So Much for the Pope’s “Interfaith” Outreach

The following brief article describes the Islamic State’s unequivocal response to Pope Francis’ “interfaith” outreach. The Pope waves away the Great Jihad by insisting that ISIS is not really Islamic, since Islam is inherently a peaceful religion. However, when the black-hooded thugs show up at the gates of the Vatican, they will be the mujahideen of the Islamic State or a similar jihad force. These warriors are the sharp end of the Islamic stick, and very religious.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this piece from F. Desouche:

The Islamic State responds to Pope Francis: “We are waging a religious war, and we hate you”

by Horatius
August 18, 2016

The Islamic State has publicly responded to statements of Pope Francis that the war waged by Islamic terrorists is not religious in nature. The article’s answer to the pontiff is that their only motivation is religious and approved by Allah in the Qur’an.

In highlights of the latest issue of Dabiq — the official propaganda magazine of the Islamic State — the terrorist group especially criticizes the naïveté of Pope Francis, who clings to the belief that Muslims want peace and peaceful coexistence and that Islamic terror acts are motivated by economic reasons. In the article “By the Sword”, the authors categorically state: “This is a divinely-sanctioned war between the Muslim nation and the infidel nations.”…

“Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them”

The article laments that despite the clearly religious nature of their attacks, “many people in the ‘crusaders’ country’ (Western countries)” expressed shock and even disgust because the leadership of the Islamic State “uses religion to justify violence … Indeed, jihad — the spread of the rule of Allah with the sword — is an obligation that we find in the Qur’an, the word of our Lord,” says the magazine. “Shedding the blood of unbelievers is a common obligation. The command is very clear: kill the unbelievers; as Allah says, “kill the disbelievers wherever you find them.”…

The fact is that “even if you (the West) stopped bombing us, throwing us in jail, torturing us, to humiliating and driving you us out of our land, we would continue to hate you, because the main raison of our hatred will not disappear as long as you have not embraced Islam. Even if you had to pay the jizya and live under the authority of Islam in humiliation, we would continue to hate you.”…

20 thoughts on “So Much for the Pope’s “Interfaith” Outreach

  1. According to that communique war has been declared upon us for no other reason than their religiously sanctioned hatred of us. Under the provisions of the Treaty of Westphalia that makes our armed response a “Just War” as we are acting in self-defense. All Muslims in this country should therefore be required to publicly forsake Jihad or be deported. If any resist deportation they are to be treated as enemy combatants and/or prisoners of war, inasmuch as that is what has been declared against us for no other reason than our very existence.
    We encountered this very same hatred during World War II from both the Germans and the Japanese, especially the Japanese who saw it as a religious duty. Still the same old script, just different participants. And, BTW, the same response as that is all they understand, sadly.

    • I agree. Unfortunately, many in America are too “sensitive” to drop the bomb again. It took guts and discipline to win WWII. Do we have enough strong Americans to do it again?

  2. The papal preaching may be genuine nonsense, but there is one possible value in it:

    A person with a miserable life (or maybe even not so miserable), convinced of a heavenly paradise of sorts, may be willing to gamble away what he/she sees as nothing much but future misery for said paradise, even if it is a suicidal part in waging the “Holy War.” However, it would take a true mental case to check out of even a miserable life for nothing more than the economic gain of some total strangers.

    Since the “warriors” die, the movement falls apart if no one new joins to continue the war. Recruitment is essential, and an already well-situated able-bodied someone else’s economic betterment isn’t much reasonable motivation even if one is not capable of much clear thinking.

  3. It’s almost comical that the [pope] thinks he can bamboozle Mohammedans into playing nicely by lecturing them about their own “religion.”

  4. We may be about to find out how sharp the current Swiss Guards are in responding to terror attacks. According to this ( article, there are approx. 150 members of the Swiss Guard, sworn to defend the pontiff and, when the chair of St. Peter is vacant, the College of Cardinals.

    They’re trained and proficient in weapons both ancient and modern; no doubt, they’re reviewing terrorist-response protocols frequently.

    • My wife visited Rome with a female friend attending a medical conference a couple of years back. Taking in some of the sights of Vatican City both middle aged ladies agreed that the Swiss Guards were all impossibly good looking.

