Our Israeli correspondent MC has some thoughts on the “refugee” crisis that is currently destroying European civilization.


by MC

The so called ‘refugee’ crisis is a crisis of young fit males of military age forcing their way into places they have no right to be, at the behest of people who have no right to invite them, on behalf of people who don’t want them. However I am given to understand that Kurdish females are fighting alongside their menfolk for the right to their own country.

Excuse me if I am cynical.

I hope that if my country were invaded by Wahhabist barbarians I would be fighting back, doing what I could to support the military. As a vet, I can still handle an assault rifle even if I cannot run any more.

I can understand families getting out of the fire zone, but why are the invaders of Europe overwhelmingly young males of military age? Should not they be defending their countries too?

I am suspicious firstly because most are not refugees, and as such, they are illegals: they have crossed more than one (safe) border and have thus lost their refugee status, and as criminals they need to be interned until such time as they volunteer to return, or are forcibly returned.

As for families, they are welcome as temporary residents until they can safely return to their normal place of abode. This should be a zero-sum game. Temporary residents are then welcome to apply for permanent residence through normal legal channels.

In Jordan and Turkey there are refugee camps (concentration camps?) — why are we not building them in Europe? Why are we inflicting the burdens of accommodation and integration on a defenseless public? Is this just plain intimidation, or is there a more sinister goal?

Our leaders, our ‘betters’, want to prove that we are all equal and that ‘diversity’ is a wonderful thing, but where does ‘diversity’ end and cultural saturation begin? Where is the wonderful diversity that ‘white’ culture can bring to ‘brown’ culture?

Melting pots are anti-diversity; they produce a bland stew with no taste whatsoever.

Is this the latest fad and folly of socialist pseudo-science?

When it comes down to it, socialism produces a very ugly grasping society, where one has to scramble for the handouts because there is never enough to go around. The Orwellian pigs can select their favorite victim groups to be more equal and to receive what largesse there is. The rest can await their turn, shut up and pay up.

Of course any dollar we get back from socialism costs us a dollar-fifty or more in taxes because we still have to pay the salaries of the piglets who administer the system, and also pay for those not paying the taxes. Those million migrants are going to cost Europe their weight in euros (paper ones, that is).

Then there is the electoral fraud inherent in keeping a nation of professional spongers and idlers. These are people who see government as the golden goose, not the taxpayers without whom the whole system collapses.

I work indirectly for a huge US company, a company which is getting more and more hamstrung by restrictive legislation, all of which has to be paid for by that same taxpayer. When I started working for another US giant in 1977, we were hamstrung by an antitrust suit, even offshore, but that company was exporting and bringing in foreign currency.

We worked efficiently as highly skilled software developers. We handled the whole application lifecycle and handed over a finished, working product to the users. Now, producing the actual software is a tiny part of the process, for each line of code delivered there must be about 10 pages of documentation and 60 emails and 10 conference calls. The software developer is now at the bottom of this ‘lower-archy’ pile. But she still needs to be highly professional because she still carries the can if it all goes wrong.

Are we trying to make the West fail?

When Jews were in need of a place of safety, the iron doors clanged shut, and the keys rattled in the locks. Even already-issued visas were revoked.

Why are Muslims so different? Is it because Satan created Islam to do away with Judeo-Christianity? If he did, then it has done very, very well. Think about it: Constantine dumped Torah (Early Christians kept Torah, see the Book of Acts), Mohammed dumped the Bible and Darwin dumped God. Three master-strokes…

Most of our politicians can ‘see’ the difference between Muslims and radical Muslims. To me, the difference is not so clear. The Orlando shooter was deemed to be moderate — that is until he demonstrated with an appalling practicality that he was radical. From tiny moderates do murderous jihadists grow.

I would love to see pols who spout:

“This is a war with radical Islam, it’s not a war with Islam,” he said. “Muslims are our partners. The vast, vast majority of Muslims in this country and around the world are moderate, they’re peaceful, they’re tolerant.” (Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives).

