Barbarians Are Coming!

Here’s a rousing tune for a Saturday evening from Poland. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:16   Barbarians are coming, barbarians are coming
0:20   Their stench will poison cities all across Europe
0:25   Barbarians are coming, barbarians are coming
0:29   Their paws will plunder, their feet will trample Rome
0:35   But many say that this is just a rumor,
0:38   under their rule you can live — they’re also human
0:43   And their simplicity, healthy, hempen and ruddy
0:47   will revive Rome sinking in boredom and stupor.
0:54   Barbarians are coming, they spread like wildfire
0:57   Their swords are ready to gut the Empire
1:02   Their roar is causing terror, their names sound like “reek”,
1:06   Attila, Odoacer, Witigez, Genseric.
1:12   And in Rome they don’t wanna know which one is coming
1:16   Rebellion won’t ignite in their drowsy thoughts
1:20   So they’re spending days and nights on the breasts of courtesans
1:24   or writing about love, but aren’t connecting dots
1:31   Barbarians are coming, slant-eyed, terrifying
1:35   Resistance quickly faints at the sound of their steps
1:39   there’s no use fighting, help won’t come, stop crying
1:43   You know that peace is always better than war threats
1:49   So let’s caress our ears with elegant lyrics
1:54   Or let’s believe in ghosts, witchcraft and a magic wand
1:58   Let’s find our solace in eastern wisdom
2:02   let’s create an astrological group with a karmic bond
2:06   So, my brother Romans, let’s gaze at the stars,
2:10   There our tribe can find our horoscope
2:14   let’s track the constellations up in the skies
2:18   if we can’t see our shame and don’t want to cope

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