Molestation at the Pool: The Little Girls Brought it on Themselves!

The sexual molestation of children in German swimming pools has become notoriously commonplace over the past year as Muslim refugees have flooded the country. The newcomers seem to regard the pools as their own special market for “uncovered meat”, where they may freely choose their victims from among underage bathers of both sexes. Incidents of harassment, fondling, groping, and rape have become near-daily occurrences.

The two articles below from Quotenqueen describe a German prosecutor’s decision to drop the charges against a “refugee” who touched little children inappropriately at a swimming pool. The rationale for the prosecutor’s decision? The kids had “stimulated” the defendant by their play in the pool.

JLH, who translated the material for Gates of Vienna, includes this introduction:

This is one of those things that cause us to shake our heads and go “tsk, tsk” at what is happening in Europe. Before giving in to that reaction, take a peek at these three recent articles from Breitbart. Read them sequentially and think that this is in one of the reddest of red states in the “middlest” of Middle America.

Those (probably none of the followers of GoV) who think this is just a defense of helpless unacculturated foreigners, should ask themselves: what kinds of social rules prevail where these poor souls come from? What would happen if they acted like this toward children of the privileged classes?

What have we done to make them feel we are lower than the scum of their own society?

The first report is a brief summary about the prosecutor’s decision:

Children “Stimulate” Refugee Pig

August 6, 2016

The children (five girls, one boy) had testified that they had been pinched on the bottom and grasped on the thigh by the 30-year-old. Further, the accused had pulled down one girl’s bikini top so far that her breast was visible, and tried to grab the eleven-year-old in the crotch. It is also said that a companion of the accused was standing on the edge of the pool and had a clearly visible erection.

State’s attorney: The children stimulated the Afghan’s action by fooling around. Legal proceeding canceled.

The second article, which appeared a few days earlier, gives a more detailed account of what happened:

Mother Horrified At Prosecutor’s Decision

August 2, 2016

After indecent touching of children in the Offenburg Hallenbad: Investigation canceled.

The Offenburg prosecutor’s office has stopped the procedure against a 30-year-old refugee, who sexually touched several children in the Offenburg pool in April. The mother who reported the incident is “disappointed beyond measure” at the lax application of justice and sees an “open door for further offenses.”

“I screamed four times,” says Maike Sicre, after she had read the written communiqué of the Offenburg prosecutor. The mother of two daughters was informed that the proceedings against a 30-year-old Afghan citizen on suspicion of sexual abuse of six children aged 5 to 12 years was being halted. Sicre had made the complaint and is now outraged at this legal decision. “It is the absolutely wrong approach, to hush up or whitewash such things,” she says. It does not matter to her where the man comes from, she just wants some justice. And now she questions how the accused will act in the future, after the state’s attorney has said not one word of reproach about the incident. The verdict is not a deterrent. On the contrary, the door is open to further misdeeds, Sicre fears.

“Facts distorted”

What really upsets the mother is that she sees the state’s attorney’s argument twisting the facts. There it is claimed that the children stimulated the man to touch them by fooling around. “No way!” says Sicre. Her daughters were shocked when she read them the prosecutor’s letter. “Mama, that makes us look like the guilty ones.”

The children (five girls and a boy) testified, among other things, that they had been pinched on the bottom and grasped on the thigh. The accused had also pulled down one girl’s bikini top so far that her breast was visible, and tried to grab the eleven-year-old in the crotch. A companion of the accused was standing on the edge of the pool and had a clearly visible erection.

Just “fooling around”?

The prosecutor reports that investigations and interrogations of other witnesses revealed that the actions described had been preceded by the accused taking part in the children’s ball-playing. The accused had denied all the actions he was accused of.