…actually put their money and their careers where their mouths are, to actually go and live amongst the peaceful and the tolerant moderates as real people have to. To make this statement this pol. has to ignore the reality and believe the fantasy; the fantasy put about by Muslim Brotherhood front groups, liberally laced with largess with which to line legislator’s wallets, and who follow Al-Banna and Qutb and their violent form of fundamentalist Islam. Does something stink in the House of Peace Submission?

But back to those refugees. The real question is where does the money come from? Those €500 notes, the boats, the outboards and the bribes/fees. I certainly could not afford to be one of those refugees, I could not even afford the lifejacket that gets thrown aside as if it costs nothing…

Also, those rubber boats look purpose-built, they are totally impractical for anything but short sea crossings with an excessive crowd of people. Loaded, and in a running sea they must be dangerous and difficult to handle, and the shape means that turning them into wind would be nigh on impossible.

I find it difficult to believe that there is not a good deal of planning here. It all happens just too slickly. something like this should be totally chaotic, but it is as well-organized as a Normandy landing.

On the Libya routes, one only needs to get outside the territorial limit and hey presto! Along comes the navy or the coast guard to take you the rest of the way. A warship costs about $1,000 or more per yard travelled, more costs, and where is the personal responsibility in all this?

Poor little dead boy posed on the beach — we are fed a meme, a meme of lies. We are told that we are to blame. Nope, not true. We had no part in the decision at all, and yes, it is sad, but place the blame where the blame is due, not where it is politically convenient.

And why do the media try desperately to hide the overwhelming multitude of young men, and only show the few families? Why do they only show the migrants marching, not comfortably on a coach or train, as is the norm of their travel?

In 1975 I was an officer on the Royal Navy ship sent to Beirut to evacuate Westerners. There we were to rendezvous with a USN destroyer on a similar mission. We stopped off in Gibraltar and took on thousands of camp beds, bedding, clothing, washing kits and sanitary items. Then it was 28 knots to Malta for food and perishables, all this prepared in advance.

This took time and planning. Those of us to be on the beach party were armed, and we fused all our compliment of shells ready for war. We expected a none-too-friendly visit from the Syrian air force.

Let me emphasize: This evacuation had to have been planned years in advance; thousands of boats, lifejackets and outboards don’t just appear on the Turkish coastline along with fuel and people to drive them. A considerable logistical exercise underpins the upheaval.

Your governments KNOW this.

“But they are ‘moderate’ Muslims who need our help”.

Where is the red line that demarcates ‘moderate’ Islam from ‘radical’ Islam? Is it the same red line that exists in Syria for chemical and biological weaponry? “There is only ONE Islam,” says a Turkish President who grew up in an Islamic state and has been a Muslim all his life. Islamic terror has nothing to do with Islam, says another President who is supposed to have been born in America but is so ashamed of his past that he obfuscates it, maybe to hide the lies. Which one do YOU believe?

Every Muslim that enters our countries is like an immigrant from an Ebola-riddled country; a toxic time bomb, a pathogenic pariah. The possible Ebola carrier would routinely be separated out of our society, placed in quarantine and repatriated as soon as possible (well, maybe). Only with Islam the risk is a dangerous ‘religion’, not a deadly disease.

So people, let us ask those who tell us that ‘moderate Islam’ is good for us to define their ‘green line’ between moderate Islam and its Koran on the one hand, and extremist Islam and its supposedly different ‘Koran’ on the other. Then let us apply that criterion to the Muslim hordes invading us. Can we safely leave the definition of ‘moderate’ Islam to the White Closet where the super-intelligent thinker can sit and contemplate, and maybe confer with his Social Supremacist Justice Warriors on exactly where to draw this line. A green crayon should be available in the WC toy room next to the golf scorecards.

Then, when it all proves to be futile, we have somebody to blame, somebody whose failure to identify the enemy has already caused hundreds of innocent deaths. Let’s get one thing straight: all the time we in the West fail to understand what all Muslims know to be true — that there is no moderate Islam, nor moderate refugees — more innocent people are going to die in Florida, and more little children be gang raped in Idaho.

