Islam, Violence, Kafirs, and the Future of Civilisation

Our Indian correspondent The Kafir examines the Islamic understanding of violence as a divine mission, and the reinforcement of that mission by every successful act of Islamic violence.

Islam, Violence, Kafirs, and the Future of Civilisation

by The Kafir

Starting in the year 2006, Ali Sina of Faith Freedom International and Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, a Pakistani scholar of Islam and one of its renowned clerics, debated Islam via email for the next couple of years. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi did not directly respond, instead his associate, Dr Khalid Zaheer, an associate professor of Islamic Studies and Ethics at Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS), responded on his behalf. The responses were written by Khalid Zaheer in consultation with Javed Ahmad Ghamidi. The whole debate is available in pdf form at the site for free download, and in book form at Amazon.

Javed Ahmed Ghamidi responded (through Khalid Zaheer, of course) to the charges against Islam by Ali Sina in the usual fashion of Muslims: by dismissing them, or by simply bringing up something similar about other religions.

But the most interesting point Javed Ahmed Ghamidi/Khalid Zaheer made was in response to the continuous pressing by Ali Sina to provide a single irrefutable piece of evidence of Islam’s divinity. The evidence they came up with was that Muhammad predicted the annihilation of the Meccans who were challenging him, and their annihilation did occur, also at the hands of Muhammad.

We kafirs have not paid much attention to this belief of Muslims: that Muhammad’s military victory over pagan Meccans proves the divinity of his prophetic mission. The fact that the two scholars of Islam could come up with this claim as the only evidence of the divinity of Islam, when challenged by an equally knowledgeable person like Ali Sina, tells us that this belief is almost universal among Muslims. The universality among Muslims of this belief will also become clear in the following paragraphs.

This belief has some very serious implications for us kafirs. If the victory of Muhammad in his war with kafirs is proof of the divinity of Islam, then it follows that every victory of Muslims over kafirs secured by any means reinforces this belief. Therefore, not only the does the war have to continue until no kafirs are around, because the war of Muslims with kafirs is divine, and divinely ordained (Quran 2.216, 2.191, 8.39, 9,.29, 9.111), but every victory, every advancement, every surrender/concession by kafirs only reinforces the belief of Muslims that they have to continue the war. Every retreat in any sphere by kafirs only indicates the path toward the final triumph of Islam. Every act of violence against kafirs by any Muslim is then just an offering to the divine, the obeying of the divine command. And every concession by kafirs after such acts of violence is some more affirmation of the divinity of Islam.

That is, every victory of Muslims in a war against kafirs, irrespective of the apparent and immediate cause of war, and every act of violence that causes suffering of kafirs, reinforces the belief that caused the war/violence in the first place, whetting the appetite of Muslims worldwide for more wars, and more violence.

Conversely, every crushing defeat of Muslims at the hands of kafirs shakes their belief in the divinity of their mission, forcing them to lie low for a long time. The defeat of Muslim army in the Battle of Tours in 732AD so demoralised them that they never again attacked Europe from the South. The defeat of Muslims in the first attack on Constantinople in 674-678 AD so demoralised them that they did not return to attack it again for the next 700 years, until 1453AD.

And the defeat of Muslims at the gates of Vienna in 1683AD so broke them that they did not return to invade Europe until the second half of twentieth century, accelerating the invasion only in the second decade of the twenty first century.

The low-level, random, but constant violence of Muslims in Europe that rages non-stop nowadays must be seen in this light. The violence for the Muslims is divine, and the increased submission of kafirs to sharia after every act of Muslim violence is just confirmation of the divinity of the violence.

Low-level, random, but unceasing violence needs one very vital enabling circumstance: the Muslims need to be living in kafir villages, towns, cities, countries. What Mrs Merkel and all the Western leaders, current and of the last fifty years, have wrought is that they have imported hordes of Muslims into Western society, making the Muslim-on-kafir violence possible. Militarily, the kafirs are now overwhelmingly strong, making an attack on kafirs by a regular Muslim army suicidally difficult. So the Muslim world changed tactics, and the idiotic, dumb, and stupid Western ruling elite happily provided the means to make the tactic possible. The tactic adopted by Muslims now is the low level, random, but unceasing violence.

It is impossible to comprehend how the West could ignore its own scholars, even statesmen like Churchill and the American founding fathers, about the real character of Islam and its followers, and could allow mass immigration of Muslims into its societies.

Islam is a militia of Muhammad. Every Muslim is a soldier. He may not be violent right now, but he has same potential for violence right now as the Muslima knifing some policeman right now in some European city.

How could the Western leaders ask their own disarmed citizens to live with a militia that has weapons like murder by any means, rape, looting, and mob violence in its arsenal?

