Dear Angela

The following open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel was posted on Facebook. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Mrs. Merkel,

It’s me again, Tim K., ex-policeman from North Rhine-Westphalia and naturally already known to you.

You are using high pressure to destroy Europe, and I am continuing to write public letters to you as counter-pressure.

I would like to inform you in this fashion that I will socially engage and oppose you from now on even more so.

I have consciously avoided the concept “political,” since “politics” nowadays does and tries everything except standing up for the interests of the populace, the little people.

You, Mrs. Merkel, are no chancellor to me, because you totally broke your oath of office and also are simply a manager for American interests in this land.

The flow of refugees into our country begun and furthered by you serves solely to destabilize and eventually destroy this land and Europe.

Yesterday, I was in beautiful Saxony, among wonderful and enriching people who reported to me from their own experience, directly from reality. A mixture of workers in refugee shelters, police, artisans and quite normal parts of our population.

Are you aware that our federal police just wave “refugees” into our country with no scrutiny?

Are you aware that most “refugees” have no passport and give made-up names, countries of origin and birth dates, and this data is accepted as-is?

Are you aware what an immense amount a “refugee home” costs?

Starting with the home manager, who earns €2500.00, then a 24-hour security service, an immense per-refugee allowance, a social allowance for instance for a family of four of which an indigenous family could only dream?

Are you aware that when a door is supposedly destroyed in a refugee home, that this door is charged to the agency at €180.00, that this cost is accepted without documentation and in reality the door is plastered over temporarily (until it is next destroyed) for €20.00?

Free WLAN [wireless network]! Extra ports for loading the most modern and expensive smart phones?

Free taxi and bus and train tickets to go shopping, to the doctor or to officials?

Are you aware of anything like that?

Are you aware that 14-year-old girls in many towns and cities are pregnant?

Are you aware that there are already areas in this country where the police only dare to go in strength of a hundred or more?

Are you aware that women and children all over the country are being groped and threatened?

Are you aware that refugees/asylum applicants/immigrants (I really don’t know what we should call these people) who have already been refused are given three- to six-month extensions at regular intervals, and that this is customary, and that generous payments continue to be paid in connection with it?

Are you aware of that?

Where do these millions of euros suddenly come from? Do you know their origin?

And what interests me the most is: why were foster homes closed, why no more money for kindergartens, daycare, homes for the elderly, animal shelters?

For tax relief?

Did you know that your minister of justice, Heiko Maas, publicly expressed thanks on Facebook for their public intercession against racism in Anklam to the leftist extremist group “Feine Sahne Fischfilet,” which has been under surveillance for years by national security, and writes things like “Germany is crap — Germany is filth! Give me a Like against Germany! Die, Germany, that would be wonderful!”?

A bunch whose members are known as leftist extremists, and several have become known for their violent crimes?

Do you know, Mrs. Merkel, that rapists are celebrated in court, enjoy the protection of the legal system and only the victims are left in the lurch?

I keep telling you to your face, clearly, over and over again.

You are responsible for all that!

You give a face to all things, incidents and the whole ominous development. Your face!

Have you noticed on all your foreign visits that you are being booed by the people, and they would really like to run you out of whatever country you are visiting?

In Czechia, you were greeted with “Merkel must go”, thanks to your refugee policy.

I thank the Czechs for their commitment!

Austria criticized you and your policy just as sharply! Bravo!

In France, there is no one left to speak well of you! Outstanding! Onward!

You must be removed from your office as quickly as possible and using all legitimate social and legal means. You must be stopped by all legal means!

You must enter the history books as the “chancellor” you truly are and were. Namely, a woman who has governed against your own country, against your own people and against Europe, and caused only harm and instability, and you alone are answerable!

I am one of your greatest foes, and it has become heartfelt for me, and a question of honor. Confronting you and anyone who supports your policy and intentions and may possibly be your successor and heir face-on with all permissible and legitimate means, and calling a counter-movement into life.

A counter-movement which stands up for the people. Which intervenes for our children, our older citizens, our welfare state and our inner security. Strengthens and supports them.

A movement independent of politics, origin or faith, which champions and strengthens morality, values and decency.

For the people and against the interests of foreign powers and the desires and demands of big industry and economic bigwigs.

It seems the next elections still belong to you and your followers and you will have four more years to completely destroy this country. But time ticks on inexorably toward an awakening of good and decent values of commitment to the truly needy and to people who really deserve it.

First in line is the indigenous population, and then we can worry about outside problems, and that only as it seems suitable, right and sensible.

In Germany, people will come together who have developed an intelligent attitude to our land and its development, independent of Right or Left.

And the greater their numbers become, that much sooner, Mrs. Merkel, will your mission be at an end.

I will do all in my power to achieve that.

With the greatest possible contempt,

Tim K. via Facebook

32 thoughts on “Dear Angela

  1. Merkel in power for another four years???? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha et al….
    Not from my German relatives tell me. German is on the verge of rebellion-Quite literally.

