Geert Wilders: “This is About the Very Existence of the Netherlands!”

Last Wednesday Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands stood before the lower house of the Dutch Parliament (the Tweede Kamer) and spoke against Islamization and mass immigration into the Netherlands. He was interrupted repeatedly by several members of parliament from various left-wing parties, who persisted in ankle-biting him all the way through his speech.

The video below shows the entire event, including all the interruptions and Mr. Wilders’ responses. For the mammoth job of translating and timing the audio, H. Numan deserves our undying gratitude. And we also owe a debt of thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   I ask Mr. Wilders to speak.
00:04   Thank you, Mme. Chairman. Mme. Chairman, we are losing our country.
00:10   Permanently, if we don’t wake up quickly.
00:16   Open borders and the refusal to defend our country made The Netherlands ill.
00:22   Mortally ill. (Zijlstra) I don’t want to make jokes,
00:26   but can the volume be tuned down a bit? [laughter]
00:35   To reward this, I’ll start over, Mme Chairman.
00:40   Mme. Chairman, we are losing our country. Permanently, if we don’t wake up quickly.
00:48   Open borders and the refusal to defend the identity of our nation made The Netherlands ill.
00:55   Mortally ill. The threats of terror are bigger than ever.
01:01   The Netherlands is no longer a safe country.
01:04   We accepted hundreds of thousands of people into our country
01:07   without telling them it’s our own country.
01:10   We are paying the price for that now.
01:13   However, The Netherlands really is our country.
01:16   Many people have in addition to their Turkish or Moroccan passport a Dutch passport.
01:23   Some of them don’t act like Dutchmen.
01:28   We can see it everyday. They don’t respect our country.
01:33   They laugh at our values. Our identity. Who we are.
01:39   They behave more often as rulers, criminals, profiteers,
01:46   They’re driving us crazy. The defy authority.
01:51   They dance on police cars. They insult us. They look down upon us.
01:55   They spit on us. They ignore everything.
02:00   They do have our passports. But they do not belong to us.
02:05   They are not Dutch. And I say, Mme. Chairman, to all those people who do not behave themselves
02:14   The Netherlands is our country. It’s ours, not theirs.
02:18   If you don’t want to behave yourselves, if you want to terrorize us,
02:24   If you want to change our country into Little Turkey or Little Morocco,
02:28   You won’t succeed, FOR THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!
02:32   Where we are tolerant, but not of those who destroy our country.
02:37   Where we respect everyone, except those using violence and terrorizing us.
02:45   We are The Netherlands! This is our country!
02:49   We’ll recapture it. Starting today. We will no longer tolerate that
02:56   our wives, our daughters are molested by you.
03:02   That our cities are terrorized. That our shops get robbed.
03:07   That our elderly can’t walk the streets at night.
03:11   That eggs and glass are thrown at us from balconies.
03:16   That our social benefits are abused by chaps in fat cars.
03:22   That The Netherlands is destroyed. We no longer tolerate that!
03:26   Enough is enough.
03:29   From today onwards, we’ll fight back. Hard!
03:32   No more community centers, no illicit benefits, no more victim whining.
03:38   and above all no more ‘understanding’! For all I care we can arrest
03:41   everyone who commits a crime and has two passports,
03:44   and take away their Dutch citizenship.
03:47   And deport them from our country, yes, our country!
03:51   If possible with their entire families.
03:54   Wherever necessary, if the police can’t handle it, we’ll use the army,
04:02   to bring safety to the streets of The Netherlands.
04:06   And to chase you away. We will win. You won’t. 100% sure.
04:13   Why? Because this is our country.
04:20   For twelve years I’ve proclaimed during the General Considerations [this meeting],
04:24   also in practically every debate outside this parliament and worldwide, really,
04:29   that our imported problem is called islam.
04:32   And that this islam, thanks to mass migration, was brought within our gates.
04:38   And that Western governments, amongst others ours, in recent decades
04:44   have been accessories to that. Because of a repulsive ideology of open borders.
04:50   (Klaver) Last time when Mr. Wilders called for resistance, people appeared storming
04:57   council halls, attacked refugee centers. Now you’re talking again about resistance.
05:07   That we no longer accept it, that we fight back, out of curiosity, does he mean resistance
05:12   without violence? —Certainly. What I say and what I plead here for all day long is to finally
05:17   learn to accept that those are people screwing up our country.
05:22   That when you commit a crime, a crime, a violent crime, any crime, and
05:28   you have dual nationality, we take away that [Dutch] nationality, and deport.
05:32   We should have done this ten years ago.
05:36   By not doing that, not even arresting the hoodlums, or making the ones reporting the crime spend
05:41   more time at the police station than the criminals, who are even proud of their acts.
05:49   He brags to his friends that he was arrested, and released within three hours.
05:54   That is what we have to change! If you don’t behave in The Netherlands, out you go.
05:58   That’s what we have to do. —What are we going to do with the idiots who listened to you?
06:03   Who attacked refugee centers. Who disrupted council meetings. What do we do with them?
06:07   Are we going to deport them as well?
06:11   People who are born here are Dutch. We use criminal law on them. Whether you are
06:16   a Turk, Moroccan, doesn’t interest me in the slightest. When you do wrong, we handle it.
06:21   That’s what you should do, Mr. Wilders. Again, you don’t. You only have big-headed words
06:25   and don’t solve anything.
06:29   No chairman, this is our country. This country does not belong to them.
06:33   This country does not belong to the fifth column, which for generations live in it
06:37   and wave thousands of [Turkish] flags on the bridge in Rotterdam.
06:42   Or are dancing on cars in Zaandam. It’s not their country. It’s our country.
06:45   When you misbehave, and you have another nationality,
06:49   We take away your Dutch nationality, and deport you.
06:52   It’s that sensible. Common sense. We should have done that a long time ago.
06:57   (Kuzu) Chairman, is this the country where hundreds of juveniles
07:05   threw stones at the police?
07:09   Throwing stones at the police, Mr. Kuzu, is always wrong.
07:15   I don’t say that Dutch don’t use violence. Of course some do.
07:19   I don’t say that only dual nationalities use violence. Of course that’s not true.
07:26   They are, however, overrepresented in criminal statistics.
07:30   Moroccans, with respect to violent crimes, street terror, are 22 times more often
07:36   suspected of those crimes than the Dutch. That goes for Turks, Somalis, for all of them.
07:44   We will have to act stronger, if we want to keep our country safe.
07:49   My question was: are those people, who throw stones at the police, we’re
07:55   talking about real Dutch people. Are those Dutch people to, according to Mr. Wilders?
08:00   They are Dutch. They are criminals. They must be dealt with harshly.
08:04   But the people who are overrepresented in criminal statistics, such as Turks and Moroccans,
08:09   who hold dual nationality, we have to tell them
08:14   they are no longer welcome here. —In the past, Mr. Wilders often said
08:18   it wasn’t about people, about muslims,
08:22   but about islam. Here he clearly states he’s concerned about people with a dual nationality.
08:28   I see a distinction being made between people with a single and dual nationality.
08:34   That’s the most blatant form of discrimination I see in this house. And we all allow it.
08:44   We say we have to ignore it. We shouldn’t mention it. Let him finish raging.
08:50   But we have allowed it for many years. Chairman, that is what our nation makes worse.
08:57   This makes our country more ugly. For The Netherlands, Mr. Wilders, is also my
09:00   country. The Netherlands is also the country of all Turkish Dutch, of all Moroccan Dutch.
09:06   Of all people with a different ethnicity. I say: better get used to it.
09:11   The Netherlands is not your country. I told you so last week. And a fortnight ago.
09:16   You defend Erdogan. You defend those people on the bridge, those Grey Wolves, you don’t
09:21   distance yourself from them. Which my colleagues have asked you to do hundreds of times.
09:26   It’s not your country. It would speak well of you if you returned your Turkish passport
09:29   to Erdogan, and join the Turkish parliament. So you can applaud there.
09:34   That’s what you should do. With regards to dual nationality, that distinction is there already.
09:41   The cabinet, this cabinet of VVD and PvdA, proposed a law in which acts of terror,
09:51   terrorists, can lose their Dutch citizenship. And can be deported.
09:55   Well, that distinction, which this cabinet already makes,
09:58   and I didn’t hear you say that this cabinet discriminates,
10:02   that distinction I want to apply who commit street terror and crimes.
10:08   I find it incredible I still have to ask for that.
10:12   Chairman, I did so during those debates, but what matters in this case,
10:17   and we see it happening time and time again, The Netherlands is the country of all those
