The False Mythos of Migration

To this Hungarian op-ed writer, the political leaders of Western Europe are insane in their promotion of the mass immigration of Muslims into the continent.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from the Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap:

Ervin Nagy: The false mythos of migration

I am trying to understand the reasoning of migration-friendly politics.

It is difficult, because it looks like no matter which one I examine, all of them fall so far from reality that it is hard to process it with a sane mind. The intellectual point of view, quoting European values, exists in theory but it represents “another” Europe, one which based on a false illusion, which was abandoned long ago. The profit-centric argument are simply not working. The ones arguing with demographic problems do not even recognize it, but are only offering cultural suicide for the population of the continent.

When a loud but small group of European intellectuals states that the ideal of Western civilization is based on the human freedom of its citizens and values of democracy, it is only talk about half-truths. It is clear that European traditions are dual in nature. One side it is a Christian-based value system; on the other side it is based on a liberal ideology born in the Age of Enlightenment, embracing the individual. The two ideology are antagonistic to each other. The migrant-friendly intellectuals, despite of this collision, fondly use the Christian point of view in their arguments. They refer to the infinite freedom of an individual, they promote multiculturalism, and they are against any community and most of all nations. After that they insert into this liberal tradition hostile to Christianity the lie that we must accept all migrants because it is morally the right thing to do. But this train of thought gets derailed in multiple places. The most obvious one is that it is clear that most migrants are hostile towards these principles. Islam is simply not compatible with liberal values, so using them to force an integration is in reality impossible.

The profit-centric argument states that a cheap workforce will help maintain economic development, but we already know this is simply not true. Maybe it would have worked in the sixties, but last couple of years experience shows something very different. If we look only at the largest country that accepted migrants, Germany, this year’s statistics show only 54 migrant were hired by the 30 largest companies of the Frankfurt stock market. It is not a coincidence that Merkel called together the leaders of the largest multinational companies for a September meeting to lean on them to hire more migrants. She can try, but it looks to be a complete waste of effort.

The third reason pro-migrant politicians mention is solving the demographic problems. It is applicable to the whole of Europe that fewer and fewer children are being born and societies are aging. This will be a problem not in a hundred years, but in a couple of decades, so that will cause problems that need to be solved for a politician who is alive now. The solution proposed — that the immigrants will correct the demographic distortion — has some dangerous and unpredictable consequences, because people from Islamic cultures can’t and won’t integrate. It is hard to understand — why do they not invest the same energy and money to increase the inclination of European citizens to have babies, that is being used for the education of migrants, for their enlightenment or to put them to work and integrate them? To improve the conditions for having more children require a serious government effort. If that is not present, Europe will destroy itself.

The rulers of the EU and the leaders of some of the large nations have lost their healthy contact with reality. They are sitting in their ivory towers using old, failed principles from the Age of Enlightenment, with some long-stale economic theories and with some completely erroneous population politics to direct the poor continent, which deserves a much better fate.

The only questions are: When will the daydream collapse? When will the mythos depart and hurtle the pro-migrant-friendly politicians into reality?

39 thoughts on “The False Mythos of Migration

  1. Very soon. The Islamist invasion will destroy Europe as anything but a map coordinate in Frau Merkel’s lifetime. The treason of the euro-trash elites s without historical precedent.

  2. How to encourage western women to have more children?
    Any policy these nit wits put in place at this point will only exaserbate the problem. Not one would dare base the insentives on race or ethnic heritage.

    • I saw an article a while back with the idea that social security was what destroyed family formation. Children used to be an important form of old age/ disability assistance. Moslems are still used to this idea, which may account for some of their higher birthrate.

      Also our modern welfare systems and divorce law are nothing but subsidies for “independent” women(it’s for the chilren). Men have no say, and are there to be milked, unless they are lucky and cute.

      I think any “social safety net” that is better than the worst job will always be an incentive for shirking our duties, even our duty to reproduce the next generation. For this reason the only “safety net” that will not eventually destroy society is the basic poorhouse: a bunk in a dorm, and meals of grains and beans.

      Let’s see the thugs [obtain the carnal favors of willing females] when the girls risk raising a kid in a dorm.