    • I doubt that!

      If Merkel doesn’t step back and if the AfD doesn’t gain an absolute majority (at the Moment it doesn’t look like they can reach more than at best 25-30% in 2017) she will rule again and finish her destruction work in Germany and Europe.
      A majority of People will still vote for the established parties, as they simply still don’t get it.
      Today is a regional election in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in which the AfD will gain maybe 25% But what does it help if all the other (“democratic”) parties are united against them? They will still continue to rule until it is probably too late.

      One is just desperate on what to do about it.

  2. Tim K.

    Please lose the anti-American.

    It’s stupid, and you are just alienating those of us on the other side of the water who are rooting for you.

    Sincerely and best wishes for a return to sanity in Deutschland,

    • @Joan
      There is a temporary America as represented by Obammy and the Hilliar, and then there are the people who are the permanent America.

      It is sometimes difficult for us foreigners to see past the White House and its hostility to everything that is not liberal and Muslim, this alone is a large part of the world’s problems. At the moment Putin is deemed more reliable than this current US administration.

      O should have been impeached several years ago, if only for obviously not being eligible, but somehow it did not happen and America is now looked at as a threat, a banana ex-republic with a tin pot dictator.

      Here in Israel Obama and Kerry have inflicted nothing but mischief, and no doubt, if the criminal wins we have a bleak future. please try to see things as the author sees them. If you are indeed rooting for Germany then rein in the loose cannon who claims to represent you the people, and with justification, having won two elections.

      • Impeaching Obama is impossible no matter what he does, because he’s black. To understand why that is, you have to have a feel for the dynamics of racial politics in the USA.

        • Apart from an extremely rude African American in an information booth at Culver City I have had no experience of US racial politics; the above incident was very stark because it was such an unexpected shock, I had been made so welcome up to that point.

          When BLM came here to Israel, we got a taste of their raw hatred of Jews, I guess you have your very own breed of Palestinian over there too…..

          • Point of order – As his mother was caucasian any claim made for or by BHO
            As African American are spurious as he is mixed race.

            Either way he is undoubtedly the worst president ever in the history of the USA.

            When he retires from the post I think plenty of politico’s will delight in dishing the dirt out on him.

            The Chinese showed their contempt for him and his coterie when they flew into China for the G20. No red carpet, no fanfare forcing him to exit the bowels of airforce one. They have always seen through the “goofy smile and the so called easy charm” as have many others too!

            As one commentator succinctly put it, Kennedy out men on the moon, Obama put men in womens toilets!

            Good riddance to him and his supercilious
            Wife too.

      • The people who oppose Obama are normally the people who love the US and are fervent patriots. And yet, the US government has been involved in murder, disruption, regime change, civil wars, and the mass slaughter of populations.

        Saddest of all, the US military may well become involved in any civil war in Europe involving an indigenous uprising. See the intervention in Bosnia for a prototype. Certainly, the EU will commit whatever military forces it commands to bludgeon rebellious countries or peoples into line. NATO may very well become an arm of this effort.

        There is a good chance that Trump, as President, would not authorize this offshore use of the military that obviously has no benefit for the American people. This is probably one of the reasons the very deeply compromised establishment Republicans are actually supporting the Democratic candidate. Hillary is completely reliable as far as US interventions desired by the globalist industrialists and financiers.

    • Americans are not well liked in Europe but do not take to the heart too much. They mean the American political system and they are right. The US government got hijacked by Globalist interests decades ago. The CIA spies for them, the army fights their private wars and they use the country financial weight to force other nations. The American people just began to be aware what is committed in their name all over the world.

    • @Joan, this has nothing to do about “being anti-american”, but being pro-independance. It is not admissible that another country (yours) gets to tell our country what to do or how to behave. America must learn that we (Europe) are NOT their backyard. We will still consider you as friends and allies, but friendship requires respect, so please respect us as we do for you.

    • Joan: Have to support Tim K on this one. Unfortunately he is justified in what he writes about American influence in Europe, Germany being a part thereof.

      In August of this year Wikileaks posted a message that our ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin, sent to our Secretary of State, HRC.

      Here is an excerpt from one sentence in that message, “. . . we (the US Embassy in Paris) will continue and intensify our work with French museums and educators to reform the history curriculum taught in French schools, so that it takes into account . . . ”

      Now granted, this is France, but to think France is the only country that we engage in this type of diplomatic malfeasance would be just foolish, in my opinion. I’m not sure if there is “official” type of terminology to describe this meddling. “Inappropriate” is somewhat descriptive but I don’t think it strong enough.

      I encourage you to find the whole message and have a read. I got to it through a link provided at the Vlad Tepes web site on 10 August 2016. Tell me and others what you think.

      This is very respectfully submitted to you and all readers of this web site. Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend.

