The Islamic State Comes to Prague

Long-time readers will remember Martin Konvicka, a Czech Counterjihad activist whose previous actions in Prague have appeared in this space.

Mr. Konvicka’s latest caper involved a simulated takeover by the Islamic State of the capital of the Czech Republic. He and his colleagues in Alternative for CR mounted a Humvee and drove into the Old Town Square in central Prague to announce the new Islamic regime in Czechia.

The faux mujahideen carried plastic toy guns, wore paste-on beards, and generally hammed it up in their presentation to the Czech public. However, some of the snowflakes in their audience evidently filed a complaint with the police, and they were required to visit police headquarters and explain their actions. Since they had acquired the proper permits and coordinated with the police in advance, there was no real issue, and it’s unlikely that they will face any further legal trouble.

The three videos below show the pretend ISIS takeover and its aftermath. The first video discusses what happened, and features interviews with members of Alternative for CR. The other two videos show the action itself. Notice that the people who take offense at the performance art seem to be tourists, and shout their (obscene) complaints in English.

Many thanks to Margita for the tip, to Xanthippa for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

Transcript video 1:

00:00   Heckler: “We don’t want them here!”
00:04   ‘Occupying Forces Take Over Prague!’
August 21 2016
Initiative Martin Konvicka
00:08   With my colleague Vitek, we are going to be called on to give an explanation,
00:13   because there is a suspicion that the crime of ‘spreading alarming news’
00:18   may have been committed. We will, of course, give an explanation, because the event was properly
00:23   permitted and occurred according to the way the event had been filed for.
00:27   Martin Konvicka
Initiative MK
Candidate for the Senate
for the Tabor Region
Alternative for CR
have just been through the first occupation by the Islamic State. I’m sitting here, in Vinohrady,
00:32   and am following the media reports. Here we have iDnes. They write about panic, injuries, ambulances
00:36   but if you watch our coverage, you will see
00:41   surprised, but definitely entertained people, friendly people,
00:47   no panic, no ambulance, nothing like that. And had there not been
00:52   a few unruly and hysterical ‘sunshiners’ [PC/SJW], and a few Arab visitors who interrupted
00:55   the production, the action would have ended completely without any incident.
01:00   Coverage from the vehicle, as it arrives at the Old Town Square [Prague], carrying ‘Islamic State fighters’ who are shooting… as can be seen, absolutely nobody is panicked or running away. Everything is absolutely calm.
01:47   So, I have just come back from the police, where I went to submit an explanation.
01:53   Martin Vitek
Organizer of the event ‘Occupying Forces Take Over Prague’
Initiative MK
Alternative for CR
    is the several-pages-long
01:57   record of my testimony. I have to say, the police were very nice the whole time, totally solid;
02:01   I was very satisfied. They were welcoming,
02:07   and I think that in the end, everyone will come to agree that absolutely nothing
02:11   happened, it was a harmless prank and everyone enjoyed themselves.
02:14   If anyone did not get the humorous
02:18   dimension of this event, then I expect these people were
02:22   our former members, who have left us.
02:26   Otherwise, I think everyone must have got it and was even entertained.
02:30   Chancellor Merkel say that we will have to get used to terrorist attacks.
02:34   So, according to you, it is OK that people here are frightened because of what you
02:38   showed here? — If they are scared because of, let’s say, funny skits, it is still better
02:43   than if they are scared because of real violence.
02:47   Did you consider the possibility that someone might get injured, if during the panic, they started running?
02:51   Well, to tell the truth, I had not thought of that. But, that would be
02:55   as if you said that when a circus arrives somewhere, and that is bad, because somebody might
02:59   get frightened by a spooked horse. I don’t accept this. — But a circus and firing shots are a bit different.
03:04   For God’s sake, it was shots from children’s [toy] guns.
03:08   So anyone watching it from far away cannot know that. That, of course, they cannot know.
03:11   So, you still think that it is OK, now that you see, in hindsight, what you’ve done here?
03:14   I don’t know ‘what we’ve done here’. Take note, that I was not in those gardens (?)
03:17   But these are incidental questions, sir.
03:20   Mr. Editor. You could easily claim that I have ‘done something here’. No, we have shown
03:24   to the people of Prague what it would look like, if Prague came to be occupied, by, say,
03:29   by Islamic militants. — So, what exactly are the police looking into here, with you?
03:33   I expect that the police will take a look at
03:37   our papers, and then release us. What else would they want to do with us?

