The Sound of Silence

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan provides a little compare-and-contrast between the upcoming American presidential election and what’s currently going on in The Netherlands.

The sound of silence
by H. Numan

In America the presidential mudslinging campaigns are well on the way. Nothing new here. People tend to forget it, but almost all presidential elections have been (and will be) accompanied by lots of mudslinging. The few that weren’t were the dullest elections ever.

Now, take some comfort in the fact that Trump is vilified only as a buffoon. The worst the Democrats can do is laugh at the silly remarks made by Trump. Rest assured, if Trump had one unpaid parking ticket, they’d be right on top of it. They don’t because there isn’t anything they can use. In the other camp, it’s a whole different ballgame. Ms. Clinton has so many skeletons in her cupboard that Ikea’s stock is rising; she desperately needs more cupboards.

Yes, just about anyone is striking at Trump. Clinton is treated with kid* gloves (* no actual kids were harmed in the process). Yes, most of the media are firmly behind the Democrats and rigged the Democrat candidacy in Clinton’s favor. Yes, even the Republican party abhors the fact that they had to nominate Trump, and try to be as open as possible about it. But at least some of the media support Trump, as do many Americans. Even as notoriously a progressive activist as Michael Moore doubts Hillary Clinton can win, and I agree with him, albeit for different reasons.

That’s a far cry from The Netherlands, or Bananastan on the North Sea as I nowadays see it. In The Netherlands Geert Wilders is completely ignored in the media. Nothing is reported at all, unless it happens to be negative. No media attention whatsoever. That is no radio station, no TV station, no newspaper — nobody reports anything about Geert Wilders or the PVV. Unless it is something negative. He isn’t ridiculed anymore (didn’t work), nor is he vilified (didn’t work, either); instead he is stonewalled. By all media. None exempted. Just as you can do with Trump, I take some comfort in that Wilders has been proven 100% correct by the facts. It’s actually a lot worse than even he says. But he can’t speak the truth, much less what really needs to be done. If he did, he’d be arrested immediately.

I’ll translate a Facebook posting for you, composed by a Mr. Ersin Ulkar. He holds dual nationality, Dutch and Turkish. It’s not entirely unlikely that he lives off Dutch social benefits:

“I pray to Allah the almighty. With His help the Eiffel Tower will be renamed within ten years into the Sultan Abdul Tayyip Erdogan Tower. The Dom Church of Cologne will be renamed as Sultan Tayyip Mosque. Europe will be divided between Russia and the Ottoman Empire 2.0 (Turkey). It won’t be long.

Today 5 million Turks in Istanbul and 75 million Turks in Turkey swore vengeance and to destroy the West. Tuesday there will be a meeting between Erdogan and Putin. 8 hours has been set aside for that meeting. Plans will be discussed. Destroy the evil spirit. The USA won’t save Europe this time.

Your women will become our sluts in our harems. Your churches will burn. Your men will become our slaves! Your time has come. We will take revenge for Sultan Abdulhamit Han the second. We will rule! You will feel our jackboots! We will destroy! May Allah allow this to happen soon. Allah is great!”

There isn’t a word French in that, is there? He doesn’t really mince around the bush. But, in Bananastan on the North Sea, nothing is done about it. Yes, GeenStijl publicly nailed him. Afshin Ellian wrote a column in Elsevier.

And that’s about it. Noting else will be done. He won’t be extradited. He won’t get arrested. He won’t be asked to explain himself. He won’t lose his ‘precious’ Dutch citizenship. He won’t even get his benefits cut. Far more likely, he’ll get a lot extra. Because he has some ‘grievances’, belongs to the correct minority, is disadvantaged (his Dutch certainly is!) so empty a pot of gold and all his and our problems go away.

Here’s another pearl of perfect integration. The 15-year-old son of an imam walked the streets of Verviers (Belgium) at night calling loudly for the extermination of infidels. His daddy can be proud of him. He’s following in daddy’s footsteps, as daddy is a well-known very strict Salafist.

