No Groping! No Raping! No Swimming!

For those who have been following the cultural enrichment news from Germany, this little musical satire needs no introduction.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Dear viewers, you know that in Germany
00:03   it is our highest and holiest journalistic duty
00:06   and that it is part of the good reputation of our mainstream media
00:11   to conceal uncomfortable opinions.
00:15   But there are those cases where a journalist just
00:18   has to trust his gut feeling.
00:21   It is then he has to point out the abominations of white Germans,
00:24   and especially of heterosexual white men,
00:27   and point out, berate, and hate on them,
00:31   in order to prove that political correctness
00:34   is the one and only and the holy truth in Germany.
00:40   The following piece of music was sent to me
00:43   by a repulsive white racist who for legal reasons
00:46   I want to call Stinky Siegmar Merkel’.
00:49   Any resemblance to actually existing persons is ruled out.
00:52   I distance myself from this atrocity, and I am asking you
00:55   to keep your ears and eyes shut during the following video.
00:58   May Egon Krenz [last leader of the GDR] stand with us.
01:08   Concerned citizens BASS Bulwark present
01:12   when at school you sit and over your books you sweat
01:16   the sunshine laughs at you and outside you want to be
01:20   school is finally over the children happily run home
01:24   but as for the splashing this year there’s none
01:28   put the swimsuit back hide your little sister in your house
01:33   when Mohammed goes groping at Wannsee
01:37   women hide their figures in the Musselman culture
01:41   but please not here at Wannsee
01:46   girls are splashing in the water in their bikinis, that’s so fine
01:50   and Ali’s brain explodes when he sees a naked leg
01:55   put the swimsuit back hide your little sister in your house
01:59   because to them we don’t want to be fair game
02:08   from the nearest asylum home the entire group shows up
02:12   they can’t swim very well which is beside the point
02:18   the swimming trunks are wet it isn’t because of swimming fun
02:22   because already on the beach they’re going crazy wild
02:26   put the swimsuit back hide your little sister in the house
02:30   because they’re on the prowl at Wannsee
02:35   when the girls aren’t dressed like it says in the koran
02:39   then everybody can have a go at Wannsee
02:43   Yussuf, Karim, Hassan, Ercan, Haluk, Onur, Sergat, Cem,
02:48   and if Steffi ends up pregnant she will never know who by
02:52   put the swimsuit back hide your little sister in the house
02:56   because we don’t want to be fair game for them
03:00   THE END?
03:04   Dear viewers, I apologize that you had to witness this horror,
03:09   but we need to know how these new racists operate
03:13   so that we can put a stop to them
03:15   Therefore please donate enormous amounts to the accounts shown
03:20   so that I can continue my work,
03:23   and keep on exposing the racists in our entire nation
03:27   Hasta La Vista!

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