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It’s summertime, and summer in Germany means being molested at a swimming pool — especially if you are a pre-pubescent girl.

It was not always like that. Prior to last year’s wave of “refugees”, such incidents were rare. But now they are commonplace in German swimming pools.

The following article describes a solution proposed by the authorities responsible for overseeing swimming pools: a suggestion for young girls that they wear stick-on tattoos that say “NO” when they swim, so the would-be molesters will leave them alone.

This idea is so staggeringly, stupendously stupid and/or insane that it reduced me to bug-eyed arm-waving incoherence when I tried to explain it to Dymphna.

How could anybody think this was any sort of “solution”?

How do such people get placed in important positions of authority?

Why hasn’t Germany long since melted down into a heap of moronic slag, if this is the quality of the personnel charged with running the country?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this piece from Roland Tichy’s website:

Tolerance-Import: Oversexualization — with stick-on tattoos

Completely falsely understood tolerance continuously sprouts new blossoms. All the while the commissioner for women and family in the Bodensee district has no clue just how much her efforts for the good advance the bad. Women should stick on defensive tattoos? And whoever won’t do that can be considered as fair game? Apparently it can’t get any dumber than this. Only problem is, it’s dangerous.

If in the past few months there was one single topic that was discussed over and over, then it was about the fact that we are selling our values. That we are conceding tolerance and religious freedom to people who in return do not in the slightest concede these same values back to others. Such as the freedom of opinion by those leftist informers of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which — financed by the federal government — decides what is right and wrong, true and false “hate speech” on the Internet. And of course, the reaction over the equality of men and women which in the aftermath of the reactions to the Cologne sex attacks was the first thing as part of the refugee crisis that burned up in a big fiery blaze in the name of the welcoming culture.

Just what kinds of effrontery were women made to endure in this country that only victimized them for a second time? Why is nobody decisively against how the government only stands idly by and watches, only to then ridicule and mock the victims a second time with clever tips? Is our understanding of the equality for women, their right to bodily physical integrity, really this weak? What does this say about a supposed modern Western country, when in the face of an evident new threat towards women it is the women who are being held responsible?

And what about those that don’t wear stickers?

After Silvester Night it was advised to keep “an arm’s length of distance”. At the Bavarian Broadcast station one refugee helper just recently suggested that young women and girls will have to be educated about how they should act towards asylum seekers, so that they don’t “provoke” them, and now? Stick-on tattoos which say “No”?

Wait a minute, you think this is too out of touch? Veronika Wäscher-Göggerle doesn’t think so. The commissioner for women and family affairs at the Bodensee district sees this campaign that she brought to life as an help for young swimmers. She assures: “I do believe that they are very insecure.” Also a cartoon which will be available at public pools will explain what is acceptable and allowed and what is not. Wäscher-Göggerle sees the stick-on tattoos as an incentive for young pool guests to talk about the issue. Because it shouldn’t come across as a new pool regulation.

“Well, why not?” you might ask yourself. Why shouldn’t it be a new regulation that women aren’t to be harassed or groped? And who really is insecure here? Young people in general? Or mostly the asylum-seekers that came here this year and last year? So as when the ‘arm’s length’ alone isn’t enough, then maybe the fingerprint to the stick on tattoo? Just what kinds of people come up with these ideas?

They are the same people who for months now have immediately held up the “youyouyou” index finger whenever another asylum seeker, again, behaved poorly. People who cannot assert themselves, who are downright afraid of even putting their foot down just once, all because one doesn’t want to be a Nazi. Those who still have not understood from which countries many of these asylum seekers actually came from, and that one can and will not stop these people from patriarchal, authoritarian countries, from what they’re doing with stick on tattoos, brochures, and arm’s lengths. Apart from the fact that this shouldn’t be the duty of women and young girls, anyway, to try and prevent these incidents by making them behave differently than they normally would.

What we see is that the latter is more and more becoming a prominent issue. That many women in the meantime by now are going to public pools with uneasy, queasy feelings. Parents don’t even send their young girls there alone anymore, because they’re afraid. Restrictions for women and girls? Impairment of their daily life? It all has long since begun. Numerous emails sent to me in the past few months speak volumes.

