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  1. Bravo, bravo! Pat Condell, don’t stop with your free speech. Maybe you can inspire some little wuss who is afraid to stand up and do what you are doing. Maybe that little wuss will grow into his role and do what you are doing.

    I always admired Great Britain when I was a youngster but not anymore. However I do admire people like you and I hope you can overcome the squishes.

  2. He is right, as usual.

    The big question is: are the politicians totally stupid and making a Faustian bargain, whereby they’re trading a few more years’ worth of votes keeping them in power for a messed up society in the long term (for their children!).

    Or are they getting paid off or otherwise controlled by the Saudis, or similar?

    • The problem is they still have the idea that if we show them kindness and respect, then anybody will come to respect our culturs as well. The powers that be just don’t understand how radically different Islam is from the worlds ‘modern’ religions.

      He’s right.

      • You might be right. I regularly come across people who feel this way, because the Muslims that *they* know aren’t problematic. I don’t doubt it. But there’s more to the story than that.

        The Muslims that *I* know also aren’t problematic. There’s a reason why they wanted to get away from their home countries.

        The vast majority of Muslims are fine people (I would say *despite* what they read in the Koran… they’re actually an admirable testament to the decent side of human nature). The problem is, there’s a significant minority that aren’t, and they are *not* being kept in control by their surrounding society.

        As distasteful as it is, there’s no choice but to throw the baby out with the bathwater in terms of immigration, unless that problem can be brought under control.

        That’s why Trump is right. In a theoretical sense, his suggestion isn’t nice. But practically, it’s the least-bad option available. He’s a realist.

        • And those that are moderate are subject being coerced to go along with the other group that is telling them they aren’t good Muslims if they don’t go along and can show them in the Koran why they are wrong. There are multiple ways to influence that group such as reactions from non-Muslims which could push them toward more fundamental views.

        • It’s the same thing with blacks and, to a lesser extent, Latinos. Difficult to deal with the native born ones but the US can deport African and Latino legals and illegals.

          • HOW many ‘African/Latino’ suicide bombers, car bombers, truck mass murderers, knife mass killers, can you name?
            COMEON, HOW MANY?? None- because you are deflecting exactly as muslims do, changing the subject.

            STAY ON TOPIC- OR [refrain from speaking]!!

      • Rob: Agree, and EU leaders are pushing for shiria law. Don’t know if EU leaders will rule as converts later, or if Muslim leaders from the middle east will take over to rule each country under tyranny. Obviously, the Europeans are condoning all this including enslavement and forced marriages for women. Unbelievable ignorance of the citizens. Seem Christianity is over with as no one stands up for anything.

  3. It’s important we don’t blame the perpetrators of these atrocities, all they’re doing is following their scriptures, they know no better. The people who are to blame is the liberal left, they have facilitated the free movement of these people who despise us and our way of life. The liberal left are culpable and it is essential that they are held to account for either their inane stupidity, or worse their deep seated self loathing which has lead to such treasonous actions as to open the gates to people who wish us harm. Once the bleeding hearts are dealt with, we can then worry about finding a fix for our Islamic ‘friends’.

    • This is actually very true. Leftist brainwashing in our society is just as bad, if not worse, than Islamist brainwashing in Muslim ones.

      They’re actually very similar. Which is why they get along!

  4. Once again crystal clear common sense from Pat Condell. He’s right, Europe is importing a future war. And for an idea what that might look like, think Lebanon in the 1980’s or the Balkans in the 1990’s. What history tells us, is muslims can only coexist peacefully with non muslims in societies where either they (muslims) are a tiny minority or where they are the majority and the non muslims assume a subservient role. But where you have and equal population (say 50:50) of muslims and non muslims or a small but significant muslim population (say 10% +) conflict is inevitable. And that is the road Europe is on.

    • Baucent: Soon when there is enough Muslims or a certain percentage, it will be chaos with killing, mayhem and destruction of all types in the EU. When Muslim conquer countries it is tyranny unleashed (ref to: Dr Andrew Bostam- The legacy of Jihad, goes back to Muslim history, slavery of the conquered and wars) Europeans know nothing of world or European history, were never taught.

