Malice or Stupidity? You Decide.

JLH has translated an article from Kopp Verlag about the German government’s decision to place “Syrian” “refugees” in sensitive state jobs. He describes it as “another warning from Udo Ulfkotte who keeps telling us outrageous things that turn out to be true.”

The translated article:

Is the Federal Employment Agency Supporting Islamic State Terrorists Consciously, or is it Out of Stupidity?

by Udo Ulfkotte
July 29, 2016

The Islamic State has confirmed repeatedly that it intends to conquer Europe. In doing this — it is also no secret — it intends to infiltrate the most important structures. So why is it that the Federal Employment Agency is aiding and abetting the efforts of the IS by its actions as a jobs broker?

By 2020, Europe will be ungovernable. The CIA predicted that years ago on the basis of various developments. One of the reasons for that is the cave-in to Islamization and the welcoming culture for Islamic fighters, who have, for months now, been unhindered in their ability to build up their secret structures for carrying out future terrorist acts against the European population.

The German government is supporting the agenda of those who are intent on steering Germany into civil war. How else are we to understand why it wants to channel “refugees” into the army, the police and even more intensely into the administration. This is all public knowledge.

And while the IS openly declares its intention to infiltrate Europe, those who have come to us “seeking protection” are funneled without restriction into administrative bodies, key industries and strategically important institutions. One example is our letter and package centers. Already 150 “refugees” who have undergone no security screenings are employed there. An insider says: “While their German co-workers must show a police-issued good conduct certificate to get a job, all the refugees need is a friendly face.”

The word from federal security services is that “because of this, every opportunity is open to potential terrorists to send a letter bomb or package bomb to any given address in Germany.” There is neither a background check nor a review of the new, foreign “specialists.” According to this information, they receive code cards that give them access to all the areas of these sensitive facilities. According to security sources, this state enterprise presently employs 150 asylum seekers as “interns,” who are paid by the Federal Employment Agency (i.e., the taxpayers). Another 50 are slated to get temporary posts, among them several “Syrian refugees” whose origins could not be examined.

Security circles indicate that the IS “Syrian refugees” have been preparing for months to murder thousands of Europeans and Americans, whose names are on the IS lists. And especially letter and package bombs will be used for this.

These IS employees receive internet instructions on how to send such bombs through the mail unnoticed. Unlike airports, package centers have no security controls (such as scanners) which could prevent this.

In this context, security circles are asking why the Federal Employment Agency is purposefully placing “refugees” in letter and package centers. There may also be some workers there who are boundlessly criminal.[1]


1.   The title of Ulfkotte’s latest book, rendered by a commenter to a previous GoV article as more likely “Criminal Without Borders.”

17 thoughts on “Malice or Stupidity? You Decide.

  1. Something for the “dog of summer” to fetch – not far:

    Weaponizing Muslim migrants. To what end?

    In time – when the dog days of summer are over – so they can stand against native Germans who – out of taunt wound-up panic that Germany has certainly gone to the dogs – will be taking to byways and autobahns pulling the asylum structure down.

    Soon, so very soon, a weaponized invader Muslim here or there will not be enough. Some busybody federal cleric, twitting away in some glass & steel Berlin office – a quarter a kilometer from Hitler’s disused bunker – will *white paper* a (very Germanic efficiency) plan to muster-up a brigade or two from all those under-educated, ill-formed, Muslim migrant (military age) males lounging about poolside. Heck, there may be some newly conscripted generals in Caliphate Turkey Berlin could buzz in to get the migrant rabble ship-shape for the Greater Glory of God.

    Done, the restless natives can be rolled off the streets and, parking their children at the municipal pool, work-gang organized tearing down the barricades.

    The last stray Hitlerite cremated ash – scenting the whiff of that down over at bunker way – will gladly take to the wind over the city and salute, once more, the German efficiency for a death-wish.

  2. “The Syrian refugees are neither Syrian nor refugees.”
    Daniel Greenfield

  3. I warned of this years ago but was called “Mad”. I no longer need to “Warn” and frankly I can no longer be bothered.

  4. It must have been like this for the Jews in the 1930s. De-balled and nobody seemed to be listening. I hope we don’t get nuked.

  5. It’s almost as if the western “elites” are bought and paid for by the islamo paymasters.

    • That thought has crossed my mind. I read the Qu’ran several months ago…after page 100 it started to make sense when I considered jihad, treatment of women, intense hatred of Christians and people from the west …and compared all that (and more) to the politically correct and clearly ignorant acts and dismissive of wrong doing by Islamists-loving elites and leaders of the free world and then I knew. Yes, the UN and leaders of the free world are so guilt ridden because of what they have which was built on the backs of so many generations of hardworking people. they must now atone by giving it all away and sacrifice their and their families lives so that this world will become only Muslim. That will be a most interesting world as the average IQ sinks into the 50s and the we breed ourselves into oblivion.

      • And yet when there is a crash something in them says I want to survive. How many say, this is what I deserve?

    • If they sang songs I think this would be their song – I wonder what it sound like in Arabic:

      High Hopes
      Next time your found, with your chin on the ground
      There a lot to be learned, so look around

      Just what makes that little old ant
      Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant
      Anyone knows an ant, can’t
      Move a rubber tree plant

      But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
      He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

      So any time your gettin’ low
      ‘Stead of lettin’ go
      Just remember that ant
      Oops there goes another rubber tree plant

      When troubles call, and your back’s to the wall
      There a lot to be learned, that wall could fall

      Once there was a silly old ram
      Thought he’d punch a hole in a dam
      No one could make that ram, scram
      He kept buttin’ that dam

      ‘Cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes
      He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes

      So any time your feelin’ bad
      ‘stead of feelin’ sad
      Just remember that ram
      Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam

      All problems just a toy balloon
      They’ll be bursted soon
      They’re just bound to go pop
      Oops there goes another problem kerplop
      -Frank Sinatra

      Ants will work together to move something they want to move.

    • You are not wrong.

      There is an Amazon river of cash from Saudi and the Gulf states flowing through Washington DC and other Western capitals.

      Don’t you think that the people spending this cash expect a return on their investment?

      • Only one of the reasons that, several years ago, I started answering those political surveys that arrive in my mail like this:

        “Please list the following topics in order of their importance to you.” (This would include renewable energy, national security, and the usual assortment.)

        I always drew connecting brackets between “renewable energy” and “national security,” and I even added the words “energy independent” to this bracket.

        They are The Same Thing.

  6. *Usually,* when someone does something stupid, it’s more accurate to charge it against stupidity rather than malice.


    I hate to decide on situations like these. Probably leaning more twd stupidity, I’d say, or maybe even self-delusion???

    (back for the first time in a week; glad to see someone’s still doing real-world reporting; the Olympic blah, being sick blah, and everything else…couldn’t even get to church Sunday, last night, or today for a special Orthodox saint’s observance)

    OK. Pity party over.

    • We’re always glad when you show up at the door, even if it’s on your stretcher…You, my dear woman, are a treasure.

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