Transcript video 2:

00:00   Don’t be bringing Islam here! Leave your Islam at home!!!
00:08   That’s it! Right on!
00:12   That’s what it looks like.
00:16   Allahu Akhbar!
00:36   Allahu Akhbar!
00:40   We have brought you the light of true faith!
00:44   (?) Islam!
00:48   Allahu Akhbar!
00:56   Today this will mean something for you.
01:00   I know that very few of you, as of now,
01:04   believe in Allah and his messenger.
01:08   But, I do remember the last liberation: everyone was against the invasion,
01:12   then, a few night nights later,
01:16   just how many good friends of the Soviet Union turned out to he here after all!
01:20   I know that once you have had a chance to think it through,
01:24   many of you will remember that you have, after all, always been good Muslims!
01:28   Allahu Akhbar!
01:33   Madrassas will be built.
01:37   We will revise all the local libraries
01:49   And here, we have some items. It is now forbidden
01:53   to depict any kind of living beings! Audience: What?!?
01:57   Of course, there is an exception for depicting the heroes of jihad, such as myself.
02:01   I know, that today, you are paying more.
02:05   But, don’t worry. If the first half isn’t be enough for us,
02:09   then we’ll just take the other half, too.
02:13   Allahu Akhbar!
02:21   Xenophobe!
02:25   Xenophobe!

Transcript video 3:

00:00   This is an important day in the history of this country.
00:04   Because
00:08   on the basis of an invitation letter, sent to us —
00:12   Audience: Who sent it? A: 150 true believers
00:16   and jihadis! Audience: Sobotka!
00:20   And the good Muslima Anna Sabatova
00:25   and an even better Muslima Valachova
00:29   and my slaves: Pelikan, Sobotka
00:33   and more and more and more…
00:37   Allahu Akhbar!
00:41   We have brought you…
00:45   listen.. .hey… you can yell all you want…
00:49   listen, brother… this is Bohemia…
00:54   …get down! Get to the house!
00:58   It’s Islam! Everything is Islam!
01:02   Shut up! Leave him alone!
01:06   ….I see what you are!
01:14   Cheer up! You stupid girl,
01:19   you are here, in our country. And you are here like a guest!
01:23   Just a guest! F*** you!
01:27   …What do they (the rude tourists) even want from us? Don’t let them piss you off…
01:44   You don’t understand what is going on.
02:00   …human waste…
02:42   Islam — go away! We don’t want Islam!

10 thoughts on “The Islamic State Comes to Prague

  1. As usual the “Medeia” and their foreigner Antifas display the fact they are on the side of the disgusting “elite” and their Moslem “masters”. All of them are psychiatric cases, long overdue for treatment. No sense of humour is a sure sign of psychiatric illness.

  2. The Czech language (spoken or written) sounds hilarious to a Polish person… now we know you have a great sense of humour too! (clearly too much for the Western tourist snowflakes, though).

    This reminds me of a reconstruction of the Battle of Vienna I once saw, in Warsaw – complete with banners with Islamic script, and plenty of “Allahu Akbars”. All the time I was thinking – if any PC Brit had been there, they’d have probably had a heart attack.

  3. Video 2, is quite an effective bit of street theatre. The transfer of the television image of Islamic Syria into the centre of Prague might just wake up a few.

  4. Bravissimo, my fellow Czechs! Our sense of (dark) humor, Kafkaesque absurdity and theatrical hyperbole is something we Czechs excel in … Very, very funny and sinister at the same time.

    I am not worried about the country I was born in. We will survive the future as we had survived the Nazis and communists.

    Veritas Vincit.

  5. Well done!My Czech brothers and sisters . The Czechs have a way of using ‘dark humor’ and street theater to express their views and prove a point.

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