      • Having taught “world” history and seen a major publishing company’s textbook, the truth of Islam is completely glossed over in these courses, at least at the middle- and high-school level.

        No, it’s the Five Pillars of Islam, how Islam led to the al-Andalus “Golden Age” (see recent post here at GoV for a good repudiation of THAT idea), and a 25-words + box-top discussion of what “dhimmis” are. I managed to wedge in some information on the Janissaries, courtesy of my long-time reading in military history, but my young students were being led by their own textbook to a namby-pamby conclusion re. this destructive ideology.

        P.S. They were all 7th-graders: exactly the age most likely to have been stolen for Janissary duty (12 years old). 🙁

  5. A really great summary and so concisely put as well!
    Worth listening to several times over and sharing with all your friends

  6. It may eventually be necessary to take direct action against a politician or journalist every time a terror attack kills innocents. Until they feel what they inflict on ordinary people, they won’t stop.

    • This is actually an interesting idea.

      I want to clarify that by “direct action” I wouldn’t mean violence, but of the political kind. For example, what if anti-jihad forces decided to make a point of picking 3-4 of the WORST politicians, and picking them ALL THE TIME? Essentially, assassinate their political careers (in legal ways). Rinse, repeat with the next lefty/islamist-happy politician. That would create some pressure among politicians not to be the most extreme lefties.

      It’s very similar to how Islamists kill those who get the most out of line, and thus control a whole society, except that my suggestion is legal and doesn’t physically harm anyone – just trashes their political career, but whatever legal means are available (encouraging opponents, revealing scandals, etc).

  7. Pat Condell is a master of irony. Unfortunately, the irony content of his broadcasts has gotten very low: it’s not his fault. The fact is, it’s very hard to get on the ironic side of Islam and the enabling politicians. The reality precludes and co-opts the irony, such that the most extreme statement turns out to be a fact.

  8. Thank you Pat. A parallel society of Muslims sucking the life out the Western European mother lode. Ito just too much responsibility for mixed up boys and girls to try to deal with right now. Best to know nothing and do nothing. Now that’s a smart phoney.

  9. I truly wonder what the long game is here. All of these European politicians know that Muslim men fleeing these war zones have NEVER been exposed to Western thought, values, education, culture or history. Thus, coming to the West is like landing on a different planet where you are absolutely sure that since the people around you aren’t steeped in Medieval Age ignorance, they must all be killed off. Preferably, in large swaths. So, what is the long game here? There is no permutation of having Muslims living in Western societies that results in any good. The reason I know this is because we have dozens of years of history that proves they are not capable of assimilating into Western European culture. So, WHAT IS THE END GAME? European politicians are playing it and those who elect them seem to not care what it is.

    • Several students of this question (who’ve been looking into it much longer than probably most of us) believe that…

      …THE END GAME is the end of Western Civilization.

    • The END GAME is a New Elysium . . . where a select elite lives in secure luxury, served by technology, without having to deal with the unwashed masses, and definitely APART from them.

      Think about it: This is whom the environmentalist narrative serves. These are the people benefiting from the subjugation and elimination of the sheeple through the deception of democracy and the expediency of wars – especially “civil” wars – and endless engineered crime. For the elected few, the mass of humanity has become redundant . . . to the point of Malthusian extremes. The welfarist model and the social[ist] benefits are unsustainable.

      Your presence as a human on the planet is no longer of use to the elected circle of families. Now [verb, preposition] . . . and DIE!

  10. Have only just come across this site, and I agree with most of the comments – particularly scott.
    I have been (worrying?) wondering, what on earth The End Game can really be?
    People from these Tribal Societies cannot fit in with our way of life in the West.
    In order for them to “fit in”, they must first know what life in the West is all about – they don’t, nor it seems, do they want to.
    Look around the world and you will see that most conflicts are caused by these same disruptive people.
    They need to learn about the West before coming here – I guarantee if they really did that, they would not want to come and live among the infidels!
    How I wish they would stay in their Tribal areas and fight each other – not bring their medieval ways to us.
    Our elder ‘Statesmen’ ie: Tony Blair and co, have not helped by allowing them to build their mosques, and to open so many ‘Faith’ schools teaching their own curriculum.
    SO YES, I too would like to know what the End Game is?

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