The Woman Who Brought a Legal Complaint Against the “Balcony Man” for Insulting the Munich Shooter

On July 22 a young man named Ali David Sonboly went on a shooting rampage in Munich, murdering eight people before committing suicide. During his peripatetic massacre he was briefly on the roof of a parking garage. While he was there, he was hectored from the balcony of a nearby apartment building by a local Bavarian man. A video of the exchange later went viral. The “balcony man”’s new-found notoriety drew the attention of the authorities, who are now considering prosecuting him for his insults against the culture-enriching shooter, presumably under the law against Volksverhetzung.

Below is a video made by the woman who brought the complaint against the balcony man, explaining and justifying her actions. I’ll let her high-minded rectitude speak for itself, without further commentary.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Last night I found out that that the media were reporting
0:03   that charges were filed against the man who insulted the shooter from Munich.
0:08   You all know the incident, because it wasn’t long ago.
0:16   First I would like to say that nothing justifies what the shooter did,
0:22   nothing justifies the killing and harming of the victims.
0:28   I am as shocked as you were with this act, but I have to say
0:35   that there was also anger that grew out of my sadness concerning this incident.
0:40   On July 23 I filed charges against “unknown”,
0:47   because I didn’t know the name of the man yet.
0:52   I only saw the video where we could hear clearly
0:57   that he insulted the shooter countless times.
1:03   It just wouldn’t stop. The prosecutor knows my name,
1:09   so it wasn’t anonymous; I filed charges, and I stand by them.
1:15   And this is why I gave my full name to the prosecutor.
1:22   I have prepared a statement in order to explain to you
1:26   what exactly is going on, because there is some false information out there.
1:31   And I also wanted to share with you what I think about it,
1:36   and why I decided to file the charges, what were my motivations.
1:41   My motivation is far-reaching, concerning the subject of bullying,
1:47   and I’m going to explain it in detail . From my point of view, throwing
1:54   insults at the gunman was not a heroic deed.
1:58   The offender [the cursing man] knew well, and it can be proven,
2:02   that the shooter on the parking roof had a loaded gun,
2:07   still he kept hurling insults at the shooter.
2:11   I know no smart psychologist who in such situation,
2:16   where a person with a loaded gun is ready to use it,
2:23   and so no psychologist would advise to heavily insult and provoke that armed person.
2:29   I think also that there’s no smart psychologist who would advise,
2:35   in such a situation, to carry on insulting and swearing.
2:41   The advice would be, usually, to run away
2:45   and if that wasn’t possible, to keep calm,
2:49   and obviously NOT provoke the gunman.
2:53   The available videos are the proof that
2:57   the shooter was further provoked to use his weapon
3:00   by the insults that were hurled at him.
3:03   There was also a neighbor, who was shot at
3:08   and he gave a statement about it in an interview.
3:12   So at least one person was hurt, shot,
3:17   because of the insults, AFTER the insults from the roof of the parking garage.
3:23   The offender — from what we found out —
3:27   wasn’t trying to distract the attacker,
3:30   but admitted in the interview not knowing at first
3:33   that the man on the roof was the shooter.
3:39   By the way, I didn’t file charges because of the disparagement of a corpse.
3:44   That would be a legal nonsense.
3:48   I filed charges simply for insults,
3:53   and I justified it
3:57   by the public interest/ benefit in the prosecution.
4:02   The charges concerning slander/libel are in the public interest.
4:08   A normal citizen doesn’t benefit from it, but
4:12   if for example a public servant is insulted, the notion
4:17   Of public interest might be approved and applied,
4:20   because we don’t want our public servants to be insulted.
4:25   I see by the way a down side for “normal citizens”
4:33   when compared with public servants. I believe
4:37   the charges should be treated in the same way
4:40   and the notion of public interest should apply in both cases.
4:44   I see public interest, because the insults
4:49   against the gunman put more people in danger of death or injury,
4:55   in a situation that was already more than difficult.
5:00   According to a neighbor, who was injured in the shooting,
5:05   this danger became reality, because he was shot
5:09   as a result of the heavy insults hurled at the gunman.
5:15   I filed charges concerning suspicion of reckless endangerment.
5:24   It is my life experience that a person with a loaded gun
5:31   will definitely shoot if provoked.
5:36   Anyway, it’s not true that the offender distracted the shooter
5:43   and prevented him from firing more shots,
5:46   and it’s also not true that the attacker stopped shooting after that.
5:52   Furthermore, should I find out who was bullying the gunman, before this incident,
5:58   and should I find out that during the bullying crimes were committed,
6:04   I will file charges against that person as well;
6:07   because, in my opinion, whoever was bullying that young man
6:11   is co-responsible for the death and injuries of the victims of the gunman.
6:17   Bullying is no trivial offense; bullying can kill.
6:23   In general bullying victims will turn violence against themselves,
6:29   if they become violent, and it can result in a suicide.
6:35   In the case of Munich, both happened:
6:39   the gunman himself and other people fell victims to violence.
6:46   I know from my own experience what bullying does to its victims
6:51   and I don’t want to treat bullying as trivial offense any longer,
6:56   if it might even result in death through a gunman.
7:02   This is why I am asking to look into bullying in this case.
7:10   and prosecute any possible crimes related to that bullying.
7:16   Only in that way can bullying be used to help other victims,
7:21   and maybe it can be brought to people’s attention and conscience
7:26   that bullying is neither fun nor a trivial offense.
7:31   In relation to this subject I would like to ask you
7:37   not to harass the parents of the shooter;
7:45   because that would also be bullying.
7:48   Those are parents who just lost their son,
7:53   and, as far as I know, they’ve also tried, because of the bullying,
7:58   to find help; however, they were obviously not taken seriously,
8:03   and every procedure they started was interrupted.
8:07   I think it’s not all right to attack those parents
8:10   and I’m asking you to refrain from it.

