Rainer Wendt: “The Justice System is Powerless”

Regular readers will remember Rainer Wendt, the head of the German police union. Mr. Wendt is notable for speaking the truth about immigrant criminal behavior in plain, unambiguous language. He appeared on a number of television talk shows after the New Year’s Eve groping jihad in Cologne, discussing the problems that police faced there and in other German cities.

In the following interview, Mr. Wendt answers questions about culturally enriched crime in Berlin. Unfortunately, as he acknowledges, the problems he describes are now endemic in other German cities and regions.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   In Berlin the police were called to an ordinary problem and as a result, state employees were attacked
00:08   by a large family. And at the center of attention is an 11-year-old juvenile criminal. What happened?
00:12   Well it’s not out of ordinary that the police
00:16   in situations that seem very trivial, all of a sudden
00:20   see themselves in front of large group of very violent people who
00:24   are trying to prevent the police from carrying out their measures. The large families are together,
00:28   very well connected, very criminal, very violent, and this is the case not only in Berlin.
00:32   How dangerous was the situation for the police officers? — It was a very dangerous situation,
00:36   because those people and their environment
00:40   are unpredictable. Also this type of violence is partially random
00:44   and subtle, and we don’t know what weapons those people possess. Those are
00:48   the patrolmen that are sent into those situations, and they don’t know when the reinforcements
00:52   will be able to arrive. — What will happen next in this particular case?
00:56   Will the participants be prosecuted? Or can they be prosecuted?
01:00   Yes, we are of course trying to attach the infractions to the right people
01:04   and press charges, but we have no illusions,
01:08   because the evidence management in the court is extremely difficult. The courts have
01:12   high expectations concerning the details, what exactly was done by which person,
01:16   and as a result, the charges will be probably dropped.
01:20   They all seem very self-confident, have no respect for the police.
01:24   Where is it coming from? Why nothing is being done against that?
01:28   What is the root cause? — We have parallel societies that shield themselves from each other;
01:33   the justice system is powerless, but also often not really willing to intervene. Those people keep challenging
01:37   the rule of law; they have absolutely no respect or regard for the police,
01:45   and what we call citizens and police action in a state of laws,
01:49   they call weakness, and they see themselves provoked, they feel stronger than us,
01:53   and that’s why the justice system should be much much tougher with them.
01:57   What does it mean exactly? It doesn’t sound really hopeful that anything will change. What specifically
02:01   would have to happen to prevent that type of situations? — We need much more people
02:05   in order to watch those people, because they are in an insulated system;
02:09   the large Arab families don’t let anyone
02:13   peek at their playing cards; we have to, in fact, watch them only from the outside.
02:17   This is extremely difficult and requires more people,
02:21   newest technologies, translators, and much much more, which means, we need more capacity
02:25   in order to fish those people out of their environment and remove them from circulation, because here
02:29   we are talking here about serious criminals. — Is it an isolated case in Berlin?
02:33   We’re hearing that in Berlin-Wedding [Berlin district] there’s that problem, but in general
02:38   this is not a problem in Germany? Or what is your opinion? — It would be nice if large Arab families,
02:42   and they ARE large, were only a problem in Berlin; then we could concentrate
02:46   just on Berlin, but unfortunately it’s not like that, it’s also the case in the Ruhr region, in Bremen,
02:50   and in many other German cities, which means this problem
02:54   is becoming a nationwide problem, perhaps with exception of Bavaria. — Thank you so much.

15 thoughts on “Rainer Wendt: “The Justice System is Powerless”

      • I think it is bad there, too. My daughter is in the Army and she can’t go to Munich’s train station anymore. It’s just too dangerous. She was shadowed by Turks in Nuremburg her first week there in ’14. She told me her commander, who lives off base, was home when an African just walked into his house and began threatening his family. He pulled a gun, and the man fled.

        • did this officer not know, that even here “Kansas Law” can be applied? When you stop someone trying to get away with your belongings on the premise , you may even shoot him in the back, when there is no more imminent threat.

  1. “How did Bavaria avoid this problem?”

    I was attached to the Luftwaffe during my military service. A German friend from Schweinfurt used to joke, “I’m in the Royal Bavarian Air Force, not the Luftwaffe”.

    I guess, Günter was an early EU resister and ahead of his time.

    • WARNING: Bad “ethnic” humour from the “leftist” perspective, but used here to illustrate old fault lines in Germania:

      Q: What is a Bavarian?

      A: A cross between an Austrian and a human being.

      The origin should be obvious. I still love the Austrians.

  2. Bavaria are the last stronghold of non-left Germans and basically won’t allow floods of a certain type to ghetto-ise their area.

    • Bavarians have traditionally been quite strong in their Catholic *and* anti-outsider beliefs. “What’s that,” you say, “cultural adhesion?”

      Well, yes. (disclosure: DH has friends in Munich)

  3. “What is the root cause? — We have parallel societies that shield themselves from each other”

    What was that Merkel was saying about integrating migrants into Germany? “We can do this!” sounds like she is shielding herself from reality.

  4. I spent most of my service on the West German/Bavarian border with the ‘EAST’– standing guard against the invasion that did not (yet!) come across the Fulda gap. The Bavarians were not at all left-wing, and mostly quite appreciative of the US Army presence.

    As a hunter/shooter, I found that they had a LOT of old and very functional WW II arms and liked to play with them (secretly). IMHO this might account for the lack of muslim difficulty (at least so far.)
    All this was in “private” hands. The former “EAST” may be a different story. The Russians NEVER threw anything away.

  5. So if the ‘justice’ system is powerless to intervene then the people are left to themselves to ‘intervene’ for the sake of some justice. This is what he’s telling you. Okay then fine. When the people begin to intervene to defend themselves, families, communities, culture, I suggest that the so-called ‘justice’ system continue to fail to intervene. Otherwise soon the people will themselves rid themselves of such impotent systems of autocratic social ‘justice’ quislings of worthlessness. Savvy? Either that or fully ‘submit’ yourselves to your new sharia compliant masters.

  6. ”because the evidence management in the court is extremely difficult. The courts have high expectations concerning the details, what exactly was done by which person,
    and as a result, the charges will be probably dropped”.

    Maybe if the German cops were all fitted with high definition cameras on their uniforms, the courts would be forced to apportion blame and convict these Islamofascists instead of letting them go free with impunity.

  7. The authorities have clearly lost control. There is a need for militias and vigilantes to restore order. This is what leftism gets you.

  8. 00:56 : in my visions, I see those scumbags attack an american patrolman or beat- cop.The perpetrater would not have a second thought.
    It goes as an anecdote over here that,should you have invaders at your home and call 110, your 911, tell them you just shot one. 4 patrolcars will be there in a second.
    And flintlock: there is still some well greased russian hardware about left over from wwII.
    Hope ammo is still working.

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