And folks, don’t feel left out: It’s coming soon to a ‘moderately peaceful’ location near YOU.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

44 thoughts on “Refugee?

  1. Excellent and right on as usual, MC!
    For at least the last three decades I’ve been waiting for the leftists to inform us of just how
    moslems have benefited any of the western countries they have infested.

    Of course, that was not the goal; we have been invaded by barbarians who have been the enemy for all 1400 years of their existence, and if I have a goal now, it is to live long enough to see retribution for the western traitors responsible for this unspeakable mess.

      • Here in Finland some of the Pols and the Intelligentzia say that they will strengthen our inbred genetic heritage. 😉

        • OK it’s a long time since I lived in Norway and visited Sweden, Denmark and Finland, but as I recall all four countries were full of happy, healthy people.
          The only place where inbreeding was likely to have happened would have been in some of the more remote of Norway’s western fjords, but improved roads, tunnels and communications have taken care of that–if it ever was a problem.

    • Well said. Merkel was a youth leader in the SWP of the DDR (they did have three parties), as did at least one of the former Warsaw-pact states, Poland.

      Even China has or had Kuomintang 国民党reps on a symbolic body, this is a simple fact, and they were exempt from the rampages unleashed by Mao.

      In the latest elections in lapan,we also have a 国民党、always amused that nobndy in the western presss never notices amything.

    • You hit the nail right on the head, MC when you wrote that Islam is fueled by Satan to wage war against the Judeo Christian heritage and of course God This is Satan’s greatest attack on humanity. The media largely ignore the plight of persecuted Christians and Jews and focus on hoodwinking the public into feeling sorry for those “refugees”.I live just outside Orlando, Fl and after the Pulse shooting, the local media mentioned nothing about it being related to Islam. And of course those who see it as a secular struggle too, realize how evil Islam is. What I wonder about is why so many people are kow – towing to it. (Fear?) We ARE to be made afraid so that we’ll put our heads down and become good little “dhimmis”

      • Annabelle-

        Most secularists are utterly incapable of conceiving how deeply Islam permeates the mindset of the believer. They view their entire life through the lens of the Quran and hadiths as examples to be followed.

  2. “Sinister” appeared in your essay. It figured in a little piece I wrote also. I am fascinated by Merkel. The little I know leaves me doubtful about her loyalties. Even though East Germany is gone its shadow remains. Is Merkel a ” stay behind ” ? In conspiracist websites Operation Gladio is written up as a CIA stay behind operation to combat the Red Brigades in early post war Italy. Why is it impossible for Merkel to be FSA/KGB version?
    It is widely known West Germany was deeply penetrated. When the wall fell why think all the submerged agents just packed it in? Maybe they got even more determined to prove West Germany was in the last analysis a Nazi redoubt.
    When I see German ” man in the street ” interviews I hear the opponents of chaotic immigration called Nazis. The media dupes never seem to be able to ask back ” Well, are you a Communist? “

      • [I take issue with the accuracy of your statement]. Merkel was a propaganda specialist in the “Free German Youth” when East Germany was extant. Her father was a communist who moved to East Germany in 1954.
        A refugee? Hardly. She was a beneficiary of the communist system. She had a good life under communism and undoubtedly hated those who tried to subvert that inhuman system.

    • One knowledgeable commentator, DFD, made a pretty good case that Merkel was Statsi in the German Republic, and used a trove of information she possessed to destroy not just opponents, but anyone, friends included, who stood in the way of her advancement.

      Having said that, I’m more inclined to believe in a long-term penetration of the West by Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi intelligence elements. These elements have the job of finding young, promising political talents and bind them in webs of commitment through financial and other support. I’m also sure they obtain incriminating and embarrassing videos of their trainees.

      By the time these groomed politicians are ready for major office, they are financially and politically enmeshed with Muslim financiers. They also know that ruinous videos are available to keep them straight.

