“Terror is Terror Everywhere”

In the following video excerpt from a press conference in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks about last week’s terrorist attack in France, when a Catholic priest was halal-slaughtered in a church by a mujahid.

Many thanks to CB Sashenka for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:06   Good Morning. We were all shocked by the barbaric terrorist attack
00:11   last week in France. I heard about a talk that was given in the French government
00:16   to prevent foreign financing of organizations that harm the security of French citizens.
00:24   This is all too familiar to us. We are also disturbed by such donations
00:30   to organizations that deny the State of Israel’s right to exist.
00:34   I requested a preliminary inquiry. In that inquiry, we found that European countries,
00:40   including France, support several organizations that incite against Israel,
00:44   that call for her boycott, and do not recognize the State of Israel’s right to exist.
00:48   We will soon complete that inquiry, and submit the results to the French government.
00:54   We will discuss this matter with them, because terror is terror everywhere.
01:00   And incitement is incitement that appears to have befallen the entire world.
01:04   And the way to handle this is for the governments to be unified as much as can be.

5 thoughts on ““Terror is Terror Everywhere”

  1. Netanyahu is a voice of truth in the wilderness, these days.
    My respect for the man keeps on going up.

  2. This guy walks a tightrope daily, but the crocs are after him if he falls off!

    Mr O in his white outhouse would love to give him a push…..

    • Barry does his best thinking in the outhouse. His lifelong association with matters of fecal origin prepared him well….

      Community Organizing
      Frank Marshall Davis
      Al Sharpton
      Valerie Jarrett

      ..the list is virtually endless.

  3. I love Mr. Netanyahyu (sp?) — I’ve never heard him speak in — Forgive me: is it Jewish or Yiddish? I don’t know. I’ve always heard him in English and he speaks it impeccably so presumably he does the same with the Israeli language.

    And he is SO RIGHT!!!

    I wish we had a leader like that.

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