Lock Him Up, Geert!

Bosch Fawstin, the winner of last year’s Mohammed Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas, has drawn a new cartoon showing Geert Wilders putting Mohammed behind bars:

Below are excerpts from the Breitbart article about the new cartoon:

‘Draw Mohammed’ Winner Creates New Cartoon Showing Geert Wilders Locking Up Muslim ‘Prophet’

Bosch Fawstin, winner of the Mohammed Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas, has made a new Mohammed cartoon showing Dutch politician Geert Wilders putting the Islamic prophet Mohammed behind bars.

Mr Fawstin came first in last April’s contest, which was attacked by Islamic State sympathisers.

Speaking on the new cartoon, Geert Wilders said: “Bosch Fawstin was raised as a Muslim and personally experienced the atrocities of Islam up close.

“He is one of the biggest heroes of our time because he had the courage to leave Islam.

“I am proud that he made another Mohammed cartoon. It shows Mohammed behind bars and myself being satisfied about locking up the danger.

“For me it symbolizes that we urgently have to act against the terrorist Islamic ideology and terrorist attacks by isolating the violent Islamic ideology and de-Islamizing our societies.

“The West is facing an existential threat and weak leaders who are not protecting our people. We cannot afford this appeasement policy anymore and have to act today to preserve the freedom of our countries and security of our people.

“We must close our borders for immigrants from Islamic countries, detain jihadists, and de-Islamize our societies, for example by closing mosques and Islamic schools.”

12 thoughts on “Lock Him Up, Geert!

  1. There’s so little good news these days, every time I turn the computer on, yet another outrage compounds the previous days events. So when I saw Fawstin’s latest, I nearly spit coffee all over the screen, I laughed so hard. It’s something in the eyes, something he manages to capture in his artwork. Bravo, and thank you for your service!

  2. Effective communication has so many facets, spoken and written word are are just two. Fawstin expresses much about freedom, about deception and hypocrisy and about entitlement ideology in this. I’m delighted to support him and buy his work.

    • Very brave – please be aware of the extremists element though, further threats have been made to Charlie Hebdo personnel over one of their cartoons.

      If only all the press throughout the world had the courage to
      Publish cartoons to “normalise” religions and encourage people to accept that freedom of expression cannot ever be an excuse to terrorise and kill people because you, or someone else on your behalf, takes offence.

  3. My problem with this is that these cartoonists are drawing characters that look like Sikhs ;not like bin Laden or ibn Saud.

    • I agree. Ignorance and misrepresentation can be very counter-productive in OUR struggle. I am not a supporter of the Charlie Hebdo mode of operations. Needless provocation is, ultimately . . . needless, and it can actually damage one’s efforts. Speak softly, and carry a big stick. Even better; say nothing and give no warning before acting decisively.

      • So if we hadn’t satirised the Nazis in the ’30s, they’d have gone away and not bothered anyone?

        • How did you arrive at that? I am not against biting, accurate satire. It’s the ignorant, bad representations and childish taunting that I want to avoid. Sikhs are falsely targeted by ignorant buffoons; and playground politics do not encourage the Muslims to question themselves . . . but rather drives them to intransigence.

          Secure you own position before attacking another, lest you be driven back further than your starting point.

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