The prosecutor’s interpretation says that the children described the situation to the pool supervisor as “fooling around.” The contacts were brief and fleeting and occurred during play. The state’s attorney continued: No compelling sexual inference could be made from the fact that the children were touched on their bare skin, since children at swimming pools are naturally only lightly clothed and the accused did not have to uncover any body parts in order to touch them. It was the same with pulling the bikini down and exposing the breast. That too could not qualify unmistakably as sexual action, but rather part of the fooling around. Nor could any connection be established between the actions of the accused and the possible erection of his companion. There was nothing actionable here either.

Maike Sicre does not intend to accept the prosecutor’s point of view. She will take advice from an attorney and consider whether to appeal.

38 thoughts on “Molestation at the Pool: The Little Girls Brought it on Themselves!

  1. Absolutely disgusting.The prosecutor is probably a pedophile himself and sees nothing wrong with the sexual molestation of children.It’s nothing he wouldn’t do himself if given the opportunity.By the way why aren’t the children’s fathers protesting ?Surely they should also be complaining about this gross miscarriage of justice?

    • The officials and politician of Europe are announcing to these uncivilised barbarians ” Hey all you good refugee men..It’s open season on everyone else’s women and children, not mine”. When are the male Europeans going to make a stand?? I would suggest that all females in Europe be taught SAS style unarmed combat, ie how to kill without a weapon…Or otherwise every family get a bloody big German Shepherd dog. They are brilliant at protection, it’s what they were originally bred for, to protect sheep…At the moment, The Politicians are making european people into sheep

      • Lynn: As I have posted before on other sites and this one, the Euro males have been gelded and turned into cowardly sissies not caring what happens even to their own family members or friends molested by the invaders. This is mind boggling that Euro folks want these invaders to rule over them which will happen in full once shiria law is imposed and under a caliphate soon handed over by their leaders under globalist control.

        • I think it is more a case of being terrified of having so much to lose. One has only to see what happened to Tommy Robinson – it would be the sad fate of many European men…a horrible death by felon napalm is not something a human being wants to contemplate.

          The USSR succeeded in its mission to ruin the European West. It has plans for the US too, especially if Marxist Clinton is elected.

    • Many of these now permanently damaged kids will return with a vengeance. Where are the parents? Where is the justice? This really is war. Millions of genocidal Arabs and other Muslim maniacs with their African slaves, just converge on European countries and have a rape and benefits plunder fest? How can that be? It must hit bottoms soon?

  2. The entire Legal/political system in Western Europe has been compromised by arab interests. Last week GoV published a video and transcript of an interview with Philippe de Villiers, former French MEP who accused the French political establishment of selling out to Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    These arab states are awash with petro dollars and have the means to corrupt not only France, but every country in Western Europe and you only have to look about you to see the evidence.

    • Yes absolutely correct! This is the breaking in of the Euopean populace to their new society and “normality”. I was told by a Policeman ten years ago that they were under strict instructions to leave “Moslems alone”. It is the same with the courts and why Rotherham was brushed under the carpet. Now they are pushing wearing of niqabs, burkas and “burkinis”.

      The Olympics in Rio is full of it. We see increasing headscarves on BBC and Sky as “normal”. Women will sooner rather than later be pushed out of public spaces. It is all part of a well organised “Plan”. Its name may well be “The Lancaster Plan” written as a “spoof” in New English Review”. People I know in the profession of “Reading other gentlemen’s emails” tell me this plan is no spoof and is true. And yes it is happening before our eyes. The “Elite” sold out to Wahabism, as did Clintons and all are very much into certain types of perversion, that are accepted as “normal” and “desirable” in Islamic jurisprudence.

      • An acquaintance of mine told me a few years ago that the police (in the UK) are under orders never to interfere with Muslims when they riot.

      • Bishop-

        One of the most nauseating promotions of Islam during this Olympics comes from our friends at the Washington Post.

        Go to any article about Rio there and visit it. Note the little “Rio 2016” floater in the bottom left corner.

        If you click on that floater, it bring up a medals table in the top right of the screen. Okay, great.

        What does one find below that medals table?

        Not one, but THREE articles in a section titled “Muslim Women.” that bloviate about how amazing they are, the burka is not oppressive, blah blah blah.