      • I agree 100 %. Since there is no longer any shame or stigma attached to having babies out of wedlock or to divorce, any check on bad behavior will have to come from removing that which incentivizes such reckless procreation by those who have no business doing so. Restricting public handouts to the absolute minimum necessary to ward off starvation is a good method. Although, I suspect when economic collapse strikes the western world, necessity will force such measures regardless of what the voters want or don’t want.

      • It is not social security, but the whole modern economic system. In modern society from the economic point of view, children are not an asset, but a liability.

        In a traditional peasant household children began to do some light work sometimes as early as 3 or 4 years of age. At 10 they already gave serious help to the parents and at 14 some of them were almost as good as grown-ups at doing essential jobs ensuring survival of their families.

        In modern societies, children are prohibited by law from working. And even young adults, after leaving school, very often continue their studies and earn very little if anything. The little that they earn they spend on themselves. On the other hand, the parents are required by law to satisfy all the needs of their children. And these needs are much greater and more varied than those of children in traditional societies. Moreover, modern society expects from parents not only to satisfy their legitimate needs (like food, clothes, medical care, education etc.), but to indulge their whims.

        Adolescents nowadays have almost all the rights of grown-ups, but none of grown-ups’ obligations. It is considered natural that they ‘experiment’ with sex and wine, go out to discos, have holidays by the sea, etc. Parents, on the contrary, have very few rights to control or guide their adolescent children’s lives. But they are obliged to pay their bills.

        When children finally grow up and start living alone they rarely provide any help to their parents at all.

        In this situation, the absence of social security would rather discourage women (and even more so, men) from having children.

        We see it in real life. More and more people prefer to stay childless (or, as they put it, childfree) and live alone. Others satisfy themselves with one or two children.

        And it is not only economy. Dechristianisation has removed the religious motivation for childbearing. Modern culture ‘celebrates’ individualistic life styles, i.e. various forms of eternal adolescence. Feminism encourages women to live and behave like men, thus making them reluctant and morally incapable of becoming mothers. Men, in their turn, are encouraged to adopt female behaviour patterns becoming rather inefficient as fathers. Encouragement of homosexuality also destroys traditional attitudes to family life.

        So, social security is not that important as a factor of demographic decline. On the contrary, it encourages people to have children. Though, of course, it makes it easier for women to live as single mothers and helps to destroy the family.

      • Are you married and raising at least 3 White children?

        If not you have no right to tell other Whites to have children.

    • I have seen an idea in another comment in another article. It was about giving tax breaks for families instead of social benefits. This would target people who actually working and not parasites. Obviously there are no such thing as a perfect system. Keeping the Muslims playing rabbits away from this should be based on a different ground: Most states has laws against overthrowing democratic governments, constitutions (basic law) which should include provided human rights, even the European Conventions of Human Rights has an article (17) which would be applicable against Muslims. (Obviously the traitor elite forgot this one)
      This would undermine their logic to have their right for their “religion” aka supremacist ideology to spread and suppress other human’s rights. Ultimately Islam should be banned and anybody who not willing to give it up deported.

      • You forget that Islam is in Europe to colonize and conquer. They do not recognize any code of human rights but only adhere to the Cairo document on Human Rights which is guided by shariah law and nothing else.

        Get a grip Cross, Europe will be subsumed by Islam unless the “elite leadership” and Islam is pushed out of the continent.

    • I saw an article maybe a year ago, where Hungary is addressing this problem – by providing decent, subsidised housing to (married) couples who contract to have some (3?) babies in a 10 year period. [from memory]
      I also heard some years ago of a scheme in Spain where they encouraged couples (financially) to have their babies in Spain. This may not have worked well as lots of Moslems have flocked to Spain (presumably a “peaceful” jihad to reassert Moslem domination over Andalusia) who don’t need encouragement to procreate …..

      • Thus illustrating (in Spain) the poisonous interaction of equality and fanatic refusal to discriminate in favor of what is your own. Together the ensure the success of Muslim dominance, the ultimate human example of the cuckoo strategy. Few things are as gross as pictures of birds feeding fat invasive chicks larger than themselves that have devoured their own offspring.

        The West feeds foreigners in this same fashion. The killings just come at a later stage. The killing of the culture if nothing else.

        But there will be actual killing, of course, with the Akbarites.

  3. Anybody who wants to understand what is going on should read the bible which descrbes how in the last days we will see Satan and his minions rise to power.

