s just something I’ve used for so long. Dr. Laura used to call women ‘t***s’ that were especially arrogant and selfish towards their husbands or in-laws, and ‘d***** waffle’ was something I’ve heard Limbaugh say on occasion. That ‘Twatwaffle’ now has its own wiki is awesome!

  5. I recently wrote a lengthy essay in two parts bemoaning my former German countrymen’s national suicide as evidenced by their refusal in 2009 to celebrate the 2,000th anniversary of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest when Germanic tribesmen ambushed and annihilated three Roman legions thereby stopping Rome’s conquest of Northern Europe and thus saving Western Civilization.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    • As a kid we used to play at the Herman the German park in New Ulm, MN. Hard for me to believe his importance once again is taking center stage.

    • Barbarian victory against Roman Empire saved Western Civilization?!!!?? Well that’s what Mr Hitler used to believe.

      And he’s the main reason so many of today’s Germans feel so bad about themselves they willingly collaborate in their own cultural demise. Looks like payback is ongoing for Germany’s historical guilt – the tragic consequence of past sins, visited upon the innocent descendants of an arrogant and misguided generation.

      In some psychiatric interpretations, the individual motive for suicide is as much the desire to obliterate a hated world as any raging Hitlerite fantasy of mass-murder: And a collective of suicides is certainly equally dangerous; particularly today, when they seem sympathetically drawn to depraved suicide/mass homicide jihadists.

      This infectious and morbid mental disturbance is spreading. Is there perhaps some existential intuition revealed in the horrified fascination with which youth immerses itself in ‘Zombie’ movies? Is the crowd mentality of popular culture instinctively preparing young people for the realities that loom ahead for a generation that sees itself as doomed?

      Certainly, when so many millions of people are taking collective leave of their senses, it would seem that some sort of ‘Zombie Holocaust’ is upon us.

      An Abyss is opening under Germany. The rest of Europe could all too soon follow it down that existential black hole. Which is about as profoundly dark and hopeless a region, for any civilized person to be lost in, as the Teutoberg Forest, I’d say.

  6. You find a similar attitude by left or multicultural activists in Sweden.
    They even infiltrated in some cases the public schools with their propaganda, that swedish youths should prefer foreign partners.

    Strange, that even many Swedes share this self hatred.
    For their culture and for their ethnic heritage.

    • Preferring strangers is unnatural. The human being is hard-wired to prefer his own kind. Yes, I know I should say “his/her” – or better yet, “her/his” but I refuse.

      • Yes, that is certainly true – to some degree.
        After all this is also a natural mechanism that produces cultural and biologic pluralism and diversity.
        While fe. multiculturalism in the end just destroys diversity.

        But if someone falls in love to a person from another culture or ethnic background that is also fine with me.
        I just oppose it as an ideology.

  7. Drugged and medicated little pharma. Even the dumbest of the dumb Muslims see the terror deployment opportunities. Easier than taking candy from a baby.

  8. A bit of George Orwell`s 1984 here ! Examine your children for signsn then what? Report them to Big Brother ! Last people to do this were the Nazi`s .Look out for the Jew in our society .Look for the signs! “When fascism returns, it will return as anti fascism!”.

  9. This is what you get with really bad history education. I am sure this Liberal activists are already thinking how one should recognize a “Nazi, right wing” child or adult… Maybe they should wear some kind of sign on their clothing which would differentiate them from decent SJW citizens! Yes… and then why they are running around freely everywhere? Maybe they should be locked together in some kind of fenced institutions so people do not have to see this “backward xenophobe nationalists”… What should be a good name for this… hmm… Combined Camps… no no, Collected Camps… no that is not it… Well it is a camp and they are there in high concentration! What should be the name of those camps? That’s ok, it will come to me!

  10. “Germans — not blond, not blue-eyed” this is such a silly stereotype. I was at primary school in the 70s in Germany – all but one bio-Germans, and there were only a few blond children in the class. Most had brown hair.

  11. A very interesting article.

    In the video (which might have been better lit and miked, but I shouldn’t complain), for “Februar 2016”, at 6:24 the year is pronounced “zwei tausend sechzehn”, but at 1:30 the pronunciation is “zweit und sechzehn”. What’s with that? Or am I just mishearing? (At 6:51, the captioning should be “articles”, not “artless”.)

    In the essay, the phrase “baby’s booboos” sent me to the original text to find out what the corresponding German could have been. It was “Wehwehchen”. Haha, brilliant! What are West-Jeans? A brand of dungarees? The epithet “blonde, stupid, evil” is less alliterative than the original “blond, blöd, böse”, which is a good phrase to use on our flaxen-haired friends. What are ” ‘between door and frame’ conversations” (Tür- und Angel-Gespräche)?

    In the comments, thank you, Gerold, for the note about when the Romans got uppity. See
    There’s another big anniversary coming up next Halloween: the 95 Theses.

    Like the rest of you, I too am surprised that clothing with a MADE IN USA label is readily available in Europe. Here is America, almost all clothing (“the finest that K-mart can sell”) is made elsewhere: China, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Honduras, asemblado en Mexico, and other foreign countries. The undershirt I am wearing right now is made in Jamaica, and my underpants are made in Bangladesh; makes me wanna smoke ganja and behead an infidel.

    • Mark S, are you not flattered (?) that the Baron picked us out as being of “a certain age” with reference to the film “Village of the Damned”? (Dunno about you, but I’m 68).

      I still have it on VHS (yes, I know, but I’ve got a thousand of the things), and I see what he means.

      Excuse late response, but having a lady in my life for the first time since my divorce (2010) means weekends are mostly internet-free.

        • Thanks Mark S. The Scientologists tried to recruit me back in the ’70s; the interviewer interpreted my answers to their questionnaire in a manner designed to turn me against my (decent and loving) parents, so I’d feel unloved and in need of their solicitude.

          Almost makes you welcome the direct threats of Islam!

  12. Seems that old habits die hard… perhaps as the next step, the “Jugendamt” (government body for “childrens’ protection”) will step in and begin to remove children exhibiting such “worrying tendencies” from their parents’ care? (They already have form, doing this frequently with children from Eastern European backgrounds)

    And then, finally, Angela Merkel and the leftists can achieve their ultimate objective – the “Final Solution of the German Problem”…

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