François Hollande and the Great Jihad

I didn’t have any particular reason for creating this digital composite — it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

In the foreground is French President François Hollande. In the background are Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik Petitjean, the two mujahideen unfortunate marginalized youths who acted out their anomie and economic hopelessness by slitting the throat of a priest in a church in Normandy, using the halal method of slaughter as prescribed by Islamic law.

8 thoughts on “François Hollande and the Great Jihad

  1. Apparently Mr Trump makes Hollande want to throw up.

    Apparently Hollande makes 90% of France want to do the same.

  2. The fellow Khizr Khan, who seems to have succeeded in bringing down the Trump campaign, is a sharia supremacist. I read his papers (available on scribd), and he is, like any muslim, a person that believes that Sharia is God-given law, and above any man made law (such as US constitution, which he used very grandly on stage). He is also hand in glove with the ISI (the common tormentor of India and the US).

    I am disappointed that he was so successful in causing damage to Trump. To be fair, Trump is not at all presidential, and does a lot of self-damage.

    This election is turning out very badly. Hillary is corrupt to the core, and Trump seems to lack several qualifications to be President. I personally liked Carson, who not only called out Islam, but even Mohammed on a TV show as an “unpleasant man.” I also like Gingrich a lot.

    • Yog, you sound like the MSM…these are all their talking points. I liked Ben Carson,too, but I never thought he had the temperament to do that awful job. What he was doing before, and went back to, is where his talents are best used. I also liked Governor Walker, but he didn’t make the cut either.

      As for Khan, he didn’t turn one person who was already going to vote for Trump…and those people had months of watching the MSM and the so-called talking heads telling them why Trump “lacks several qualifications to be President”. He lacks fewer than Hillary; if we had an honest press and permanent bureaucracy Hillary would be in jail by now.

      The “self-damage” you describe is the interpretation the MSM puts on his behavior. In the same way that they got Bill Clinton elected, they are trying desperately to make sure Trump doesn’t get in, because if he does, their game is over.

      Trump has called for a halt to Muslim immigration, it was the most he should have done at this point until he’s in office. He has used the word “terrorism”…. and in the end, since the choice is Trump or Clinton, then for me it’s not a real choice. I’ll go with the man who makes no bones about loving his country, who is not in debt to the Saudis, who wants to halt immigration, who has not been investigated by the FBI for malfeasance, and who has successfully raised his children to be productive Americans.

      The public people whose opinions I most respect have come out in favor of Trump. Diana West is one of them. She knows all too well the character of some of the conservatives who have been vituperative about him. Their treatment of her was shocking but their subsequent twisted rhetoric about Trump was even worse.

      Above all, Yog, don’t believe the polls. Because the press and the opposition have demonized Trump, we now have a phenomenon that Scott Adams calls “the shy Trump voter”. IOW, they lie to pollsters about who they plan to vote for because of the depth of ridicule they fear they’ll receive.

      There is no preparation for the job as President. Being a governor or a senator or the head of a government agency doesn’t prepare you for sitting in the Oval Office. And some never learn on the job, as the current office-holder has shown. Above all, Trump will pay attention to the 94,000,000 Americans who would like full-time work but haven’t been able to find a job. If the election isn’t rigged, their vote for him will make the difference.

      • Thanks for the response Dymphna.

        If I read you correctly, you are saying that the latest 11pt deficit in the polls is an inaccurate read of the real situation on the ground. I hope so! I really do.

        I abhor Hillary. But Trump has done a few things that one feels he should not (giving only 3 examples from last week)

        1. Claiming he watched a money Xfer video which was clearly untrue. Makes one wonder why he would make such a thing up, and what else he can make up.

        2. Hitting at Ghazala Khan; instead he should simply have said “Clinton voted for that war, I didn’t” and that would have been both true and dignified. A president should appear dignified, and sometimes Trump just doesn’t. It would help his image—remember that the US president is someone the entire world looks up to. Why stir up unnecessary controversy when so many lofty principles are at stake? Really, he should not be talking about Megyn Kelly, Ghazala Khan, John McCain being captured etc. Instead focus on 3 points: Islamic terror, Trade, Hillary’s corruption.

        3. Not supporting a true war hero like McCain’s re-election bid. McCain might be PC and all that, but the man is a genuine hero and for that alone, deserves more respect.

        Between the two, I would still choose Trump any day though. But wish he would smooth out his act a little. I also was not happy with his draft dodging. When called upon, a man should serve his country in battle and do so with great pride. These are legit issues that do diminish Trump in my mind. That said, Hillary is “the queen of corruption” and should she enter the white house, America is in lot of trouble. The Saudis control her. Islamization will proceed full force under her. A great peril.

        • Trump’s engage-mouth-before-brain is a liability. OTOH, someone like Hillary, accustomed to tailoring her message to what she thinks will sell, is at the other end of the liability spectrum.

          As far as draft-dodging goes, there is a long line of presidents and presidential would-bes in back of him. Clinton was just one of them, and while Kerry was in the service, he did *not* serve honorably. When have we ever had another candidate whose fellow-officers banded together to expose him?

          The last president to serve honorably was Bush I. His son got by with service in the National Guard.

          While I wish someone with Matt Bracken’s proven experience and gravitas were running, I know that’s a utopian dream. He’s not narcissistic enough to go through that process. Whatever else the campaign and subsequent job require – and this is true for all politicians – it is a big serving of narcissism.

          Looking at Trump’s record, his narcissism is benign enough. You can tell that by countless stories of his stepping in to help people in trouble. He does it because he can and he’s been doing it for decades, long before he began this campaign. Someday after the shouting is over, one of his kids will probably collect all those stories and publish them.

          • Why did we never hear of ¡Jeb’s! narcissism? His “Lucky you! Here is yet another Bush to guide and inspire the Republic” was laughable but absolutely no media god or goddess thought it was remarkable.

            The vindictive, foul-mouthed, mediocrity now at the top of the Democrat ticket is the same. She should be a bake sale coordinator somewhere but she’s convinced she’s presidential timber. “I offer myself to the Nation.”

            But Trump is the narcissist….

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