Has always been like this? Where were these tattoos back then?

Meanwhile at Bodensee people rather point out that there are indeed cases of sexual harassment, but that it’s no different than it was before. And that’s why Veronika Wäscher-Göggerle emphasizes again, that her campaign has absolutely nothing to do with the issue of refugees. “That is completely independent”, she explains. “Sexual harassment in pools has always happened.” Yes. Then why this campaign now???

Yeah, yeah, those many sexual assaults in the olden days at the pool. I can clearly remember. Just like the multitude of campaigns, brochures, and stick-on tattoo initiatives. Even back then they were lying around at every public pool desk because Dennis and Alexander didn’t know how to behave themselves.

One just really wants to ear shatteringly scream from these effronteries. But instead, a cloak of silence is lying over everything, and especially over us women; we take it, that which we don’t want to take any longer. Because this is not just about a growing danger for our security and physical integrity. This is also plainly about that we are being ridiculed and the butts of jokes. With each stick-on tattoo, each clever arm’s-length tip and each prompting to change our behavior, all in the name of not being provocative. We are indirectly made the guilty party and we shouldn’t let this happen to us one minute longer if we give one hoot about equal rights and treatment.

It should be brought to our mind that this beautiful new world was courtesy of us. It is screwed up that stick-on tattoos and brochures have to lie around everywhere, that security people are constantly circling us, and that restraint and self-limitation set in before we even realized it. My youth was wonderful. Never once did I have to have second thoughts about whether something could happen to me at the pool. It’s this kind of youth that I wish for today’s girls and boys, because they are impacted by this as well.

It’s so often like this: Exactly because we don’t want to discriminate, by claiming these campaigns and initiatives are meant for everybody, one discriminates — and the victims of this discrimination are the German boys and girls, who up until now had a completely natural way of dealing each other, but who now are losing this implicitness with each other because of such campaigns.

Result of such tolerance: hyper-sexualization

Here, as well, the big issue is the focusing on sexuality in Islam, which now by ways of mostly male Muslim refugees has been brought to us to an even larger extent. Nothing shows the culture clash so clearly as the different ways in which sexuality is handled, and which does not become an issue until these cultures clash. And now that this happens in ever greater numbers — and we can see that very obviously — we are the ones who are adjusting ourselves.

Because, in order to combat the hyper-sexualization of Muslims in our daily lives, we come up with strategies (no matter how absurd) to figure out how to avoid these daily incidents, we over-sexualize our everyday life. Where boys and girls before were largely socializing with each other openly and unashamed, and most of them never having had any thoughts about that one could be sexually harassed, we now convulse their social lives with our campaigns and initiatives. We accuse each boy of being a potential groper, and we tell each girl that she has to always be careful of every boy and man. The consequence is exactly that which one actually sought to prevent: the general focusing on the sexual which in turn determines all of our social life.

36 thoughts on “Tattoo You

  1. Fun times for “refugees”. “No!” Means a big definite “”Yes!”. You know which little Kufar is thinking about sex. So much in common. Alahgators gets the goods and the sexy little tattoo chickens gets the attention. Still don’t get the picture? Muslims should be upping the ante soon? Maybe to World Trade Center levels – I imagine.

  2. How about a PERMANENT tattoo across every perpetrators foreheads
    ” I am a paedophile/sex attacker/rapist” which ever is most applicable,
    Deport with immediate effect, lost their papers, no problem, select a country on their behalf.
    To hell with “human rights” – woman, young girls (and boys) would appear
    To have effectively lost theirs in Europe a long time ago, so lets remove them from these predatory perverts too.

    • Obviously, your proposal would never be considered by European politicians.

      But let’s stop and think about it for a bit, and compare against these ridiculous temporary tattoos.

      Which of the two is more insane/ridiculous in reality? CERTAINLY NOT YOUR PROPOSAL!

