A commenter on last night’s news feed asked me whether I was going to cover the ICANN controversy — i.e. the termination of American oversight of the DNS system of the Internet as of October 1. It’s a complex topic, off my remit, and I’m too ignorant to write about it at length. But here is my brief reply.

I cover it via the news feed — there have been many items on it. I don’t have time to write about it myself, because I don’t know enough about the topic in depth, and would have to spend hours researching it. But I’ll outline what little I know.

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), and under it IANA (the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), are to be removed from the control of the Department of Commerce and handed over to “multilateral” (international) oversight, presumably the United Nations.

This has been coming on for many years, since long before Obama was president. There was resistance from Bush, but basically none from Obama. And more likely, active assistance at the behest of the UN crowd.

Now that Congress has totally surrendered its traditional role, there is nothing to stop a President from doing harm to the country. Congress — under the leadership of the REPUBLICAN Party, mind you — could stop this nonsense if it had the testicular fortitude. But it has institutionally gelded itself. So as far as I can tell, we are governed by the whim of the president with the permanent bureaucracy as his eager administrator.

We are to be handed over to the UN, and there isn’t a damned thing we can do about it.

Many thousands of people have been writing their Congressbeings for many months, to no avail. Congress is useless. All it does is roll over for the president. Its major function seems to be to pass continuing resolutions.

Although maybe I’m being uncharitable — it overrode its first Hussein veto yesterday. It only took eight years for it to manage one of those!

5 thoughts on “ICAN’T

  1. I agree. The Republic is dead. The tree of liberty has been taken to the sawmill. Imagine, our Bill of Rights was destroyed without one shot fired. That was 4-1/2 years ago.

  2. The internet has devolved into a massive investment in hardware, software, theft and malfeasance. Big money will push internet 2.0 and steal trillions again, this time designed to prevent peer-peer connectivity.

  3. Maybe you should host a blog where we can all come together and make a lot of really insightful comments about what is wrong with the koran. Not egotistical swipes that no one learns from, but some serious studious words. This would show up the government and the UN and help reveal they have been setting us up for deaths of folly.

  4. Let me ask/suggest something different.
    The internet technology is widely understood and open. What, sans of lack of funding, could prevent somebody, anybody, from creating a parallel internet. True, it is hard to create a parallel infrastructure, and in many oppressive countries it would be illegal, but there could be ways around it.
    Let’s use some imagination!
    Assuming that we have the money and will, satellite/dish technology already exists and could be improved to allow reasonable up and download communication. If some ‘rogue’ entity (state, corporation, whatever have you) could develop such technology beyond its current limitations and put both the communication and the servers in the outer space, away from the reach of the UN or any other oppressing entity, then it may become a reality.
    Furthermore, it is not that hard to create gateways to the existing internet and in that way draw from their resources without losing the independence.
    Now, I know it is only a concept and not something that could be done right away, but concepts could be developed into reality.

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