    The simplistic answer here is that we are dealing with a political religion complete with its own utopia and its own mythology. Unfortunately it is not a nice religion, it is there to re-establish a world wide feudal system where the rich and the powerful are above the law.

    • There are some disturbing similarities to the last century of the Western Roman Empire. The barbarians wanted the benefits that the great civilisation delivered. However they never understood how the entire complex organisation functioned and as a result, they destroyed it. Muslims are essentially parasites on Western industrial society, they don’t realise that it they successfully Islamise it there will be no industries to supply them with all the Kuffar goods they value.

      I can’t help using another reference to the ancient world. We, in the West, have actually made our own Trojan Horse–the ideology of muticulturalism.

    • Highly appropriate considering the recent revelations about Soros’ plans for the world.

  4. Well, understand it or not, many Europeans clearly are in favour of more migration, and less border control. And, thinking back to the days when I used to regularly travel by bus from Poland to London, and spend (on average) around 4 hours waiting to cross the pre-EU German border, I can, to some extent, sympathise… less border control means less difficulties for travellers, and international trade – while more free migration means more of a chance to move to where there are work opportunities, benefitting oneself, the economy of the host country and, often, family back home. This has doubtless helped to force employers to raise pay packets, especially in Poland.

    The issue is that most people are (like me, up until around 13 years ago) consumers of purely mainstream media and as such are blissfully unaware of the ways in which followers of Islam take advantage of migration, while they have too little knowledge of the extent to which migration leads to criminals, and organised crime, moving to new territory… (something that’s obvious to most people working in police, border control or immigration offices).

    All of this, coupled with a paranoia around the word “racism” and mass manipulation of public opinion by images of a dead baby on a beach, or a boy in Aleppo covered in rubble, means that the mainstream public are shocked into agreement that migration is morally necessary. Nonetheless, looking at forums and comment sections of mainstream newspapers, as well as recent voting trends (eg Brexit), one can see that a large section of the population can still see the negative effects of mass migration. The key, IMO, is to present the argument against mass migration in such a way that it’s an acceptable topic to talk about (eg make the argument “waterproof” against any accusations of racism) – which would lead to more people discussing the topic, hence making it possible to bypass any manipulation made by mainstream media.

    Since racism isn’t such a big taboo in the former Eastern Bloc, it’s more possible to discuss such issues there – perhaps explaining why such an overwhelming amount of people in these countries are able to have a politically-incorrect opinion on the topic, and use elections to overthrow pro-EU/migration ruling elites, as recently happened in Poland.

  5. And will the West continue to implode beneath the weight of savagery, the sheer numbers, not with a bang but with a politically correct whimper?
    Any one who thinks rationally about this must conclude that EU leaders HAVE to know exactly what they are doing.
    They are not daydreaming, this is not a simple case of denial, anyone can learn how Islam conquers, and can do so with a single click of the internet.
    Those victimized by migrant mythos have to stop making excuses for those elected turncoats who betray their own people.
    They are clearly UN collaborators in the agenda of the Great Displacement of Europe (an actual UN policy to mongrelize Europe).
    Are the citizens against whom their own leaders continue to use millions of migrants as weapons of mass destruction too passive to rise up? Too complacent to openly revolt? Too paralyzed to act in time to save themselves, by ousting these traitors whose migration policies force citizens to fund those who displace them?
    Do Western Europeans lack the instinct to survive? Can they muster the collective will to move quickly enough to metaphorically or otherwise hang their own leaders?
    Or, like a mongoose faced with a cobra, so Europeans lack the will to do what has become necessary?
    If Israel was not proactive, and behaved as Europe by and large is behaving under duress, if Israel was soft and equivocal, not firm and perceptive, Israel would no longer exist.

    • I agree with you. People say “our leaders are stupid/ mad etc.”No, they are not. To get where they are, one has to be intelligent and sharp. Planning moves several steps ahead. If a lot of reasonably intelligent ordinary people can see what is going on, they can too. What precisely is the driver? Ideology? Power? Money? Its usually one, or a combination of all 3. I myself favour money and power, rather than ideology as they are not 1st year undergraduates fired with a love of a mythical utopia, without the life experience to see reality. So… where is this money and the resultant power going to come from? The Migrants working hard contributing to our Western economies? Hmmmm, given they are illiterate and of low IQ, I doubt that. Somewhere else then? Suggestions?