No army can be effective against a militia of the size of Muslim population in Europe; that, too when the leaders ruling Europe refuse to deploy it, even refuse the need to deploy it, even deny the war itself, even deny that there is any militia. No police can keep the peace when faced with such a ruthless militia of such enormous size, in which every citizen, male or female, is a peaceful citizen and a potential killer at the same time, with no means to tell what he is at any given moment.

Add to this the fact discussed in the beginning of the article: that every act of violence by a Muslim brings to every Muslim mind not revulsion but the joy of belonging to a group on a divine mission. And it is evident that the things can only get worse.

Kafirs are doomed, if the script is not broken immediately. The size of Muslim militia in comparison with the kafir population will only increase, if not by immigration, then by higher birth rates. Muslim violence will thus only increase. More Muslim violence will only reinforce Muslim belief, prompting more Muslim violence. Muslim violence thus will create ever more Muslim violence.

As given in the examples above, Muslim defeat demoralises Muslims like nothing else. But an invading army can be defeated. How do we defeat an invading militia, without turning every street into a battle zone, without treating every Muslim as a soldier at war?

The Leftists ruling the West don’t know what they have wrought. They have put before kafirs only two choices, both equally ugly and horrendous: either be exterminated, or go after every Muslim, and drive the Muslims out of kafir societies, to the last person. Complete physical separation.

We may debate till the end of time. But these are the only two choices available to us kafirs of the world. The more we delay the action, the uglier will be the end: our end on this planet, or the end of the Muslim presence in our countries.

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34 thoughts on “Islam, Violence, Kafirs, and the Future of Civilisation

  1. GoV needs a new mission.I regret to inform Baron and Dymphna that aside from a few brave holdouts,Europe is going to embrace islam.That ship has sailed.That horse has left the barn.Since I admire GoV,it should oppose dems who want to allow a hijira in US.

    • What makes you think we don’t oppose them? Have you actually been reading Dymphna’s posts??

      But I wouldn’t write off Europe so soon, if I were you. The resistance against immigration and Islamization in Central Europe is staunch, far stauncher than it is here in the Refugee Resettlement States of America. Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, the Baltics, Romania, and Bulgaria are leading the way. And the Danes are more aware of what is coming, and better-prepared for it, than we are.

      I advise you to watch your words, because you might have to eat them in six or eight years’ time, when President Cough-Cough orders NATO troops into France or Germany to suppress a “neo-Nazi” uprising against their new Muslim overlords. If you need more information on how that will most likely shake out, just ask Serbia.

      And speaking of Serbia: The Republican administration of President George W. Bush was just as keen on bombing and subduing the Serbs as his Democrat predecessor had been. In the USA, Donald Trump is an anomaly. Generally speaking, the loyal supporters of the New World Order — which uses Muslims as its overseers and enforcers — are thoroughly bipartisan.

      • ooh – rah !! perfect response Baron.

        Also great article. Divine violence. You sorta’ get that
        feeling when they scream ‘allahu ackbar’ while murdering.

      • On 8th September 2016, on Radio 4, a “prayer” read by a muslim convert, Julie Siddiqui was broadcast.

        The prayer tried to claim that the whole Olympic Movement was at one with mohammad’s plans for brotherhood throughout the whole world.
        Now anyone with a reasonable understanding of islam and its total hatred of non-muslims, and not a follower or apologist for islam, would realise this is total nonsense.
        Not so the BBC, who allowed this broadcast.
        Not so the majority (at least) of the gullible faith groups to whom this prayer was originally offered.

        While we are facing such one-sided propaganda as this, the war, if not already lost, is going to be an extremely hard fight.

        • Radio 4 has been running a series by Muslim “comic” Tez Ilyas; the last was on Wednesday at 11.15 pm. “Disingenuous” barely covers it; devious would be more accurate. I should complain, but with the BBC, what’s the point? The audience seemed to like it, but I doubt they follow the likes of GoV.

        • Can’t wait to see Olympic diving in burkinis. Like watching flightless crows hitting the water.

      • Both Clinton and Bush had not a clue to the history of the Balkans and how Islam had raped that area for hundreds of years. For Christians, America’s intervention there was a crime of monumental proportions, at least for those who have studied history.

    • NO Europe will not submit to Islam. People are waking up. Merkel has brought ruin to Germany but I no longer believe the Germans will simply rollover. We can still win this.

      • Well, you had better form up the militia, issue weapons and begin fighting Islam because they are certainly fighting you.

        Somebody recently predicted the outcome of this battle. They stated that Islam would come roiling out of the no-go zones, kill citizens and go hide in the no-go zones. Europe’s response would determine the outcome of the battle. If Europe goes into the no-go zones and kills Muslims then Europe will win. You tell me how the battle is going!