If I were to write anything not even a tenth as nasty, the Dutch government would scream for my extradition. Had I lived in The Netherlands, and written something not remotely as vile about Mohammedans, I’d be arrested, lose my job almost certainly, and would be lucky if the court were to settle for a steep fine only. Very likely the court would want to set an example and send me to jail. To frighten others into correct behavior. I’d be incarcerated in one of the few jails left, because currently the government is closing most of them down. From 2014 until 2018 no fewer than 32 complete prison complexes will be shut down. Due to “budget cuts”.

You probably read in The Gates about Mohammedans running amok in Europe, but it is far worse than you can possibly image. In America you can at least protect yourself to a fair extent. You can buy guns. In Europe that is unthinkable. In some European countries you can legally buy mace, but The Netherlands is not one of them. The — ahem — ‘best’ you can get is “Smurf Spray”. That’s a spray can with non-erasable blue paint (hence the name) so you can tag your assailant. Makes him really angry; if he hadn’t planned on killing you, he definitely will now. And the police? Donut, anyone? In Germany the police are under orders to ignore citizens’ complaints. In The Netherlands the police are too busy, too. They simply haven’t got the time to file your complaint. I have no idea with what, but very busy they are. And please do not try to defend yourself when assaulted, because both the Dutch and German police suddenly have plenty of time and ample manpower available to arrest you for inciting disrespect/discrimination/racial hatred/excessive violence/illegal weapons/looking mischievously or God knows what.

Assaults happen on a daily basis now, but they rarely reach the news. Only the very worst atrocities are reported. A simple gang rape, a mere mugging or a minor assault will not be reported in the news. The few cases that do reach the media are almost always reported as ‘lone wolves’ or ‘mentally deranged’. Yes, even the Mohammedan mass murderer of Nice was pictured at first as a ‘lone wolf’. They kept it up until it no longer could be denied. And after that, as a matter of fact. The Dutch media still called him a lone wolf and certainly not a real Mohammedan®, a full week after those facts were published internationally.

Or, if a victim happens to be gay, he is simply told not to flaunt it so openly, as he by now should know better. Several women who are genuinely in favor of refugees actually filed false rape accusations; they said that their assailants were European, while they were in fact refugees. Several women did this in Sweden and in Germany. They admitted the truth, but only after the police found out. Resulting in what? Not even a stern talking-to. Because they are women (how about double standards/patronizing/patriarchal?), they meant so well, and that sort of bull.

Making false accusations is a very serious crime, but if you do that for the sake of political correctness, it’s not only okay, it is even expected. Look at the coming Wilders trial (starting this autumn) where well over ten thousand false accusations have been filed. All you had to do is tick the offense you prefer and sign on the dotted line.

And yet, I’m moderately optimistic. Why? Because the PVV consistently polls at 35 seats. The last couple of months the polls were stable. Nobody lost or gained seats. But there are some changes behind the scenes. The Liberal Party (VVD) currently in government is going to be skinned. They hold 41 seats in parliament but the polls give them 25 at best. That’s what we see from the outside. Behind the scenes lots of people with higher education are now leaving the VVD. Yes, the fat cats and the mercenaries are leaving the sinking ship, hoping to gain a nice comfy job within the PVV, I know. But it’s a sign that even though the RMS VVD seems to be sailing smoothly, it’s actually taking on water.

Pim Fortuyn said before his murder it was five minutes before twelve. I’d say it’s about one o’clock now. Perhaps not too late. Don’t forget Winston Churchill only became prime minister on the very day Germany invaded Western Europe. After immense suffering and effort Germany was defeated. It could have been prevented easily, but the progressives of that era were just as naïve as ours are today.

There is a difference, though. In 1940 progressive activists weren’t actively supporting Germany. A few did, but not a lot. Today we not only have a fifth column (all our media), but a sixth (activists), seventh (most political parties and the courts), eight (refugees), ninth (terrorists already in the country) and a tenth column (resident dual-nationality Moroccans and Turks). It’s very likely Geert Wilders will win the elections in March. Even if he were to become prime minister, Churchill probably wouldn’t want to change places with him. Defeating Hitler was a whole lot easier.

