ESW: The Threat to Free Speech in Europe

In her intervention at OSCE/HDIM in Warsaw this morning, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa spoke about the increasing threat to free speech in Europe. Suppression of free speech has intensified since the “refugee” crisis began, because most of the migrants are Muslims, and Muslim lobbying against the criticism of Islam is what drives the initiatives to limit free speech.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

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6 thoughts on “ESW: The Threat to Free Speech in Europe

  1. God forbid if Hi[lla]ry is elected, by fraud of course, we could see the end of our First Amendment rights to free speech. I hope the people of Europe stand up for their own freedom. Not easy since the Islamic sympathetic Left controls the police and military. Why they need gun rights!

  2. Dangit. There is no such thing as hate speech, there is only free speech. Why can’t these PC libtards get this through their minds?

    I have a right to free speech and if I “hate” something, or someone, I think I have a right to say so.

    Thank God I live in America, although this “crap” is closing in on us here, too.

    PC is going to kill us all eventually and we’ll just be walking talking robots who have nothing at all to say. Unless it is politically “correct” of course. Why does Hitler come to mind as I write this last paragraph? Or Stalin?

  3. Of course, in a representative republic, Muslims need nowhere near 50% before they absolutely control the political institutions and the administration of government.

    The reason is that Muslims, although not a race, act out of essentially racial politics. They vote as a bloc, listen to and are directed by recognized leaders, and erupt in mass protests when the normal levers of power don’t respond fast or far enough.

    It’s not so different from “Black Lives Matter”, except that a conservative black who does not support the group think is not yet in serious danger of being killed.

    So, Muslims exert a political influence far out of proportion to their numbers, especially in an environment where no other group is serious about group/racial identity. If a Muslim gets in conflict with a non-Muslim, or the authorities, or any government entity such as a school board, the Muslim leaders, and possibly hoards of sign-carrying Muslims, will appear in protest.

    Bureaucrats and administrators are by nature timid, and usually take the path of least resistance.

    It may not be right to bring charges against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff or Geert Wilders, but for sure, it’s far safer for the official involved.

  4. Who are the pair of young women over her shoulder? They grin, whisper, laugh behind their hands, and stare daggers, with Blondie’s body language getting more and more annoyed/defensive.

  5. I agree with partial free speech, disagree with total free speech. It’s the (implicitly total) free speech that is abused by Moslems. It’s the total free speech that gives way to the intolerant. Free speech should be partially guaranteed; void if the speech gives way to the intolerant.

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