      BTW, I’m quite sure that if deportations were made by “selecting” a country on their behalf, that things would shape up quite quickly. One could probably do so with 90% accuracy by general physical look, mannerisms, and especially accent. Deportations could be made by boat, offloading near the coast of the likely country of citizenship – then let *them* deal with it. All of a sudden, I think that most people would be willing to remember where they’re actually from, because a Moroccan wouldn’t want to end up in Algeria, and vice versa.

      The *truly* vicious thing to do would be to deport everyone to Somalia, unless they can provide proof of some other citizenship or country willing to accept them. Come to think about it, this is probably not such a bad idea!

  3. One solution would be to publicly flog these people. After all, it’s what would happen to them in their own countries. Unfortunately in Mad Merkel’s Dhimmi Deutschland, such things are too uncivilised.

    • It would only need to be done a few times to get the rest under control. The floggings would have to be truly vicious, and humilliating, however.

      Think: Singapore-style caning. It might seem like a human rights violation, but I now think back to Lee Kwan Yue speeches, and I think that I know what he’d say to that: “Yes, it well might be. But it prevents much worse violations, and so pragmatically, it’s a good idea.”

  4. In Germany the problem is decades of social democratic ideology that has robbed the national psyche of common sense. The only outcome for Germany is the politicians and “Pool meisters” will segregate pools from male and female users, or have alternate days. But of course that is exactly what the muslims actually want, so they win. Sharia is unheld.
    Contrast that, with the reaction of the un-PC Corsican locals who decided when muslims push their agenda on Corsicans, they will fight back. A very different outcome. I would doubt a muslim migrant visiting a pool in Corsica, would dare to touch a girl. He would know the outcome, a beating. The old rough justice, something the Germans have forgotten.

  5. Government must not have read the reports claiming that many so-called refugees are illiterate. Since taqiya, kitman, etc., are imbedded in so-called refugees, they can blithely claim illiteracy when questioned by authorities. How one can lay down with snakes and not expect to get bit is beyond me.

  6. Tattoos that say NO!. Terrific idea.

    Wow, this could catch on. Imagine being in the Army as I was once and getting a visible tattoo that says “Don’t shoot me”. I mean in a war can you see the huge reduction in casualties.

    Hey Obama and Hillary , you should introduce this novel approach.

    • or a hearty ” hands off” -sticker to prevent pickpockets?
      btw I like humorous comments.

  7. Those stick-on tattoos is nothing new. In Sweden they tried the same thing with plastic bracelets. Did it work? Of course not. But a lot of Swedish do-gooders got a warm feeling about themselves thinking up and promoting this nonsense.

  8. What’s the alternative?

    Stick-on tattoos broadcasting “yes”? A multiculturalist’s acknowledgement of the multicult prerogative of the Muslim male’s claim over infidel young flesh?

    • Thinking about it, the bemusement felt by an enricher upon seeing a “Yes!” tattoo might make it a bigger deterrent than one saying “No”?

      Someone should go down a German pool to do a social experiment with these tattoos (uploaded straight to youtube).

  9. Traditionally the Coptic-Christians of Egypt often wear a tattooed coptic cross on the inside of their wrist.
    Google: Coptic Tattoo

    Mostly its belived to show that they are proud to be Christian.
    But judging from their history under islamic rule and the pressure they had to live under its quiet possible that it was forced to them (like the braid was forced to the Han-Chinese by the ruling Manchu).
    Maybe even indirectly, so that fe. in case of death they are burried under christian- and not under islamic rites.

  10. How about banning these inbred mutants, cultural misfits and 7th century throwbacks from the public swimming facilities ? This would instantly solve the problem.

    • How about banning them from Europe and North America entirely, much like intelligent countries such as Japan and Angola?

      I swear I’ve just lost 5 IQ points simply from reading about and comprehending this fake tattoo idea!

  11. If the Germans would pull their heads out of places the sun doesn’t shine they would prosecute these vermin. They also seem to be in favor of light sentences and releasing the invading criminals back into German society. I would suggest chemical castration as the bargain for the light sentence; that would reduce at least the recidivism.