      • The power and money hungry leaders see only the effect on their own lives. The effect on future generations? Who cares!

      • I think the elite is trying to escape ahead. They had their little plan for long ago: New World Order, but I think they overestimated the problems with the existing financial system. Economic failure is imminent the fiat money system will not work much longer. So they had to accelerate their plans. They using the only self policing doctrine they could find: Islam to create chaos and eliminate a population where critical thinking is prevalent, by replacing it with a mixed one where no cohesion. Of course the plan is not a good one, Muslims are unreliable, volatile. I am sure Merkel and others did not plan to deal with terror acts while just began to load Europe but “this pesky Muslims just can’t sit on their [posteriors] they have to do their jihad” (as they might thinking in a liberal elite circle). Once the financial global market collapsed, for this elite the only chance to survive (as they are not physically fit to survive in a world where produces and work will get exchanged and not money), to establish a neo-feudal society where they can still rule.

        • The stupidity of multiculturalim is too obviously a death sentence for the elites in the near future. Too economic spasm seems baked into the cake. QE is just working but the hands are poised for the next round, have no doubt.

          I’m not enamored of this idea but I wonder if all the Bilderbergers, CFRers, Rockefeller and Ford Foundationers, and Warmerites have as a very hidden agenda of population reduction. I realize there are considerable resources devoted to public health and food aid in what was daintily referred to in the past as “the developing world [catching up to our wonderfulness]” but there’s a competing current of opinion in ultra-leftist circles that man is just a curse and that a 50% reduction in the world’s population, if not more, is just the ticket.

          Ellie, above, discounts ideology but I wonder. She’s correct in discounting the ideology of children and Utopians but there is the Khmer Rouge/Soviet/Maoist kind of ideology that transports not a few twisted souls that never met a dumb idea that just didn’t adore.

          All they’ll do in public now is agitate for euthanasia and “rational” end-of-life care for the elderly but there’s more to their agenda.

          In fact, I believe that capitalist prosperity and Enlightenment hubris have enabled the wild propagation of unanchored doctrines, the zanier the better. Multiculturalism, gender fluidity, Keynesianism, feminism, welfare statism, globalism, open borders, living Constitution, revolution? Yeah, Baby!!

      • The UN’s Great Displacement Program
        The growth of Refugee Inc. assures that in Europe everybody in small, medium & large businesses profits from this savage migrant mass flooding of every country at once. Asylum is a flimsy pretext for the actual agenda. In fact the few legitimate Syrian refugees have tried to warn each EU country not to let the others in. This is a rape & pillage coup, with ever greater amounts of spilled Western infidel blood yet to come. Migration used as an undeclared war is almost as unstoppable as it is incentivized, monetized. Non stop waves of plagues of crop devouring locusts would be preferable. Those who live a digitally distracted life will be the easiest to overcome.
        There is a multi prong UN & EU collaborative Shock & Awe Trojan horse plan unfolding at meteoric pace, intentionally intended to overwhelm & to destroy Europe’s borders & to usurp & destroy Western culture from within. The fast deteriorating once pinnacle of thousands of years of Western civilization has leaders who should be run off, but instead who have invited worms in to devour the West to its core. The scent of blood & the weakness & politically correct paralysis scent the air everywhere. There is little to no visceral or organized or warlike response to this kind of strategic treacherous civil war, potentially making at least the Western European countries that much easier to topple quickly.
        Ditto plan for North America, but to be handled differently, only partly because America is not fully socialist (yet) & because gun ownership exists. Nevertheless it is a plan intended to interbreed & wipe out the populations of both Western continents, using migration to subvert the West ethnically, religiously, economically, mentally, physically, spiritually, while putting an end to private property & freedom of movement. Dissent has been anticipated & planned for.
        Order out of chaos is their motto.
        The Middle East is by definition preternaturally chaotic, it is destructive by inclination & has always relished tribal wars. Islam’s people welcome death & hate freedom, about which they are totally candid. The Middle East chaos is supposed to be perceived by ordinary citizens as the West’s burden which they are obliged to assume. Says who? Hence the need to disarm any remaining countries with citizen ownership of guns & gun rights, which is best achieved by electing those who can be counted on to push through gun control, a precursor to gun confiscation (foreign & domestic armies & police exempt, gun possession is mainly in the hands of law enforcement, military, & private security firms.)
        History repeats itself. This is exactly how Hitler handled each country he invaded, a few weeks in advance he always imposed gun confiscation.
        In the EU only Austria & Switzerland come readily to mind as locations where ordinary people are permitted to own guns. Only police & army are permitted to be armed.
        Make no mistake, we are witnessing rapid fire war in which each country’s leaders collaborate, where migration is used as a subversive tool of war, brisk, expeditious & sudden. Subversion of social order requires rapid fire, manufactured cultural & economic horror & chaos to unfold throughout Europe amongst the largely sleepy & unsuspecting.
        Former Communist countries are ahead of the curve. They have long memories for the exigencies of ruthless totalitarianism. This is one main reason why the Eastern European countries were the first ones to recognize this as covert war, to close their borders, to resist mass migration. Hence the EU labels them rogue. Countries which refuse are considered closed rogue states versus “open border open societies.