        As if that were not enough, there is a FOURTH article about the U-17 Women’s World Cup coming to the Middle East, and how amazing they are, how the burka is not oppressive, blah blah blah.

        Nope, no bias here in one of America’s so-called “newspapers of record.”

        Pardon me while I go retch.

  3. So the little girls had ‘stimulated’ the moslems, just by being there!
    Daily, the German legal system sinks ever lower.

    I just wonder, are decent German citizens in the minority now? One would think if they were a large majority they would vent their rage!

    • Well, we will see at the next election. I don’t think all the Germans are fooled, and Merkel and her cronies may have a day of reckoning coming.

      • What needs to happen will not wait for nice bought out elections. Something will just give under this weight.

        • How about rope and lamp posts for the indigenous enablers and a quick transition to the Muslim brothel in the sky for the invaders?

          Hard and messy work in both cases, and certainly not work for Snowflakes and their ilk but worth the effort for the rest of us?

  4. My dad grew up in Twin Falls. Born in ’32 but his dad moved to Twin to build a family after WWII. Dad was a teenager there in the 50’s. We have a summer cabin a bit more than 100 miles from there and I have driven through Twin twice virtually every year for over 50 years. I sometimes go off-course to view the house my dad grew up in.

    So this story saddens me very much. As I grew up, my dad would drive us around Twin and point out land marks from his childhood and teen years and the small town was my vision of “Happy Days” a la Richie Cunningham, etc. I had no idea until recently that the influx of Muslim fake refugees had affected Twin Falls so much. The town is not only affected by the graft of the civic officials who are obviously lining their pockets, but it is also very close to Ketchum/Sun Valley which is a year round resort town over populated with liberals who are enriched with incredible amounts of unearned wealth. Think Demi Moore and Tom Hanks. This is not the Idaho my dad grew up in, nor the Idaho I spent formative years in.

    My dad went to high school with a good number of people who would become our neighbors at our summer place, one was briefly a state senator. I always regarded the state as staunchly conservative. I hope we can keep the cabin at least for a fourth generation, but I rue the day a Muslim comes around. I always bring firepower.

    I can’t do anything to change things in Twin, anymore than I can end the pine beetle blight – but I will never buy Chobani yogurt as long as I live.

  5. You will read such kind of stories and such decisions made by German judges more often. This is political justice; the reason is there are not enough jails to put all the foreigners into it, and the German politicians are not willing to build new ones. So the foreigners are encouraged to attack kids because they know, nothing will happen to them. Paradise on earth: they don’t need to blow themselves (and others) to get all the virgins.

  6. We have been subjected to Learned Helplessness.
    That why we accept everything like a pig at the through.
    We just hope that when the farmer comes close he selects another pig to slaughter and not us.
    The individualization / atomization of our Society is also our enemy. If we would be one group then it would be different.
    But even if you belong to a group just a little pressure (“You aren`t a nazi, are you?”) is enough to splinter the group.
    Not to forget that todays technology (DNA testing, CCTV) is not our friend.

    Anybody know the term Black Ops?

  7. ” …. Nor could any connection be established between the actions of the accused and the possible erection of his companion.”

    Some years ago in the Gulf country in which I was working, there was a ban imposed on shops displaying naked mannequins … on the grounds that they were ‘exciting’ the indigenous element of the population, and ‘inciting’ impure actions!

    Somehow, I don’t see silly little cartoons teaching them the rudiments of civilised behaviour. Animal instincts prevail ….. and that’s an insult to animals.

    • Don’t the powers that be have any concerns about the possibility that all they may be doing is creating a worthwhile challenge for a band of smart focused patriotic minds? A top down, bottom up, sideways and over the top plan of action to take care of the business of the nation?

      • I saw a similar video, only it was a man and two mannequins. It is so desperately sad – but not any worse than the pr0n in this country. Islam creates a male culture that is starved for love. In the West it is women who do that.