    • I’m with you on chemical castration, Rick, for native as well as imported rapists, along with electronic tags- since I’m not in favour of capital punshment (like many wimpy Europeans), any violation should mean life imprisonment.

      • Chemical castration means that they would have to be monitored taking the medication every day. Result: Even more bureaucracy.

        Besides, chemical castration does not work without proper psychological treatment. Result: Even more bureaucracy.

        And, chemical castration does not stop an offender from WANTING to rape, it only stops them from being able to … physically consume the act. Unless, of course, there is psychological treatment and a person monitoring proper and regular intake of said medication.

        Again, more bureaucracy. useless as [mammary glands on a male bovine].

        I propose complete castration, cut it off. All of it. Scissors, shears, anything will do, cheap as possible. Then patch up the wound, and deport.

  12. I think the reason why ideas like this make it to the light of day is from process (Sorry Canadians). I think by some process this idea survived because they concluded all the other ideas wouldn’t work. Such fatigue had set in by then they could no longer conclude that they probably already knew it was wrong, had been told it was wrong and chose to ignore it because Mohammed said it was ok and rubber stamped it. I suppose they have not concluded that these boys ain’t from around here and haven’t learnt the same things don’t work on them. NOW if the ttatoos were really like the subliminal messages (like in the movie They Live) that would be cool but probably wouldn’t work either. Maybe a tattoo that says I have a porcine replacement heart valve – (porcine – from a pig).

  13. I was stationed in Pfullendorf, West Germany back in the 70s. That town had a really nice Olympic-sized pool as well as a 10m diving platform. I would go there all the time and the women there were totally safe. There was a cute one there (I married her some years later) and if one of these vermin had dared touch there back then that person would have disappeared. Now, nothing? A society that won’t go to the mattresses to defend its women is already doomed.

    • I’d love to see some “migrants” trying this kind of thing in a Russian pool. The problem in this case would probably be that the beating would happen so quickly that they’d have to change the pool water after, due to the red colour that it would be left with. I doubt that they’d drag the perp out of the pool before the beating would start. But Russia has lots of water, so it wouldn’t be so bad.

    • I was a young girl in Germany at that time. From our early teens we could get about safely with public transport and bikes, and we’d meet our friends at the pool, often boys and girls together and no concept even of boys touching us sexually. If a boy at the pool chatted to us it would be just that – a nice chat. We knew they were interested, and they knew their limits and we had a good and *safe* time.

      Grown men, needless to say, hardly featured in the pools on weekdays because they were at work. And on the weekends adults would form their own groups and basically ignore us (good!). I never noticed a grown man even look at me.

    • Bacon goes well with Israeli wine produced in the Judea and Samaria region (i.e., the West Bank).

      I once offered some Israeli-made alcohol to a “muslim” (apostate) friend, with the words “Drink this and you’re no longer muslim.” He laughed.

      Another “Muslim” friend makes a point of always offering alcohol when at his house, even though he knows that I’m not into it very much. I’m sure that it’s his way of repeatedly pointing out that he’s not “like those people”.

  14. “This idea is so staggeringly, stupendously stupid and/or insane that it reduced me to bug-eyed arm-waving incoherence”

    I think that sums it up quite well. And don’t forget the fatuous Swedes with their similarly idiotic bracelets. An alien observer could be forgiven for thinking he had accidentally tuned in to an old episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

    • You nailed it!The whole enchilada! Yes, I am aware one doesn’t normally nail an enchilada, but we’re in Monty Python Land when it comes to Refugee “Resettlement”…

  15. Are you (Germans) importing south american leaders?! If so, it’s an explanation! Here in Brazil, “traficantes” ( drug dealers) kill each other, but they don’t mess with the girls like that! Are you nuts leaving things that way?! Push this waste coranic-islamic-satanic backwards to their sands of hell!!

    • Yes, I read once about an Iranian diplomat caught molesting a small girl in a Brazilian swimming pool… he was almost lynched.

      Since this happened during the love-in between Lula/Chavez and Iran, the incident was explained as “cultural differences”, and (I would guess) brushed aside…

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