All the Colors of Jihad

Merete Hodne is a Norwegian hairdresser who has been making headlines for the past couple of weeks for her refusal to color the hair of a Muslima named Malika Bayan (an ethnic Norwegian revert, if I’m not mistaken).

Ms. Hodne says the Muslim headscarf is a totalitarian symbol of “evil”. She refused to pay a fine for “religious discrimination”, which meant that her case went to trial. The story is getting a surprising amount of play in the Norwegian media, and the rest of Scandinavia.

It’s easy to see that Ms. Hodne was set up. She was well-known as an outspoken “Islamophobe”, and it’s no coincidence that the Muslim community singled her out to serve as an example pour encourager les autres.

Below is an article that was published on Monday in the Danish tabloid Ekstrabladet. Many thanks to Tania G. for the translation:

Fierce debate: Why didn’t she just go to another hairdresser?

A well-known Norwegian critic of Islam was fined 10,000 kroner today for refusing to color a hijab-clad Muslim convert’s hair in her hair salon. The debate is now raging.

“It’s obvious that when a convert wearing a hijab chooses to go to this hairdresser to ask about coloring her hair, there are other motives than those presented in the papers.

“Especially bearing in mind that ‘everyone’ knows this hairdresser, whose opinions and attitudes towards Islam and Islamists are well known.”

Do you think this is a provocation?

This is what Øystein F., wrote in the currently most popular comment in the major Norwegian newspaper VGS Facebook Page about today’s judgment against a hairdresser who is known for not liking Islam:

“That the customer chooses a hair salon for both ladies and gentlemen, where there is the greatest danger that there are men who can see her hair, shows that the whole thing is a pure provocation.”

“I would have gone to another hairdresser”

“That the prosecution cannot see this, nor the judges, is scandalous,” continues Øystein. And Eliza Z., who after her comment also could see herself putting on a hijab – writes: “I am not defending the hairdresser, but if I had been in Malika’s place, I would have gone to another hairdresser.”

“Why make such a big spectacle – there are lots of hairdressers who would have embraced her with joy,” Eliza Z and Ahmad I (who incidentally does not like hijabs) write: “Couldn’t the hairdresser just say she didn’t have time?”

Antiracist center asked her to report the hairdresser

On Hege Storhaug wrote that she, too, suspects the hairdresser case was staged:

“What is also interesting is that it was Antiracist Center who contacted the Norwegian convert and asked her to report the incident.”

“It is therefore very easy to get the feeling that this was staged,” Storhaug wrote.

Hege Storhaug is the Norwegian author of Islam, the 11th Plague.

34 thoughts on “All the Colors of Jihad

  1. I can see the courtroom in my head already[…]


    [Please, learn the rules of commenting here. Murder is not one of them.]

  2. The Muslima should just wear the beekeeper outfit and no need to do anything with the hair… I would love to go to this brave lady for my haircut.

  3. I am so very glad that the colors of Norway are changing. Toward the bright colors of liberation and away from the dark strictures of p.c. Yes, still a long way to go, but…


    • I too applaud this hairdresser bravery in her refusal to be enslave by this Islamic woman.

      It would be even more easier to get rid of all the nonsense that comes with Islam when the world is no longer enslave by money.

      • The world is not “enslaved by money”, anonymous. For heaven’s sake (face palm) – that’s just socialist lefty clap trap. Money is just a measure of value for the purpose of trading. The free market and exchange of goods and services for money has liberated the masses. Or would you rather live in the dark ages when the (very) few were rich beyond measure and most others were either serfs or subsistence farmers? No? I didn’t think so!

        • Perhaps it should be “enslaved by the extreme love for money”. I know “money is just a measure of value for the purpose of trading” as you put it.
          I also believe in a free market and I also believe people should be free to work hard for their money without any imposition of any extremist religious or political agenda from anyone. I also believe disadvantaged people should also be given financial aid whenever possible. Unfortunately there are some extremists who abused others need for money and this where we need to prevent it from happening.

        • Furthermore, businesses should not be pandering to the endless Islamic demands that caused us to lose our freedom.
          Our freedom to be free from Islamic vile imposition is something we have to defend. Freedom equates wealth. Without freedom, no matter how much money we may have, it is pointless. We need our freedom as much as we need our money to be safeguarded.

  4. The “New Norge” vs the Traditional. Spent a lot of time in NATO there (Royal Signals). Beautiful country. I love Scandinavia. Beautiful people with wonderful folk traditions and dress. Sweden too. Delved into the Norse Sagas too- Kristin Lavransdatter. Even had a few romances before marrying a beauty from Panama.

    A terrible indictment of the “Liberals” that want to sweep it all away.Of course blonds are all “Nazi” and “Waycist”… This attnetion seeker is simply waging cultural jihad to show whose now in charge. What next? That well-known camel jockey “Mohammed The Head Chopper”in Hardanger Fjord and his well known associaion with Erik Redbeard?

  5. Another demanding, exploitive, provocative Muslima.

    Regardless whether the Muslima has money or not to pay for her hair coloring, she should not intimidate anyone or expect any special priviledges with her head covering.

