How Do We Defend the West Against 21st-Century Saracens?

Our Colombian correspondent Diego sends this brief essay in which, as he said in his email, “I decided to gather my thoughts on a couple of topics.”

Note: Diego has chosen to broach a topic (often enclosed these days in triple-nested parenthetics) that frequently attracts irrational and unpleasant responses in the comments. We’ll allow greater latitude than we usually do, because it is, after all, part of the topic. But there is a limit to how much nastiness and vitriol will pass muster, and where that limit is set is entirely at Dymphna’s and my discretion.

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How Do We Defend the West Against 21st-Century Saracens?

by Diego

I was browsing through the Internet, and found some… interesting pages. But I must say, that I ended with the same situation of a few months ago with the right-wing student magazine in Colombia.

I have always said something when talking to my close friends about Europe. From my outsider point of view, I can see Europe between a rock and a hard place.

I won’t give names of the websites, but it saddens me to a great extent to see the views expressed by these people actually gaining traction. However, we must remember: Man is not a rational creature, and rational arguments are not enough to convince most people.

The sites in question, ultra-conservative Christian pages (from the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox traditions, but open to all Christians) espouse the idea of “Supersessionism”, or the belief that the Christian Church as thoroughly replaced the Jews as God’s Chosen People.

While I normally do not care about such things (I oppose this belief, but that’s beyond the scope of this text) the constant anti-Israel propaganda spouted under the name of a “True Christian” view can be disgusting at times.

Sadly, this is far from the only case. While Colombians tend to not care about what is happening in the rest of the Western World, I have noticed that among the people forming the bulk of the Counterjihad movement, there is a movement towards being anti-Semitic as well, some even going so far as to claim that, just as Europe belongs to Europeans, Jews should “leave Palestine”! Or openly claiming that “Jews are behind the Islamization of Europe”.

I am afraid, my friends, that we — those who can see that Israel and Judaism are taking a lot of fire from the mujahideen that would otherwise be directed towards the West, and who see that Israel and the Jewish people are one of our most important allies with invaluable experience — are a minority.

Don’t misunderstand me: I am certainly glad that people across Europe are discovering their Christian roots, and that slowly but surely more people realize that it is worth fighting for… But I am afraid that at this point, where political change is no longer possible, or where it is too late to make such change into something tangible and meaningful, Europe is picking up the banners, not of Christ nor of Freedom, but of Count Emicho.

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As for the burkini ban, I can’t see what the Western authorities are trying to achieve. This ban is nothing but a hypocritical move by an assortment of traitors to give the masses something to talk about. Banning the Burkini is just a political statement, a show of “strength” by governments, that will not really change anything, other than to make many freedom-loving Westerners Islam-sympathizers, at least on this issue.

This is a measure that I think could and should have not been taken, but now that it stands, it should not be repealed.

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35 thoughts on “How Do We Defend the West Against 21st-Century Saracens?

  1. I am not a fan of anti-semitic elements within Christianity either, although for every Christian anti-semite I know, there are just as many who believe in variations of end-times prophesy where the Jews will be redeemed. I tend to find all such religious arguments tedious and boring even though I would identify as a christian; at least in actions though I have little faith in the literalness of the Bible and no faith in end time prophetizing.

    That being said, I believe that Israeli Jews are every bit as much an ally of the West and Christianity along with Russia. We face a common enemy in Islam, and it behooves us to unite against the threat instead of quibbling over theological differences and being defeated in detail by a militant religion/theology that views all of us as infidels regardless of religion or lack thereof.

    The jews I have an issue with are those such as Soros, those involved in the upper reaches of central banking and finance, and those occupying the commanding heights of media and entertainment. As a percentage of the population, Jews are vanishingly small, while they are disproportionately represented among the wealthy and elite in almost every field where one cares to look. My dislike is not theological, it is practical; these individuals regardles of whether motivated by religion or greed or just plain evil like Soros, are at the root of the rot eating the heart out of the West. Before we can present a common front to the barbarians at the gates, we must first identify and neutralize those who are selling out their fellow Westerners for their forty pieces of silver. If a large percentage of them happen to be Jewish then so be it.