        Catastrophic Disaster for Profit:
        Some or all’s in play at the same time

        1) SUDDEN ONSLAUGHT: A swift strategy of cultural destruction via destabilization & dismantling of the totalitarian EU’s remnants of Western but socialism-weakened democracy, already in shreds, inverting western values by using them against the West’s culture of good intentions & blind reciprocity. This is being accomplished swiftly via the WMD of unsustainable Muslim mass immigration while using the joint plan of Coudenhove Kalergi’s & President Sarkozy’s proactive elf described mongrelization plan, called a racial interbreeding agenda.

        2) CIVIL UNREST: Citizen political unrest, rebellion & any possibility of imminent war is countered by a progression toward actual war. All remaining governments are meant to be reduced to such a state of weakness & economic ruin that the people will clamour for World Governance. World Police, then seen as the only solution to the horrors their leaders use migration to rain down on them.
        The long view is a relatively quick & easy fall of socialist sissified Europe, after which the US would remain the only world power, to then be systematically disintegrated by means of internal treachery, take your pick, there are already so many who are willing & enabled. (White House, top down). Muslim migration is a perfect WMD since the Koran forbids cultural assimilation & views migration as cultural jihad, wherein any country must assimilate into Islam, never the other way around.
        Climate terror & climate sharia agendas play a secondary role by using propaganda & bottomless fear erode & ultimately destroy from within the unique Bill of Rights inspired independence, individualism & moral fibre.
        Soros Open Society has facilitated tax plunder policies put in place to fund the Refugee Growth Industry (Inc.). Exorbitant population shifting costs countless billions of dollars to assure lengthy passage for massive millions of war-like cultures relocated instantly from the Middle East into Europe & into the USA. Every presidential candidate but one is on side for this & worse.
        The USA’s versions are called Freedom House & National Endowment for Democracy (funded by Congress).
        Muslim mass immigration is intended to overwhelm Western countries en masse, in 8 stages:

        1) Euro-Mediterranean Process & Mediterranean Union

        2) War: Use of ME war to precipitate & justify arbitrary mass migration from the Middle East & Africa to the West.

        3) Funding: USA has funded fare tickets for migrants to Europe, the UN provides mobile phones, clothes, food, housing, leisure money. Pillage policies use taxes to take care of the rest.

        4) European Program for Integration & Migration, (EPIM). PASOS comprises the European Commission & Parliament, NATO, USA’s Congress, NGO, NED & Soros’ Open Society. Primary goal: To eliminate all borders. Corruption & bribery are standard operating procedures.

        5) Whirlwind displacement: Angela Merkel leads guilt ridden Germany while assuming the role of “leader” of the Top Dog EU Country running this sideshow. She unilaterally invites in Muslims from everywhere, not just Syria, certainly not just refugees, many jihadis in the mix, no ceiling on numbers. She then commands other EU countries to take their share.

        6) Soros releases a 7-point demand: Europe has to annually accept at least 1 million Muslim immigrants & pay for maintenance of at least 4 million refugees in Turkey, Jordan & Lebanon plus per migrant in Europe at least 15,000 euros a year for the first 2 years.
        TEU must spend at least 8-10 billion euros on frontline states (looting taxes) plus use of climate hysteria fund looting (Paris 15. Dec.). EU must assure safe journey channels to Europe.

        7) Asylum Industry Inc. had already cost the EU 140 billion euros at last count some time ago & employs at least 1.2 million people & growing, courtesy of Barclay’s Bank backing.

