Ahmed the Clock Boy’s Pop is Suing the Center for Security Policy

Remember “Ahmed the Clock Boy”?

A little over a year ago, a young “Texan” lad named Ahmed Mohamed took the innards of an old electronic alarm clock to school in a briefcase. When the alarm clock alarmed the security guard — as young Ahmed must surely have known it would — he was briefly arrested.

In the months since, Ahmed’s family have milked the “clock” incident for all it’s worth. Every time their fifteen minutes have seemed to be up, and they have been given a well-deserved retirement to the ash heap of history, up they pop again in the media with some new publicity stunt.

Their latest stunt is a defamation lawsuit against Fox News, Glenn Beck, the Center for Security Policy, and others. The defendants are alleged to have gone on TV and said mean things about Ahmed and his family, thereby “defaming” them.

Below is the press release sent out today by CSP. David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise are two of the lawyers for the defense, which means the Mohamed family are in for a treat once this gets to into court. The defense — dare I say it? — will clean their clock:

Center Will Fight Frivolous Defamation Lawsuit by the Father — and Exploiter — of the ‘Clock Boy’

Washington, D.C.: The Center for Security Policy has learned from press accounts that it and its Executive Vice President Jim Hanson are among those named in a lawsuit filed in a Texas state court by Mohamed Mohamed, the father of Ahmed Mohamed. The younger Mohamed has been popularly known as the “Clock Boy” ever since he created a controversy by bringing to school a so-called “science project” that authorities described as indistinguishable from a crude timing device for a bomb.

The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Hanson, the Center, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, Fox News, Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro “defamed” the elder Mohamed in the wake of the Clock Boy incident.

Mr. Hanson and the Center for Security Policy categorically reject this charge and will use every instrument at their disposal to challenge and thwart this transparent effort to penalize them for the exercise of freedom of speech informed by publicly available and factual information. To that end, they have retained the services of David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center, a public interest law firm specializing in countering Islamist lawfare.

In response to the reports of the filing of the Mohamed lawsuit, Jim Hanson observed:

The Center for Security has long been targeted by George Soros and his proxies among leftist organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Center for American Progress and by Islamic supremacists and their Muslim Brotherhood front groups. This “Red-Green axis” has relentlessly promoted the false narrative that we are “Islamophobes,” and “bigots.”

We look forward to the opportunity this meritless and harassing lawsuit affords to demonstrate the true object of such efforts — namely, denying free expression that factually and authoritatively exposes Islamic supremacism, especially as it is becoming manifest in the United States. We will also demonstrate the scurrilous exploitation of a bright young man by his father in the service of the latter’s political agenda.

The Center for Security Policy’s general counsel, David Yerushalmi, added:

The lawsuit brought against my clients by Mohamed Mohamed will be shown in court to have been, in the first instance, frivolous and — once that fact is established — to have been an example of malicious prosecution. We regard this as a classic example of Islamist lawfare and look forward to demonstrating it decisively and making an object lesson of its perpetrators.

For more information on the work of the Center for Security Policy in exposing and defeating the global jihad movement, visit www.SecureFreedom.org andwww.CounterJihad.com. If you would like to support the Center’s Defense Fund to cover legal costs, click on “Donate” at the SecureFreedom site.

8 thoughts on “Ahmed the Clock Boy’s Pop is Suing the Center for Security Policy

  1. I’m wondering what evidence justifies Jim Hanson’s claim that Ahmed Mohamed is a “bright” young man.

  2. If the case actually advances to the trial stage, rather than being thrown out with prejudice by the judge as totally without merit, freedom of speech will lose.

    The reason is that the American Freedom Law Center (to which I have donated) will obviously defend high-profile clients. However, should the Islamists choose to target victims like the teachers, principals, and police officers involved, these people would have no resources to defend themselves, and would be dependent on the uncertainty of getting some kind of institution like the AFLC to defend them.

    It’s the job of judges to prevent the suppression of free speech by frivolous but expensive lawfare suits.

  3. I seriously doubt this family would welcome the discovery process as it will expose some very unflattering history stored in their closet.

  4. These creatures believe in their superiority. Wait until truly creative tricks and games with no wires attached start going off on the Muslims.

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