      And yes, these tactics reflect the classical KGB and other Communist agency tactics; probably CIA as well.

      One of the problems with a large, strong, central government is that the rewards for infiltrating and subverting it become tremendous. An excellent example of this is the Bill Clinton bombing of Serbia during the Kosovo war, which resulted in the Islamisation of Kosovo and Bosnia, and the permanent removal of Serbia from the orb of free, formerly Russian satellites which are presenting the greatest resistance to the diktats of the Merkel and EU governments to accept Muslim invaders.

      The subversion is by no means limited to Democrats. The Republicans are at least as infiltrated by Muslim money and influence as the Democrats. The Bush connections with Saudi (and Mexican drug) money have long been known. This is one reason for the absolutely astonishing reaction of establishment Republicans in covertly or overtly supporting Clinton over Trump. When it comes down to it, these sociopaths are following the money. Otherwise, it makes no logical sense for a Republican to magnify the flaws of a Trump to take precedence over the open criminality and incompetence of a Clinton.

  3. Outstanding piece of writing, MC. It’s just a pity that our betters, the globalist elites, will never see it; they don’t want to. Their shock troops will soon be in place and the destruction of Western civilization can continue, only on a grander scale.

  4. Logistics.

    Very insightful. This is a multi-stage operation. I can’t help but think that the goal was unimpeded Turkish right to immigrate to Europe. The benefit of EU membership without the obligations.

    Excellent writing MC.

  5. The whole “European Project” was and is an “Islamic Trojan ‘Orse” Escaped Nazis given refuge in Near East states “reverted” to Islam the adopted and adapted Al-Bannas plan from 1928 and persuaded (?) the German and French political class to start the process through the 1949 Coal and Steel Pact. The later became the Treaty of Rome then all the rest of the suspicious EU “Treaties”. In the UK I think we have a real chance now of avoiding inundation thanks to the Channel but it is clear to me the French want the Calais cultural enrichers to act as a kind of permanent pressure on the UK to take these freeloaders in. The Channel again is a blessing. Europe is done for-but at least we can slow the advance of this pestilence. If PM May caves in to the growing pressure and blackmail I know for a fact the fast awakening English will revolt and the Sharia enforcing Police will have a lot more to worry them than Facebook and Twitter comments or Tommy Robinson watching a football game in a private pub. Those “ociffers” will have to find a bolt hole if they are to escape public anger. Calais would be a good place for them to go. Might even pay their ferry tickets.

  6. MC, this is an excellent piece of work. If our political elites were aware of the situation – and I refuse to believe that they are not – then surely they would act. To continue with their present course of inaction and denial will ultimately result in their removal from office. Can they not see that?

    Every day that passes confirms my belief that they have been bribed, bought off with thirty pieces of silver only the likes of Soros and his friends in the Gulf States have considerably more than that.

    The politicians clearly do not care about the chaos they have created. They do not have to live in the ghettos they have created and they will continue to live comfortably courtesy of their obscenely rich benefactors

  7. Constantine dumped Torah. Anyone who professes Christianity needs to take note now. The Catholic rag Crisis (indeed) pontificated recently that Barack Obama is a … gnostic !

  8. “I can understand families getting out of the fire zone, but why are the invaders of Europe overwhelmingly young males of military age? Should not they be defending their countries too?”

    As far as it goes for the real Syrian refugees (many so called refugees arent from Syria), most of them are Sunni Muslims.
    They dont flee from the IS (Sunni Muslims themselves), so the main reason is that they neither want to fight for the Assad Regime or against it (or not any longer).
    Many also may be just criminals that have to get out of their countries.
    Not even all Christians or Jezids have a real reason to come to Europe, because they can live safely in the territory that is controlled by Assad.
    Infact there were some cases that such persons went back to Syria, when Europe turned out not to be the land of their dreams.

    • Not to forget the large numbers (majority) who aren’t even from the war zone. Allah has sent them to invade the land of the infidels.