10:23   people with a different ethnicity. Who are also Dutch. Fortunately, it’s in our country,
10:27   in The Netherlands, that fortunately it is not Mr. Wilders determines who is Dutch,
10:31   Rather, the law does that. that’s article 2, first chapter of our constitution. When we
10:39   Talk about adhering to our constitutional values, Mr. Wilders should go back to school.
10:50   I don’t want to do it, for I think Mr. Kuzu has very weird ideas, but
10:57   I want to defend him. Here, a parliamentarian says: another parliamentarian is not a
11:03   Dutchman. That he is not a Dutchman. That he is unworthy to be parliamentarian. That
11:06   he has to hand in his passport. That’s outrageous, Mr. Wilders. You should not
11:12   do that. Mr. Kuzu, no matter how insane his ideas may be, is a Dutchman.
11:18   And will remain so. I’ll fight him on all the weird things he says, but he is and will remain a
11:23   Dutchman. And you should respect that. As we all think you also have strange ideas.
11:27   But all of us have to right to say them in this House.
11:32   No, Chairman, I have different ideas. As I said a moment ago.
11:36   Chairman, for twelve years, I place hope and optimism against the gloomy capitulation culture
11:44   of the rulers. Who don’t want to listen.
11:50   Or, during election campaigns, promise the moon,
11:54   And after the election rule together with their arch-enemies.
11:57   And create asylum records. Who always choose for their own power instead of for The Netherlands.
12:03   Who appear not to have any principles. Drunk on their own righteousness.
12:08   Convinced of their own superiority.
12:12   Those who criticize, who see islam as a problem, who dare to say that,
12:15   are called extreme right-wing. Or tokkies (chavs). Or populists. Or Nazis.
12:21   The critics are threatened. Denounced.
12:25   And wherever possible, dragged into court. Myself included, chairman.
12:29   The day after tomorrow, Friday, when the remainder of my colleagues are in bed
12:35   enjoying the afterglow of this debate, I will appear in court. In Amsterdam.
12:40   Half of Europe is burning. Our prime minister shouts: “off” to Turks.
12:47   European leaders of government, such as the Slovak prime minister Fico,
12:50   Can say aloud they don’t want any more muslims in Slovakia.
12:56   That is allowed. During the European Summit prime minster Rutte sits next to him.
13:02   But I have to answer for myself in court on Friday, before a criminal judge,
13:08   for something millions of people think and agree with.
13:12   While the threat of terror in The Netherlands was never this high.
13:16   While about 80% of ‘Dutch’ Syria fighters are Moroccan.
13:25   While all this happens, an elected representative of the people is prosecuted for his words.
13:31   Big words here, about freedom of speech, but this is the reality.
13:36   It’s the world turned upside down.
13:39   For the moment the debate is about Mr. Wilders’ ideas. And he is
13:47   accountable here. I have a question for him about freedom of religion.
13:51   It’s clear that Mr. Wilders, for one group of people, being muslims, wants to constrain
13:58   their freedom of religion. That’s clear enough. That’s how we know Mr. Wilders.
14:03   We know all about that. Now, Mrs. Thieme announced she will introduce a new law
14:09   about ritual slaughter. Recently I discussed this with rabbi Jacobse, the chief rabbi
14:17   of the Jewish community. He said, for us is that ‘to be or not to be’. For orthodox Jews
14:24   that’s the freedom of ritual killing the breaking point. How will the PVV vote on this?
14:35   Chairman, we, as a political fraction will have to debate that, however
14:38   last time we voted in favor of that law.
14:41   That we, with regard to animal cruelty, whether committed by the Jewish community
14:50   or the muslim community, we prevent animal suffering over religious preferences.
14:59   That’s a choice we made last time, and a choice, as I see it, we will make again.
15:03   Which we will debate again, when the proposal is there.
15:08   I cannot say anything more about it now. Most likely, we will support that proposal.
15:15   Chairman, that’s clear. Very clear that Rabbi Jacobs is looking for parties here
15:23   for his last and ultimate support, for parties who said in the Senate that freedom of
15:26   religion is more important than animal welfare. Making a complicated and complex
15:32   judgment, giving freedom of religion precedent. Where the PVV fraction says:
15:38   also to the Jewish community, we will support this law.
15:42   The Jewish community knows what they can expect.
15:47   You can try to drag the Jewish community into this, but you know what matters is animal welfare.
15:51   The welfare of animals, their suffering, is for us foremost.
15:58   The killing of animals without anesthesia, ritual butchering, I don’t know if you have seen
16:02   how that is performed, is something our fraction
16:06   during the last proposal of Mrs. Thieme’s, finds one step too far.
16:09   For me, that remains unchanged.
16:12   Chairman, we’re talking about a liberty that is 400 years old. Which was granted to
16:18   The Jewish community forever. And that will be constrained. One step beyond this:
16:21   The Christian Union often worry about laws proposed by usually D66. We’re talking
16:30   about a Christian minority. The Christian church, for example, its position in this country.
16:34   Address information being passed on. The law on Sunday. The law on Sunday rest.
16:38   I checked the list. Every proposal was supported by you. You are, when we talk about
16:46   freedom of religion, what concerns Christians, one of Mr. Pechtold’s best friends.
16:50   Is freedom of religion safe in your hands?
16:55   Even stronger, freedom of religion is in better hands with the PVV than with the CU.
17:00   Especially with regard to freedom for Christians.
17:03   For we defend the existence and continuation of Christians
17:07   much better than Christian Union does itself.
17:11   I called you a fake Christian on Twitter.
17:16   I said that, I don’t want to belittle your religious feelings, it wasn’t meant
17:22   to be overly offensive, but what I did want to say
17:25   was that you are a friend of islam. You are someone who wants to make room for islam.
17:31   You give freedom of religion such a wide meaning that especially you, as a Christian,
17:38   are creating tough times for yourself in The Netherlands.
17:42   For I say to you, our people are victims on Fridays; the Jews,
17:46   they are the first victims. When islam becomes dominant.
17:49   But the Christians are their second victims. You are their first
17:53   or second victim, when islam becomes dominant.
17:57   I don’t understand where the PVV is not an ally of Dutch Christians,
18:04   where we resist the islamisation of our country, not jut because the apostates, the Jews,
18:08   the homosexuals and the women, but also and foremost Christians
18:12   will be the first victims. You can see it in the Middle East.
18:16   It will happen in The Netherlands, too. It’s already happening in The Netherlands!
18:19   They have to pay the price because you don’t want to support us.
18:22   Christians are better off voting for us than voting for you.
18:25   Chairman, I don’t know whether Mr. Wilders believes in God, but he seems
18:30   To be the one deciding whether I am Christian or not. God decides that, not Mr. Wilders.
18:35   My point is: who supports Christians? We want acknowledgement of what happens right
18:39   now in the Middle East. We call that genocide. What ISIS does. I haven’t heard any
18:45   support from the PVV here. We want refugees, Christian refugees, from the Middle East,
18:50   to be taken care of here, who flee terror of the jihadistic islam.
18:54   The PVV says: the door remains shut. We aren’t the hospital country for people fleeing
18:59   from that area. They can count on the support of the CU, and many other parties, but
19:03   Not the PVV. When we’re talking about freedom, I think it’s bizarre that
19:09   I have to address the Party For Freedom on the concept of freedom. Freedom you don’t grant
19:12   to your friends only. You grant it to people you don’t agree with. That is freedom.
19:16   That is the freedom I stand for. It would become Mr. Wilders if he would join me for that freedom.
19:23   It’s not about people you don’t agree with, but an ideology which will make mincemeat of you.
19:28   That’s what we’re talking about. We don’t simply have a difference of opinion
19:33   about Green Left and the CDA. It’s an ideology, islam, which doesn’t tolerate Christians.
19:38   Which, in the past levied special taxation on Christians, or killed them.
19:43   That is what they do. And that is what you import. Your party is, with regards to asylum,
19:46   just as leftist as the SP [Socialists] or GL [Greens].
19:49   No difference, whatsoever. Not in any way at all. And Christians, Mr. Zeegers,
19:53   I fight for them, for I think I have to defend them, I am an ally deserted by you.
19:58   I’m addressed. One more time. The Christian who asks for our support.
20:05   Victim of ISIS. Who, fled endangering his life. Who, because of the cross he bears,
20:10   is in danger. What’s your answer? Shut the door, you’re not welcome here.
20:14   You call yourself a friend of Christians?
20:18   Islam is knocking on our door, which says: we are going to dominate here,
20:22   islam means submission. We showed in the Middle East we’ll cut of your heads,
20:29   if you don’t do what we want. Those islamists are the ones you allow entry here.
