France: A Sorting-Out Will Come

The following video from France shows an argument between the mayor of Boussy-St.-Antoine and one of his constituents. Boussy-St.-Antoine is where three women associated with the plot to bomb Notre Dame Cathedral were arrested the other day.

The old man is obviously disturbed at present trends in Modern Multicultural France. The mayor’s response, however, is condescending and dismissive.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Well, we need to run away from France before it all explodes! —Because you eat your s**t.
00:04   —Yes, go on, insult me. —You wanted mixing of peoples,
00:08   you wanted mixing of peoples, well now you have it. — Oh, yes,
00:12   You have the Arabs in the police, you have them in the army.
00:16   Yes, yes, and by the way, sir, they are protecting you right now, the Arabs in the police.
00:20   … The day the war arrives… — They are protecting you, sir, the Arabs in the police.
00:24   And you should respect them, sir, the law enforcement officers who are protecting you
00:28   The day when the war arrives… —The police officers, sir, you should respect them, dear sir,
00:32   The day when the war starts, a sorting-out will occur, in the army and in the police!
00:36   Bravo, sir! —Shame on you! the day when a war starts, sir,
00:40   it will be because of people like you, because of what you’re saying — Islam says…
00:44   Islam… —This gentleman who came to spill his hatred, that isn’t a reasonable hatred,
00:48   is — at the end of the day — objectively, an ally of those
00:52   who want to create tensions in our society. He is the answer
00:56   that the terrorists want from us, and that we refuse to give.

19 thoughts on “France: A Sorting-Out Will Come

  1. Liberal logic; if we don’t bow down to their demands they will get upset and kill us. Who are the extremists again?

  2. My how quick to shame others are the noble multiculturalists!
    Is this the emotional undergirding of the rainbow nobility?
    Look how easily he dismisses an elder. Complete disrespect for the older man. Why? The Muslims in the police force and the military don’t know about the feelings of the elder Frenchman; but they can probably guess. So what? They have imported themselves into France for ” better lives “. But would they ever admit the corollary : that France has a superior culture and way of life, and it having such was not due to the efforts of the muslim policeman, but to the efforts of the generation of the elder Frenchman, and millions of Frenchmen and women before his little brown foot trod on France’s soil.

    • I totally agree with you, it is a matter of incredulity to me that muslims have no idea how hypocritical they sound when they migrate to the west for a ‘better life’ while claiming their way of life is better and they are also the best people..

  3. I clicked on the Freedom Alliance box, and got a security warning from google chrome…..I went to the site figuring Google is trying to suppress this conservative site.

  4. Le sorting out has already arrived. If the quacks in England, France, and the rest of so called Western Europe especially don’t start couping soon the Muslims will. Turkey sees what is going on in the airy fairy “democratic” Western Europe. Could they be thinking “ripe for conquest?”. It’s amazing that anyone in England would point the finger at France. I don’t see an Islamist being voted mayor of Paris any time soon.

      • You are absolutely correct – here in the UK our Capital, London fell into the hands of a so called moderate Muslim candidate for mayor and it was a cake-walk!

        Muslim voters, many most likely illiterate submitted their postal votes as instructed by their imams or were escorted to the polling booths accordingly.

        Already making his presence felt, banning adverts displaying “scantily clad women” , his words on the London underground.

        Just a matter of time until he turns his attention to the west end and Leicester Square and decides which musicals, plays or films we are allowed to attend too!

        • Might even have daily prayers at Picadilly Circus?Just like New York taxi drivers. Mind you London is not in the 9/11 league and hopefully never will be. Who would have thought?

          • Chinese airlines already warn Chinese tourists in the in airplane magazine not to visit areas with high numbers of Muslims. Lets face it would anyone want to go on holiday to Pakistan?

  5. The islamic horrors are going to have to crank up somewhat unfortunately before the great corrective “terror” occurs but occur it will (the older guy has a keen sense of history). The torpor is rather deep at this point but it will be shaken off.

    Very much not advocacy, just prophesy.

    What a bloody shame….

  6. Poor old bugger, probably raised 10 kids on a meager salary, and has no grand children to bounce on his rickety old knee. Maybe he should volunteer at the youth asylum center, plenty of little 30 year old children that would love to do grandpa stuff with him.

    • Actually I thought he had an inherent dignity that was obviously missed
      not only by the discourteous and brash mayor (who only displayed his ignorance) by also by yourself, The Classy Gentleman. To describe a
      courageous elder as a “poor old bugger” exhibits a lack of discernment and taste. Just saying.

    • The problem is the same in France as all over Europe, no white grandchildren because they’re barely reproducing. The mohammedans, on the other hand…..

  7. ” The day the war arrives…”

    I think the point the whitehaired chap is trying to make is; muslim immigrants who have joined the Police and Army in significant numbers will one day have to decide what side they are on. Will they support their co-religionists in an uprising or will they defend the republic? Right now it’s anyone’s guess, but the question is valid.

    • There is no guess to it. When the “sorting out” occurs 95% of the Mohammedan police and soldiers will join the Jihad and will kill the other 5%. Moderates are moderate until the Imams tell them to pick up a gun or a bomb vest. If they don’t they become apostate.

  8. These liberal majors should be forced into special punishment battalions during the civil war and made to fight in the most dangerous fronts. Where they can see the results of their folly and rectify.

    • They won’t fight. They are too stupid and miseducated to see their folly, which they mistake for virtue. Don’t waste any resource on them; they’ll hand it over to your enemy. In a conflict, they are known as [less-than-accidental] “collateral damage”. Don’t fight for them, and do not invite them to your victory banquet.

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