Until those elections, nothing about the PVV in the news. Only the sound of lone wolves calling out the name of Allah’s Snackbar… But they aren’t real Mohammedans®, because real Mohammedans® don’t do that sort of thing.

— H. Numan

46 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. Poor Numan. Geert told us in Jerusalem 2007 that the only place he felt safe was in Israel. Can you imagine they allowed me into the auditorium and close up with Geert despite that fact that i was legally armed with a revolver? the Jewish gun license is the guarantee of Geert’s safety, but only in the Holy Land.
    Collaboration with the Islamo-Nazis appears to be de-rigeur in Holland. 94% of Dutch jews dies in the holocaust, more than collaborationist France. More than Mussolini’s Italy. Geert is one of those Righteous of the world who resists the collaborationist with evil norm and is still standing, who knows for hown long.

    • All true, what you say.

      BTW, I think that he has a Jewish grandparent.
      Not that it’s very relevant, but at least if the excrement really hits the fan, he’s at least eligible under the Law of Return, presumably.

      Though I doubt that he would desert the ship even after it has sunk.

      He is a true hero, like Tommy Robinson.

  2. Is there not a chance of launching a private prosecution of Mr Ulkar – similar to the prosecution instigated by the German woman, against the man shouting at the Munich shooter?

    • No. That would be “racist”, and it will likely result in the prosecution of anyone bringing charges against Mr Ulkar. There is a hierarchy of “judicial” worthiness that has to be maintained.

      • So has it gone so far that anybody Muslim can shout incitement to violence and hate speech all over the place and nothing’s to be done?

        • Yes, and just like here. Known gang members can scream ‘burn this bitch down’, and the mobs torch Baltimore and St Louis, but nothing is done because they belong to the correct minority. Inciting a riot is ok if you’re the right color.

  3. Best of luck to Geert Wilders. I hope he manages to speedily de-Islamize
    the Netherlands . At least he tries .No-one else seems to dare raise his head above the parapets.
    I think when Trump wins ,Wilders will receive a huge boost.Trump’s policies will validate Wilder’s policies.

    Trump and Wilders are Western civilization’s only hope.

  4. read about atrocities but this writer makes plain that they are much worse and much more heinous than has been reported.
    may european and american men wake up and find their manhood soon.

  5. I wish there was some way we could smuggle guns to you. Surely there must be some avenue that you can acquire guns. You must inject fear into these barbarians. Nothing else will work. Good Luck Friend.

    • Sten guns are easy to manufacture with very basic metal working equipment. Plans and instructions are plentiful on the internet. Perhaps when Europeans value their freedom more than they fear the authorities they will work some metal.

  6. Is Wilders really being “completely ignored?” Telegraaf did something on him and Brexit two days ago, and there is lots more if you search back a month for Wilders plus nieuws or some other relevant word of Dutch. It didn’t seem all that hostile at first glance.

    But thanks for the piece, and for the FB post translation. I am looking forward to this election

    • While a few reports on “undesirable” politicians will leak out sometimes – even positive or neutral – there seems to be a deliberate policy of ignoring the real threats to the establishment. That was the case in the previous US presidential campaign.

      Case in point:

      The policy seems to have failed this time around, so the media have had to settle for Plan B against Trump: Apoplectic Vitriol!

      It is still Plan A with “Geert Who?”

  7. The malaise of the West is a malaise of the spirit. The empty materialism of consumerism and celebrity worship, prompted by the media and condoned by degenerate churchmen, has left Europe and the entire West on its knees. But the West will revive, it may take a terrible amount of suffering to wake the people up, but eventually they will.

    • Not all the West. There are few but proud Orthodox Christians, Protestants, and others who will fight (whether armed or morally) for our beliefs.

        • Mostly the Theravada Buddhists and especially the ones from Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka.

        • But Cynthia’s comment focused on the West.

          Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., are Eastern belief systems and had little effect on the development of the Western value of fighting to defend one’s tribe or values.