20:34   And you dare to lecture me? You? I’m doing better for Christians then you are as the Christian Union.
20:44   We are at the end of a black summer of jihad. In case we forget
20:51   what the adherents of allah and Mohammed are capable of,
20:55   and what our open borders lead to, I’ll list the events for you.
21:00   I think the victims deserve that.
21:05   I think the Parliament and The Netherlands should know it.
21:08   Every incident. For that is our reality. The interruptions of Mr. Zeegers [confirm]
21:15   it’s a shocking reality. It’s the truth of this summer. Every week, sometimes every day,
21:24   sometimes twice a day, the jihad in Europe. The jihad in the West.
21:31   What happened? I’ll start off on 12 June.
21:35   On the 12th of June a 30-year-old muslim, who killed 49 people in a gay bar,
21:41   in Orlando, Florida. A day later, on the 13th of June, a police commissioner
21:47   and his wife, stabbed to death in Magnanville, France, by a allahu akbar-shouting
21:52   25-year-old Frenchman of Moroccan ethnicity.
21:58   A few days later, on the 29th of June, three ISIS terrorists who killed 45 innocent people
22:06   at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. muslims are also victim of islam.
22:16   On the 14th of June a Tunisian with a resident’s permit used a truck on the boulevard
22:23   in Nice as a murder weapon. Resulting in 86 deaths. 86 deaths!
22:30   ISIS celebrated this attack immediately by beheading two French-speaking prisoners
22:36   in Mosul, Iraq. Four days later. The 18th of June.
22:40   A 17-year-old Afghan refugee chops with an axe,
22:45   while shouting allah akbar, on passengers in a train in Heidingsfeld, Germany.
22:53   He injured five people, three of them seriously.
22:57   A few days later it’s the 19th of July. We see a Moroccan, by name of Mohammed B.,
23:04   stabs a mother with 3 daughters, amongst them an 8-year-old girl, in a French resort.
23:12   Three days later. The 22nd of July. An 18-year-old German-Iranian,
23:20   with dual nationality, killing nine people, in a shopping center in Munich, wounding 35 others.
23:29   Two days later, on the 24th of July, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee in the German town
23:38   of Reutlingen kills a pregnant women with a machete, wounding two others.
23:44   The very same day, the 24th of July, a Syrian refugee, Mohammed D. blows up
23:52   himself during a music festival in the German city of Ansbach.
23:59   The 26th of July. Two Syrian fighters cut the throat of a 85-year-old priest during mass.
24:11   While shouting allahu akbar. In a church in Saint Etienne de Rouvray, France.
24:20   During a holy mass. A day later, on the 27th of July,
24:24   in Troisdorf, Germany, an allahu akbar-shouting Palestinian attacks
24:30   A surgeon with a knife, wanting to behead him.
24:36   On the 4th of August a 19-year-old Somali, who migrated to Norway, stabs a woman
24:43   to death, wounding five others, in Russell Square in London.
24:47   Two days later, we see a 33-year-old Algerian attacking police officers with a machete,
24:54   in Charleroi, Belgium, while shouting allahu akbar.
24:59   On the 19th of August, again, an allahu akbar-shouting man stabbing a rabbi in Strasbourg.
25:07   This all happened. The 30th of August. A Bosnian born Danish muslim in
25:15   Christiania, Denmark, stabs two police officers and a civilian. The next day, the 31st of August,
25:20   A 31-year-old Algerian stabs a police officer in the neck with a knife in Toulouse, France.
25:29   The 7th of September. An illegal Moroccan stabs two police officers in Molenbeek.
25:37   Here, just across the border, near Brussels in Belgium. One officer received seven stab wounds
25:42   in the stomach, the other officer one.
25:47   On the 8th of September three ISIS-controlled women were arrested planning an act
25:53   of terror, and a car with seven gas bottles was found near the Notre Dame in Paris.
26:02   On the 9th of September an allahu akbar-shouting Salafist man attacks police officers
26:11   In the Serbian city of Raska. A week later, on the 17th of September,
26:16   we have a Somali who attacks people with a knife in the city of St. Cloud, Minnesota.
26:24   The same day, we all witnessed it, 29 were wounded during an attack in New York City
26:31   committed by an Afghan. Chairman, I had to make a selection. This isn’t even the whole truth.
26:39   I could have used up all my time on what has happened in the West
26:45   in the name of islam. During the last couple of weeks. Or months.
26:51   The perpetrators are always the same. Muslims. Islamic barbarians. Headhunters of allah.
27:00   The victims… the victims, they are also always the same. Innocent people.
27:07   Innocent people. Muslim and non-muslim alike, who never asked for it.
27:14   We, who most certainly didn’t ask for this imported misery.
27:18   Also, in our own country, Mrs. Chairman, we see growing violence.
27:23   From Poelenburg up to Spijkenisse. During ramadan we saw stones flying
27:31   through the bus windows. We saw the Dutch in their own country being bothered
27:38   If they drank water during daylight hours. That cars were torched.
27:42   That women were abused. A few weeks ago. A 17-year-old girl from Kampen.
27:48   Raped next to the road by a refugee.
27:51   Why doesn’t anyone speak about that? In Deventer a refugee tried to rape a 6-year-old girl.
27:59   Why doesn’t anyone speak about that?
28:03   Holidaymakers had to queue up for hours at Schiphol because of jihad.
28:08   Even the Efteling [theme park] was a possible target.
28:14   The horrible bloodbath at the airport and metro in Brussels were,
28:21   as we found out later, to be planned for our country.
28:24   It was intended to have been a bloodbath of Dutch people.
28:32   Future generations will look back on what we did. On what this cabinet did.
28:40   Their judgment will be harsh. We don’t use our common sense.
28:46   We didn’t listen to reality. We looked, politically correct, the other way.
28:53   Otherwise we might get criticism.
28:56   What has the cabinet done? They have done nothing.
29:00   What have they done? They made illegality legal.
29:06   They stopped alien detention. They implemented a new general pardon.
29:11   They came up with the bed, bath and bread arrangement.
29:14   They broke refugee records. I remember well standing here last year.
29:19   When I said that great danger was amongst that flood of refugees.
29:24   That terrorists were amongst them. I was ridiculed. Even by a member of D66,
29:31   a member of the European Parliament, who said I was an idiot.
29:34   She tweeted, ‘Wilders is insane, there is no evidence, how is this possible?’
29:39   Well, it happens! It happens more often than we think. Attacks happened in Paris,
29:44   Brussels. By people we now know hid amongst the refugees.
29:52   I told you so. Nobody wanted to listen. Innocent people have been murdered.
29:58   That is reality. Why doesn’t anyone speak about that?
30:06   During this election year, the differences have never been greater,
30:11   nor the disappointments and differences been so clear.
30:17   I know what needs to be done. I see what is happening demographically.
30:21   Look at Africa. Africa is on the brink of exploding, demographically.
30:27   By the end of this century four billion people will be living there.
30:31   Four billion. Even the EU expects a million refugees annually.
30:39   I don’t blame those people. I understand why they want to come here.
30:46   However, we cannot handle that. We cannot handle that. We don’t have the money for it.
30:51   They also bring their own culture. A culture which isn’t ours. Many of them want
30:59   to dominate us. Want to use violence for it.
31:03   We cannot tolerate that. It’s not just about identity. It’s not about norms and values.
31:11   It’s about numbers. If we allow hundreds of thousands, millions, of people
31:15   of a different culture, people who hate us, people who hate our way of life,
31:21   people who find it abhorrent when their wife wears a short skirt.
31:24   People who find it abhorrent when gays walk hand in hand.
31:27   If we don’t do something, The Netherlands will disappear.
31:30   Then we’ll lose our country. Why doesn’t anyone speak about that?
31:34   Why don’t we speak about that? That’s the problem. We have a fundamental problem.
31:39   If we don’t do anything, we simply won’t survive.
31:42   We’ll be colonized. We’ll be islamised. People later on will say
31:47   we should have done something. We should have listened.
31:50   We should have done something. Why doesn’t anyone speak about that?
31:54   We don’t want it. We don’t want jihadis, we don’t want the long arm of Erdogan.
32:00   We don’t want to be ruled by a culture that isn’t ours.
32:03   A million people annually! It’s incomprehensible if we don’t act.
32:09   I already said it, we have to protect our country.
32:13   We have to ensure people respect our rules.
32:18   We have to ensure that the ideology of hatred and violence, especially that ideology
32:23   contrary to our constitution, doesn’t get a foothold here.
32:27   There is no path in between.
32:30   Because of procrastination, because of politically correct doing nothing,
32:35   it’s already five past twelve. I say to you: if we do not act now,
32:38   if we do not close our borders,
32:41   if we do not reject cultural relativism,
32:45   if we do not restore pride in ourselves, and deport those that aren’t lawful,
32:51   if we do no do all that, if we accept people are fooling us, terrorize us,
32:56   rape our women, do what we don’t want,
32:59   then for us it’s over and done with. Either we do something