      • Much easier. Merkel and the Left invited them in. There in by invitation. I imagine soon they will be invited to leave.

  9. ” The vast, vast majority of Muslims in this country and around the world are moderate, they’re peaceful, they’re tolerant.” (Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives).

    The problem is people like Paul Ryan keep opining on things they know little. Egypt is suppose to be a “moderate” muslim state now that Morsi is dethroned. But has the plight and place of Coptic Christians improved? Apparently not. They still can’t renovate their church let alone build a new one. They still suffer attacks from intolerant thugs. I’ve spent some time in Indonesia, the world’s largest muslim nation. It’s often upheld as a “moderate” example of Islam. But with a significant Christian minority who face the same restrictions and outbreaks of violence towards them as do the Copts. The truth is while some muslims may be peaceful and tolerant, plenty others are not and in these muslim majority countries this becomes very clear. If the “intolerant” (of infidels) are a minority of muslims, they are a significant minority in every muslim country.

    • A moderate Muslim is just a Muslim who hasn`t activly joined the jihad – yet.

      And a real moderate Muslim is a strange and rare creature, just like a moderate Nazi or a moderate Communist.

    • In a Muslim-majority country, the only safety for non-Muslims in general is a strong dictatorship. The current persecution of Christians and other non-Muslims in Muslim areas coincides with the overthrow (often initiated and abetted by US and European intelligence) of the strongman rulers.

      The rebellion against Assad of Syria opened the door to the Islamic State persecution of Christians, and if Assad is overthrown, there will be no Christians left in Syria. The US, of course, and the EU, are working to eliminate Assad, although they have to tread carefully as their manipulations are pretty well known by this time.

      Paradoxically, as you can read in Robert Spencer’s book, “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran”,
      the Jews remaining in Iran are actually protected and allowed to practice non-political Judaism. I think Iran could be labeled a dictatorship at this time, although it puts on the face of a republic.

      • I agree in general terms with the “strongman” theory though it doesn’t quite hold up in the case of Egypt, and President Mubarak, who kept the Christians very much as downtrodden second class citizens. In Syria with Assad, the position of Christians was some what better, but then he himself is from a minority muslim sect. Not sure of the situation of Christians under Giddaffi, anyone know?

  10. I agree with much of your post, but

    ‘Think about it: Constantine dumped Torah (Early Christians kept Torah, see the Book of Acts)’

    is [something with which I disagree].

    In fact, both Saints Peter and Paul, in the NT that is the received version deny much of the Torah, Peter’s vision of the food laws being inapplicable, much in the epistles of Paul, too, including rejection of male genital mutilation.

    Many early Christians rejected the Torah, among the relatively orthodox, most notably, Marcion and his followers, who established strong churches in lands in the end invaded by Mo’s gangsters.

    Many of the Gnostic works appear to be strongly influenced by Therevada Buddhism, with the multiple spheres of existence.

    I have read Acts many times, it mentions several deviations, among them the judaising faction.

    Constantine, far from your assertion, and along with the Bishops of Rome, established the OT as canon.

    I like much of it as literature, the borrowed Mesopotamian myths in the early parts, the borrowed Egyptian songs from the time of Amenhotep in Psalms, philosophy in Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Ecclesiasticus, the grand tale in Job. The spectacularly bad behavior in Kings, the sexiness of Song of Solomon (I never believed it was intended as metaphor).

    I gain as much from classical sources. Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, as just one. Most of it has nothing to do with Christianity per se.

    The whole concept of ‘judaeo-christianity’ as presented now is a recent confection. Protestant congregations influence by dispensatiolanist thought from the amateur Schofield’s version, and the Jehovah’s with their adjusted version, may fairly be described as ‘judaeo-christian’, but it is in general a false term.

    Pre-WWII, it was exclusively a theological term to describe the judaising tendency in very early Christianity. It only came into its current usage years after an ecumenical conference between heretical Christians and Jewish rabbis in the early 1950s.

