Gagging Tim Burton (Again)

Britain, Sweden, and Germany are vying with each other to see who can spiral down the multicultural drain the fastest. It’s hard to tell which one is ahead — every time Sweden comes up with some new monstrosity, Germany pushes ahead with its own politically correct absurdity. And then the UK puts someone new on trial for “hate speech”.

As far as I can determine, Britain leads the Western world in the number of hate-speech prosecutions per capita. More British people are fitted up, hauled before a judge, and bunged into chokey than in any other supposedly free country. Tommy Robinson’s case is the most well-known, but it’s important to remember that there are many, many others.

Tim Burton of Liberty GB has already been through the multicultural mill, as reported here two and a half years ago. But the Crown Prosecution Service was evidently disappointed with his acquittal, and has decided to have another go at him for “Racially/Religiously Aggravated Harassment”.

Here’s the report from Liberty GB. There’s a donate button there — please considered clicking it to help Tim out:

Freedom of Speech under Attack — Again

18 Sept, 2016

Long-time supporters of Liberty GB will recall that memorable day just over two years ago when, in a rare moment of sanity afforded by the British criminal justice system, freedom of speech was upheld at Birmingham Magistrates Court. On Tuesday 8th April 2014, Tim Burton of Liberty GB was acquitted of unjust and trumped-up charges of Racially Aggravated Harassment. These charges resulted from several innocuous tweets that had been sent to the infamous Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist-In-Chief, Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama UK.

However, freedom of speech is once again under threat, as Fiyaz Mughal — ‘Old Fizzy Bollocks’ as he is currently known in the public domain — has persuaded the Metropolitan Police (via the Crown Prosecution Service) to pursue more charges of Racially/ Religiously Aggravated Harassment against Tim, this time for the heinous crime of applying (tongue-in-cheek) for the advertised job of caseworker — in the belly of the beast so to speak — at the offices of Tell Mama UK themselves. Like many of us, Tim felt that Tell Mama UK were doing quite enough damage on their own without an additional caseworker to further threaten our freedoms.

Needless to say, it transpires that the rock-dwelling bottom feeders at Tell Mama UK lack any sense of humour whatsoever, as may be deduced from the extremely heavy-handed and pompous response that emanated from that organisation, which, rather than taking Tim’s email as a bit of light-hearted banter, promptly informed Tim that they were passing his email to the authorities — specifically, the Metropolitan Police.

You may be surprised to learn that Tim was rather taken aback by this response, and he wrote several more emails to Tell Mama UK (in the same light-hearted vein) to say as much. After all, at no time had he written anything that could be construed as causing harassment, nothing to cause fear, terror, alarm or distress, and at no time did he write anything of a persecuting or threatening nature, or anything that could be construed as in any way aggressive. And yet the Crown Prosecution Service subsequently saw fit to authorise charges of harassment, and not just your run-of the mill, everyday harassment either. This was full-blown, red-in-tooth-and-claw, Racially/ Religiously Aggravated Harassment, the kind of harassment charge that strikes fear into the most stalwart heart and is capable of making strong men tremble in their boots.

Because, make no mistake, conviction on this charge carries with it a substantial jail sentence and/ or a hefty fine. Contrast all this with the treatment of Tim by the Crown Prosecution Service last year, when the CPS refused to press charges against a gang of Muslims who had assaulted Tim in the street — in front of a witness — as he was campaigning as a Parliamentary Candidate for Liberty GB in the 2015 General Election. On that occasion Tim’s campaign materials were stolen and he was left badly shaken up. Even though the perpetrators were identified by the police, the CPS stated in writing that prosecution would “not be in the public interest”.

One has to wonder whether Fiyaz Mughal (who sits on the board of at least one panel actually advising the Crown Prosecution Service) has abused his authority by exerting undue influence on the CPS to get them to authorise the unjust charges of Racially/ Religiously Aggravated Harassment against Tim in both 2014 and now in 2016. Whatever the circumstances may be, Tim is now faced with the prospect of appearing before Westminster Magistrates Court in London for a preliminary hearing on 6th October. The trial itself will be scheduled for a later date and we call on all those who love freedom — and who want to see the principles of Freedom of Speech upheld — to support Tim in any way they can. In addition, if you are able to donate in any way, large or small, to Tim’s legal defence fund, please do so here (secure payment via PayPal [see the post at Liberty GB for the button with the link]).

