Jeppe Juhl: “We Are At War Against People Who Hate Us”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Jeppe Juhl, the Danish commentator, in this space. Mr. Juhl’s latest talk concerns the pressing need for Western nations and politicians to acknowledge that we are at war with Islam, because Islam is at war with us.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Welcome to NewSpeek … I’m Jeppe Juhl,
00:05   and I have a confession to make. I am deeply, deeply pessimistic
00:09   on behalf of Western civilization. We are here and now witness to
00:13   paralyzed actors acting out a death struggle,
00:17   locked in a life-and-death struggle that can only end badly. For us.
00:21   Unless we immediately re-saddle and ruthlessly and honestly recognize
00:25   that we are at war with barbarians.
00:29   But of that there is no sign — consequently my deep pessimism.
00:33   We have made our bed and now we must lie in it — and I’m afraid the game will be soon over.
00:38   Because yes … There is – again — war in Europe.
00:43   The war is between the Western, secular modern society on one side
00:46   and Islamic barbarism on the other.
00:49   That is the way it is.
00:53   To deny this cold hard fact is obvious madness.
00:58   And if our inept politicians (are you listening Søren Pind?)
01:01   persist in their ritual and transparent reassurances
01:04   that we must “fight against the dark forces and form a circle around democracy”
01:08   instead of acting decisively, then we will in a very, very short while
01:13   encounter a strong and problematic right-wing national backlash
01:16   that will inevitably result in a civil war situation,
01:19   where frustrated Europeans will conduct vigilante actions against anyone with a Muslim background.
01:24   Also against the good and decent Muslims who would like modernity
01:29   … and who are hostages in this civilizational battle
01:32   … and we will at the same time drive the majority of European Muslims
01:36   directly into the arms of the insane Islamists.
01:40   And NO, gentlemen, politicians, journalists and so-called intellectuals.
01:45   We are NOT in a war against terror.
01:48   Now I’m going to tell you something you obviously are unable to grasp.
01:51   You cannot be in a war against terror. The words make ZERO sense.
01:56   We are at war against the system of thought that leads to terrorism.
01:59   And the inconvenient and undeniable truth is that that thought system
02:04   is called Islam.
02:07   Ask the families of the victims in Nice, in Munich, in Paris and all the other places
02:10   where the so-called mad barbarians in the most brutal and senseless manner
02:14   have killed completely innocent people in the last few weeks.
02:18   For these families, this is not an intellectual exercise, Mr. Pind
02:22   … an abstraction of freedoms and human rights conventions Mr. Trads
02:28   … but about CONCRETE actions. Actions that have robbed them of the joys of existence,
02:33   actions that have robbed their loved ones the most precious thing of all: life.
02:38   Multiculturalism has failed exponentially.
02:43   It is obvious to any independent thinking being!
02:48   For a very long time a string of Western thinkers have been demonized
02:52   and hated by the cultural relativist opinion elites.
02:57   But now reality is catching up with the nauseatingly politically correct verbiage.
03:03   A torrent of words that has consisted of nonsense, fear, fear of action and self-hatred.
03:09   Whatever feminized cultural relativists
03:13   such as David Trads & Co. might think and write
03:17   — whatever the hopeless straw men and pseudo arguments that paralyzed politicians
03:21   like Søren Pind and all other Western leaders desperately utter
03:25   in the wake of the wave of the terror that we are witnessing in Europe right here and now.
03:29   Yes, here we are at war against people who hate us.
03:33   And to you on the Left wing: they don’t hate us for what the West has done in the past.
03:39   They hate us for what we stand for in the present and in the future.
03:43   Listen to what they say and then realize it.
03:48   You need to realize it now. And then let action follow that realization.
03:52   When politicians and journalists argue that the perpetrators
03:55   of Islamically-motivated misdeeds have “raped Islam”
03:59   or are insane or suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome
04:03   or other forms of mental disorders, then I personally get nauseous.
04:08   What does that have to do with it? Is that an excuse? An explanation?
04:12   Yes, but what does it mean? In my view, anyone who kills innocent people
04:16   completely at random with a machete, cutting the throat of an 86 year old priest,
04:20   stabbing a pregnant woman or driving a truck through a crowd is completely insane.
04:25   But does that exempt the thought system behind their actions?
04:30   The answer is of course a resounding NO.
04:35   The problem is that none of these atrocities would have been committed
04:39   if our politicians had refused residence to the perpetrators or their parents
04:44   on a continent in a culture they so obviously hate.
04:49   But still the mass migration from Muslim countries continues unabated.
04:55   At least until now. One has to wonder:
04:59   How many terror attacks does it actually take before it stops?
05:03   Before the Western politicians wake up?
05:06   What is it they want? Do we just learn to live with terrorism in the Western world?
05:10   Is that the future our children can expect?
05:14   Is today’s terrorist attack to be compared with traffic accidents of the future?
05:18   Is that what you are saying… when you cowardly and opportunistically
05:22   refuse to condemn the thought system of Islam?
05:26   Is that what you say when you tell us (it is completely nuts)
05:29   that the Islamic state is not Islamic at all,
05:32   even though the last thing killers say before leaving this planet is: Allahu Akhbar — God is greater?
05:39   Of course I understand well the trap we have created for ourselves —
05:45   how it is politically difficult to openly declare war against a religion with over 1.5 billion followers
05:49   when we idiotically already have let millions of these people into our well-functioning countries.
05:53   I also fully understand that we cannot demand that innocent Muslims
05:57   reject terror they did not commit.
06:00   But we can and should do ourselves and all Muslims the great service
06:04   of rejecting the perverse system of thought that goes under the name of Islam.
06:09   There are a lot of really bad ideas in specifically that ideology.
06:14   If we do not do that — if we do not clearly and unequivocally say no to Islam!
06:20   and stand up for our own Judæo-Christian values
06:25   and consistently expel from our countries any who subscribe to Islam,
06:28   and put an end to Islamic immigration… then right-wing radicalism will get a full wind in its sails
06:33   and civil war in Europe will be very hard to avoid.
06:37   God save Denmark and Western civilization,
06:42   but not the warped ideology called Islam
06:45   and the cowardly politicians who do not have the courage to address the problem honestly.