    • Don’t worry, Yah has a special seat by the fire for Soros and his ilk. Imagine, turning your own over to the Nazis and enjoying it! Just the thought of that makes my skin want to crawl.

  2. I havent seen any antisemitism among counterjihadis. If i did i would read their thoughts with some interest if a healthy trepidation. It’s fascinating to see how the mind errs. Jews and 9hrisitians are clearly waiting for the same being to incarnate. That of our logos who evidently comes around oh once every 2000 years or so. The jews waited for the end of the age, and God used his last visit to best effect. So what ? This is my theory, i think for myself and i dont care what other people think and i dont care to ‘convince’ people of my views. I use the thoughts of others to refine my own and practise nonjudment. Ultimately, we only know good after contrasting it with evil. Haha. True. Inductive reasoning is so … Feminine. It can be jarring to go to a christian site that’s got lovely info and you let your guard down and open your heart, just to read on aout the Jew hatred. Same with the nice person on the plane who suddenly calls Donald Trump Hitler. Ho hum, wax on wax off. These are the learning opportunities that strenghten us, that hone our minds and show us the fallibility of the mind and supremacy of God.

  3. So the question posed is “How do we defend the west against the 21st c saracen”?
    Easy really, in days gone by it was cold steel, then hot lead.
    And now it’s drones and elite forces.
    And when the oil runs out…….Glass?

  4. I haven’t seen too much Christian or counter-Jihad anti-semitism but I must make one observation.
    Supersessionism is not the view of “ultra-conservative Christians”. It has always been a mainstream, indeed orthodox, Christian doctrine since New Testament times.

  5. Marxist Jews…atheists all… do more harm to Israel than any odd elements of Christianity. They hate ALL nation-states and were just honoring a bum named Spinelli…a fellow atheist… who was an Italian Communist who helped found the demoralizing EU. Connect the dots. Then, read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules”.

  6. I find the author’s take to be, at the least, unusual, in that it us the Left, which is allied with Iskam, that is the hotbed of anti-semitusm. I am sure there ultra right wing groups opposed to both Jews and Islamists, but they are definitely on the fringe.

  7. While there’s antisemitism present among the counter-Jihad ranks, is it more significant than the antisemitism present among the leftist and Islamist ranks. A study found that antisemitism was rampant inside Britain’s labour party for example. And likely a lot more so than in the English Defence League, Britain’s most well-known anti-Islam movement. Yep, conspiracy theories exist, but while free speech exists, so will such theories – and surely it’s clear that, rather than harbouring a burning hatred of Jews, most counterjihadis just want a decent future for their children, and for their daughters/sisters not to have to wear a “No!” tattoo when visiting a swimming pool?

  8. Green Infidel, I think you meant “less significant”. Not being picky; it is an important point. As I’ve learned from following GoV, once one understands that fascism/national socialism is a movement not of the “right”, but of the “left”, albeit racist, it makes sense.

  9. How can jews possibly be the chosen people when most of them are not from juda and not semites and mostly atheists? Voltaire’s treatise springs to mind. More critical thinking is required. The jews use muslims as their revolutionary proletariat to destroy the west!

    • Give it a rest. (“jews using muslims for [unbelievably stupid reasons].”)

      The Jews were God’s Chosen People: he chose them to follow his laws. If they did so, he would not break the covenant with them that the Messiah would be born from Jewish parents. There are 613 Levitical commandments which Orthodox Jews strive to obey/fulfill. That’s a lot of work, lifelong and teaching it to children and grandchildren, if the “plan” is to use Muslims.

      Muslims: whose “holy” script, sayings, analyses, etc., all agree that Jews, Christians, and everyone else who’s not Muslim is to be killed or “subdued until they feel themselves overwhelmed.”

      Please write fantasy somewhere else. (Yeah, I know: I don’t own this site, but I feel I represent a large number of its followers.)

