Algerian Rapist Came to Austria for the Uncovered Meat

Many — perhaps all — of the young male culture-enrichers now pouring into Europe see European women as loose and ripe for the taking. As the “Australian” sheikh Taj El-Din Hamid Hilaly famously said, a woman without hijab is “uncovered meat”, and can only expect to be raped.

The following article from the Austrian online magazine describes the rape trial of a young Algerian who says he came to Austria specifically for the uncovered meat. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Lust led rapist to Austria

September 14, 2016

Tuesday was the first day of the trial before the Regional Court of Linz in the case against an Algerian illegally living in Austria, who allegedly tried to rape a woman in April at the Donaulände in Linz.

The accused denies everything, even swears by Allah. Deportation of the offender was not previously possible due the absence of an agreement with Algeria about the deportation of its citizens from Austria.

“I came to Austria to f**k the women here.”

For years the Algerians have played the Austrian police and courts for fools. It was frightening to listen to the prosecutor reading the statements made by the accused to the police.

So when asked why he had come to Austria, the accused replied: “I came to Austria to f**k the women here.” He had been convicted several times in France and Austria; he was even rejected as an asylum seeker and he was banned from entering these countries. In November of 2015 he tried to rape a woman. Another charge of assault is being negotiated separately at the District Court of Linz.

A difficult and nerve-wracking trial

At the beginning of the trial at the Linz Regional Court, the defendant refused to even give his name. The defendant, who was brought out of pre-trial detention, is being accused of rape and forgery. Apparently the Algerian has multiple identities.

A young student who wanted to switch buses at the bus station on the day of the crime described the events in her testimony: “The woman came up to me and was covered in blood. You couldn’t see her face. She said to me: I was raped. “The young woman was able recognize the offender in a confrontation immediately…

After the reading of the testimony, the presiding judge Ursula Eichler asked the accused whether he would like to add something to his statement, since the statements of the victim, the witnesses and DNA evidence would weigh heavily against him. He answered through his interpreter: “I’ve never seen this woman in my life.” Judge Mag Ralf Sigl tried it again with provocation. “I wonder whether everything is OK in your head?” But the defendant repeated several times: “I swear by Allah that I did not rape that woman.”

The seriously traumatized victim

The victim was also present at the trial. The traumatized woman had serious injuries to the left side of her face, because it was brutally beaten in the attack. While the video of her testimony played, she left the courtroom with relatives, crying. She has had nine different medical treatments so far; she’s in psychotherapeutic care and needs powerful medication to alleviate her insomnia and severe anxiety.

The hearing was postponed due to the presentation of a psychiatric evaluation of the accused and a health report of the victim. If mental illness is detected in the defendant, his admission to an institution for mentally ill offenders is possible. The psychiatric reports were drawn up by Dr Adelheid Kastner, who carried out the investigation of Josef Fritzl [the Austrian father who detained his daughter for years in his basement, where she gave birth to several of his children]. The health report will provide information about the condition of and possible permanent consequences for the victim.

The accused, if convicted for rape, is looking at up to ten years in prison; with additional severe damages the victim, it could be up to twenty years in prison.

47 thoughts on “Algerian Rapist Came to Austria for the Uncovered Meat

  1. I understand the Austrians at least have to pay lip service to folllwing the rule of law; one wonders though whether there remains a single man among them that they would tolerate the rape of their women by these foreign trash.

    Can the prison warden or the guards not take care of what needs to be done; maybe ensure that there is no supervision during shower time while failing to segregate him from the skinhead population? He should be afraid for his life; showing up for court with a broken nose and a meek demeanor would be a good start. I just cannot fathom that there are no real men remaining in all of Western Europe, that they tolerate the rape of their women and cannot see it for the insult and slur upon their manhood that such actions represent.

    • Yes yes, no men left in Europe, and all that. But what can we do?
      I would love to go and pick up a bat and go to town on these rapists and criminals. It would very satisfying. But then what? I would face a sentence of several years in prison, I would lose my job, I would lose my house, because I couldn’t pay for it anymore, even worse, my family would lose their home because of it. I would be ruined for the rest of my life, and my loved ones would suffer for it. So, like many men I know, we wait. We wait for the time to come, when we finally get the permission to take our ancestral lands back. The time will come, and we prepare for it.

      Still, if my wife, my child, my other siblings were “culturally enriched” against their will, I’m not sure I could hold back. I really am not a very tolerant person…

      • You, and many others like you, could at least insist that Austrian laws are followed. They may not be… but at least you could make a fuss.