18 thoughts on “Jeppe Juhl: “We Are At War Against People Who Hate Us”

  1. Do you want to prevent a worldwide genocide against moderate muslims?All moderate muslims who wish to do business or live in the West must prove with action their derision to islamic hardliners.Also the US was not part of the Turkey coup;or goatboy would no longer be in power .[I will use lower case until moderates stand up like king of Jordan]

  2. Exactly right.

    My only quibble is that Muslims don’t “hate us for what we stand for in the present and in the future.” That assumes that Muslims study our core ideas and our institutions and find them lacking.

    But they don’t study who we are beyond what is necessary to take advantage of our legal systems and identify the strains of social justice idiocy they can exploit.

    Those legal systems confuse Westerners when foreigners claim the protection those systems offer. Those systems were simply never meant to apply to foreigners en masse when massive population movements were simply not possible. Foreigners in the past were capable of mass movement but this was what was known as “invasion and conquest.” Westerners collectively have failed to understand the significance of invasion by people wearing Rebocks and carrying diaper bags. Too-universal legal systems and failure to understand hijra are proving to be fatal weaknesses.

    No. Muslims simply despise infidels. All their study need do is determine that we are infidels. The hatred is the same whenever Muslims encounter non-Muslims. The Grand mufti of Saudi Arabia declared the earth is flat. The man’s curiosity about infidel science is nonexistent. Why hate (or study) what doesn’t interest you?

    Muslims must be removed from the West. Mosques must be torn down and imams hunted down and deported first.

    I am not interested in who is a decent Muslim or not. So-called decent Muslims have contributed nothing to the counter jihad. Perhaps Muslims who have voluntarily approached the police about jihadis priot to 1/1/14 can stay, provided they abjure – on pain of deportation if they swear falsely, after a five-year prison term. Ditto Muslims who have served our military overseas.

    Basically, no Muslim wombs must remain. If that thought upsets anyone they should contemplate that that was exactly what Gaddafi had in mind for the West. Conquest through Muslim wombs.