  6. Norwegians must understand that the Islamization process advances by utilizing Western tolerance. Laws predicated on equality are turned in upon the hapless Norwegians. A good dose of the clap will facilitate good moral choices. The rats will squeal when they can’t get their cheese.

      • Please state how the article you cited applies. We may not be focusing on the same concepts which could greatly alter our understanding. You may have a great point.

        • Originally this article made it into the European Convention on Human Rights to stop anybody using their human rights to curtail’s others. I think it was originally targeted communists using their “free speech” rights to spread their propaganda which essentially would lead to diminish other people’s human rights. I think this is 100% applicable in the case of Muslims. They are abusing others human rights by using their freedom of “religion” = to take over and introduce shariah as it is the most basic doctrine of their cult, using their freedom of speech to introduce blasphemy laws and punishment for criticizing Islam or Mohammed, etc…
          And I not even talked about gender inequality, killing gays, genital mutilation and stopping others practicing their religion (by killing them or forcing them pay tax).

          • As Dymphna’s colors change, see her comment above, motivated public officials and judges must apply the article #17 that you cite. You do have a great point!
            However, there exists the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights which subordinates to shari’a. If a non-violent resolution is to be obtained, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights must be asserted over the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights.
            Additionally, Norway and European nations in general must understand that their rights are not given or derived from human instrumentalities, but are innate, usually stated as God-given.
            If it is to be that a violent resolution is attained, the effort may be bolstered by your great point.

  7. There certainly seems to be a provocateur aspect at play in a number of “muslim refused service” stories. Almost like these tactics have been suggested by someone.
    As always, the customer has a right to take their business elsewhere. Why don’t they?, their first thought always seems to be lawyers and media and that doesn’t seem normal.

    • It seems it is okay for those intrusive Muslims to be nasty, to discriminate against us infidels or to refuse to serve us infidels but not okay when they are given the same treatment.

      They are just like Blacks or rather to be more accurate, worse than Blacks in their behavior.

  8. It’s the Norwegian version of the Northern Ireland gay bakery prosecution. I hope the hairdresser appeals this to the fullest extent and refuses to have muslims in her salon.

    • This hairdresser is gay, “married” to a woman.

      What is more, the salon is a women’s and men’s salon. So, how would the hijab muslima expect to have her hair colored at this salon, the Comeback Hårdesign? Would she be demanding the hairdresser’s denying men’s access to the place while the muslima sat there without her political symbol around her head?

  9. Being a proud opponent and enemy of Islam doesnt justify to act stupid.
    It`s like giving an aggressor a weak spot to attack.

    I would`ve said: Sorry love, we only use products that are not halal.
    Or: We cant make an appointement for the next 3 months.

  10. Merete Hodne was “targeted” Alinsky-style and set up. An old story when it comes to beating down and bankrupting anyone who resists or is known to be opposed to the Islamization of one’s country. CAIR learned Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” very well in this country, and apparently those “rules” are being applied in Europe, as well. Look at Germany, France, Sweden, and Belgium. Punish or ignore those who speak out, or sic the Muslim thugs on him, and then coddle the”victimized” Muslims with welfare state benefits and free housing at everyone else’s expense. Punish the good, reward evil.

    • Jizya

      “Muslims with welfare state benefits and free housing at everyone else’s expense” – actually, jizya taxes the occupied are paying to the invading forces, later to become the ruling class, demanding more and more jizya, leaving the occupied to finally be turned into real dhimmis.

  11. I applaud and agree with her stance and I fear as the Muslim population grows in America we’ll see more and more cultural conflicts. Of course the delusional Left will always defend the Islamist and attack people who stand against the draconian ideology called political Islam. Bridget Gabriel talks about how the Muslims in Lebanon turned on their Leftist allies once they were in control. Of course the lunatic Left attacks her credibility- see internet. I am sure she, along with this hairdresser, is on the hate list for southern poverty law center. Savage- is correct Liberalism is a mental illness!

    • Anestos, if you have a link to Gabriel’s comments on this, I’d be grateful to get it. I’ve searched but can’t find the reference.

  12. She should have “accidentally” colored the Muslima’s hair green, using pork-based hair dye.

  13. This should be a landmark case. This lady ‘s exoneration would be a victory for Norway. This would send the message that Norway has still got some integrity and moral fortitude. This was clearly a set-up. If they go against the hairdresser then the court is going against Norway. Citizens should demand the silly case be thrown out of court.

    • While I hope the appeal judge does just that, I doubt it.
      Many Norwegians are on ‘our’ side, but not the courts, not always the police, and scandalously, not the government–which is SUPPOSED to be centre/right!

      Dymphna is right–they have a way to go yet. While I say confidently, most Norwegians loathe their ‘new countrymen’, a surprising number them are still thoroughly brainwashed.
      e.g. My wife is a staunch supporter of Israel and loathes the moslems; her sister in Trondheim is a fervent Palestinian supporter and has nothing bad to say about the rabble infesting her country.

  14. The muslima – Charlotte Antonsen Sunde, before conversion – now, has been turned into a useful tool for this totalitarian ideology.

    How many more will follow in the race to the caliphate?

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