Viktor Orbán: We’re Building a New Fence Line on the Southern Border

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is rock-solid on mass immigration. On that issue, he makes even Donald Trump look like an open-borders squish.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating these interview excerpts with Mr. Orbán that were published in the Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap:

Viktor Orbán: We’re building a new fence line on the southern border

“We need a more massive defensive system”

MH/MTI — August 26, 2016

“We must enhance the Hungarian-Serbian border control, and we will build a new line of fence with the most modern technical equipment,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday on the Radio Kossuth “180 Minutes” radio show. The interview conducted with the head of the government talked about the quota referendum and the Friday afternoon V4 meeting, and the PM explained why we need a stable Turkey where President Erdogan is still in office.

Viktor Orbán in the Radio Kossuth studio. Photo: MTI/Szilard Koszticsak

The PM explained that beside the existing fence we need a more massive defense system, so the new fence will be a “serious project”, which will be capable of stopping more than hundreds of thousands of people. We must prepare for this if the Turks change their policies.

He phrased it this way: ”Today even a bird could not fly into Hungary without permission.” “A border cannot be defended with flowers and stuffed animals. The border must be defended with fences, police, soldiers and weapons!”, said Viktor Orbán.

“It is a problem,” he explained, “that migrants who requested asylum in Hungary and got refused, but ‘human rights aid organizations’ — a.k.a. George Soros’ paid activists — appealed against the decision, have to wait in Hungary, and in the meantime they cannot be locked up. If the migrants were to wait in closed camps until their appeal process finishes, even those few people would not be there for the human smugglers to bring to the West from us,” added the PM.

“Over the longer term the shortage of labor would be handled with demographic family-political solutions,” said Viktor Orbán. “We need more children and stronger families, because if we have more kids then there will be more people to work in Hungary”. This attitude “is not in fashion in Europe”, where they want to use migrants and immigration to solve labor shortages because their horizon on this is short, only a day,” he explained.

A state of half-war

The PM said if someone states “there is no correlation between migration and terrorism, then they do not know what they are talking about, or they try to hide obvious facts for some unknown reason.” The Hungarian government’s viewpoint on this: terrorism will manifest itself and later “expand” in Europe because hundreds of thousands of uncontrolled migrants arrived from places where Western societies are viewed as enemies. “We have a half-war state, and this time we cannot risk anything,” he emphasized.

Merkel and the V4

Viktor Orbán believes the heads of European governments must make a decision to say no to the bureaucrats of Brussels led by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, about their failed immigration decisions and forced immigration quotas. The Visegrad Four (V4) [Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary] want change; the question is: does Angela Merkel want to cooperate with the V4? “We must see clearly in this matter” — referring to the upcoming meeting with V4 and Merkel. About the meeting, he explained: “We do not have the results yet, many questions remain unanswered for now, and even I did not put all my cards on the table.”

Viktor Orbán mentioned the Hungarian results in the summer Olympics that closed last week in Rio. “Eight times we beat the world,” alluding to the eight gold medals Hungary collected at the games. He congratulated the athletes, and the PM “tipped his hat in respect” for their performance. He added that his government would like to invest in sports, and make sure every young person in Hungary participates in daily sports activities.

The referendum result will be binding and strong

On the question of what it will mean if the October 2 referendum on the migrant quotas is successful, and the “NO” wins (the question: “Do you want the EU to dictate, without the approval of Hungarian Parliament, the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary?”), the PM answered: “It will mean there is a nation in Europe which has made it clear that it will not accept the decision of some bureaucrats. This will be more than just a negotiating position, but a final strong Hungarian stand!” He believes this will bring many other nations around Hungary into an alliance.

We need Erdogan

As the PM explained it: ”We need a stable Turkish government, a stable President Erdogan, and a predictable Turkish foreign policy.” “If Turkey weakens — for example, as the result of a coup, or any other reason — we will lose the last stable state in the region. There would be nobody we could negotiate with. Everything that supports our safety, we should give to the Turks, but in what does serves not that purpose we should never agree with them,” said Viktor Orbán.

9 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: We’re Building a New Fence Line on the Southern Border

  1. If some people would say why Viktor Orban defends the Turkish President while most people thinks he is an Islamist jerk with dictatorial tendencies. Yes he might be somebody I would not seek friendship with, but he is a legally and democratically elected leader. I think his thinking aligns with Trump’s statement to stop “exporting democracy” into other countries. We must stop bombing nations, or topple governments because based on some social media memes, we do not like a leader.

    • The concept of democracy implies that one side is willing to lose and accept defeat. This is completely foreign to any tribal society. The USA is not tribal with thousands of years of tribal hatred, jealousy and envy. The only way to keep stability in such societies is to have one dominant tribe ( like the Saudi in KSA and Falasi in the Gulf). The best the West can do is to deal with the ruling family. Anything else means an Islamic theocracy with Allah directing them to conquer the world.

  2. Let me rephrase it slightly, “Do you want Mexico and the Democrat Party to dictate, without the approval of Congress, the mandatory settlement of those arriving from Mexico (whether Mexicans or not) in the USA?”

  3. Each nation has the right to decide what is best for their country, but they can still live in peace and harmony if there is a common desire to do so.

    Orban is right about the Turkish president. He was elected and he is their leader.

    I agree with Crossware — we need to learn to mind our own business for a change. Unless we face an existential challenge then we really have to mind our own p’s and q’s and let other countries do the same. Enough of this idiocy already.

    I am sick and tired of America trying (and failing) to save the world. Over and over again, it’s like nobody in Washington has the ability to learn from past mistakes. And then we keep re-electing them! Insanity.

    • I don’t think the Americans are trying to save the world. That is just their moral overlay. Sure the average US citizen I talk to thinks so. They constantly say ” They invited us in…”. Even the smartest live in an ethical bubble. But the reality is they are driven by power, profit and internal politics. The place is a ‘democracy’ so they need to keep the masses happy with moral indignation and flim flam.
      The honesty of Trump is what many people outside the USA like. He is “USA first” and so tells it as it is.

    • Mariadee-

      As the world’s most powerful nation the US exists in a no-win situation with regard to foreign interventions.

      If we intervene, we are racist, imperialist monsters who should have minded their own business.

      If we don’t intervene, we are racist, isolationist monsters who should get involved and give back.

  4. Viktor Orban is a courageous man and the V4 is taking a strong and courageous stand against the vilest of people – i.e. the NWO globalists who will let nothing stand in their way and who are determined to get their own way. This is a fight to the death. Every battle is hard fought. No room for cynical one-liners here, folks. Time to get real and back the battlers. If we don’t, then its curtains for us all.

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