    This Western cowardice and stupidity are disgusting.

    • Exactly. It’s pointless to differentiate between radical Muslims and moderate Muslims in terms of their threat to us. All Muslims are our enemy. The so called moderate Muslims are ticking bombs. They often become more religious (enough of them do, even second or third generation) and start taking Mohammad’s teachings very seriously. The more seriously they take them, the more dangerous they become because the teachings are evil; Islam is evil. But even those who do not become radicalized to the point when they follow their barbaric founder’s teaching to slit the infidels’ throats or blow themselves up amongst them are also danger to us and to our way of life. Our value systems are irreconcilable. Can we get along with people whose religion tells them to hate dogs, does not allow them to make or listen to music, does not believe in science or tells a man he can consummate a marriage when the bride is nine years old or allows him to hit his wife ( but not as badly as he would hit a dog) if she refuses to have sex with him? We should close all mosques and require all Muslims to abjure or convert to Christianity.

      • There is a tendency that, in order to appear to be a humane and reasonable person, one must stress an exemption or an exception for “moderate Muslims”. This elusive category of Muslims is often said to constitute the majority, but we never ever see any evidence of this. Given that there are millions of Muslims in France, one would reasonably expect that in the aftermath of the Nice atrocity there would be a demonstration by hundreds of thousands of French Muslims distancing themselves from the heinous acts of their c0religionists. One would reasonably expect the Council of French Imams or an equivalent organisation to issue press releases unanimously denouncing in no uncertain terms atrocities committed in the name of their religion.

        Yet nothing of the kind ever takes place. There is absolute silence, complete inaction. Always. After every atrocity. An 84 year old priest is ritually slaughtered in his church and not a single spokesperson for Islam denounces it.

        The only reasonable inference to draw from this inaction, this silence, is that these atrocities are not opposed. They may not be actively supported by the elusive “moderate Muslim majority”, but they are not opposed.
        This speaks volumes.

        “Our value systems are irreconcilable. Can we get along with people whose religion tells them to hate dogs?”

        No, we cannot. The inescapable conclusion is that in order to survive, in order to preserve Western civilization, every mosque in every Western country should be closed down and the practice of Islam banned completely. Just as Saudi Arabia bans the practice of Christianity and Judaism, in fact all religions other than Islam, the West should ban the practice of Islam in Western countries.

        In practical terms a very good first step in this direction, as Geert Wilders has maintained for over a decade, is that the Koran should be a banned publication. Criminalize the possession of a Koran for all but research purposes by prescribed educational institutions. Granted this would require an amendment to the US constitution, but such amendment would attract popular support.

  3. These good people of Denmark need to start acquiring weapons and ammo and other supplies by any means possible. Psst, they have plenty in your neighborhood jihad mosque.

    • Everywhere needs to gather intelligent intelligence. The Muslims now have enough hoofs on the ground to inflict devastating losses. Bound by an ideology of absolute hatred for the infidel host, an “integrated” fifth column, everywhere Mosques, safe houses, burqas and of course that classic piece of work – the confused liberal.

  4. Cant address any of what this gentleman says until the left is dealt with. Only once the leftist enablers are dealt with can we focus on the barbarian hordes. Know your enemy.

    • Prob. need to deal with the “hordes” first.
      1) The “hordes” can (legally) be shut down at Immigration–IF we ever get enough Border Patrol officers.
      2) Their “religious houses of worship” are training grounds for terrorism and need to be shuttered. Not sure what we could do with the buildings afterwards, but they must be good for Something. I just don’t know what.
      3) The left is more efficiently dealt with by upcoming local elections. There are THOUSANDS of elective offices in this country. Some of them are non-partisan (usually municipal level); others require candidates to declare themselves. THAT is where CJ’ers can have a strong (I hope) impact this November.
      And a P.S. (Yes, I know that I said in January I wouldn’t mention this person again, but after what he said early last week I simply must.) Donald Trump is a dangerous man–Congress could never control him. Hillary Clinton is a despicable candidate–a woman who stayed with her underage daughter in the White House when her husband, The Prez, was sullying the Oval Office.
      But Hillary was NOT the one who said last week, “Why not start a nuclear war?” in all innocence–and ignorance.
      Quite dangerous, this so-called “Republican” candidate. A life-long liberal, he was, until the recent primaries.
      OK. Maybe this IS the last time.