    • try this one from Stephen:

      Act 7:51 Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.
      Act 7:52 Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted? and they have slain them which shewed before of the coming of the Just One; of whom ye have been now the betrayers and murderers:
      Act 7:53 Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept it.

  11. The American people are lucky. Trump apparently sees something wrong. Clinton is a Cultural Marxist who wants the destruction of Western Civilization.

    The Brexit Polls were wrong and so are 95% of US polls. Clinton will lose. There are enough Americans left, who like Trump, know something is wrong. Folks here at G0V know exactly what that is but we are a small minority. The rest are normal people who smell a rat in Clinton and Obama, keep quite about it but come Nov 8th, assuming the Dems are not successful in stealing another election, these normal people will be vote against Clinton and/or for Trump.

    The two small parties of Johnson and Stein are pulling 6 votes away from Clinton fro every one vote pulling from Trump.

    • Well, on the one hand you have all of those Diebold voting machines that are being programmed to vote for Hillary each time the handle is pulled – this even as I write this.

      On the other hand we haven’t had a single debate between lying Hillary and Trump. Most Americans get their news from the three-letter networks and so feel well informed. Those networks are actively campaigning for Hillary and across various generations of voters we have those that are simply misinformed and low information and we have the institutionally brainwashed millennials. The debates will be watched by Yuge numbers of voters, Hillary will have to think on her feet, unless she’s on her butt, and Trump will not pull punches as previous GOP nominees have.

      And then there is the matter of the emails. I’m sure there are many, many more to be released and they seem to be painting an ever worsening picture of Clinton.

      I’m holding out hope for Trump. If you ever liked America and Hillary wins you won’t like what comes after America.

    • You’re forgetting one thing that the Democrats have not: the Democrats and establishment Republicans have been flooding our country with Mexicans and other illegal aliens. Obama is also trying every strategy to make them citizens and to weaken any type of voter identity control. Again, with the full compliance and support of the establishment Republicans.

      This is a cold calculation: the lower-IQ, lower skilled immigrants, especially the Muslims, Africans and Mexicans vote very heavily Democratic. In other words, the more aliens that flood in, the less the election is decided by the merits of the candidates, rather than the racial composition of the electorate. This new cohort of immigrants is also welfare-heavy, and votes for the most intrusive, redistributionist party.

      A lot of Trump supporters are saying this is the last election when we will have the chance to pull in enough white and self-respecting minority votes to achieve a victory. Clinton has committed herself to continue and expand the flood of non-Western, non-white aliens that Obama has going full steam. The establishment Republicans are fully committed to supporting this flood of immigrants.

      I write this to address your assumption that the merits of the candidates themselves and their positions will play an important part in the election. It may for this election, but if Trump loses, this will be the last one.

  12. A fabuleus article, MC, that should be available in all languages and be printen on the front page of every newspaper or magazine. But we, readers of your excellent analyse, know that this is a dream. We are leaded by unbelievers, dimmythudes, Gutmenschen and reality-deniers. Even sophisticated and well-educated men and women believe that what the main-stream media are showing up, is the truth. For instance that all the so called refugees are really refugees, and that lonely young men in this amazing crowd every day, are a small minority. “They left their heavily attacked area with life-danger and they come to earn money so that their other family-members can come soon as well”. These fairy-tales are repeated by our media, so what can we expect?
    The good example of what Australia did at the beginning of this crisis, sending all the boats back (without losing lifes, the problem solved itself within one month), sounds horrible for a leftist. Not human… We are dancing on the edge of a vulcano without noticing this fact. But, one comfort, is has all been foresaid by G’ds prophets.