33:03   about islam, or they will do something with us.
33:06   that’s the reason for proposals for closing borders, stopping the building of mosques,
33:12   and all our other proposals you know so well.
33:16   Make illegality punishable. Send refugees back.
33:21   Chairman, I said it so many times here. I don’t think I have to repeat it.
33:24   They all share one thing in common: only the PVV proposals protect our rule of law.
33:33   Only the PVV proposals guarantee the Dutch people will exist in the future.
33:40   When we fail, it’s over and done with The Netherlands.
33:43   Our civilization will be gone. Our liberties will be gone.
33:47   Our security will be gone.
33:50   Our lives will be worthless. Our rule of law in the trashcan.
33:54   Our freedom will be gone. The Netherlands will be gone.
33:57   That is what we have to prevent.
34:00   (Buma) Chairman, when you, as usual, fulminate, the question always is: how do you
34:06   trust a person like that? You do that by watching what he does when he is in control.
34:11   My question is: how can call for so much change in the world, when you can’t
34:20   control your own fraction. Should such a mess govern… you insult your own people.
34:26   You made an electoral program, a rag of less than an A4, an impossible one, where
34:30   you don’t allow that participation of your own people, my call to you is that if we want to
34:36   do what we as politicians want, that our country trusts us, then we should set the example
34:42   ourselves. Not butchering your own people.
34:47   My proposals prevent a slaughter. It’s cheap when I present arguments against islam, lecturing me
34:54   about my own fraction. I won’t answer that. What happens
34:57   within my fraction is none of your business.
35:00   It would behoove you to support me.
35:04   For also you speak politically correctly. You also try to lecture me.
35:09   Try to involve my faction. Ridicule my electoral program.
35:14   This is about the very existence of The Netherlands! Don’t make such narrow-minded interruptions!
35:18   If you as a politician change the world, you start changing yourself. You start in
35:30   your own environment. The mere fact you can’t lead your own club, can’t make a decent
35:37   electoral program, which is contemptuous to the Dutch, I can say to you, you’d do better
35:43   to talk to your own fraction than in public.
35:49   Chairman, I won’t say anything. —Mr. Wilders was talking
35:53   about protecting the rule of law. And the plans
35:56   for that from the PVV. To be honest, the PVV’s plans don’t differ that much from Erdogan’s.
36:00   What’s the difference? With Erdogan? To defend the rule of law, Mr. Wilders?
36:07   In everything. islam, chairman, destroys our rule of law.
36:14   Allow me to mention a number of constitutional articles,
36:18   with which islam seriously conflicts.
36:23   Article 1. The ban on discrimination. Islam is discrimination.
36:30   If you aren’t muslim, if you are women, you are worth half in inheritances and so on.
36:41   If you are gay, if you are Christian, I say that to the CU, blatant discrimination.
36:45   We’re talking about freedom of religion. I don’t see islam as a religion.
36:49   I see it as an ideology wrapped up as a religion. Imagine
36:52   that I go along with you, and see it as a religion.
36:55   Islam does not know any freedom of religion.
36:58   Nothing tops islam. We just had a debate about where that church or synagogue
37:07   in Saudi Arabia is. They aren’t there! Perhaps just one, but they aren’t there.
37:12   They aren’t there! Freedom of religion, islam conflicts with article 6 of our constitution.
37:18   Freedom of opinion, article 7 of our constitution, criticism of islam,
37:24   merely making an image of the so-called prophet Mohammed is punishable
37:27   by death. Your head will roll. Freedom of expression, article 7 of our constitution,
37:31   islam conflicts with that. Honoring one’s private life, article 10 of our constitution,
37:37   The unassailability of the human body, article 11 of our constitution,
37:40   Article 15 of our constitution, unlawfully withholding liberties,
37:46   Article 16 of our constitution, I can give you a whole exposé,
37:50   Of examples in which only islam blatantly conflicts.
37:54   My point is that when you acknowledge that, and you cannot deny that islam
37:59   conflicts with freedom of religion, with our constitution,
38:03   especially to protect our constitution,
38:08   because we want to keep those liberties, we will have to de-islamise.
38:13   If you don’t do that our future generations will no longer be free.
38:18   In that party of yours, you do everything yourself. That must be the reason
38:22   you quack so much. But it isn’t impressive to me, to be honest. I asked you: what
38:25   is the difference between you and Erdogan? I cannot see any difference.
38:31   When we look at what Erdogan is doing, he fires judges, Mr. Wilders says he want to
38:37   fire judges too. Erdogan fires teachers. It’s Mr. Wilders who calls for firing teachers
38:42   Whoever says something nasty about Papa Smurf, he’s immediately furious.
38:52   They must be fired. Muslims in the army? They can’t be there, for he doesn’t trust them.
38:56   Exactly the same as Erdogan is doing. Mr. Wilders, you are the Erdogan of the Low Countries.
39:02   The worst is that you want to fight what you try to do yourself.
39:06   You try to destroy freedom.
39:09   I tell you, without the PVV, without our policy, we will be led by an Erdogan.
39:15   I can show you what Erdogan does, and what you want to do. That is one on one
39:24   identical. That’s attacking the rule of law. Mr. Wilders, quack on. You don’t want to
39:29   Find solutions, but a scapegoat.
39:36   Chairman, the only issue I went into politics for, the only issue I wake up for every day,
39:44   the only issue I lost my own liberties for almost twelve years ago,
39:50   is to ensure that The Netherlands remain a free country.
39:53   That The Netherlands resists, and you pay a high price for that,
39:57   against the islamisation of The Netherlands. And I am convinced, and I am not
40:02   generalizing about all muslims. I’m talking about the ideology islam, that I am convinced,
40:06   that we cannot allow it to get a firm footing here. Then we will lose our liberties.
40:11   Chairman, the cabinet thinks they can bribe people with a party budget.
40:16   However, nobody falls for it. A percent extra income, while health care was
40:22   demolished, private risks are now €385, rents have been raised,
40:25   pensions are cut, The Netherlands doesn’t fall for that.
40:31   We’ve seen what happened for the last couple of months, years, what the cabinet did.
40:36   With pensions, with the rents, with social care, you just name it,
40:41   People no longer believe this cabinet.
40:44   People no longer believe this cabinet is for the benefit of all.
40:49   Allow me to expound on health care. What have this prime minister and his cabinet done for it?
40:55   They shut down retirement homes, they halved domestic care, they set private risks [insurance] at €385.
41:05   In The Netherlands of premier Rutte, more people avoid health care
41:09   because they can’t afford the private risk.
41:13   Ambulances cart people around, because emergency rooms are overloaded.
41:20   Cancer patients, it’s unbelievable, can’t always get the right treatment,
41:29   because the hospital is out of money. In The Netherlands
41:33   of premier Rutte, the elderly in nursing homes
41:36   are sometimes drugged and are starving. They are dehydrated, above all, they suffer in loneliness.
41:43   Because there aren’t enough nurses.
41:47   In The Netherlands of premier Rutte, men and women of over 80, even 90 years,
41:52   wander confused, sometimes even half naked, on the streets.
41:58   Because their support has been budgeted away.
42:01   It’s something to be ashamed of. That we care so little for our elderly.
42:06   In The Netherlands of premier Rutte, the care for the elderly was demolished.
42:13   It’s embarrassing to listen to such a fair weather story yesterday.
42:18   We have to make the right choices. Better choices. We have to look to the future.
42:23   That can only happen when we make the right choices, but also when we
42:27   stop political cowardice, and looking the other way, as we do now, is set aside.
42:33   Chairman, allow me to visualize the future,
42:39   regrettably, most of it a dream, because nobody wants to listen.
42:43   But I do hope people will listen. I dream of a country
42:47   where children are not force-fed islam in school.
42:52   I dream of a country where women can select their own clothing,
42:56   without considering how intolerant muslims see them.
43:00   I dream of a country, where gays can walk hand in hand in the Schilderswijk.
43:05   Where Jews wearing a kippah can walk through Kanaleneiland.
43:09   I dream of a country where Poelenburg, Tarwewijk, Oosterwijk, all those areas, are safe again.
43:15   I want a country where Black Pete can be celebrated.
43:23   I dream of a country where Ebru Umar won’t be harassed and betrayed by Turkish snitches.
43:29   That women is a hero! Why is nobody talking about that?
43:33   Why is nobody talking about that? I dream of a country where islam
43:37   is nothing but a nightmare that is over.
43:41   I dream of that country, Chairman, millions of Dutchmen dream together with me.
43:48   That dream is shared by millions of people in Europe.
43:53   I am convinced that this country can be there.
43:56   My colleagues and I return here every day because we are convinced that this is possible.