      • To borrow a phrase, Europe is going to have to get “medieval” if they have any chance of winning.

    • I truly do not believe Europe will embrace islam. The people are starting to wake from their long, peaceful slumber, and noticing that barbarians have been allowed to our midst.
      War will definitely come. Will we win? Yes! It only requires a simple switch of the mental gears, and Europe will find it’s very warlike legacy once again. The first big, continent-wide war of the 21st century is on the horizon. Sadly, things have been allowed to get so bad, that more and more people are actually starting to welcome it. That includes me.

    • If the Muslims were calm, “peaceful”, disciplined and merely biding their time and practicing their Taqiyya, they may have stood a chance of, as Ghadaffi once put it, taking Europe without firing a single shot. And perhaps the long-settled Muslims generally are that calm… but the new intake seem far too rowdy, unruly and aggressive to stay peaceful for very long. 50% of them being arrested by German police after arriving – does that suggest people willing to bide their time in asylum centres, or willing criminals ready to use any means to get what they’re “entitled to”?

      My guess is a massive expansion of the criminal underworld throughout Europe, especially in Germany. And conversely, a native European population ever more affected by serious crime – even the white middle-classes… the result? If, in a few years, there’s a dramatic increase in support for the Front Nationals and AfDs of this world, you’ll know that people, by and large, have finally had enough… the only question is whether, by that stage, it will be too late.

    • That is not true. I don’t know if you live in Europe or not, but don’t believe what the media says. Central Europe (aside from Germany and Austria) and Eastern Europe were against imigration from the get-go and more and more people in the other countries are waking up. When the media says there was a small demostration in Germany, add up their number like ten times and you get a rough estimate of the people actually being there. The media are just trying to discourage those who are still reluctant of doing something. The only thing stopping the imminant civil war is either fear of being arrested by the authorities (whereas police officers are mostly against migrants as well) or the hope the authorities will do something on time. It will be ugly when the time comes, but white Europe will prevail, as we always have!

  2. That is how they will have to be defeated; by turning every street into a battle zone until they have been driven from our societies and [redacted].

    At least it will be easy to identify the enemy; beard, hijab, or house in the Hamptons…

    • Don’t forget circumcision. After WWII there were some last attempt raids to get rid of the remaining Jews before the Allies establish order. Every man or boy caught had to pull his pants down and, if circumcised, was shot on the spot (anyone else had nothing to fear).

  3. And we shall defeat them again . . . and Russia will eventually displace the Muslims controlling what is, for now, still called Istanbul, and restore the great Santa Sophia back to its original status as a Christian church.

  4. “The more we delay the action, the uglier will be the end: our end on this planet, or the end of the Muslim presence in our countries.”

    I’ve been saying this for several years now. The sooner we take action, the less ugly that action has to be. But violence MUST be part of it because, as history teaches us and this article so succinctly points out, it is the only thing they respond to. In the case of Islam, soft words don’t turn away wrath – they only encourage it. Ironically, to definitively and ruthlessly take action against Muslim expansion in the west right now would actually save more Muslim lives (not to mention non-Muslim lives) than leaving it another 5 or 10 years when the bloodshed would be greater.

    At the heart of such action, however, must be political will and that won’t be found among the Socialists/Globalists (meaning ALL mainstream legacy parties and their various support agencies) now running governments throughout the west. It’s unlikely they will willingly relinquish control via democratic process.

  5. Islam means submission not peace – we cannot forget the past! The ignorance of the sheeple will be our undoing.

  6. ” It is impossible to comprehend how the West could ignore… about… Islam… and could allow mass immigration of Muslims… “.
    Really? Try to look at the issue, let’s say, by following the money. I mean that money drenched since decades long in oil, which made the immense fortune of the House of Saudi, and of which the Clinton foundation constitutes an insignificant spatter. So you will also learn the price of transforming that ideology of hate into a religion of peace, and many more related “inexplicable” phenomena.

    • “Get what you can with words, because words are free, but the words of an armed man ring that much sweeter.”

  7. Don Jewell thinks Europe is already lost. I disagree. Europe is in trouble, but at the moment it is peaceful when compared to the slaughter and carnage of the 20th century. As the years pass, so we will approach the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand moment which will propel Europe into another one of its periodic bouts of ultra-violence.

    It is at this point we will know if Europe is lost or if it will deal with Islam the same way it dealt with Nazism. And it comes down to one basic issue alone – which side will the military take?

  8. For those who think that the political elites will take action, you only have to look at the history of the Balkans to see that it is more likely that the elites will be to some degree co-opted by the muslims than to resist. In the case of the Byzantine State, Hungary, Serbia, Wallachia, etc. there were always those who would work with the Turks for their own personal power to the detriment of their people. This pattern of betrayal was repeated over and over again. And with each betrayal the work of patriots in their own countries became more difficult and the oppression of their people more certain.