We trust and hope that Tim will triumph once again against this unjust persecution; however success cannot be guaranteed in the face of a corrupt and convoluted criminal justice system which has been infiltrated over many years by a bunch of treasonous fifth column weasels. Please be assured that your kind support will be greatly appreciated in this case, and Tim will respond personally to every single gesture of support. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Gagging Tim Burton (Again)

  1. “charges of Racially/ Religiously Aggravated Harassment against Tim, this time for the heinous crime of applying (tongue-in-cheek) for the advertised job of caseworker — in the belly of the beast so to speak — at the offices of Tell Mama UK themselves.”

    How was this application made? By mailed letter? By email? May we see the text of the application, please? It would be nice to see the advertisement for the job too.

  2. Has anyone in the UK started a movement against blasphemy laws? While real threats should be illegal, prosecution for criticizing any ideology, religious or or otherwise, should be free speech. Blasphemy laws should have gone out with the Dark Ages!

  3. The names of any Chief Constable, CPS chief and CPS attorney involved in these cases need to be kept in the public eye. They are too anonymous.

  4. I’ve made a donation to Tim Burton. Let’s hope the court is fairer then the CPS and the police.

  5. I cannot believe how corrupt the british legal system has become. To fabricate and pursue a case based on exaggeration and lies is beyond belief. I know the CPS is crawling with muslim barristers but I never thought they would be allowed to pull a stunt like this.

    • This illustrates the susceptibility of democratic institutions to an organized, special interest, racial identity, or religious identity group. The structure of an advanced society requires a relatively homogeneous constituency, operating off common principles.

      The only way to avoid sharia with an increasing Muslim population is to institute authoritarian or totalitarian institutions, unresponsive to popular pressures. This may be part of the motivation for governments pushing extensive Muslim immigration.

  6. Incidentally, the small b for british is intentional – just like my small m for muslim and my small i for islam.

  7. Thank God my ancestors left this dump in the early 17th century.

    It has replaced its succession of 100% German Kings/Queens (George I, II, III and IV then William and Victoria) with a kakistocracy of sniveling, little Socialists, and other assorted cowards.

    What a hellhole.

    • Every realm in history has a certain list of badthink crimes. However, Orwell seems to have grasped a long time ago that modern Western governments rely on lies, fairy tales, distortions, and omissions to an extent never before seen.

      Here are three instances of that:

      1. Western media and political elites at this very late hour refuse to budge off of their pathetic formulation of “radical jihadi islamism” (and variants). In Europe and Britain a factually correct statement about Islam is a sure invitation for criminal prosecution.

      2. The U.S. is waging an unconstitutional war on the sovereign nation of Syria to advance the interests of Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi primitives but it is a certainty that this issue will not be raised in the forthcoming presidential “debates.” That and other important issues will be studiously avoided.

      3. No American bar association has voiced any opposition to the concept of “hate speech” despite the correct Supreme Court interpretation of the First Amendment that the government has no authority to regulate the content of speech (except in certain highly limited circumstances). The advocacy of certain propositions may even subject the author to a bizarre campaign of private vilification. E.g., Diana West.

      • I have to disagree with you there, Col. Bunny.

        So far, the concept of the First Amendment has no bearing on voluntary, private suppression of expression. There is indeed a widespread enforcement of political correctness. Look what happened to Steve Clevenger, the white Mariners catcher, suspended from playing status because he tweeted a politically incorrect rant on the Charlotte race riots.

        But, there is a world of difference between being hauled into court and facing fines and jail time, and being sanctioned by your employer and the news media.

        I don’t want the government stepping in and “enforcing” free speech. It’s another infringement on freedom of association and personal property rights. Once the government authority to regulate speech, even to the point of mandating free speech in a private venue, is established, it will without a single doubt, come back to haunt you.

        There is currently freedom of speech on the internet. The Obama administration is trying to suppress it by granting domain-naming authority to a global entity. There is absolutely no end to the malevolent initiatives of the Obama administration.

        In fact, there is an alternative journalism very active right now, where alt (alternative) journalist can make a living through the hits they receive on the YouTube channel.

        You may or may not know that YouTube has changed its policy so advertising revenue for the alt-journalists can be yanked at no notice and no reason, even by YouTube’s internal standards. Should this trigger a lawsuit? In my opinion, no. YouTube is owned by Google, part of the massive alternative internet commercial edifice, which itself is taking steps to suppress politically incorrect expression.

        My opinion, though, is that people interested in truth need to develop alternative social communication channels and boycott offenders, rather than bringing the government regulators into the picture. I think government involvement will kill off the alternative press cold, in a year or two, especially if Hillary is elected. Much better to have developed alternative means of support,like Gates of Vienna has.

        • Enforcement of political correctness denies, punishes, suppresses, intimidates First Amendment rights. No amount of word salad (I don’t want the government stepping in and “enforcing” free speech blah blah) can change that fact.

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