58 thoughts on “The Woman Who Brought a Legal Complaint Against the “Balcony Man” for Insulting the Munich Shooter

  1. Apart from the evident stupidity of the idea of ‘bullying’ a man intent on mass murder with a gun, who would kill until killed because this is jihad ‘martyrdom’ – she could bore for Germany!

  2. Quoting the transcript: “I think also that there’s no smart psychologist who would advise, in such a situation, to carry on insulting and swearing. The advice would be, usually, to run away and if that wasn’t possible, to keep calm, and obviously NOT provoke the gunman.” … “Bullying is no trivial offense; bullying can kill.”

    The gunman was the ultimate bully. “Run” if possible or “keep calm” – is to equally suggest potential victims of the next determined and fully armed active shooter must accept/welcome the high velocity lead rather than insult him.

    To the woman bringing this suit … she is welcome to take her own advice but not welcome to inflict such failed tolerance/patience upon those with strong survival instincts.

    • So, bullying can kill. Are we to understand that an insulting and swearing bully is more lethal than a gun-toting Jihadi?

  3. Self-righteousness is morphing into mental illness and is spreading throughout the land.

      • Isn’t that Socialism in a nutshell: A bully with the State acting as toady/surrogate.

    • Seems to be “closet” Muslims among Germans and other EU citizens who are sympathetic towards the invaders no matter what evil acts they do, and want sharia law and their countries turned into a third world tyranny. The masses are so dumbed down it is baffling. Like in communist countries decades ago, everyone was suspicious of others and afraid to speak out or inform. This woman may be related to Ms. Merkel since they think the same. EU women probably have Muslim clothing and head scarves stored under beds just waiting for that day to dawn.

  4. This sick person deserves to be ridiculed. You can find her on YouTube from the link in the upper right corner of the vid. Though she has blocked comments on this video, you can comment on others or find her other social media channels to give her a piece of your mind. Extreme narcissist, single mother, despicable wretch.

  5. Three things leap out:
    1) What extensive “life-experience” does this woman have with people “with guns”?
    2) In the Socialist stooge GoodThink hive “violence” has the capacity of independent action, much like guns, suv’s, religion, and other inanimate objects and concepts. All of these ideas and tools are just waiting for a Badthink moment to strike, thus attaching false guilt to an innocent.
    3) If a significant portion of Germans think like this then ISIS is right and the Caliphate will win. This woman is young enough that she will probably live to realize the fulfillment of her inner slave.

  6. Where’s Darwin when we need him, or is he actually at work here?

    Also, any bets on whether not this curious retard is or was a ‘Public Servant’ who was ‘bullied’ because she was a curious retard?