    • Yes, give it a rest. The followers of Mohammed don’t need any motivation or opportunity beyond their own religion, that rather obviously is their motivation right there – and our own crazy politicians with their mad social engineering project.

      Occam’s razor, etc.

    • btw you can’t have it both ways. You assert that jews are using muslims to do their dirty work, but you also assert that there aren’t really any jews out there. So, according to you, the people who you say are using muslims to do their dirty work don’t even exist.

      Read your comment again.

      If your first assertion is true, then your second assertion must be false.

      More critical thinking is required.

    • The logic of this guy and his ilks is like that. The Jews are not Jews! The holocaust in which six million of those non-Jews Jews were killed, did not happen and therefore we want all of them to die so there would be another non-holocaust holocaust, second to the one that did not happen in the first place, to people that do not exist but we want to kill them anyway – which reveals the true intentions of this guy and his ilks.
      And the reason for that want to kill them is because they are atheists and communists and they are such communists because they are capitalists who have lots of money. And with their money they recruit the Muslims (or the Nazis, or the Communists or the Free Masons, or whatever have you,) in order to somehow to destroy the world as we know it… never mind that the Muslims and Nazis and whatever have you hate the non-Jews Jews more than they hate anybody else because, and here I am not joking any more, because they share the same logic as this patrick dude and his ilks… because they are his ilks.

  10. I’ve seen some of that anti semitism and it’s especially sad considering we’re all jews now. As for burkinis, you are very wrong – it’s being perceived as pro woman and pro west. All of the heinous garb they wear offends me. Ban it, ban it, ban it.

    • Well yes, but surely the thing to do would be to do something about the cruel, benighted men who insist on women wearing it in the first place? How about this: if any women is seen wearing a black sheet then the man who made her wear it gets thirty strokes of the birch rod?

      That would work, as Donald Trump says, ‘Very quickly.’

  11. The army of Count Emicho killed and pillaged anyone who got in their way, Jew and Christian alike. He was a violent opportunist seeking treasure using the Crusades as an excuse to run riot. It certainly would appear his story is used to cast the Crusades in a light more favourable to Islam (‘look at what the Christians did!’).

    Yes, indeed, the tinfoil hat wearing ‘it’s the Joos!!!’ crowd pop up in counterjihad discussions but they’re usually told to pull their heads in pretty quickly. As for ‘Christians against the Jews’, is this a fundamentalist American Christian thing? I’m Aussie Pentecostal and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered it.

    Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life.

  12. As for Burkinis on the Beach… I was in an American water park once with some friends from Poland – the attendant refused to allow a couple of them to swim, as they had Y-front swimming trunks, not the long American-style swimming shorts.

    In short – different places can be very picky about what swimwear is/isn’t allowed… And besides, isn’t France the country which bans people from wearing a visible crucifix in public places? So why would there be anything controversial in a beach banning a burkini?

  13. There are plenty of anti-semitism in Europe. This is one of the reasons Europe will go down to islam. If the Europeans were totaly intolerant to anti-semitism, Europe would be in a different shape now.
    Anti-semitism is the 6th pilar of islam. Take anti-semitism away and islam is finished. Moslem anti-semitism, because of its importance, is connected to many doctrines of islam. Without anti-semitism islam would lose half of its base.
    But for many Europeans, islam has had a sympathy and support, because of anti-semitism. All of Europe, not only Germany, had its part in the Holocost. Jews remind Europeans of the darkest time in their history and that is unforgivable.

  14. The introduction’s enigmatic reference to “a topic (often enclosed these days in triple-nested parenthetics)” and “triple-parenthesis website” sent me on a search that led, eventually, to
    Okay, so enclosing a name like “Fleischmann” in triple parentheses, like (((Fleischmann))), means that the name refers to a Jew. This is linguistically interesting: special typography to mark the ethnicity of a person, kind of like using different pronouns (he, she) to mark the sex of a person. Is typography used in this way in any language? It’s kind of like using a hyphen in “G-d” to denote the divinity of the person being referred to.