44:03   The Netherlands, as it always has been.
44:06   The Netherlands, where the Dutch are central.
44:09   Where the money that we now spend on immigration and refugee and Europe,
44:13   and development aid, we spend that on the Dutch.
44:18   It’s crazy to be almost tarred racist if you merely say that Dutch money
44:21   should be spend on the Dutch.
44:24   It’s unbelievable! That is what we want, chairman.
44:29   How is it possible that refugees in Brabant’s Oosterwijk
44:33   receive a cheque for €10,000 to decorate their houses,
44:37   while 600,000 Dutch live in poverty?
44:40   Am I crazy or are they? How is that possible?
44:44   What is this madness for? In my country that won’t happen.
44:49   Yes, in my country we deport people with dual nationality, when they commit crimes.
44:54   Because we opt for civilization.
44:58   We stand for opting for the elderly.
45:01   We do not stand for the demolition of health care.
45:05   We stand for the Dutch. Chairman, that’s what my Netherlands will look like.
45:10   A decent country. Above all, a free and proud country.
45:18   A country that stands for its own people. That is the future. That’s were we stand for.
45:28   (Pechtold) Mr. Wilders, after all these years, why do you think nobody wants to work with you?
45:40   We’ll have to see about that. we’ll have elections. The voter is in control, not you.
45:52   I’ve seen some years ago when we supported a cabinet, a number of people,
45:56   amongst others, you, said: that will never happen. Forget it. But we did.
46:03   Everything politicians said proved to be false.
46:07   Certainly. I can hear what the people here say right now. You’re right.
46:11   But don’t trust them. Don’t believe them.
46:14   Chairman, could it be, that for many years asking unlimited liberty for yourself,
46:24   with regard to freedom of speech, but begrudge that to others?
46:29   Could it be, that you want to write down everything, but ban an ancient book?
46:36   Could it be, that you use democracy to the fullest, but tar your colleagues as a fake parliament?
46:44   Could it be, that you always want to go to court, but when indicted,
46:49   call the courts politically colored?
46:54   Could it be, that you are only canvassing for yourself at the expense of others?
47:02   Mr. Wilders, that could be the reason why you are a loner. Could it be that, I ask you?
47:10   No, it can’t. With regards to freedom, nobody knows more about that than I do,
47:18   what it is to have lost it. I hope you won’t get into a similar situation.
47:24   I fight for freedom. Without compromises. I know what it is to lose one’s freedom.
47:29   I don’t want anyone else to suffer it. I want my country to remain a free country.
47:34   I see one, no, two, major dangers. The first one is
47:37   the islamisation of The Netherlands and unfreedom.
47:40   The second major danger is the Pechtolds and all the others here like him.
47:45   I won’t repeat the word I have used. What we ignore here. You look the other way.
47:51   You sell The Netherlands to islam.
47:54   Future generations, Mr. Pechtold, will look to you in particular, when they see,
47:59   the freedom, we so dearly love, have lost.
48:03   Chairman, everybody in this parliament is angry that our colleague Wilders is in danger.
48:11   Everybody in our Dutch society abhors that.
48:18   Everybody, all of us together, understands that you get protection.
48:23   There is nobody here who doubted it, asked questions about it, in any way.
48:30   Because we want you to be able to say whatever you want. Within the law.
48:36   Mr. Wilders, what you ask for yourself, you should not begrudge others.
48:42   Then you can work together. Then you don’t walk away when you get, for once, responsibility.
48:49   Exactly, chairman, exactly, because I want everybody to have that freedom,
48:57   I lack myself, exactly because I want, the present and future generations,
49:03   want to live in a free country, I will fight for any price, to be paid by myself
49:11   or otherwise, against further islamisation of our country. That’s why I went into politics.
49:15   That became the purpose of my life. —Then start by not begrudging others.
49:20   Not to begrudge and ridicule them.
49:28   Our prime minster, last time, I believe, had blood on his hands.
49:31   Now again: our colleague, his beliefs, to call him a fake Christian and joke about it.
49:37   It comes to this, Mr. Wilders, what you accuse others of, what you demand of others,
49:45   does not apply to you. That’s the reason why so many people have difficulties
49:52   with your policies. Many politicians say: I cannot work together with him.
49:59   Nevertheless, you will have to collaborate with me. You all will have to
50:02   collaborate with me. Regardless of your opinion about my ideas.
50:05   If you don’t, if you’re talking small politics like ‘you do this and you do that’,
50:09   I represent my voters. I represent The Netherlands. I represent 17 million people.
50:14   I want them to have a free and democratic country.
50:18   Whose constitution isn’t slowly strangled. Exactly because I want to keep that
50:24   free country, Mr. Pechtold. Exactly because I want to keep The Netherlands as it is,
50:29   Exactly because you all together work politically correct and simply do not want
50:33   someone to speak the truth. Not accept that someone says what islam is all about.
50:36   That in our country, any country, where islam becomes dominant freedom disappears.
50:42   You aren’t blind, are you? If you want to remain a free country, you have to address that!
50:47   Don’t come to me with small politics, as Mr. Buma just did.
50:51   It’s about the freedom of The Netherlands. It’s not about what you begrudge me or vice versa.
50:56   It’s about the freedom of The Netherlands. Islam does not belong there.
51:02   Chairman, Wilders talks about civilization. Wilders speaks about truth.
51:08   Where do you find the audacity every time yourself to demand truth. That’s the crux
51:21   of the matter. Where do you find the audacity to talk about last year’s suffering,
51:27   what is horrible, we held remembrances for it. Where do you find the exclusivity to
51:33   demand it for yourself? And subsequently state that anyone coming from
51:42   such a background, or adheres to that religion is suspect. No, Mr. Wilders. That’s not
51:50   the way we do business in our country. That’s our foundation. That’s what you should
51:54   follow as well. As you yourself expect it of others.
51:57   Chairman, this is not true. To start with, I never said that anyone adhering
52:05   is suspect; I said the ideology is violent, I’ll tell you why I say this.
52:14   I’ll tell you why what you said, namely, what we commemorated here should be enough,
52:20   I want to prevent commemorations. That’s the difference between you and me.
52:38   Chairman, Mr. Wilders said it’s about the freedom of all Dutch.
52:44   When all the Dutch should be granted freedom, we as VVD party are firm proponents,
52:51   that’s the hallmark of our civilization, then all Dutch should be granted freedom.
52:56   Also freedom of religion. Mr. Wilders is very clear today. He denies that to the Dutch.
53:00   If you limit liberties, that’s already the end of our country.
53:06   But that’s not the question I want to ask him.
53:09   My question is, Mr Wilders said: it’s my life’s purpose to do this. I return to the days
53:20   of 2012. We had a cabinet, focused on this debate. Mr. Wilders supported that cabinet.
53:29   And walked away from it. He told us today, that was because he didn’t agree with some
53:35   budget cuts that he didn’t accept. How is it possible Mr. Wilders
53:40   walked away, while the message which apparently is his life’s goal, with which
53:48   the cabinet was seriously involved with, obviously was a different subject,
53:53   to avoid his responsibility. How can Mr. Wilders justify himself? If he finds this
53:57   so important, he ran away in 2012 with his tail between his legs. While the
54:02   cabinet was busy working on exactly that issue.
54:05   The first item wasn’t a question, nevertheless I’ll react to both.
54:08   That’s polite, to Mr. Zijlstra. The first item is about Dutch liberties.
54:13   Islam is not a religion. Islam masks itself as a religion. But, and that’s why I gave
54:20   all those examples, about what happened in Europe; I could have continued for three days,
54:24   starting with 9-11, or the 17th century, what has happened
54:28   when islam becomes dominant. And how much violence, intolerance and hatred that brings along.
54:34   A totalitarian ideology. We don’t tolerate nor accept temples or books of other totalitarian
54:43   ideologies. We don’t accept Nazi schools; Mein Kampf is illegal in The Netherlands.
54:49   For the same reason. In the Koran, research has been done on it, in the Koran,
54:54   you find more antisemitism than in Mein Kampf.
55:00   Why do we outlaw one book, and allow another? I’m not from the
55:08   department of book-burnings. Why are we OK with other totalitarian ideologies?
55:11   Again, I have nothing to do with that accursed Nazism.
55:14   Why is that illegal and the other legal? Incredible. Your second question.
55:17   Why did we leave [the cabinet]? We left, the most important reason,
55:26   apart from not being able to get it financially working, apart from development aid,
55:32   apart from, we were not willing to accept, I don’t know if you read the recent ING report,
55:39   which shows that especially those forced budget cuts, holding on the 3% norm,
55:45   and following the stabilization pact of Europe, that cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.