    And, do they have any asylums in Germany that could accommodate this thing and the equally retarded curiosities in the German Public Services who actually brought this vacuous prosecution to fruition?

    Finally, why is Germany so intent on committing suicide – is it genetically predetermined or recently induced or is it a case that the rest of us have simply gone insane and that she really does represent the reality?

  7. This woman appears to have mental stability problems for making such a complaint but the German police and judiciary must also have mental problems for actually taking it seriously. What’s puzzling me is why is there so much mental illness in all the Western countries, is it caused by something we’re eating or drinking?

    • That’s a really good question! I’m too puzzled about it, that is, why we have in the West so much stupidity hanging around? I think Melanie Phillips gave an all-inclusive answer to that question in her book “The world turned upside down”. It is precisely because all that widespread stupidity, that characters like Merkel, Hollande, Renzi, Bergoglio, Rutte, Obama are enabled to propose and dispose.

      • Yes. The solution to Islam is simple: repatriate and segregate but Islam appears unstoppable because of only one thing: Western leaders who are morons and sellouts. If they gave the order to crack down the “crisis” in Europe and the US wouldn’t have even started.

    • This question has been actually occurring to me so many times recently, independently. Maybe it’s something on the atomic/cellular level, very physical, that gives opportunity to sickness of liberalism to take place. Like with cancer, many people are exposed to the toxins, but cancerous cells will develop only in certain conditions or over certain limits. Otherwise I can’t explain the irrationality of suicidal (anti-) instinct and the persistence of one’s own truth in liberals. Is it something we have developed as part of mass food production in the western style civilisation? I don’t think it’s intentional or induced by ruling powers or governments. I think it is a type of chemical imbalance in the brain and has still a long way to go to be diagnosed. How else to interpret the absurdities that are going on here?

      • How about genetic mutations to explain the widespread phenomenon of political leaders systematically devastating their electorate?

        Here’s the dynamic. Genes and chromosomes are constantly mutating at a fairly constant rate. If there is a systematic environmental pressure, the dysfunctional mutations will be selected out. But, any trait will eventually deteriorate and disappear if an environmental pressure is no longer applied. An example is the eyeless fish in dark caves. There is no selection against sight, but no selection in favor either, and eventually, the genes for eyes deteriorated through natural mutation.

        In a modern welfare state with abundant resources, there is no longer any selection pressure at all. Traits we consider desirable, such as intelligence, integrity, perseverance no longer confer any survival benefits. Thus, you see a dissociation of desirable traits not only in the electorate, but in the leaders.

        You also have the enlargement of the state, physically, becoming less responsive and more entrenched. The advent of globalization has the effect of insulating leaders from any constituent feedback. However, increased population and increased diversity also has that effect.

    • Very likely. Huge swathes of Western populations no longer eat proper food (ie raw ingredients raised by traditional farming methods and cooked from scratch) but rubbish produced in factories and marketed by advertising as “healthy” or “natural”. Our microbiomes are destroyed from childhood by doctors handing out antibiotics like candy for trivial infections that our immune systems are perfectly capable of dealing with. Many have swallowed wholesale the propaganda that the sun is bad for you ( initiated by dermatologists in the pay of drug/ cosmetic companies ,leading to woeful levels of vitamin D deficiency. This can lead to many physical ailments and depression for which again we are stuffed with poisons. To say nothing of the chemical overload in our environment from toiletries to flame retardants on furnishings and hormone disrupting plastics at every turn.

  8. If theirs a colloquial term to describe this woman’s train of thought I would call it the “Eve Syndrome”.

    Eve, the biblical other half of Adam who fell prey to the Serpent in “the garden”. And why the Eve Syndrome, simply the practice of cognitive dissonance in response to having no particular answer to a question, so one strings together a bunch of lies and represent it as the truth feathered in a bed of specious facts.

    Genesis 3;2,3 vs Genesis 2:9 add subtract divide it, one is the facts, one is the truth, which is a lie?

    Cognitive dissonance is being used as a strategy politically by most of the political elite. And at the same time is doing terrible mental harm to many vulnerable people who are literally in the crossfire of embolden madmen & women. When someone witnesses an awful physical trauma you often fall into babel. You recover yourself in the aftermath an your thoughts are disjointed.

    This women has been groomed her whole life to “feel”, thus cognitive crayola drawings about bullying and “feelings”. If only the world felt like how I felt this would have never happened. Maybe?