        8. Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative for International Migration, former Goldman Sachs Board Member, EU Commissioner & head of the European Trilateral Commission, calls on the EU to undermine the homogeneity of the member states & to permanently eliminate all EU borders.
        Side dishes: Soros foundation spends millions promoting Somalian migrants, let alone the rest of this.
        Europe could not possibly be less prepared or in worse morale, the US somewhat better off, but still “out of shape” for this kind of war. EU countries and Greece received an initial 700mil in extra aid funds

        • It couldn’t be any clearer than what you write.

          Real agendas are discernable from what is not discussed. In Merkel’s case, in particular, never EVER does she call for the end to US, UK, and European war making in the Middle East or the simple expedient of sealing the 175-mile land border with Turkey and using European navies to repel opportunists rather than act as taxi services for them. Always the taxis move toward the north.

          As a commenter observed at The Unz Review, crazy is the new normal and normal is the new crazy.

          I read what you write and say that is just absurd, the plot of a low-budget science fiction movie. But it is the stark truth.

    • “Any one who thinks rationally about this must conclude that EU leaders HAVE to know exactly what they are doing.”Snowy

      Long time readers and participants of sites like Gates of Vienna are well aware.
      Bat Ye’or’s book “Eurabia” is a must read for those who aren’t long time readers of this site – as well as familiarization with the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan.
      The Coudenhove Kalergi Plan is celebrated as the Charlemagne Prize in the European Union. The list of recipients of the Charlemagne Prize read as the active orchestrators and henchmen for carrying out Europe’s complete racial annihilation. Application of the Ceausescu treatment for every individual involved in enforcement & or support of the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan should conclude such treason.

    • I’m an amateur historian. Every revolution in the world was one elite using the masses to overthrow a rival elite or the second level elite using the masses to overthrow the top level elite.

      Europeans will not be able to get control of the immigrants until some powerful people with money have a motive to enlist the masses and overthrow the present governments

      The EU should not be blamed for African Arab and other immigrants to Germany Britian France Netherlands and Belgium.
      The British Africans Caribbeans and Muslims have been pouring in since 1948.
      Germany brought in Turk “guest workers” starting around 1963. Netherlands and Belgium brought in Moroccans in the early 1960s as cheap labor in mills and factories that have since closed down. France, like England welcomes anyone from a former colony, to the point that entire towns are Algerian and African. Sweden began actually recruiting Africans Arabs etc as far back as the 1960s

      All this happened long before the EU.

  6. Looking for logic in leftist decision-making is a non starter but that is really hard to face for people who do think logically.

    Leftists have replaced God with a belief in a mythological government that has never existed and will never exist because 1) it is irrational and 2) because the politicians that push it are only selling it to the masses for control.

    Therefore, since they run the risk everyday of being shown to be proven liars, they push propaganda past the level of advertising and promotion into the realm of brainwashingn government force and mind control.

    Who ever heard of science that cannot be questionned? How can it be that politicians of 2 clear political parties accomplish nothing but making more government and more war?

    It can’t be, the rules are fixed and polls and elections fixed. That, on top of school indoctrination, government access to paychecks thru taxation, people enslaved through benefit programs or employment contracts, disarming the citizenry and 24/7 corporation paid “news” advertisements has nearly accomplished its goals of convincing the populace to be a good little socialist pool of workers. … except for a few flaws.

    1) It is irrational economically. The economics is falling apart right betore our eyes. The socialized medicine and other benefits woud have failed economically before inviting hordes of invaders into the countries, now it wll happen faster and they will blame war for tbe failure not logic.

    2)It is boring as hell. When did you last see a good movie in a theater? Tired of being told the same lies over and over that deny reality? It is all falling apart ideologically because humans can be changed alot with brainwashing and indoctrination but there is something inside us that strives for more and better and will not be satisfied with platitudes forevr. These people telling us what to think are not happy. We are not happy. So, we are waking up.

  7. Fundamental to Christianity are the Great Commandment and the next one. Love others as you love yourself. It does not say pick a group and show them compassion at the expense of someone else. It certainly doesn’t say do things that undermine Christianity in the future. I wonder how many bad laws we have that violate that.

    • “It certainly doesn’t say do things that undermine Christianity in the future. I wonder how many bad laws we have that violate that.”