55:50   Even more important, especially because we saw that with regard to migration
55:57   The Netherlands couldn’t get anything done. Mr. Gert Leers,
56:01   then the minister for immigration, traveled everywhere in Europe to see if he could
56:10   change the rules for the reunification of families. He simply didn’t get anywhere.
56:15   We paid for changes we didn’t want; what we would get back in return, a firm migration policy,
56:20   he couldn’t get done at all. That was a lesson to us. Not only go along with you,
56:25   and destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, health care budget cuts, more VAT,
56:30   we didn’t do that, there is one single lesson: if you want to be sovereign,
56:36   If you want to address migration, if you want to stop islamisation,
56:41   You have to become again a sovereign nation. You’ll have to control your own borders.
56:46   You have to leave the European Union. That’s the only solution to get that done.
56:51   Mr. Wilders said he had a message of hope and optimism,
56:58   that part got lost somewhere, I think. Chairman, you cannot talk about liberties
57:05   in our country, if you deny them to others. That’s impossible. That’s not The Netherlands.
57:11   All previous speakers pointed to the danger we all see. In radical islam. In extremist groups.
57:24   Nobody walks away from that. Mr. Wilders should stop pretending to be the only one
57:27   crusading against that. The difference is that all previous speakers are not willing
57:35   to hand in liberties because of that danger. We are going to fight that danger, but not
57:40   by restricting our liberties. It would so nice if Mr. Wilders would acknowledge that
57:49   making that step, when you start restricting liberties of certain groups, you destroy our
57:56   country yourself. —Chairman, there is no such thing as ‘radical islam’. That’s a pleonasm.
58:04   It’s exactly the same thing. There are radical and non-radical muslims. Yes, that
58:11   distinction exists. Not all muslims are radical. There are moderate muslim and
58:16   radical muslims. Regrettably, many of them are radical. I said it here often enough,
58:21   I have a research paper from the university of Amsterdam, from 2008, not exactly
58:26   the most right wing university of the country, which proves that 11% of all muslims in
58:33   The Netherlands, that’s 110,000 persons, are willing to commit violence for their
58:41   religion in our country. 11% of all muslims. You have to differentiate between radical
58:46   and not-radical muslims; regrettably that’s 11% of all muslims in our country,
58:50   want to use violence in the name of islam, why is nobody talking about that?
58:54   But there is only one islam. There wasn’t radical fascism and fascism mild.
59:00   There wasn’t radical communism and mild communism. There is only one ideology.
59:12   If it’s so important, I repeat, Mr. Wilders was in a position to control matters.
59:19   The truth is that it’s not possible to get it all your way. Mr Wilders can talk nicely or
59:27   loudly, from the sidelines, that’s what’s he’s doing. However, when he was in control,
59:33   he walked away. Chairman, all those nice words, well, not really very nice,
59:38   All those hard words, are from a loudmouth. Who, when he could do something,
59:43   walked away. —No, Chairman, this comes from a party which does everything to free
59:52   our country, make it a safe country, to keep it that way, a party that won’t quickly,
59:58   as your party did, compromise with the Labour Party, to break asylum record
60:01   after asylum record. Which didn’t, as you did, go along with the PvdA, to allow terrorists
60:10   with those refugees, That is my party. We stand for The Netherlands. You do not.
60:16   You represent Mr. Samson, or whatever. We stand for The Netherlands.
60:19   Chairman, the dream land pictured by Mr. Wilders is a country where
60:25   the Koran is illegal, for that’s in your electoral program, where all mosques are closed,
60:30   I try to remember, I ask you to do that too, what that means. For you say,
60:39   it’s an ideology, I assume that those hundreds of thousands of muslims won’t agree with you.
60:42   What does that country looks like when the Koran is taken away from those
60:48   hundreds of thousands of people, and their churches, in their case, mosques,
60:52   against their wishes are closed. How do you want to do that?
60:56   What it will do in any case is that The Netherlands will become highly
61:00   unattractive for more muslims to settle here. What it in any case will achieve is
61:05   that we don’t hold fake debates, such as the trick of the Labour Party ‘we address Salafist
61:12   islam, but no other’, there is only one islam. From the mosque(s), from that book
61:20   the Koran, are, if you care I can mention suras for 20 minutes, even you will have to
61:27   admit that they don’t belong in our country, they call for, that book is used, we
61:35   wouldn’t accept it from Mein Kampf, you’d be the first standing here, I hope, to complain.
61:39   when a temple for Nazism would be built, and someone would read from Mein Kampf,
61:43   you would say: impossible. I say, the Koran, scientific research shows it’s more
61:50   antisemitic, more violent than Mein Kampf. We don’t want that. We shouldn’t want that.
61:54   That’s not extreme; islam is extreme.
62:00   This oration is not even a beginning of an answer to my question.
62:04   From someone who says he want to ban the Koran in The Netherlands and also says
62:11   all mosques must be closed. My simple question is: this is The Netherlands. That will
62:15   happen. How will it look when you take away from hundreds of thousands of people
62:22   in their homes, have to take away that Koran, close hundreds of mosques, I don’t
62:28   know if that could be done peacefully, I wonder about what the country we accuse
62:33   of prosecuting Christians would respond, but if you want to get cooperation from others,
62:38   I want to know how you plan to do that. Knowing that many people do see it
62:43   as their religion. Tell me that. —You what? It doesn’t bother me
62:47   in the slightest. We were talking here about reciprocity.
62:50   Why should we allow 500 mosques in The Netherlands if you can’t open
62:54   a single church in Saudi Arabia? Sheer nonsense. Sheer rubbish. Utter political correctness.
63:00   Even if Saudi Arabia were to allow a hundred churches, I would not allow mosques.
63:06   Because they are a symbol. A symbol of hatred and violence. Of oppression.
63:14   If that means they have to be closed, and if that means that people don’t like it, we don’t
63:18   do anything to the people, we merely take their mosques — I call them palaces of hatred — away.
63:23   Remember what you just said. We don’t do anything, we merely take their
63:28   mosques, I just think what that would mean to me. We don’t do anything to Buma, but
63:32   we shut down his church. That’s insane. If you do that, I want to know, you don’t want
63:42   to say it, honestly to all the Dutch, what the country that you want is. What it looks like.
63:50   I want you to say that. If you close down all mosques against their wishes, will you
63:55   send the police? Will you send the police to their homes to take away the Korans?
64:00   If not, you’re talking humbug, talking about closing mosques and taking away Korans,
64:05   If you do, it’s honest, but I say to all those Dutch, who think Wilders’ story
64:13   is beautiful, in that country, where the police are being used for that purpose,
64:17   I don’t want to live. —I do think you really want to live in that country. I think you keep
64:24   your liberties in that country. You’re talking about the Koran. I suggest we do the same
64:28   with the Koran as we already do with Mein Kampf. That’s a banned book.
64:32   I don’t ask for anything more or anything less than treating both the same.
64:35   I don’t ask the other parties who find that marvelous,
64:39   we do it exactly this way. With regards to mosques, yes. In my opinion, islam
64:42   conflicts with public law and order. Reading out of a book filled with hatred and
64:45   violence conflicts with public law and order. No matter what, we are going to do it,
64:50   Mr. Buma. The Netherlands will become a better country because of it.
64:54   I continue this interruption, because you show what your ideal country
65:01   really is. Until now, I didn’t quite understand that. I thought, I should ask.
65:05   He’s not serious about it. That you really mean it that the police in The Netherlands,
65:08   if necessary by force of arms, of course it won’t be done on its own,
65:12   will close mosques. About 300. Actually go to homes, to my colleagues, to me,
65:20   to take way Korans. Do you know what you are doing, Mr. Wilders? That’s what destroys
65:28   this country. And we say to Saudi Arabia: you must accept Christians. You can’t
65:34   persecute them. This is exactly the same! —Chairman, this is the only way
65:38   to keep The Netherlands a free country.
65:42   This is the only way to ensure you as well as your family, that our children and
65:49   grandchildren remain free people. If we allow hatred and violence to be preached from
65:53   mosques. If we order Mein Kampf to be banned but permit the Koran , if we allow
66:00   terrorists amongst refugees entering our country, if we allow our borders to remain open, and let
66:08   those hundreds of thousands, millions from Africa in, then it’s over for The Netherlands.
66:11   Chairman, that’s a dictatorship. —Chairman, that’s called freedom.