        • good point! I share this idea too, because most muslims children are born to matched couples who often don’ know each other before wedding or beeing lovers.So I presume that all those kids are not ” children of love”. This love does not prevent marriages in our countries to fail, of course.

  8. Just what I was thinking about yogurt! I will never buy Chobani either.

    The town sounds like a lot of “higher-ups” have sold their souls to the money devil.

    • I think it’s just old fashioned German resolve to stick to their guns under pressure…

      This whole scheme was to redeem the German people because of almost a century of guilt and contrition for what many say were the inflated claims of their WWII crimes. I don’t want to get into how many millions perished in their camps…. but both sides had internment camps. And one side was losing and conditions became more deadly.

      This is not an excuse for the traditional damning of Germany. This is an attempt to understand the deeply pathological behavior we are now seeing in Herr Merkel and the German Government.

      They decided , in an act of what was to be seen as SELFLESS CHARITY… imported refugees from war to work and contribute to the German welfare state. Their population is aging and unable to sustain it’s pension system without young workers.

      Good enough. But we are beyond that now. Germany flung open the doors to young, hungry, sexual adolescent men with a low IQ. And instead of facing up to the folly….. they dug up their old brown shirts, round up and prosecute all who complain… and enter into a suicide pact with Islam…. all to stick it to …. JEWS, Israel and the USA.

      Now all they need is a little guy with a Moe haircut and a funny mustache.

      • That’s the Germans. Now, what about everyone else in Western Europe, USA, Canada, OZ, NZ, etc.?

      • Your points are valid except the equivalence you draw between Allied and German “internment” camps. The Germans’ were concentration and extermination camps. Don’t weaken our cause with Holocaust denial.

  9. A prediction if this were happening in the US: Vigilantes would spring up and set up decoys as bait. Pedophils and molesters will disappear.

    • Haven’t seen any signs yet. Oboma just gave an okey dokey to 300,000. We know about that is.

  10. With muslims, the old saying is still the best:

    “Better to be judged by 12 men than to be carried by 6”

  11. Germany has been punished and punished since WWII. Their hostility towards the US and Israel is palpable…

    This defensive behavior is almost pathological. So Merkel decides to show the world how progressive and contrite the German people are… no longer the monsters that murdered millions of Jews.

    the NEW IMPROVED Germany has traded one gestapo for another. The heavy totalitarian hand is still at work… but this time to prove how kind and generous they can be to the enemies of the Jews they once persecuted.

    The New improved, but still twisted Germany is redeeming itself… by sticking it to Israelis, Jews, Americans… and in some wild eyed suicide pact with Islam…. they are going to self destruct in their quest for vengeance.

    All they need now is a little guy with a Moe haircut and funny mustache…

    Germans don’t do democracy very well.

    • Look around you and think, not many countries do. (democracy)
      Oh yes, we have elections, but in most countries corruption and rigged elections are endemic.

  12. In regard to the Twin Falls case, in what way does it matter if the mother, daughter, father and grandparents are racist? They deserve justice. If they violated someone’s rights then they would be prosecuted. What people need to respond with is they aren’t racist but so what if they are? Is it legal to rape the child of a racist? Let them say it should be or move on out of apparent shame (code for saying yes would be bad for my career.)

  13. “Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.[To Hindu priests complaining to him about the prohibition of Sati religious funeral practice of burning widows alive on her husband’s funeral pyre.]”

    ― Charles James Napier

    Immigrants can bring all the local customs they want, we should never stop ours for them.

    • Napier’s statue still stands in Trafagar Square; he was a general as well as administrator. Some years ago on the satirical tv quiz, “Have I got news for you”, left wing politician Ken Livingstone said it should go, as Napier was a colonialist. Ian Hislop, editor of the satirical magazine “Private Eye”, pointed out that the inscription on the pedestal states that the statue was paid for by public subscription, “the most numerous contributors being private soldiers”, ie working class people.

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