        And please, vote for people who are inclined to support your position. I don’t understand why the Green Party in Austria is still so strong when all this is going on. Or that Merkel’s party is still getting even the votes they are getting.

        And third, educate your fellows regarding Islam. That can even be done anonymously.

        • The greens are not really that strong.
          They get into governing positions (in single states) because socialists need them as coalition partners.
          And they just take most of the (older) leftist voters in that are leaving the weakening socialist party.

          The question in countries like Germany, Austria or France is.: Can voting bring any change at all (and in time!).
          A single party can become the strongest in a a country and will still be locked out from government, because all other parties prevent it from becoming the ruling party.
          So one has to get the absolute mayority of the voters to change anything.
          Fe. make a new law constitutional, or change such old laws that dont work.
          Orban in Hungary succeeded in doing this.
          But even he has to be careful sometimes because of the EU.

    • I highly doubt anything bad will happen to him. If Austria is like the U.K. they will get special treatment if anything. A man battered his teenage daughter about the head as it was rumoured she was dating the wrong kind of “muslim”. Whilst been taken to the cells the police were actually holding an I phone with the compass app so the offender would know which way Mecca was so he could pray. (on the prayer mat provided by the tax payer, of course.) The only time “our men” will stand up against them is when they literally have to to save their own lives.

      • Amen to that!
        I live in Chiswick and meet men like that every day, more interested in their latest mobile than losing their country.

    • Slur upon their manhood, race and blood, your response is the equivalent of a Muslim’s. Try to [insulting ad-hominem redacted]. Turning into a male-dominant beast is exactly what they want you to do. The primary reason it’s NOT OKAY that they view western women this way is that we, the men of the west, accept and encourage our women to dress scantily and be sexy and engage in plenty of sex. That’s mainly a good thing for all of us here, including women who’ve been freed up to do what they want. So unless you are a guy who’s angry he’s [deprived of carnal opportunities], and angry at our own women for being sexual beings, or whatever, then stop acting like a Muslim and saying “our women” and “our manhood” and bla bla bla. This is about two cultures: One who says women are free to [engage in amorous relations with] who they want and another which says they’re the property of men. If you think they’re your property, then frankly you should move to Syria. You’d probably have a better time there.

      • JS, I personally wouldn’t suggest for a minute that women are our property, but I do class them as part or our ‘tribe’ so to speak. The same as I would class my fellow men as part of our tribe. It’s precisely because the Muslim males view females as property that they are targeting Western women as an up yours to Western men. They are making a statement, they’re saying you as men cannot/do not have the courage to protect your womenfolk. Unfortunately many people share your opinion, they must do otherwise how else can we explain the amount of rapes/molestations of prepubescent girls in towns all over the UK? If a nation isn’t prepared to stand up and protect its most vulnerable in society what will they protect?

        As for scantily dressed women, you clearly don’t understand the Muslim male. I work here in the ME, Western women could be dressed in suits of armour and it would not deter these cretins. These Western women, OUR women are Kuffar to be used and abused at the Muslims leisure.

      • No women are my property. But I do have female cousins, and a female fiancee. If any [epithet] does anything bad to them, I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they get really hurt.

      • Indeed it is about two different cultures. One that believes in freedom of speech and expression and the other that still lives in 6th century and follows pedophile “prophet” who requires that they do rape, violence and murder upon anyone who is different.
        Perfect ideology for those whose IQ is equal to room temperature and their leftist libtard supporters.

    • The utter arrogance of this third world filth! Are the no contempt of court laws in Austria.

      It might just be me but the subtext of this case seems to be that the court seems to be overly concerned with judicial care of the rapist rather than that of the poor woman victim.

      She will be traumatised for the rest of her days whilst the savage who raped her will be a thorn in the side of the Austrian authorities for the rest of his. No doubt upon his release he will rape again too.

      I despair for Austria and the rest of the EU.

    • The moon is etc: telling it like it is, no real men exist, this is why invaders have conquered Europe incrementally and recently made an end run to the surrender of Europe (exceptions some E. Europe countries) to Muslim rule allowed by EU leaders who are towing the globalist agenda. Males are gelded cowards, and don’t really care if the women are enslaved which will happen real soon. Euro folks will be forced into the streets out of their houses to make room for the occupiers. They will go willingly. Stupid Euros, don’t know world history, lazy, decadent losers, not caring about anything “real”. Read on: fellowship of the website that Paris turned into a garbage dump.