37 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “This is About the Very Existence of the Netherlands!”

  1. I fear for Geert; as I’ve found out myself, it’s almost impossible to reason with idiots, and idiots are judging him.

    • I would go further than that; the fix is in and it matters little what he says or does since the outcome has already been predetermined.

      • Hey Moon is: right on, the globalists have determined Europe’s outcome and it sure won’t favor the Euro folks, as their leaders have shafted them big time. (Euro leaders bought and paid for by the globalists). America is headed down the same path. The mall shooting perp near Seattle (5 killed) was an ISIS freak.

        • The mall shooter in Seattle didn’t need to invoke ISIS to kill those people. Public massacres are an Islamic specialty and have been such for 1400 years. But in terms of behavior, that Turkish immigrant didn’t differ much from some of the American mass killers who first began their killing sprees decades ago.

          In some ways he was an outlier. He didn’t blow himself up, for instance.

          But look at the circumstances under which Charles Whitman (for example) went on his killing spree:

          Looks like the all-American boy. And his family life, with a devout mother and a controlling abusive father, sounds like a recipe for a mass killer, if you add up his other stresses. But many young men experience similar childhoods and don’t end up killing people (including his mother and wife). Even Whitman knew there was something seriously wrong with his thinking and asked for an autopsy after his death to find out what went wrong.

          In each American example, those young men (aged 16 to 28 or so – that’s the broadest range) would have been labeled today as (most likely) bi-polar and as being in a psychotic phase of the disorder. A state representative in Virginia had a son who did something similar, only he limited his rage to his father (who was devoted to him) and himself. He stabbed his father multiple times, leaving him for dead before going to another location on their farm and shooting himself.

          Deeds had spent the previous day trying to get his son admitted to a psychiatric hospital. “Everyone” knew there was something wrong with Gus, the son. But no one seemed to know how to help.

          This immigrant Turk mass-killer can perhaps hide behind the trauma of immigration or the tragedy of being Turkish but, unfortunately, within Muslim cultures that kind of beserker male behavior is unexceptional. That’s the difference between how the West views murderous behavior and how Islam sees it: for the former it’s a bug, for the latter it’s a feature of the culture. We would work to “cure” the man, Islam would celebrate his destructive evil.

          The fact that Obama is busy downloading single Muslim males into this country does not bode well for us; but we knew Obama never liked us anyway. Just a final chance to do more “radical transformation”. Compare his open hostility with Merkel’s madness – her warm reception of violence-prone “immigrants” is truly insane.

          • Merkel—insane
            Obama—devious (and evil)
            Different words, but they’re producing much the same result, broadly speaking.

  2. Listen to geert you fools
    Hes trying to save your country.
    He is a great man who we in England love..
    Listen to him..
    Save you’re country now before its too late.

    Thank you

    • Totally agree with your comments. The silent majorities throughout Europe should speak out in support of this brave man, should you be labeled a xenophobe, a racist, an islamaphobe etc you have already partially won the argument, the trolls will have already exhausted their intellectual locker.

      Who would most people want on their side in an argument,
      Geert Wilders ( Marine Le Pen or Nigel Farage) rather than Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, Tusk or Sutherland?

      Speak up now or forever hold thy peace as the saying goes!

    • Truly Gert is a great man, suffering life changing stigma and threats, yet still called to guard freedom, and his people.
      In the same league as Winston Churchill, that gave his clarion calls of warnings about Nazism.

      Many in different Western Countries need to hear this debate, take time and reflect, on the facts that Gert brings up, and do some further research, on the koran, hadiths sira, to see the ideology.

      And with heart felt thanks to Baron and Dymphna, with their wise words and balance, unceasingly bringing the news, warnings and intentions of a most dangerous ideology.

      • Geert is a cut above like Tommy R in England. Even in this country when people try to inform, they are ignored or scoffed. (been there done that), yet not threatened or arrested- yet. Sometimes relatives and others will scoff/ignore not opened to truth about globalist agendas (agenda 21, invaders, etc). Distance yourselves from those who “just don’t get it” they are time wasters.

  3. As I have relatives and some experience in The Netherlands I think I have a good feel for the country.

    The Dutch State/establishment closed ranks on Wilders long ago. Parts of this video was featured in their local newspapers and TV channels but on the whole the tactic is to ignore Wilders. By doing so less attention is drawn to him, thus less chance to create a new narrative and continue the propaganda through state channels. Anything negative about him is definitely in the news, like his upcoming trial. The tactic seems to be working since most Dutch I have spoken (sometimes argued with) parrot exactly what the media says about Wilders.

    I think The Netherlands is a lost cause. The Dutch, as you probably know, are in general America’s puppets at different levels; they cooperate with US intelligence groups spying on Dutch and other Europeans. The population loves many aspects of in an ignorant way Americana (the old Americana that no longer exists, at least to the extent it once existed), and I wonder what percentage of the population knows they store nuclear weapons for the Americans, therefore making it one of the prime targets by Russia should they go to war.

    Some women, echte blue-eyed Nederlandse inwoners, I have noticed, wearing various muslim style head coverings. I wonder if the Dutch state would even allow Wilders to become PM even if he received the votes. I have a feeling they have not played rough with him yet. Of course, one never knows. Sometimes it all turns on a dime.

    • One benefit of the Muhammadan invasion has been that it has opened my eyes to the true nature of most European societies.

  4. The Dutch parliament is a joke. Leader of one party is half-Moroccan ultra-left anarchosocialst [unpleasant male person], another one is Turkish islamofascist openly supporting Erdogan. Others are a bunch of globalist europhile political career making crooks.

    With proper agitation in mosques islamofascist can win at least 10% of seats on next election. And this is doing to happen sooner or later. This already happened in Rotterdam, whose Moroccan mayor claimed in interview that his daughter can date only muslims.

    In his country’s parliament Wilders is speaking to the very enemies of the Netherlands.

    • B-b-b-b-u-t reddit told me the mayor of Rotterdam is modern and tolerant, just like Al-Andalus! I don’t understand!

      • lol, A muslim will always be a muslim. If there comes a day he needs to pick a side, this mayor will not even think twice and instantly chose Jihad and fight for Islam.

        People with other nationalities should not be able to get any goverment function to my opinion.

        • Well most other nationalities are OK, it’s just and only the followers of islam, who can be reasonable one day and a raging murderous jihadi the next.

          IMHO, moslems should NEVER be allowed as hospital staff, police, the military, anywhere near the preparation of food, never be employed at airports, and never be allowed in western governments, and not be allowed to drive taxis, for obvious reasons; and if anyone says “well, how could they live in western countries?”
          My answer is–they shouldn’t.

  5. Europe will surely regret the day they allowed muslims into their countries. That was a really BIG mistake. Evidently, in Europe they no longer learn their own history and have no idea of the invasion of Europe in 1683(?) when the then much smarter Europeans fought them off at the Gates of Vienna.

    And then they have the nerve and stupidity to persecute Geert Wilders, who is only telling them the truth? I often wonder why this is happening. Are the leaders of Europe that stupid? Evidently the answer is yes, or there is something else, much more evil, going on.

    If they (EU leaders) have made a pact with the devil (muslims) they will regret it but by then it will be too late. Off with their heads is what it will be for them as well.

    Just my humble opinion as I watch with fascinated horror.

    And to top it off, EU castigates Orban of Hungary, president of Poland, and whatever other eastern countries refuse to participate in the suicide of Europa.

    The EU leaders should be sentenced to re-education camps and forced to read the Koran and other literature in order to learn what muslims are really all about.

    There are days when I wake up and think: can all this really be happening? Yes it can although I still don’t really understand it, other than muslims are a conquering race and they are currently winning. On the other hand it took a lot of Europe to wake up the danger of the nazis — history repeats.

    • Young teens and men fought in those wars. But look at the current generation with its safe spaces. I doubt any of them has the nerve to fight. The so-called adults aren’t much better.

  6. And if the Netherlands falls to the muslim barbarians, the rest of Europe and the rest of world will not be far behind.

    • Marie and Mangos: Then it will be hell on earth as many are killed and women taken into slavery of all sorts. It can turn on a dime when the order is given. Euro folks can’t run and hide either. Muslims have a goal and are relentless.

      • Yes if it happens, it happens. There will be no hiding.

        What can we do? Flee to the USA? The same starts to happen over there. Flee to Russia? Well would not be that bad at least Russians are good for themselfs and don’t let others [mess] with them.
        Like you said there is no escape, hell would be unleasted at earth and only the strong would survive. Our nations are stronger and have better modern technology. We should use this all to defend ourselfs instead of keeping it locked in vaults and let islam take over without a fight.

    • I suspect Sweden will go first. It might happen within the next ten years. That might force people to wake up but I highly doubt it.

  7. Incredible that Wilders gets away with lines like “this is OUR country,” “you are not Dutch.” Any politician doing that in the UK or US House would be out of a job within 24 hours.

    • Name one UK or US politician who is living under armed guard and has to move constantly just for telling the truth?

      It’s not ethnic Dutch who are trying to kill him and it’s not ethnic Dutch who want to destroy the country.

  8. Ons land.. Weg met aus laders. Geen Pardon. Schoon Vegen. Ons land. Even.

    [Machine translation:

    “Our country .. Down with asus chargers. No Pardon. Wipe off. Our country. One.”