          Yes, in the 19th and 20th centuries there was more interaction between East and West, and therefore more education about one another. But that was long past the period of formation for both sides.

          Interestingly, in a more or less straight line from west to east in the central part of Virginia, and in the midst of dozens and dozens of small country churches, you have 3 very different communal groups: furthest west, there are Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds – mostly full of sullen black felons who have ‘reverted’ to a form of Islam preached by a Pakistani who calls himself Sheikh Jilani. They give about one-third of their income and welfare benefits to his upkeep in Pakistan.

          Travelling east a few counties you encounter a large Hindu community (mostly, but not entirely European-Americans, with a mix of Indian-Americans). The ashram has a huge temple on the James River.

          That’s a foreshortened image…but accurate enough.

          The endowments for the establishment of Yogaville included generous amounts from famous entertainers of the ~ 1970s – e.g., Carole King paid for the land.

          Yogaville prides itself on its ecumenism, inclusiveness, etc. – all religions good, including Islam, many ways to one God, etc. However, to its credit, it is firmly a Hindu community with satsang on Saturdays and a communal dining room which is strictly vegetarian. It offers yoga classes and has various retreats for people from all over the country. With the death of its founder, it remains to be seen if there will be more than a two-generation survival. I hope so…

          Moving further west, a Catholic monastery is almost finished building its huge plant. This is an SSPX monastery – i.e., one founded on the ideas French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre:

          The doctrinal split whose main leader was Lefebvre came after the Vatican Council called by Pope John XXIII. Many dissenters claimed that this Council, esp. the Second, fell into the error of “modernity”. There was – and remains – conflict over the rules regarding the use of the vernacular – the local language – in rituals which had for many centuries been celebrated solely in Latin. Thus the “Latin Rite” church as opposed to say, the Greek or Russian Orthodox Church.

          This new Catholic seminary is moving from Minnesota, its former base. Normally when a monastery builds a new chapter house, the old one still remains. This will not be the case for the one in Minnesota. It’s an interesting story but one whose details only the insiders know.

          But there you have it: 3 distinct communities across a span of rural, mostly lower middle class and sparsely settled counties in central Virginia.

          Muslims-> Hindus -> schismatic Catholics.

          Only the first are of any concern…as you can see from our archives.

      • We armed Christians still practice regularly at the range — that includes our Pastor.

  8. It amuses me to have been insultted for posting common-knowledge truths here, and to receive verbal abuse in response.

    Scanned several recent articles and replies on this site, I agree with much, but didn’t see even one URL for back-up of assertions on any of the recent posts.

    • I’ve been away for several days. What are these “common-knowledge truths”? Were they on this thread? b/c I don’t see your name on this one.

      Where may I find your posts? thx

  9. One may not buy Mace®, but how about crafting your own mace? Homicidal medieval-minded invaders deserve no more.

      • I’m sorry. That won’t fly. We have a special clause in the law stating that anything that can be used as a weapon is a weapon. Suppose you plan to smother someone with cottons balls, at that moment cotton balls are considered a weapon.

        Suppose you have a aluminum torch in your car or a mallet next to your manual gearshift, that is considered a weapon and you’d be arrested immediately. You can carry those, but only in a closed bag or locked compartment.

        • If a law doesn’t make sense, it’s not a law worth following.

          These are the laws of the people who are responsible for this whole mess- why on Earth would you respect them??

          • You can lay all those ideas about people in the Netherlands making / printing their own guns to rest. It’s simply not going to happen for reasons I’ll attempt to clarify here :

            1) With one of the strictest gun laws in the entire western world and possibly the lowest gun density in all of Europe, you bet printing guns is Illegal in the Netherlands. This is a country where non-lethal BB Guns, airsoft guns, replicas, even realistic looking toy guns are all illegal “Because you could threaten and rob someone with them”. You’re not allowed to own such items. Similarly, tear gas, Bear spray, pepper spray, mace, all illegal, illegal, illegal. Knives, clubs, blackacks, btass knuckles. All illegal. If you’d stuff a cueball in a sock it would probably count as an illegal weapon in court, if you used it to clobber an assailant over the head with it. In short : defending yourself is in most cases illegal. Violent encounters with unwanted guests like intruders or burglars are likely to result in the homeowner going to court on serious charges and going to jail.

