President Zeman to Czechs: “Arm Yourselves Against Terrorists”

In the brief video clip below, Czech President Miloš Zeman gives advice to his countrymen that will appeal to the WRSA folks among our readers: Acquire firearms so that you can defend yourselves against terrorists. He made these remarks in the wake of the massacre in Munich, which he assumed to be Islamic terrorism.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   ‘NT Munich Massacre’ — President Milos Zeman has sharply denounced yesterday’s attack in Munich.
00:04   According to him, this was an act of terrorism, as he exclusively spoke to TV Nova.
00:08   The massacre in Germany has again confirmed his view that people should have
00:12   the right to own firearms. “Citizens ought to have the right to
00:16   arm themselves (corrects slip of the tongue)
00:20   in order to, through their own actions,
00:24   to be able to act against these terrorists.” This was the reaction of the Czech President
00:28   just moments after sending his German counterpart a telegram expressing his condolences.
00:33   He considers this attack to be an act of terrorism. “The perpetrator is an Iranian, so it is very
00:37   likely that he is an Islamic terrorist.”

6 thoughts on “President Zeman to Czechs: “Arm Yourselves Against Terrorists”

  1. This is what shocks me about Poland with its long history of subjugation and revolts. Most Poles are apathetic if not hostile towards the idea of private gun ownership. I’ve often heard from Poles that given the problem of alcoholism, people would be shooting eachother. They have a fantasy that NATO or the government will protect them in a crisis. Getting a gun legally in Poland is also very difficult. For Polish speakers this article seems to sum up the options well, none of them straightforward or quick, with the exception of acquiring one for sporting purposes which requires participating in competitions several times a year:

    • Hungary is just as bad about gun ownership. You have almost no chance to legally own a gun.

  2. Interesting how the Visegrad 4 countries were protected by communism from so much of the West’s “social science” and its ill effects, leading to multiculturalism and speech policing. The Western Left is now using the methods of communism to hasten the suicide of the West itself! Amazing irony. Islam comes right along with the Left as a force multiplier and uses these methods against their new “homes” in the West.

    Thus former communist states may have to be the example for the democratic West to hopefully save itself from itself.

  3. Czechs and guns go back a long way. When the Council of Constance 1415, declared an internal crusade against the kingdom of Bohemia as a punishment for harboring Hus, the group of Hussites who finally got together to offer armed resistance to the invaders (the Taborites under Jan Ziska, a former royal bodyguard) faced them with “battle wagons”, i.e. armored farm carts that carried a gun plus some archers into battle. Thus they were the first to use guns on the battlefield in Europe and received credit from military historians for the invention of the tank. That was one of the reasons given for the fact that the Council’s plan to do to the kingdom of Bohemia what Innocent III did to the Cathers didn’t quite work out as planned. Of course it was also true that the Bohemian-Moravian highlands were a much harder nut to crack militarily than the coastal plane in the south of France, though the Taborites would have told you that they were victorious over a total of six internal crusades (which formed a big part of what is commonly referred to as the Hussite Wars, the Pope declared the other five) because God was on their side.

    • Delighted to encounter another admirer of the Hussites and the Bohemians, Marinka. I’m no believer in reincarnation, but when I hear the music of the great Czech composers and interpreters, it feels familiar; proudly nationalistic without being aggressive (unlike, say, Wagner).

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