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments. — BB]

  9. Whew. It’s exhausting just to listen to Wilders, let alone the parliamentarians trying to skewer him.

    I can understand the Turkish parliamentarian. He is loyal to Islam and Turkey, and like US representative Keith Ellison, no amount of crying, complaining and phony self-pity is beneath him.

    But the other parliamentarians seem to be unable to understand the most basic concepts. They seem infantile and feminized. For instance, the parliamentarian who complained that Wilders walked away from a bargaining conference and refused to cooperate with the others. Even discounting the issues, which Wilders addressed directly, why couldn’t the others work among themselves to provide some border controls for Holland, even without Wilders?

    The answer is, these spoiled prima-donnas are unwilling to take any action on their own, if they have the excuse that the situation is not handed to them on a silver platter.

    And, they are simply unable to see the danger. They cannot use logic to work out a complex reality. If they are as stupid as they make out, they may literally not be able to tell the difference between being a dhimmi and being free. They may literally not notice the difference.

    Being from the US, under the First Amendment, I cannot support the proposition to ban the Koran…or, Mein Kampf for that matter. I have a copy of both on my kindle app and carry them around with me. I also periodically access Hitler’s speeches and comments.

    And you know what? They give me ammunition. I am unfortunately in dispute with anti-Semites, vicious anti-Semites, occasionally, and I had to amass ammunition (intellectual ammunition) to use against them.

    You know what I found out? Hitler blamed the Jews for everything. Not just the state of the economy, or Communism or the collapse of the previous government or World War I. For everything. He blamed them for World War II. This was the war that Hitler himself started. He was warned by England that if he invaded Poland it would mean war. He pushed the issue and got a declaration of war he really didn’t want.

    But, he blamed the Jews for the war that his own blundering got him and Germany into.

    This is the mindset of these people. If I didn’t have access to Mein Kampf and the other writings of Hitler, I wouldn’t know about it, and would be susceptible in an argument to any two-bit, thin-moustached Nazi who claimed Jews involved in any disaster.

    It’s the same with the Koran. You let in the head-banging zombies who memorize it passage by passage and slavishly follow every footstep of Muhammad as the example of the perfect man, and then expect me to give up my freedom of thought on the false hope that the zombies will stop being zombies if they can’t access the Koran. It’s also stupid to try to limit access to any work of literature or devotion. You think Muslims would not be able to find a way to access the Koran?

    So, there are definite differences between Wilders position and what I see as ideal: but, if his is the only choice, and I’m too sissy or lethargic or co-dependent to frame my own actions, I’ll definitely go with him. If its a choice between unlimited Muslims and mosques, then take down the mosques and ban any open reading of the Koran. The paradox is, if the people showed any courage, they could tolerate a few (less than 3%, say) and give them freedom of sacrament.

    • Dutch men protested the Cologne assaults by marching in the streets wearing skirts. That tells you everything you want to know.

      • Now that you brought it up, I had a feeling about the parliamentarian criticizing Wilders, and now it comes together. They were just bitchy. They were crying and complaining about his manner and his being hard to work with. Bitchy.

        I had the pleasure of seeing Wilders in person at the Prophet Art Exposition in Garland, where he was the keynote speaker. He’s a real mensch, if you know what I mean.

    • Wilders proposes to ban the Koran. You cannot support it. I agree with Wilders in this case.

      • Wilders stated that the reason for banning the Qur’an was to make the Netherlands less desirable to Muslims. He also said that Muslims should not be given special welfare payments. In other words, if the Netherlands isn’t such an appealing place for Muslims to live, they will go elsewhere.

  10. It is a shame to see the other politicians laught about wilders. Or how they speak against him. How they deny the truth and how they keep looking away.

    They really think we Dutch people will lose our freedom if we BAN islam.. In what world would be ever lose our freedom if we ban Islam? Muslims are not Dutch and for that Dutch people won’t lose their freedom. Yes. muslims will lose some freedom like freedom of religions, but why the hell should we care? It is our country and if we don’t do this they will become more and more because they get like 5/7 children each family and we only 1/2 max 3. They will outnumber us in the futher just because of the birth rate. This cannot happen because ones they become a majority group, they will force islam on us. Some of them already have this planned in their heads, some of them might never have thought of this plan but ones they have enough people here one muslims who did had this plan will speak it out and all the other will follow and force islam on the Netherlands.

    They never listen to Wilders not because they don’t know the truth. But because they FEAR the truth. The moment they also start to speak out against Muslims they will also get death treats, then they also need to live with 24/7 security, that is what they fear. To lose their freedom like Geert Wilders lost his freedom.

    The Netherlands is ALL about freedom. And Geert Wilders sacrificed his freedom to fight for ours. Besides giving your life, this is the greatest sacrifice you can make. And for this we thank Wilders. For this we follow Wilders, even if he would not win the next elections people would still follow him to make sure The Netherlands becomes free and Dutch once again.

    • Hear hear ! ! !, Well said

      A this stage we can show support, even if quietly, by informing others, debates, discussions, blogs, forums, on the back of sacrifices that GW and many others make.

      This is all that they ask of us ! ! !
      This is the time that we can still do that ! ! !
      This is the time that we can be really effective, in educating all about the ideology of islam, and its “perfect man”

      As the real test is not far away, that when challenged , by muslim adherents, are we able to stand alongside GW in words and deeds?

      Truth is, my life is great right now, so why upset the apple cart in my life.
      Are the people around me, worth making this an issue, sacrifice on their behalf.

      This where becoming informed, learning of others, and quietly supporting, all one step at a time, though dammit, sometimes I wish I was faster, and particularly of others to get the point of the koran, hadith sira, etc.

      It is to have hope for others in the future, faith not only in others, but faith in your selves to be doing the right thing.
      We practice, flutter our wings here, honing our understandings, knowledge sources and arguments safely here, so we can be more influential and effective in other areas.

      Thank you to all, in this “long unrecognized war”, that at the moment are fighting a rear guard action, until the knowledge is power over that ideology.

    • Thank you for your post. It’s always very informative to hear from someone on ground zero.

      What you say makes me think. It is true that someone like Wilders coming out and speaking against Islam immediately puts himself in danger. But, there may be ways to fight the fight, and still keep your head down.

      For example, fight for the right to keep and bear arms and to use them in self-defense. It is a wonderful boost to manhood to have the means of self-defense at hand, even if you’re outgunned. It changes you from a rabbit to a tiger. The leftists and the Muslims oppose it, of course, but while advocating gun rights makes them angry, it doesn’t trigger the homicidal rage in Muslims that criticism of Muhammad does. Even if they know what you’re doing, the homicidal switch is not triggered. Muslims, as they continually stress, are slaves to their dogma, and that can be used against them.

      Another subversive direction is to support absolute freedom of speech. Now, it is true that any author in a Muslim-controlled area is at risk for speaking about Islam. It may be necessary to resort to what used to be known as “Aesopian” writing in Russia. That is, they wrote stories of fiction or fictional essays about imaginary people or societies that were obviously, but not explicitly, Communist. If they were clever, they could stay under the radar, especially since the Russian bureaucracy was like every other bureaucracy and didn’t make unnecessary work for themselves.

      It’s tricky to get it right with Muslims, but probably should be explored.

      Another possibility is to organize groups based on historical Dutch themes. No Muslim will have the slightest interest in genuine Dutch nationalism, so the groups will likely be completely native Dutch, even without trying. Once you have the backing of a group, you are harassed a lot less by bureaucracy since, again, they simply hate dealing in controversy that makes work for them.

      It’s time to take a page from our enemies. This is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing as far as organization. In fact, if the terrorists had simply held their fire another 20 years or so, it would all be over without firing a shot. The complete subversion of our government and culture would have been completed.

      This is what’s so good about Trump. He is uniting the nationalist groups and also defending the right of self-defense. There is ample room for fellow-traveler non-whites, who are welcomed enthusiastically. He is encouraging acting in our national self-interest, and yet while he evokes hatred, he doesn’t trigger the rage response in Muslims, who know exactly what his movement is doing. Again, Muslims are slaves without minds of their own, so you can avoid their triggers.

      • Depends how smart the “enemy” is, Ronald. Marcel Carne’s “Les Enfants du Paradis” (1944) was a “resistance” film; the male leads were based on real characters, but the (fictitious) female lead, who had them both (and others) as lovers, without “belonging” to any man, symbolised France occupied but unconquered. Even the composer of the score (a Hungarian Jew) was disguised.

        Nevertheless, Carne delayed editing and release until the Nazis were out of Paris.

        Anyone who’s not allergic to subtitled films, do see this; it’s the Beethoven 9th or Sistine Chapel of films!

        • The Nazis were just school kids compared to what Islam Yihadists have in store for the world. Don’t underestimate the threath, frankly I think the Islam domination and the Evil EU are linked, and that we have all become their slaves.. We must never give in..

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