Legal, Illegal — Same Thing

The French government recently decided to remove any administrative distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. The announcement was made on the very day that the French nation disappears from home for the August holiday. Just a coincidence, that.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this brief article from Fdesouche:

The circular that removes the concept of illegal immigration

A circular from the Ministry of Interior and Housing abolishes the distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration. This principle opens the doors of France to even more massive immigration.

On August 1, 2016, the Ministers of Interior and Housing issued a statement that passed completely unnoticed in the torpor of summer, but is of paramount importance concerning changing attitudes and the French political ideology . This text marks a profound shift in the French conception of immigration.

The fundamental distinction between illegal immigration and illegal immigration is now officially condemned by the state.

Until now, it was based on the distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration. The first, in accordance with the law, was intended for example to accommodate workers that France may need, to train students in the interest of France or the country of origin, or to ensure the principle of family reunification.


19 thoughts on “Legal, Illegal — Same Thing

  1. Now war is certain and we know why they leave Calais alone. And we know the “Elite” are quite quite criminal and mad…..This will explode in their faces.

    • Why is Hollande still in power? Does anyone Rember the phrase that caused so much brouhaha a few years ago
      ” Cheese eating surrender monkeys”

      Where are the men in France?

      Come on Marine Le Pen – Why are you not screaming from the roof tops about this?

  2. Fellow Merkel puppet Renzi already did this in Italy.

    Thus, the moment a muslim migrant illegally enters these countries, one second later, they become LEGAL.

    Merkel’s muslim flooding operation to force the peoples of Europe to commit cultural, ethnic and political suicide is happening in front of our eyes – and people are just watching it, silent and unresisting.

    The EU crooks know that all they have to do now is pass the ‘tipping point’ at which Europeans will give up, and surrender, to the race-replacement operation Merkel is leading.

  3. I don’t get it. Do these politicians really believe they will be allowed to remain in power once the head choppers are a majority?

    • The elites will change the rules that permit them to stay in power…or they’ll take the money (they’ve got squirreled away in Cayman Islands accounts) and run.

      • However as the Caliphate expands, these (I’m avoiding profanity here) devious rogues,scoundrels,thieves,brigands,masters of corruption,back stabbing poor excuses for ‘leaders’ will run out of places to hide, and will get their due.

        • As an octogenarian, I sincerely, desperately hope I see that day. Their choice; the rope or a bullet.

      • If necessary the ‘elites’ will convert to Islam, after all, they are essentially luciferian and it will be like swapping satan for ba’al.

    • “…once the head choppers are a majority.” I imagine any of the worthless comfort creatures who were key players, in this filthy Islamization “deal”, will be hunted down eventually – long before Arabs and their new wave African slave losers. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

    • These are the same politicians – yes, Hillary, that includes you – who created ISIS. Do you really think they are no longer in control? Do you really think ISIS will cease to exist once some mud huts in the Levant have been “droned” into dust?

      Wake up! The world does not break down along the lines of nation states and religion. “Us” and “them” are the ruled and the rulers. The Bushes and the Bin Ladins are ruling families of the CFR-Bilderberg cabal. Do you really think your opinion or life matters to them? You are the ruled. They want you to shut up; and maybe even blown up! . . . and they can afford enough guard “dogs” – recruited from the ranks of your neighbours – to remain in power in perpetuity.

      • Just like all the other arch villains of history. Nothing more uncertain than life – Nothing surer than death.

  4. The lunatic,liberal, left in the USA has been preaching the same ‘gospel’ everyone is just a ‘citizen of the world’, what a load of BS.

    • I fear that will soon be the case. National sovereignty is being lost to the globalists. That is part of the plan. Canada’s own Prime Minister (Trudeau) has declared that Canada is “the first post national state.” It is appalling and people seem to have little idea about what is happening.

  5. This is just being a captive of an ideology. The Left doesn’t care about the consequences of their ideology, and sees those as a rightist conspiracy. So, ‘open borders’ globalism demands that distinctions and categories for immigration are just part of the old capitalist / imperialist separation of the Other. If erasing borders causes dire problems, those are just speed bumps on the way to a borderless world. The goal cannot be questioned or critiqued, and when it is that’s rightist denialism. I was upset for quite some time about what’s happening across Europe. I now see it as inevitable, given how the Left thinks. I can’t help also but see it as karmic payback for the sedition Europe’s elites have practiced. I now think it’s 99% probable that Europe’s elites had a hand in financing 9/11. Most Americans have no idea how vitrioloc, Arab-like European hatred is, of: capitalism, Christianity, free markets, Jews & Israel, and gun ownership. I’d say a 20 or 30% core has a rabid hatred for the USA and Israel. Do you think this doesn’t translate into daily support for terror groups targeting the US, Palestine, and UN corruption. So what’s happening now in Europe is truly what goes around comes around. I was very naive before about how much Europe has been involved in subverting the US and the freedom it represents. It seems clear too that the hatred of Israel is just Europe’s old hatred of Jews upgraded and made internationalist. As a Canadian I find the perfidy and double-dealing of Europe’s governments sad and revolting.

  6. This is interesting. I noticed last year some media like the BBC stopped using the term “illegal immigrant” to describe the migrants from Africa and Syria. If you dig a little deeper I think you will find that among leftist policy people they are developing an idea that “migration is a human right” and that if it’s a human right it can’t be illegal. They already push the idea that stopping immigration is immoral.

    • It is only a one way “human right”, 3rd world into all Western countries. The other way round and we hear the cries of “racist” and “colonialism”.

  7. Well, here we all are, 14 days’ later and what is the reaction in France? Sure, everyone is off en vacances, but there must have been some kind of noise about this exercise in total and utter stupidity! To say nothing of the threat this poses to the citizens of what was once la Belle France! Indict the whole Government! For Pete’s sake, you Frenchies,

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