  13. excuse for some typing-faults like fabulous and printed (in the first line); the keyboard of my iPad has problems with typing in English…

    • I am lucky, the Baron edits out most of mine, but if the typos do not change the meaning, so who’s worried! all power to the iPads

  14. MC puts into words what so many of us feel but do not have the chops to express in words. Concise validation of concerns. Thank you, MC & GoV. Reposted this Free Republic.
    Despite our contemporary technological advances with news transmitted rapidly on the internet, we are not much advantaged given some things apparently don’t change very much through time.
    It’s interesting to check out the ancient archives of print media for news of the day. For instance, the site NY Historic can be searched back to the 18th century.
    As I perused the link, searching for news during the month of September in any of the archived papers, one of the first images I came upon
    PDF of The New-York Gazette From September 2. to Monday September 9. 1728, Nub. 149 reveal the following select quotes:

    Venice, June 13. By Order of our Magistrates of Health, an Edict is published, forbiddeng the Tenure this year of the Fair at Semigall(sp?), on account of the present state of the Infection, which tho’ its abated in the island of Zant, yet it still carries off great Numbers in Notolia, Abaia, Southern Turkey, Constantinople, Smirna, Thebes, Salona, the Isles of Archipelego, and several other parts of the Morea; so that no Goods brought from these places are to be admitted, tho’ the Fair used to be fully stock’d with Turkish Merchandize.
    *Rati bon*(sp?) June 14
    They write from Hebron, That such is the Treatment of the Prostestants in the Pallatinate, that they not only imppison them, but chain them like the worst of Criminals: That they no only refuse to let them speak in their own Defense, but give credit to every word that is alledg’d by their Accusers. In short, the Sword and the Gallows, is all their cry.
    Madrid, June 20. A Proclamation is published here, enjoyning the Performance of Quarentine by all Ships coming from the Levant, which Quarentine was to hold 40 days; and all Ships from Gr. Britain, Holland or North, shall perform a Quarentine of 20 days only.

    Interesting to see NY’ers concerned about imports from the Levant, Great Britain, Holland and North – each area currently deeply concerned with the infectious importation of migrants today.

  15. Apparently Sarkozy was quoted as saying that the Calais jungle is Britain’s problem. He’s lucky I’m not the PM as I’m sure he wouldn’t take to kindly to the RAF dropping a cocktail of napalm and white phosphorous on French territory.

  16. An anecdote-

    I was just at a new burger place here in a nicer part of Algiers, around 8:30 PM local time. The music on the PA was at a level that largely drowned out the muezzin. Of the roughly dozen and a half young women I saw, two were wearing scarves. The rest were uncovered.

    In fact, many of the remaining young women had exposed cleavage and skirts above the knee. Some even had semi-transparent tank tops on that revealed their undergarments. All were wearing plenty of makeup. No one was harassing or assaulting any of these young women.

    As I took all of this in, I could not help but be struck how bizarre this scene was compared to what is happening all across Europe. How is such a scene possible in a country that is officially 99% Muslim? How has such a forceful conservative element arrived in Europe, while it is nowhere to be seen in this part of Algiers? Perhaps my scope is simply too limited to get an accurate picture.

    • Its not an uncommon phenomenon in some muslim countries (including Turkey).
      But even most of this girls (and young men) will defend Islam against any criticism.
      You also will find sometimes that they hate the west, but at the same time favor the western lifestyle.

      Often they just live out their wild years before turning at last into a headscarved matron.
      It`s also funny to see them wearing sexy tight clothing and a headscarve at the same time when they are in some kind of transition phase.

  17. “Constantine dumped Torah (Early Christians kept Torah, see the Book of Acts), Mohammed dumped the Bible and Darwin dumped God. Three master-strokes…”

    Is that saying the concept of god is incompatible with scientific investigation of biology and evolution?

    • Unfortunately ‘Darwin’ as anything more than a theory is unscientific, and even Darwin himself admits it, he makes a logical analysis of the failings and vulnerabilities of his theory as a good scientist should.

      However, the effect of Darwin has been to deflect the idea of creation and a creator in the minds of many people, as something that is just irrelevant, and that humanity can therefore behave like animals with no ultimate consequences. Thus our expectations of people, particularly the elites, no longer has a moral yardstick by which their suitability for office can be assessed. That an openly unindicted criminal can be a viable presidential candidate I find horrifying.