  9. I suspect all rational, intelligent humans have an ability to sort the kernels from the chaff . . . otherwise our species would have drowned in trifles a long time ago. Unfortunately, there is a large number of oxygen thieves – this woman being a case in point – being dragged along and protected by the efforts of the dwindling rational few. Now, it seems, democracy has these irrational whiners electing demagogues who have no compunction exercising power by rewarding insanity. When you reward something, you will get more of it. A good example is “hate” speech [and thoughts] being elevated to a level where someone is taken seriously when stating “bullying is no trivial offense”. In the world where hot metal and an assortment of searing shard rip through living bodies, bullying is exactly trivial! It may not be pleasant, but it is trivial . . . and even marginally sane people are quite capable of dealing with it as a reality of socialization.

    “The charges concerning slander/libel are in the public interest.” she declares.

    Who is the public? Who determines its interest? A long time ago – when sanity was still dominant in the world – the phrase “de minimis non curat lex ” (the law does not concern itself with trifles) was drummed into my head. Sadly, we live in and insane world, and the unprincipled scum in power know very well how to wield trifles as weapons of mass distraction. Their new laws elevate trifles to capital offenses.

    • I am afraid that Western civilisation has reached a stage in its development, at which the ability to sort the kernels from the chaff has become a very rare skill. One would expect that we would value it all the more, but in reality the officialdom, the system of education, the mainstream mass media, the cultural ‘elite’ and the innumerable ‘activists’ of all kinds are doing their best to discourage even those people who have this skill from practising it.

  10. it is the feminisaton of the public sphere. Caring, sympathy combined with emotional outrage and hysteria are all part of it. When the public sphere is dangerous, then the men are in charge, When there is an extended period of peace, the public sphere becomes feminised. If you got to a village in Egypt, the women are safe on the rooftops ( they are all flat and joined ) and the men rule the streets. Same in most countries that are perpetually at war/violent. She will find out once Germany falls apart. But like a lot of these poor puppies, she will simply convert.

  11. Brilliant! Maybe Sonboly himself ought to be posthumously charged, for killing himself. I mean, what chance did he have against a firearm from that range?

  12. Good thing that beer bottle didn’t connect, he could have been looking a good stint for man slaughter.

  13. 5:24 It is my life experience that a person with a loaded gun5:31 will definitely shoot if provoked.

    What life experience is that like?

    A bleeding heart fantasist like this has no idea what real life is like.

    As for the notion that the terrorist could have been provoked into shooting – The guy was ALREADY ON A RAMPAGE – ARMED AND OUT FOR BLOOD!

    The clue is in the phrase used by the woman herself – ‘person WITH A LOADED GUN’!!!!

    Why on earth would the authorities take a wingnut like this seriously? She should have been charged with wasting police time and given a mandatory 30 days in the clink. Or 30 strokes with the birch rod.

  14. In the UK I think the law is that you can’t be make a complaint on behalf of other people.

  15. This is like the city of Sarajevo tracking down Gavrilo Princip after WWI to issue his estate a bill for an unpaid parking ticket.

    The plaintiff has to be a comedian.

  16. For some reason, I thought this might happen…

    Just hoping that with every piece of absurdity such as this, a few more German liberals will wake up from their multi-kulti trance, and finally face reality.

  17. You don’t get it at all. If you are nice and kind, and speak in a soft, gentle voice to the shooters, you can distract them, and they will lose their anger and stop shooting people. Personally, I agree with her, yelling is a waste of time, taking careful aim with a high powered rifle works much better. Very important to control your respiration, and heart beat on those long difficult shots.

      • Ideological indoctrination works wonders. If her son had been killed she would have possibly said that her heart bleeds for him but it bleeds even more for the poor refugees suffering from racism, discrimination and, of course, Islamophobia. What’s worst, she might even be sincere!

        But progressive women in Germany tend to have no children. They are above such reactionary old-fashioned things as childbearing and family life.

  18. His name was actually Ali Daud Sonboly, not David. The authorities westernised it when in the first reports they were trying to pass him off as a local.

  19. I think I’m going to be sick. This stupid woman typifies all that is wrong with Germany. I wonder if she had lived in Germany in the 1930’s and saw someone throwing abuse at Brown Shirts dragging away Jews, whether she would lodge a complaint with the SA?