      • good to see the infamous Rivkin-Project mentioned again.Can you give a link?
        It is said that it advocates independance movements within the muslim population of France.
        His Excellence is reported to have worked for Jim Hanson Production, the Muppet Show that is.
        This qualified him for a high ranked government job? But maybe my view of vocational careers is a bit oldfashioned.

        • Herb: For some reason VT took it off. Wonder why?

          It is still posted to the Wikileaks web site, I was just there and saw it. Go there and look for items on 19 January 2010.


    • Joan, you must learn to distinguish between America-the-land-and-people, and America-the-Empire. Clearly, the author was referring to the latter. No decent individual supports America-the-Empire.

    • The Times magazine “Person of the Year” series featured 2 German chancellor in the history. One of them were Merkel… The other one was, well you know who. At the Times they definitely know how to pick’ em!

  3. Why is America blamed for electing this Karl Marx University communist? When the Wall came down in ’89, the commies came into the West en masse, and Merkel was one of them…still is. Blame Deutschland for Merkel, blame Europe for its Marxist-run EU.

    • America is not blamed for electing Merkel, but one does need to look at what Facebook, Twitter and Google (American owned companies) are doing to stifle dissent in Germany and to willingly provide evidence for so called ‘hate’ crimes for which people like us are actually going to gaol, particularly in Germany. These are the “American interests” being referred to, if obliquely. This guy does not have the benefit of a First Amendment, thus this same letter could result in putting him in gaol too.

  4. unfortunately it’s not clear who could take over. The CDU and SPD and Green make just strike another coalition and she might me back 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. I and about 30,000 other Americans at a time spent 3 years (each) guarding German borders against this communist filth.
    I guess it didn’t work (Merkel).
    They took over anyway.
    Come home, guys.

  6. Muslims in or out of costumes and beards, with or without Korans and other vile and ideological mumbo jumbo, have become very distracting and repulsive creatures. Nobody in their right mind would want to have these gits around too much longer. “Better dead than Red” returns.

  7. Thank you, MCinSderot. I have seen a small but persistent percentage of such anti-Americanism in comment threads. I attribute them to our present leadership, as you said, but also to the overwhelming representation of “important” Americans in things like Bilderberg, and of course, to the ubiquitous, semi-invisible influence of George Soros.

    An ironic note was added to Tim K.’s letter when Merkel, in an interview, claimed that the refugee situation “has had no negative effects on the German standard of living” and it will be “good for everyone when we get them integrated.”

  8. Clearly, Europe (the decent, God-given geographical entity, that is) needs another William Pitt (the Younger) to utterly destroy the present Continental System. Pray for such a person, you benighted masses of Europe. Then pursue the overthrow of perverted power with extreme ruthlessness. Then cease, and pursue real Peace undisturbed by evil conspirators. Believing in your own inheritance cannot be a crime. Focus on what matters. Never deviate. Then History provides it’s own correctives. I say nothing. History will dictate.

    • Yes, Vlad . . . the ironic defender of Western culture and values. He may very well turn out to be the new Jan Sobieski III. It must be the reason for all of the neo-con vitriol aimed at Mr. Putin, and their frantic attempts at resurrecting the Cold War. We are so ruled by traitors and liars that we have to go look in strange places for liberators and heroes. God has great sense of humour. 🙂

  9. God no doubt has a sense of humor, just looking at recent history indicates that. However, I do not have a sense of humor about muslims invading western countries and I am stunned by Merkel’s very obvious treasonous behavior. On this side of the pond, we are desperately waiting for The One to finally leave our White House. I could go on but I won’t. It’s been very educational here at GoV. . . I have to send you guys some money soon. Keep up the good work! (it’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it).

  10. This man writes an excellent article but I dispute that Merkel is shilling for American interests. The majority of Americans do not want Islam anywhere near Western civilization.

    • “The majority of Americans”, I would have argued this to be fact in 1980, today, not so much. I don’t think the majority of Americans know what it is to be American anymore.

    • The majority of Americans have been so dumbed down by their [mis-]education systems and their popular, “Big Brother” entertainment culture, that very few of them are still capable of informed, coherent thought. Other Western populations are barely better. The future belongs to non-Muslim Asia.

      • I don’t know nothing about that.

        Read Charlotte T Iserbyt’s book: “The deliberate dumbing Down of America” (hope my spelling is correct).

        She was in charge of the US education system for a few years and reluctantly discovered that the education of Americans was being deliberately retarded so that they would merely have skills for work purposes, and so that the US system could integrate with that of the USSR.

        I intentionally opened my comment with a double negative. When Americans are taught to say “I don’t know nothing about that” then they will have lost the basis for rational thought – they cannot distinguish between no-thing and something.

        (I once spent an hour explaining to a falsely accused person that he was arrested because he stated “I don’t know nothing about those stolen goods”.)

        Mis-education also includes having students tested and assessed according to their compliance with government political
        programs or agenda (e.g ‘sell the environment’, ‘open the borders’.).

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