    I have never before encountered the word “Supersessionism”, which refers to Christians superseding Jews as God’s Chosen People. When did this transfer of Chosen Peoplehood take place? (And how come I wasn’t informed?)

    “I am afraid, my friends, that we — those who … experience — are a minority.” A minority of whom? What is the larger group for which (number of us)/(number of members of our larger group) is less than 1/2?

    • 1) Having set type (not hot type, but it was called “typesetting”) for a few years way back when, I can state that this triple-nesting seems to be Internet-generated. There’s no typographical need for it in the publishing world: it takes up excess space, for one thing!

      2) re. Supersessionism: Until yesterday, I was also unaware of this word. But when I looked into its definition, it sounded similar to what my (Orthodox) priest has said: that, when Jesus Christ appeared, he fulfilled the Mosaic Law and initiated the New Covenant. Father (X) has also said that “the Jews who ignored the Apostles refused to recognize the Savior.” Personally, I’ve always thought of the Jews as the first to recognize The Deity. Without them, where would the rest of us have been? It’s difficult for me to hear Father (X) say things disrespectful of Jews, since we owe them so much in the way of our intellectual traditions.

      3) I’ve scrolled back and forth in this entire thread a couple of times, but can’t find the complete quote you excerpt re “we…are a minority.” Where is the complete, original statement? (Unless it’s the self-evident fact that CJ’ers are a minority wherever they are.)


      • Hi, Cynthia. The complete quote (its whole paragraph) is:

        “I am afraid, my friends, that we — those who can see that Israel and Judaism are taking a lot of fire from the mujahideen that would otherwise be directed towards the West, and who see that Israel and the Jewish people are one of our most important allies with invaluable experience — are a minority.”

        I see that you refer not to “Father X” but to “Father (X)”. Aha. So a single pair of parens encloses the name of a Catholic. What then does a double pair of parens mean? A Muslim? And maybe we can use brackets to distinguish between Roman and Eastern-Rite Catholics, and between Sunni and Shia, like (Pope Francis) and [Robert Spencer], or ((Osama bin Laden)) and [[Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini]].

        • Funny, Mr. Spahn! My use of “Father (X)” was meant only to indicate that I would not use his given name, but that I also didn’t want people to think that his name might be, oh, Father Xavier. 🙂

          Re. the completely quoted paragraph (and sorry I missed it yesterday): I completely agree. The Israelis and Jews must be respected as the primary targets of jihad, and we need to support their struggle, as it is our own.

          Thank you!

  15. It is not anti-semitic to say the Jews are no longer the chosen people.

    This will depend on one’s own education and belief system, but at least in the Catholic Church, the whole point of the Last Supper is forging a new covenant.
    Instead of the covenant being between God and the Jews, it is now between Jesus and anyone who follows his teachings.

    I’ve seen that triple brackets thing mentioned twice on this blog now and still don’t see any particular meaning it’s supposed to have. “They” and “them” are the perennial faceless bogeyman, the general concept I thought was that it represents the unknown power elites whose vast sums of money allow them to exercise the kind of influence that is ruinous for democracy.

    • It depends on who’s using the ((())). In many cases it refers to Jews. It’s like “88” and various other codes used by Jew-haters to identify themselves to each other in a surreptitious fashion.

        • It was new to me, too. But it’s real. This one is called the echo symbol and I think it’s an online phenomenon – you wouldn’t see it unless you frequented sites that blame the world’s ills on the Jews.

          We only found about it a little while ago. Someone noticed it in a comment and told the Baron. At least I think that’s how it happened – it was he who told me to watch for it.

    • My grievance is not with the idea of the Jews not being the Chosen People anymore (I oppose it but on a personal basis).

      My problem with this idea, is when it is used to justify anti-semitism or delegitimize the modern State of Israel, which we as Western Civilization cannot allow to suffer the fate of the old Kingdom of Jerusalem.

      There is a huge difference between claiming that an idea IS antisemitic in itself, and claiming that it has been part of the given motivations for antisemitism.

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