      • Darwin’s theory (with revisions) still holds up better than any religious explanation of our existence. Natural selection can be seen in action everywhere in nature.

        My background is Christian, but I can’t get past the idea of “sin”. God, if he exists, gave us the intellect to choose right and wrong; as Brian says in Monty Python’s Life of…”, “I’m not the Messiah; you have to work it out for yourselves”. We’re lucky to have the Judeo-Christian traditon as a guide, but that’s all it is.

        • Darwin’s theory certainly does hold up better than faith, which is just that, and therefore unreasonable.

          re. “gave us the intellect to choose between right and wrong…” That’s an interesting comment these days, as fewer and fewer people seem to have that ability, as the entire western world illustrates!

      • I enjoyed your reply, MCin, although I don’t agree with all of it.

        There are actually two types of evolution in theory: intra-species and inter-species. Intra-species evolution involves smaller changes in animals as the group adapts to its environment, but still retains its racial character. Inter-species evolution involves the evolution of one animal into another: the chicken evolves into the elephant, so to speak.

        Intra-species evolution is more than a theory. It is proven by all scientific criteria. You cannot have a competent professional who does not believe in intra-species evolution. And example would be a doctor who doesn’t believe that bacteria can evolve resistance to antibiotics.

        Inter-species evolution has a lot of scientific evidence for it, but has not been proven, because there is no model available which can actually predict the evolution of different species. There are suggestive models, but none that gives a concrete evolutionary path.

        I’m comfortable with a medical or other professional who doesn’t believe in inter-species evolution. I don’t agree with them, but at the moment, my position is also based on faith in a future finding. Science has not solved all mysteries yet. Will it in the future? That is a matter of faith, isn’t it?

        Is religion necessary for ethics? I’m an atheist, and as horrified as you by Hillary’s level of support in the population.

        By the way, as you may be aware, Beinart has an article in Haaretz where he cites a Florida poll showing Jewish voters favoring Hillary over Trump by 43 points, 66% to 23%.

        The position of the Orthodox Jews was reversed, giving a 40% lead to Trump. The Orthodox are a fairly small minority of Jews in Florida, however.

        Beinart interprets the results as reflecting the narrow tribalism of the Orthodox, as opposed to the universalism of the Reform.

        The reason is because many Orthodox Jews evaluate the ban less through the prism of ideological principle and more through the prism of communal self-interest. If Muslims comprise anti-Semitic terrorist groups like ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas, and generally oppose American support for Israel, why let them into the country?

        How provincial and narrow of the Orthodox to oppose the immigration of people who will comprise terror groups and exert political pressures to oppose the basic principles of the country that is keeping you safe and allowing you to freely practice your religious preference.

        I’ve had the opportunity to interact with some Orthodox in the past few years, and while I don’t share their faith, they impress me as people who can see in front of their noses. The Reform cannot seem to generalize from the evidence of their own senses. It’s very strange.

        But, if you want my bias, I think there’s a genetic basis to the huge change in our political nature. The US is allowing in huge numbers of peoples who have a culture and society focused on redistribution and external, rather than internal, locus of control. We also shovel resources from productive, rational, self-controlling people to non-productive, irrational, impulsive people. This is going to change the underlying genetics of the individuals of the society. But, of course, this is a belief, as I have evidence, but no proof.

        My prediction is, Israel is going to be alright in the short and medium term. You are keeping out dysfunctional migrants and protecting the tribal (Jewish) nature of your country, while providing tolerance and protection to your minorities. In the long run, without some direction, you are going to have the same problem in your constituent groups: an increasing dependence on public aid and a genetic drift away from the very qualities that make Israel a vibrant and powerful state with a definite identity.

  18. In Europe, we could set up internment camps for immigrants who are not quite refugees; we could even set up “re-education” camps so that immigrants who have never lived in a civil society can be taught the rules that we take for granted.

    Unfortunately, the European Convention on Human Rights means that we cannot stop the residents of these camps from simply walking out of the gates. The ECHR is little better than a suicide pact.

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