Machete Jihad in Charleroi

Update: Breitbart reports that the attacker has died from his wounds. Both wounded police officers were reportedly women, and one of them is in the hospital with serious facial injuries.

I’ve been calling for machete control for quite a while now, and today it seems like Belgium really needs it.

This story is still breaking news, and information is sketchy. Even The Daily Mail doesn’t have much; there’s only one photo.

The “Allahu Akhbar” factor has already been acknowledged. Medical professionals now understand this phrase to be a cry for help from a mentally ill young person who has been marginalized and bullied after experiencing racism and discrimination at the hands of European society. I’m sure that’s what we’ll learn about the unfortunate youth who was mercilessly gunned down today by police in Charleroi:

Two Belgian police officers are wounded by a machete-wielding attacker who shouted Allahu Akbar before being shot

Two Belgian police officers have been injured by a man with a machete in Charleroi.

The attacker was shot and wounded.

Police in Charleroi tweeted: ‘Two police officers injured by machete in front of police station by someone shouting Allah Akbar (God is Great).

‘Individual was shot but is alive.’

A witness told local television RTL he heard gunshots at the scene and saw an ambulance.

The area has been sealed off.

Hat tip: Dean.

26 thoughts on “Machete Jihad in Charleroi

  1. Get ready for an epidemic of cross destruction. Perhaps that includes church destruction. Have you seen the latest edition of Dabiq? Their “Why we hate you” is worthy of spreading far and wide.

    • Leftists are so demoralized (using Bezmenov’s definition) that they would not accept the reasons they hate us until the blade was being drawn across their throats.

  2. There is apparently a new medical syndrome which explains this increasing phenomenon.

    “Mentally UnStable Loner In Meltdown”.

  3. In keeping with the humor of some of the “Whyaxye” and “Robert’s” posts; here’s a limerick.

    Fundamentalists don’t give a hoot
    They don’t answer questions–they shoot!
    No matter what ideological species
    Fundamentalist are feces
    Deserving a boot in the snoot.

    • Now Europe is cowering in fear
      You’ll see the real reasons we’re here:
      Mediterranean swimmin’
      Will get us your women
      And you’ll get our laws, called Sharia.

      • Whyaxye: totally agree, soon a caliphate will emerge, enabled by EU leaders who will convert to Islam, or hop a jet to S. America with large sums of money for handing their country over to Islamic rule. Globalists want Europe under Islamic rule, and seems Euro folks are going along to get along, and totally ignorant of Islamic rule, history and slavery under shiria law.

  4. Rob: you have missed a big point: there is no such thing as the “fundamentalists” in Islam. One is either a full part of it, or not (apostate or some degree thereof).

    See also: Turkey’s Erdogan and his remarks: Islam is Islam.

    But I still like your limerick. Clever.

  5. Because of the ratio of erudition to profundity perhaps the answer is to educate the mus lim masses to phd level.Not wimpy studies like religion but math,science medicine They may find this notion risible but it is better than facing Trump’s seal/speznats/sas teams.The purpose of cair is to obfuscate that war on America is not inchoate but tangible.War has been declared.It is time to join patriots like Drs Jasser and Gorka.

  6. It’s time for Jihadi immigrant control, as I said before “these attacks and slaughter will become as regular as the morning news.

  7. There must be too many crazy right wingers in Belgium with no common sense who object to common sense machete control laws. I mean seriously… How can these people argue with common sense?

    • No one needs to own a machete (Ok, we will let Danny Trejo own a couple). I recommend a complete ban. Pruning shears are a more than adequate substitute.

  8. Our ruling elites are determined to create a one world government. Islam’s stated goal is to convert the entire world to Islam. Our ruling elites consider this a match made in heaven. Small matter to them that this match was actually made in hell. Our ruling elites just don’t care how many of us are slaughtered by Islam, they care only about reaching their goal and remaining in power. Islam will prevail if our rulers are not overthrown.

  9. These attacks from Islamists are rooted in their psychology and biology. Islam permits cousin marriage, which leads to low IQ and mentally ill offspring.

    This is from Wikipedia: “The Middle East has uniquely high rates of cousin marriage among the world’s regions. Certain Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, have rates of marriage to first or second cousins that may exceed 70%.[1] Iraq was estimated in one study to have a rate of 33%,[116] and figures for Afghanistan have been estimated in the range of 30–40%.[1]

    • Bradford, in Yorkshire, has some of the finest pediatricians in the UK. This may be connected with the large numbers of people of Pakistani descent.

    • And Uncle-marriage which is far less common than Cousin-marriage but is practiced none the less and is even more genetically debilitating.

      • What would a genetics expert together with a statistics expert say about what will happen within these inbreeding communities over a certain amount of generations, and how would this impact the demography within those societies on short term and long term?

  10. Here in the UK our wonderful forces personnel have been instructed not to leave their camps in uniform for their own safety.

    I would suggest they proudly display their uniforms at all times with the provision that they are legally fully armed at all times.

    Furthermore I would like to see the our Government legislate that ANY attack on any of HM uniformed citizens, army, navy, airforce, fire brigade, para medics, prison officers, police officers, nurses, doctors etc would carry an automatic life sentence with no parole. Personally I would hope that the death sentence was restored, if we are at war as we are constantly being told, these attacker’s are behind enemy lines in civvies.

  11. I feel sorry for you all in the UK. Your government is not your friend (but then neither is ours in the USA) so. . . what do you do?

    You get a gun so you can protect your own family, if nobody else.

    Islam may have low IQ’s due to inbreeding, but their leaders seem to be quite good — at killing. Killing is simple for even people of low IQ. We see it all the time here in America. . .

  12. Mariadee: I hope Trump is for real if he gets in. Otherwise this country under Hillary will decline. In Montgomery Al. a new mosque is being built, but may be delayed because of opposition. A large one is near Nashville. They are all over the U.S.
    These mosques are “military bases” for jihad planning, plain and simple. Will Americans wake up and see the light? Even retirees I talked to don’t have a clue or care as social life (live in the moment) rules. Adult concern for children and G’kids seems to be only apathy.

    • Laura-

      People don’t take the mosque threat seriously because they lack knowledge.

      The trick is figuring out how to get people to take an interest in preserving our country and way of life for future generations.

      I wish I could tell you there is one, guaranteed method that works for everyone, but there isn’t.

      One of the largest problems is that people in the US still have it too easy. As long as the Super Bowl is on and the Wal-Mart is well stocked the majority simply don’t care.

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