Migration Figures: Something Doesn’t Compute

According to the following guest-article from Christian Ortner’s website, this year’s official immigration numbers to Germany and Austria just don’t add up. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Migration Figures: Something Doesn’t Compute

Marcus Franz
August 18, 2016

On the website of the EU Border Protection Agency Frontex can be found all sorts of interesting news which, if it is ever published in the media, appears in abbreviated form and altered concept. Among other things to be found in Frontex is the fact that the immigration numbers have risen by 12%. More than 25,000 persons arrived in Italy, mostly from Nigeria and Eritrea. To be sure, large numbers in both countries have a strong desire to emigrate, but many regions there are peaceful. So the report quite correctly makes no mention of refugees. Immigrants are called what they are: immigrants.

In January of 2016, Frontex established that there is no refugee background to be found for at least 60% of those called refugees. The majority of those entering are definitively illegal immigrants.

The apposite media reports, however, almost all repeatedly say “refugees” instead of “immigrant,” although Frontex uses the term “immigrants” exclusively. That is wrong, and the media bear the blame for it. False ideas make higgledy-piggledy reporting. Generalizing reports give a false impression and are harmful not only to the citizens’ right to information, but also to the reputation of the media. And it also works against genuine refugees, because the public’s attitude has become negative in response to the calamitously bad political management, so that now there is objection to not only illegal immigration, but at a minimum suspicion of every single refugee.

But let us take a closer look at the official numbers. In the first seven months, according to Frontex, 95,000 immigrants have come to Italy by sea. During this time, 220,000 immigrants were registered in Germany. Since the closing of the Balkan route, allegedly very few immigrants have been arriving that way. This is also true of the Brenner Pass.

From January to July of 2016 in Austria, 29,000 asylum applications were made (22% less than in 2015). So Austria and Germany are approximately similar. Using the usual comparison of 1:10, Austria even has relatively more asylum seekers to manage than its larger neighbor.

A comparison of the Frontex reports with the official figures from Austria and Germany raises even more comparisons.

How and from where are these hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to Germany? And the umpteen thousands to Austria? It doesn’t compute. The Balkan route is considered to be closed — as noted there were allegedly only isolated immigrants. According to Frontex, ca. 95,000 immigrants came by sea. Even if these people traveled on to Germany and Austria (by what route, pray tell?), that leaves 160,000 people in the first half-year who somehow reached Germany and Austria. That amounts to more than 20,000 per month who streamed into our countries and about whom next to nothing was officially reported — except for the bare number, and that the number was smaller than in the previous year (which is a favorite way of placating).

Something is basically off and must be cleared up ASAP.

10 thoughts on “Migration Figures: Something Doesn’t Compute

  1. Scheduled air flights? Scheduled ship traffic? Having a USA IP, it is impossible to search for a flight FROM Africa/Middle East to Europe.
    I’m sure it wouldn’t be reported by any “news” source but, what if, all those thousands of applications came from people just flying/sailing in on regularly scheduled transport, after they landed in Europe?
    Does anyone think they would they be stopped in the country of origin, after purchasing the ticket, before boarding the transportation?
    Wouldn’t this be safer, and cheaper, than paying a “smuggler” to cram them on a sinking boat?
    Hundreds of seats are empty every day sailing and flying from Africa/Wherever to Europe, after they go there, every day, right?
    We all know, airlines NEVER fly an empty seat today, under any circumstance.
    Isn’t it the PRIMARY objective of “Europe” to bring in “replacement workers (tax payers)” for the non-reproducing, aging, “dependent” population?
    The agenda of Europe is easy to see. How they are going about it is easy to see. Hiding what they are doing from the population what they are doing is easy to see, as well.
    The reckoning will come.

  2. There have been reports of Jumbo jets clandestinely arriving by night to Germany.

    You may remember the historic agreement between Frau Merkel and Erdogan.

    Accordingly, Turkey would take back refugees that illegally washed ashore in Greece. In return, the EU would take in one-for-one, a similar number of refugees from Turkey, who would now arrive ‘legally’.

    Obviously, Erdogan selects the frail, ailing and least proficient to be dispatched to Europe.

    This was hailed as a great diplomatic succes. In addition Erdogan was promised visa free entries for Turkish citizens into the EU, and full membership within 5 – 7 years.


    The link above to pi-news reports refugees arriving at night by train, being processed in a tent city, established at the Cologne Bonn airport. The announcement by the authorities is not likely truthful. The refugees probably arrive in direct flight

    • True. It could also be some from other parts of Europe that have decided to try their luck in Germany instead, I suppose.

  3. Some years back, the major supermarket chain Tesco stated that it believed the population of Britain to be over 70 million now, based on food consumption patterns. It was not alone in publicly unveiling figures that effectively accuse UK government statistics offices of having been either grossly mendacious or grossly negligent about immigration numbers. Other private companies came out with similar figures. Tesco has not retracted that estimate, and anecdotal evidence fully supports it. Just living in the UK is to know that the population has risen significantly since the 1990s.

    I believe the UK government deliberately and grossly understates immigration figures. Though they stop short of actual lying, I suspect they use obfuscation, distortion and omission to mislead the public. I suspect other EU governments do the same.

  4. I have no knowledge of clandestine flights, other than what I’ve read here and in previous posts.

    However I understand that the EU, doing something right for once (!), holds airlines strictly responsible for checking the credentials of people they carry into European airports; this is why even potential migrants with funds spend them with smugglers rather than simply flying here.

  5. There have been rumours of planes landing at night in Cologne-Bonn, bringing in hundreds of migrants each night.

    A reliable newspaper, Junge Freiheit, investigated and found nothing, only a witness at a nearby gas station saying that yes, during the putch in Turkey, there’d been plenty of night flights from there on the screens.

    This could of course still be happening across other airports. I mean, Frankfurt alone has millions of passengers a day, who could tell if over half a year there was a quartet million migrants among them?

  6. Many are still in “camps” in Hungary and Italy, especially Sicily.
    I imagine they arrived last year and are *only now* moving up to Germany and Austria.
    Basically, the monthly intake of migrants in Sicily should not necessarily equal the number moving upward to Germany, because there’s a delay.

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