  20. I am afraid that I agree, in part, with the woman: the balcony man should not have yelled insults at Ali Daud Sonboly, it was the wrong thing to do. Rather, “Balcony Man” should have retrieved his firearm from his locked storage space, called for Ali Daud Sonboly to immediately drop his weapon and if young Ali failed to comply, shot him. Preferably in the upper thigh or somewhere not guaranteed to kill him so that young Ali could face trial after recovering from his gunshot wound. If the shot killed young Ali, so be it. Regrettably, Germany’s laws don’t allow “Balcony Man” to own a firearm. So 8 people died.

    Somebody up this thread stated:

    “It is the feminisaton [sic] of the public sphere. Caring, sympathy combined with emotional outrage and hysteria are all part of it.”

    And they were right.

  21. She’s complining that Ali Daud Sonboly may have been impelled by the harrangue to kill himself — but it was Sonboly killing himself that ended the attacks! His suicide was what ended the crisis!

    In any sane legal system, the prosecutor would have simply laughed at this woman and refused to pursue the complaint.

  22. Another of the pathetic sheep, bleating for their own slaughter. This miserable excuse for a human being is a hopeless idiot who couldn’t figure out, that a man already having murdered, is hardly going to be swayed by sweet words and appeals to stop. Baloney. Pieces of garbage like her are the grist for the islamic mill, and they would brutalize her without a second thought. This is what you get when you let women take charge. Women can’t lead because they’re always wrapped up in their touchy feely make-believe world where every thing can be talked out over a nice cup of tea. If I had seen that little bugger on his shooting jihad, I wouldn’t have said a thing, but I would have shot him dead with no more remorse than when I step on a cockroach. She wants to be a slave.

    • Please don’t paint all of us with the same brush.
      Had I been the “Man on the Balcony” I would have taken careful aim and blown his head off.
      This woman lodging the complaint is insane.
      There really is nothing more to say about a person standing up for a mass murderer because he was “bullied.”

    • Bravo. Schoolgirls like her have been conditioned by their televisions to believe everything can be worked out in 50 minutes, with several breaks for ads.

      Avoid these people, these womyn and their kept men. For one, they attract all sorts of dangerous vermin in the name of diversity. For another, when their phony system collapses, and their god Microchip is smashed, they will be a millstone around your neck.

      Detritus of a lazy age.

  23. Hey, womyn: why don’t you take your argument to a Jihadist. Open that college mouth of yours and wow him with your talk of micro-aggressions and the latest psychiatric treatment. I’m sure, with a little dose of your education, he will become a docile Western eunuch and apply for a credit card.

    Unfortunately, womyn like this run the rotting vassal states of Western Europe. Macho Islam is salivating over its chance to break them.

  24. Did it ever occur to this woman to file legal action against radical imams and Muslims who promote and instigate such violence? That provocation happened long before a bystander hurled insults at the murderer. And did it ever occur to this woman that the bystander may have served to distract the shooter — at his own risk — to allow others more of a chance to get away? Either this woman is low IQ / analytical reasoning skills or (and I suspect it is the latter) her mind has been debilitated by a warped political philosophy where criminals are victims, wrong is right, and Orwell’s language prevails.

  25. Wow, isn’t this fun?
    Let’s be honest here.
    How about everyone pull together and support something that will really work to stop radical Islamic terrorists?
    The entire productive capacity of the western world should be immediately put to work producing teddy-bears.
    Every individual in the western world should be required to carry these fluffy ursine pillows at all times.
    Any time there is a bomber/shooter/truck driver call-out of aloha snackbar, everyone tosses their teddy-bear at the screamer, and everything will be wonderful and perfect.
    Imagine all those teddy-bears bouncing off the truck in Nice, rather than those darn bullets. Surely, that would have changed the heart of the truck driver.

    • Wait, let’s make sure all of those Teddy-bears are named Teddy, and not Mohammed. That would be a bad thing to get wrong.
      I bet China could make one for every person on the Earth in a couple weeks. America used to be able to do it but, well, not any more.

  26. As someone famously said (and I don’t remember who said it)


    • Well…Churchill called it out well, at least in terms of modern “liberalism”:

      Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

      But the Brits insisted on it anyway, kicking him to the door.

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