    • The real men who are left in Europe who will defend their women is a serious question these days. The standard in 2014 was Conchita Wurst who sung for the EU Parliament costing the tax payers 17,000 euros. Not too much is changed.

  2. Why daydream about an extra-legal punishment orchestrated by the Austrian authorities, when the government can’t even take the steps of sealing its borders and preventing more of these aliens from entering.

    This case illustrates the problem of constructing a legal system for a particular culture, and then attempting to apply the system to people from a completely different background.

    This Algerian is requiring multiple police investigations, multiple trials, a psychiatric investigation and report, and possibly detention in a mental facility. And if he finally gets to the point of encountering a punishment, say long imprisonment, it’s likely that people of his intelligence see the imprisonment as an unfortunate act of nature, rather than as a consequence of his actions. In that case, the threat of prison would serve as absolutely no deterrent to more rapes by that population.

    The Muslim culture is organized completely differently. Every woman is owned by a man, family or tribe, the women put on chastity bags, and any young man who attempted to damage the property of another man would simply not see the next daylight.

    It seems elementary that if Algeria won’t take back its citizens, that no Algerian should be allowed into Austria, including diplomats. But, I dream, expecting a West Europe government to actually exert itself for the protection of its citizens.

    • Exactly – it uses up so many public resources… I know of a situation in London, where a Muslim child has serious behaviour problems at his school. The result? Countless meetings with psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, etc.

      Back in the old days, the solution may have simply been a good smack round the ear – but not now… especially if it’s an issue involving a Muslim, everyone tiptoes around it.

    • right to the point,Ronald B.
      a misdemeanor has never to do with the perpetrator. As you write, it is an act of injustice. Please consider the much publicised Nicolai Sennels who worked with muslim criminals in Denmark. They never ask: what have I done, but rather: who has done that to me.
      This is why they always freak out when rightly challenged.The anecdotal pickpocket of ME origin caught in the act would say: no Sir, this is not my hand in your pocket.How can you dare?

  3. We all know how this will play out, if he spends one day in prison I’d be surprised, it’s like you said they’re hamstrung with laws written for a much different society.

  4. So just from this one illegal immigrant’s action it will cost the Austrian taxpayer hundreds of thousands to deal with the whole cost, not to mention the life-lasting effects it will have had on this woman. Just imagine the court costs, psychiatric costs, interpreter costs, his special diet needs costs. It costs on average 40,000 Euros annually to keep a prisoner in Austria, 70,000 if they are high risk. All this from just one who came to Europe, with the encouragement of Merkel, with the sole intention of violating women. Not really sure when enough will be enough.

    • Yes Mate, it’s invading force to destroy white Europe through infiltration subversion, rape, violence, murder and bankruptcy.
      Google Kalergi plan

  5. Problem easy to solve.Just drive this trash to the wealthiest part of each city then tell them that they are free to rape any women.

    • I like it.Brad Thor?
      read Operation Wildfire by Nelson Demille.
      A rich vilain plots the extinction of you know who and what by nuking important parts of some areas.He only spares Mecca as a token for the remaining Muslims what will happen to them.The John Corey investigator character is to my liking , full of sarcastic humor and politically incorrect with his whimpy superiors.
      ” we have a case of religious extremism here!”
      “What, again militant jehovas witnesses, or Buddhists”?

  6. he really may not think it is rapery. his religion tells him it is his right.
    as for lack of lust- slaking opportunities, there are plenty of whorehouses.

    yes, western men need to protect their women, that is the women of the west.
    men are there to protect, that is why they are generally stronger.
    no western man thinks that women are ‘his’.
    it is the natural protective urge that causes men to step forward and do what is right. and they need to stand together so that no one of them is persecuted and prosecuted for doing what is right.

    • Unfortunately Deb, there are quite a few men who do not see it as you do, see the comment from JS above. There are also plenty of feminists that would baulk at your suggestion of men defending women.

      This will not end well.

    • “he really may not think it is rapery. ”

      Really?! So let’s just imagine a reverse situation – where it’s his sister who’s “f***ed” in such a way… what would he do? Would he congratulate the man who did that? Or would he go on a rampage and try to kill him, and maybe all his family?