      Lots, because the people promoting mass migration are largely people actively trying to undermine Christianity. It’s that simple.

      As for committed Christians who support this – they seems to want short term nice things (helping refugees, a better life for economic migrants, giving the gospel to muslims) but simply refuse to open their eyes and look at long term realities like demographics, and what it’s going to be like to be a Christian in an Islamic Europe. I know many Christians who give money to help their brethren who are being murdered by muslims in Asia and Africa….and then support muslim immigration here. This level of double think boggles the mind.

  8. We must celebrate our cultural and racial extinction with tea and cakes. To misquote St Paul.

    “Please Lord destroy my intentions that I do not intend but cannot help, but do not do it too fast as I am enjoying myself in the doing of the above.” In short the “Left” love to see the Europeans suffer and they enjoy assuaging their own false guilt.

  9. So, why do the Left and the powerful seem so clearly to dislike Christianity and Judaism? Note that they do not favour Aristotilian ethics either.

    Lucky for you, I do have an opinion on this. My opinion may be the same as yours. Or not. You decide for youselves. That is your responsibility.

    Judaism, Christianity and Aristotle, all of these place a responsibility on the individual to know the difference in right and wrong, and between good and evil. The individual also has a responsibility to try to do what is right even if his political and/or religious leadership has gone amok/ astray. Even when the leaders are wrong! The Old Testement includes a long list of kings who failed to understand that even the king must obey the law.

    This is a valuable part of our traditional culture now even for logical atheists.

    Our atheists of a social justice, leftist or power wielding view and some of our nominally religious people may have a diferent view. Morals of convenience are more comfortable for them. And morals of their convenience exclude all the rest of us.

    Judaism, Christianity and Aristotle do place restrictions on the powerful. This is why they hate us.

    • I do worry about that last sentence; “This is why they hate US.” It implies that I or we are GOOD. I do not believe that I or we are just naturally good. We struggle to get it right and sometimes we do not get it right. Those who long to be superior do not want to be bothered with all that.

      But of course I am never confident that I express things as well as shey should be expressed.

      • Ethics and morals do place restrictions on the powerful. But if the powerful can define ethics and morals as they choose, all the rest uf us are irrelevant and excluded.

  10. Perhaps this is a bit off topic, but it fits in with demographic collapse. Not only are there fewer and fewer white people having children, but those that are being born, are being raised by their grandparents. This is our case. Our grandson is in our custody – his parents unwilling to grow up and raise him. I visited McDonald’s with him for lunch yesterday. The restaurant was filled with grandparents, many of them older than me, with their grandchildren, also older than mine. They, like I, are raising a generation of kids who will probably not have children. I have four children. Grown daughters. The eldest two are 30. One is married, but a careerist, the other is unmarried, living at home, with no hope of marrying and having children. The third was married to an alcoholic, and she has so many day to day problems, that raising her boy is just too much. My youngest, 19, looks at the whole mess and says, “I hate people.” I’m looking at a culture which nourished a fantasy view of life. The schools taught nothing about reality, only chasing your dreams. And this is where we are. A nation of nonproducing, nonreproducers, all chasing their dreams. Right over the cliff.

  11. EU leaders know exactly what Islam brings with it. They use the migrants to destroy the remnants of old europe. Just to establish a system, where ruling elite is above the law. It’s all about money and power. Sometimes politicians let the truth slip out accidently and some even tell it straight. Eg. Federica Mogherini proclaimed that political islam is the future of europe.
    I bet the ruling elite plans to save their own necks with the old trick of telling they converted to islam already long time ago, but kept it a secret.

    • Maybe, but the ruling elites will lose their heads to Islam. Islam shares political power with no kafir.

  12. Mr. Nagy captures the essence of this existential threat: delusion, stagnant thinking, deception.

    I’ll add malice if he didn’t. Listen to Frans Timmermans speak about multiculturalism and you’ll have no doubt about that.

  13. The Kalergi Plan was not meant to be an invasion. These are cowards you are dealing with not men. Their Fabian Strategy is supposed to be so slow that you boil the frogs and they just enjoy the warmth until they die. No, this is something borne from desperation. Its what they would call a Hail Mary Pass in Football in America. Their economies are collapsing because their insatiable greed has made the debt unsustainable. These Vampires suck more at their jobs than they do blood from their victims.

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