  5. speaking as a born Catholic, Pope Francis is the most stupid pope we have ever had in my memory. If he would just button it, then maybe he wouldn’t keep roiling things up. Does he think that if he “plays nice” the muslims will not attack him? Silly.

    From what I know the Swiss guards are very good. But I admit I don’t know much more than that.

    I don’t want anything bad to happen to Pope Francis, I just wish he would shut up already and attend to his prayers.

    • You and me both, mariadee. He is the least “papal” occupant of the throne of St. Peter in my lifetime (my conscious memory goes back to the death of Pope John XXIII; I remember seeing a photo of him in the newspaper when I was little).
      He is NOT a defender of Christianity. He is NOT intellectually incisive, as were–oh, just a couple of ’em–JP II and Benedict XVI. He kowtows to Islam. Has *any* other holder of the Keys ever done that? Not that I’m aware of, but I don’t know the history of each successor to St. Peter in great and glorious detail.
      So, when I must refer to this man by his name, I usually call him Abp. Jorge Bergoglio. The spiritual elevation and awareness that others in his position have described upon being elevated to the office and “alone with God” does not seem to have devolved upon him.
      He’s a large part of why, when I had my religious experience in April 2015, I chose Orthodoxy over Roman Catholicism. The Orthodox know what they believe, they know why they believe it, and do not “foof” around with anyone. At least, not the Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Antiochian, etc. Orthodox!
      (All the same identical theology; ethnicities indicate the languages in which liturgy may be served and the administrative structures.)

      • You do know that the Pope sold out hiss office and his flock with his statement in Nov. 2013 in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium as follows: Faced with disconcerting episodes of violent fundamentalism, our respect for true followers of Islam should lead us to avoid hateful generalisations, for authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are OPPOSED TO EVERY FORM OF VIOLENCE. So the Pope sells out, Islam hates him only more so, Islam has succeeded in debauching the Catholic leadership, which causes the faithful to mistrust that leadership and lose heart.

        This is all part of the Islamic Jihad. Corrupt all western religious institutions. It is not just the Pope who has signed an interfaith agreement. Look at many Christian leaders in the western world who have traveled down this road.

  6. Let us welcome our Consanguinated, Goat-[mating], Troglodyte Overlord Brethren with showers of high caliber blessings as we pray to St. Gramsci, St. Gallen, and The Prophet Who Must not Be Named. “Show us no mercy and may we be cursed and damned for our heresy”

  7. The “interfaith outreach” is so laughable, and so weak, it shows so much weakness. So when everything Muslims do is supposedly approved by Allah in the Qur’an, this Pope’s response is to publicly kiss the Qur’an. Does this pope actually believe his followers are too unsophisticated to understand what is happening?

    • I gave up on this communist Pope when I saw him washing and kissing the feet of Muslim “migrants” when he must of known that his actions would be viewed in the Islamic world as effete, supine and utter capitulation of the Christian Faith to Islam.

      He further compounded this by taking Muslim, not Christian token “refugees” into the Vatican, ignoring the indigenous homeless and poor Italians which surround him.

      He is a political Creature not a holy one!

  8. That is another reason why interfaith outreach is just another futile exercise and a waste our our precious resources that is often exploited by Islamic people to gain more access to the Western world and inflict more misery to us nonbelievers.

    • Yes, and the hopeful outcomes for interfaith reconciliation have been Daeshed. It’s about time that we wake up to reality and accept that it Is-is what it Is-is.

  9. I can imagine what true Muslims feel and think when the Village Idiot of the Vatican – Bergoglio – tries to tell them what they, the Muslims, believe.

    It’s similar to when a government school flunky with a recent student-loan-funded “digree” tries to tell me what I, as a [thin] libertarian, believe. It would be funny, were it not so pathetic and tragic . . . and that is before they’ve not yet figured out that they’ll never have real jobs that will allow them to pay back their loans.

  10. Everything about their Islamic societies stinks of inefficiency, backwardness, disgusting filth, laziness and false grandeur.
    They can’t rule, they can’t clean and they can’t nurse and yet they want to invade and rule over Western countries with their endless filthy Oriental Islamic nonsense.
    Western societies would have been much more peaceful and much more better off without them.

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