    The destruction of the Turkish state was further delayed by the machinations of the leaders of “Christian” Western Europe who propped up the Turkish state and implicitly permitted the enslavement of Christian populations. This lie was facilitated by French imperialism, and also by the Reformation which then created a PC culture (of its time) that denigrated the South European (Catholic) resistance to muslim aggression. Then as now, a great lie (the Spanish Inquisition) was used to justify their actions.

    This destruction of the universal christian culture of Europe permitted this evil. The English to persecute the Catholics of the British Isles, and to virtually enslave the Irish. Similar betrayals occurred elsewhere.

    But the real difference between then and now is that the elites are now feasting on the carcasses of their own nations. And like a carrion bird they screech and flap as they thrust their beaks into the entrails of their victims. They are willing to destroy their own people for a soupcon of power, for they have abandoned any sense of the transcendental and the immortal. They live in the moment because in their moral impoverishment they have lost their faith and now seek by any means possible to extend the life of their mortal body.

    The sad truth in all of this is that it is easy for people to justify all of the seven deadly sins, and very difficult for them to accept the virtues that Christianity espouses. Further, when the virtues are espoused, they are corrupted so that they enable sin rather than counteract it. Charity is not charity if it enables continued moral corruption, and love is not love if it does not differentiate between good and bad and ask that those that they love eschew evil.

    In closing I noted that our wonderful spell check wants us to capitalize muslim or muslims but does not make the same requirement for christian. Interesting…

  9. How do you fight something where every 4th policeman and every 5th soldier is one of theirs? And the newspapers and the movies are adulturated with propaganda? And your neighbors and fellow workers are a heterogeneous mix of loyalists and saboteurs? And no institution or school or government agency is honorable and devoted completely to the original autochthonous peoples?
    Where even your friends and lovers and family cannot be completely trusted?

    This describes the stage for a war from hell.

    We cannot wait much longer.

  10. The template for success was set in Spain in 1492 and the 800 or so years preceding that. Islam invaded Spain and tried to rule the populace. They fought back and by 1492 had expelled ALL MUSLIMS TO THE LAST MAN.

    This is what has to be done now in Europe. It seems to me that the socialist “elite leadership” must be dealt with first.

    • Actually the expulsion of the Moors came a bit later. The Spaniards first tried to convert them, and only when that failed did they expel them. They expelled them because the muslims were a 5th column and there was a great fear that they would facilitate a new Islamic invasion.

      The expulsion was a mixed success. Some of the muslims took up residence in north africa and then used their new residence as a base from which to attack Spain. They became slavers and pirates and they represented a scourge on the Mediterranean.

      Sometimes expulsion is not the best idea.

  11. We all know what’s needed and how to do it but the question is if and when we decide to face down the threat the forces of law and order will come down on us first under the cause of “equality” anti terrorism and “anti racist”.

    I don’t think many have the stomach for being thrown into jail by what should be our own side and losing job and home for something as nebulous as freedom, after all who knows what that means today ? In Europe we are no longer free to speak clearly to the acts of barbarity and the cause we see time and again. When the lies of the multi-culturalists are repeated often enough by a corrupted MSM, even half sensible people believe them.

    By the way, if you wish to illustrate a text, make sure you use the correct one, your picture represents the storming of Constantinople by the Christian army of the 4th Crusade in 1204, inspired if not led by the aged blind Doge of Venice .

    The walls of Constantinople were breached in 1453 from the land side, blasted as they were by massive cannon cast by a Hungarian called Urban in the pay of the Sultan..

  12. I believe that World War 3 is coming and current events are the build-up to it. I take no joy in saying this. The chaos and upheavals will be global in scope as technology and fanaticism will be the facilitators.

    • Where oh where are you living? We are, and have been in WW3 for years now, as the moslems tell us; problem is our side just will not admit it, and keep submitting to moslems everywhere….

      • Actually what you both see as a new World War (3) is just a continuation of the World War (zero) which muslims declared at the creation of islam against the non-muslim world.

  13. I have a question. What is the role of faith in the life of a kafir? Does the theory of just war come into play giving legitimacy to violent and deadly conflict. Or do we become who we disagree with when we mirror their behavior? Does Jesus give us the right to use fleshly methods to fight a spiritual battle. And finally whose vengeance is it?

    If prayer helps keep me centered in Christ, I imagine the Sanctus on my lips as I blast these folks to their version of heaven. My only worry is if I have committed blasphemy.

    I am not a troll


    • I was reading about the history behind the theology that eventually became “the just war”…It will take me a while to find it and get back to you. Just wanted to let you know your question was noticed.

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