            This absurd policy, of course, is all part of the systematical reversal of perpetrator and victim in this country.

            2) Fairly obvious question : After you printed your 3D gun, where are you going to get ammo ? Even the Dutch armed forces, fondly referred to as “the beggars army” by their NATO partners lack bullets due to budget cuts etc. and allegedly, Dutch soldiers have to yell “BAM ! BAM !” during military exercises. Despite that being utterly embarrassing enough, a Dutch minister welcomed this info enthusiastically, gleefully tweeting “delightful news !” which is a pretty good indicator of the pacifist “broken gun” vibe from the 60’s and early 70’s still being prevalent in the Netherlands. Both the Dutch police and military are instructed to AVOID conflict, to “de-escalate”, and to “seek dialogue” rather than putting their foot down and kicking some […]one.



            So what are you gonna do for ammo ? Make your own ? With WHAT ? Let me know how that works out for you, but personally I’m not taking any chances firing a homemade round from a makeshift single shooter, crafted by someone with ZERO experience in gunsmithing who also lacked the right crafting materials. Firng one of those contraptions would probably be at least as dangerous for the shooter as for the intended target.

            3) The MINDSET of the Dutch. This is something most Americans simply do not grasp. There is no gun culture here, and concepts like “home defense” are completely alien, unthinkable even to the Dutch. Similarly, most Dutch have some very strange misconceptions about Americans and gun ownership in the US. (Proponents of the Second Amendment are commonly believed to be “trigger happy rednecks, who think they are cowboys in the wild west”).

            The Dutch have been completely disarmed, but have also been brainwashed into *liking* being disarmed, and were lulled into a false sense of security where people genuinely believe that “The government and the police will protect us”.

            Unless things change quickly I’ll give it another 5 – 10 yrs before the chickens come home to roost in this politically correct insane asylum by the North Sea.

  10. Thank you Mr. H. Numan for your article. What is happening in Europe is appalling. I agree with Adolph Hitler when he said…..THE PUBLIC….THERE IS NO END TO THEIR STUPIDITY. THERE IN NOTHING THEY WON’T BELIEVE.
    Geert Wilders is a brave and great man. I hope he will become PM of the Netherlands soon. I hope it is not too late. Insanity has taken over in the West. Churchill said something about fighting when you can win because someday you may have to fight even when there is no chance to win. I think we are in more trouble than in WWII. I hope GOD will raise up righteous leaders and the public has sense enough to follow them.

    • Geert Wilders is our contemporary Winston Churchill. He speaks truth to power. These words may sound familiar; I have changed only one of them.

      ‘The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. [The Enemy] knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour.” ‘

      Text of Churchill’s entire Battle of Britain speech available at . Still brings tears to my eyes each time I read or think of these words, the conclusion to a no-holds-barred description of military loss, military valor, volunteer valor, and a vastly outnumbered populace struggling for what is right.

  11. The double standards with hate-speech become evermore glaring, to the point their true intent is quite visible.
    They are overwhelmingly used against Europeans resisting multiculturalisation and Islamification.
    Just how far the authorities go, to protect Islam while facilitating jihad (inadvertently or not) is truly disturbing.
    Tommy Robinson is a bell-weather- I wont quote the offending statement on a flag regarding ISIS he displayed in France, those curious can read the story at Breitbart or Gatestone but what did transpire;
    “Upon his return to London, Bedfordshire police immediately charged Robinson with inciting racial hatred”
    Insulting ISIS in the UK, is apparently now ‘inciting racial hatred’ but if an ISIS sympathiser wanders round London landmarks, with the flag of ISIS draped around his shoulders- a terrorist group, involved in ethnic cleansing, brutal executions, slavery, torture etc etc ….and the Metropolitan Police’s response was his “actions were not considered to be unlawful.”