      • While I think Trump is a plant to destroy the GOP(e), it needs destroying…they just never planned to let it get this far.

        I am voting for him because the Oval Office is a confining place, as Obama learned. The latter had high hopes to do more overt destruction than he was able to, even with his magic pen.

        Hillary is definitely in ill health. Since it’s a brain disorder, she’d be a disaster. And her running mate was our governor. He sells himself to the highest bidder.

        Trump is what we get at this point. Given his success in business despite his abrasive personality, I look for him to be a vast improvement on anyone who’s been in that office in a long, long time. The conservatives were too clever by half. The neocons want us stuck forever in the ME. The Israel-haters will sell them out again to Iran.

        I want someone who’s unpredictable. At this point it’s a feature, not a bug.

  5. He needs to better illustrate how this is/has been occurring. Masses of people are not moving, but are being moved. By correctly and continuously identifying the facilitators as well as actors is key to solving the problem. Civil war will be avoided when we see Hollande, Merkel et al, in prison. No longer should the left be allowed to create crisis and then be able sit back at a comfortable distance and enjoy the spectacle. While this example is of Western Europe, we have seen, particularly in the US, how this technique is used to destroy and destabilize communities, cites and states. Not just the mosques but also the political science departments of universities should be subject to the wrecking ball.

  6. How can Europe defend itself from Muslim terrorists when it has made heroes of the Muslims who murder Jews? And so, now, Europeans pretend that murdering a Jewish child in Israel is different than murdering a French child in Nice and that those Muslims who cut a throat of a priest in France are different from those Muslims who cut throats of rabbis in Jerusalem.

    For decades now, the Israelis have been lectured by the Europeans and by our government to be gentle with terrorists and those who send them. We and our ‘human rights’ organizations have made it a cottage industry of protecting rights of terrorists. Our governments have been paying handsomely the terrorists of PA and the Hamas and we have been protecting their leaders, to prevent Israelis from taking them out. Now, the Muslims are coming after us and we have no arguments, because the enemy is throwing the words we had used against Israel back in our faces.

    Muslim supremacism comes in many guises, using many acronyms. In the end, it comes to Muslim belief that they have a God-given right to rule over non-Muslims and will never agree to live under the law, rules and governments of non-Muslims, not in Israel, not in France and not in the US. The problem is not terrorism but that very belief. Terrorism is only one of the weapons to achieve that Islamic goal.

    • “Now, the Muslims are coming after us and we have no arguments, because the enemy is throwing the words we had used against Israel back in our faces.”

      Ironic, isn’t it? Decades ago I vaguely sensed that what was happening to Israel would eventually happen to the West, I just didn’t expect it to take place in my lifetime. Then again, what German in the year 2000 could have anticipated that their government would permit over a million Muslim “refugees” to enter their country in a single year?

  7. Europe is suicidal, literally barking-mad suicidal. Notice how Europe still fears ‘Western right-wingers’ far more than the most barbaric practices of Islam. For the average European hatred of the right, of conservatives, of Jews, of capitalism is baked in, it’s so integral a part of their world-view that nothing, not even jihad, will change their minds. They have earned the fate of living under Sharia, having their churches and cathedrals closed or burned down, having their status changed to dhimmis paying the head tax if they’re rich, and janissaries or slaves or sex-pets if not. That is what they’ve chosen b/c of their denial of history and lack of honesty. They have so full earned and deserve what is coming. We don’t need to feel any sympathy or regret any longer. I respect this Dane for his clear vision, and his pessimism. But he has to just accept Europeans’ clear preference. Enslavement to Islam is what they want.

    • Absolutely correct.

      People intend the natural consequences of their acts. They love what us happening and hate those far-rightists who warn against Islam.

      If there were an election in Germany tomorrow the CDU would win easily. The French electorate yearns to drink Hollande’s bathwater.

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