    • Agreed. But, to be able to do that, stand together and protect, first we have to concentrate on our biggest enemy – TPTB and delete the “elite”

    • The real risk is the authorities, who in Europe probably see any attempt to defend yourself as a crime equal to or greater than, the original rape. It is certainly so in England or Australia, where any weapons use at all, even if it is against an intruder in your actual house, is treated as a major crime. One reader at GoV cited a case where a householder shot an intruder with the intruder’s gun that he had taken away, and was threatened with criminal action for years.

      I think the first step should be to organize as native inhabitants and exert local political pressure. That is, lobby for local services, for influence on the election of local officials and the appointment of local civil servants. This is what the intruders have done. The actual election of sympathetic officials is actually a last step, like the current mayor of London, who is plainly a Muslim Brotherhood cut-out.

    • No, I think you are unfair. Austria is tipping. That’s why the reelection has been scuttled. We’ll see what’s next.

      • Sorry if you feel I was too harsh. Hungarians got a variety of smears broadcasted by Austrian media and politicians towards us in the last year or so. The homeland of Hitler educated us about democracy and called us Nazis and Viktor Orbán to all kinds of dictator and some other words which is not tolerated in this comments so I am not repeating them! Even with being the “in-laws” as Hungarians call Austrians, still need some time to pass before we feel “closer” again to them.

  7. “He swears by Allah!”

    And I believe him-

    koran- 3:54; 7:99; 8:30; 10:21; 13:42 — no fewer than FIVE koranic verses telling
    muslims that their god is a total liar. And if ‘He’ is then so they must be, too.

  8. Have worked in Algeria for almost 4 years. There are some decent ones, but the majority are some of the laziest, most unjustifiably arrogant people you’d never want to meet.

    On the other hand, young women in Europe are doing themselves no favors with their typical dress. Is it really necessary for many of them to prance around the streets in shorts so tiny they allow the bottoms of their pert derriere cheeks to touch?

    Or, put another way, the comedian Dave Chappelle once said, “Honey, you may not BE a prostitute, but you ARE wearing the uniform!”

    • Freedom of expression. I like pert derriere cheeks but That does not mean that I MUST grab.
      If those invaders cannot understand that then they should not be allowed here.
      Our cultures are incompatible and they are not welcome to bring theirs here.
      Or, are you asking/suggesting that we should adapt to them in our countries and have “our” women wear tents as well?

      • Are we even sure that the Invaders are seeking out scantily-dressed women?!

        I ask, because situations I’ve witnessed have seen them try to latch on to quite modestly-dressed women – and their culture does place quite a premium on “modesty” and virginity.

      • We have do distinguish between guilt and responsibility.
        That said, even islamic covered up women in muslim countries get rapped and sexually assaulted (its fe. a huge problem in Egypt).

        And of course, freedom is fine – but one has to be be able to defend it.
        Freedom without strength can always be dangerous, because you only count on your luck.
        If you make yourself to a lamb, then the wolves will feast upon you.

        So women, wear what pleases you, but make sure that anyone who touches you will regret it in the same moment.

      • No, I am not suggesting we should adapt to the invaders in our own countries.

        I am suggesting that, even though people can dress how they like in the West, they cannot control the reactions of others, such as invaders, to that dress.

    • Let me attempt a mild rebuttal.

      It is obviously insane that women are not safe on the streets. As another poster with experience in Muslim countries put it, the Muslim invaders see any Western woman as fair game for harassment or rape, regardless of what she’s wearing. In fact, pictures from Egypt, Afghanistan, etc from years ago before the Muslim political revolution, shows the presence of mini-skirts, blouses and the like.

      I never thought I’d be advocating this, but if you decreased or did away with public welfare payments, particularly child support, and re-instituted alimony for women, then both men and women would take more care with whom they linked up with or married. Probably part of it would be more public modesty, although women of independent means would still be free to dress provocatively. That’s fine. It’s part of being free. The wealthier you are legitimately, the more discretion you have to be outrageous. It’s part of our Western freedom, and its possibility is part of what makes life worth living.

      • RonaldB-

        Thank you for the points.

        I agree that Western legal systems are in dire need of reform. Divorce has been incentivized far too heavily. This has led to the undermining of the family unit and reduced reproduction in the West.

  9. If this happens in America and hopefully in stand your ground ground- open carry Arizona. I am sure if one of these Islamic freaks are caught in the act and get shot the Leftist media will turn the Muslim into a victim of racist gun violence.

  10. I suppose the State is going to enrol him in a do-not-rape class. As the Germans like to say: we are going to educate them and all will be well. Wir schaffen das!
    – As always the victim will be forgotten. She will have to live with the trauma for the rest of her life.

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