    The rot goes very deep indeed in the UK, the betrayal is immense.

    • I thought that ISIS would be extreme enough to make that hypocrisy stop, but apparently not. Scary.

    • It sickens me to admit I was was born and raised there. My parents could see what was going on. Enoch was right. So I left. Left everybody. No regrets.

  12. Mr. Numan

    Even if PVV achieves 35 seats it can´t rule the country, because are necessary 75 seats to do so.
    Which parties would make deal with PVV ? VVD ? PvDA?

    • The PVV is rejected as a coalition partner by almost all the other political parties. The VVD is currently extorting the PVV. The VVD “ordered” the PVV to change their stance on some issues in order for the VVD to work with the PVV.

      76 seats would give the PVV absolute power in Dutch parliament. However the PVV still wont be able to pass a single law even if the have those 76. In order to do so they need to control the Dutch senate also.
      The PVV currently has 9 seats out of 75 in the senate.

      So a 2017 victory in the general elections- no matter how big that victory will be- wont change a thing other than the illusion of power…

    • I expect the PVV to win >40 < 50 seats. If Allah is willing, and ISIS generously support him with a few more attacks at the right moment, possibly even 55 seats. But let's be realistic and go for the 40 range and for this argument he'll get 45 seats.

      That means 30 seats are needed. The VVD will sell their soul to anyone and will jump through any ring to escape punishment. They'll get close to 20 seats. That means only ten more are needed.

      Despite all their big words, I think the CDA will play ball.

      Why? Because they think they can control the PVV from the senate. The PVV has only 9 seats there, no legislation will pass. If they try that, the brown mess will really hit the ventilator.

      • Suppose you are right. 45 seats for the PVV. Stil no party will form a coalition with them. At least. That’s what i think.

        But if CDA, VVD and VNL and the SGP want to join a 76+ coalition i don t see anything to gain for the PVV in such a coop.

        The last time (in 2010 the PVV helped CDA/VVD to form a gouvernement, but was not part of that coalition) we saw CDA and VVD hiding behind EU rules when the PVV demanded less immigration. The same will happen now if the PVV finds itself in the miracle coalition you think will be the result after the 2017 elections.

        The PVV better explain the Dutch voter there is a party kartel at work in the Netherlands. It’s either the PVV or the old 16th century network disguised in all those parties.

        Btw. Nice essay mr Numan. I like the ones at ejbron too.

        • History shows that coalitions in the Netherlands consisting of four or even more parties are higly unstable due to sectarian fighting. If this 76+ coalition were to materialize it would colapse within two years.

          • Well. Now that you mention it. Trump=PVV is sort of what is going on in the west.

            We can no longer win any election in the West. The communists imported enough third world electorate to win any election. The communists in the west own any major media outlet, they own the entertainment industry and they own the Clinton News Network (CNN). There is no point in elections anymore.

            I for myself can no longer be in any space with any demo(c)rat.

            I dont believe in elections anymore. Lets split up our lands and [engage in carnal knowledge of] all those demo(c)rat….

  13. The Libertarian ticket for President (Gary Johnson & William Weld), each of whom have been two-term Republican governors (New Mexico and Massachusetts, respectively) *also* are treated to this non-existence-type of non-coverage.

    Even the outright Socialist Green Party’s Jill Stein gets more coverage than Johnson/Weld, at least in the San Francisco Bay Area (maybe culturally similar to Amsterdam? in its love for non-confrontation and “maybe it will go away” type stuff.

    Geert Wilders is a humanitarian (what’s not humanitarian about FREEDOM?) and courageous hero. I devour every word I can find and am trying to find something online to help me read Dutch.

    • Actually, be thankful for that, because it probably lowers Hillary’s chances of becoming president!

  14. Sultan Abdul Tayyip Erdogan Tower – The fact that he has a name picked out leaves me alternating between a chuckle and bewilderment. Well it is probably true that in all of these cases there is some mental illness but it is certainly deceptive to leave it at that.

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