Et Tu, Bohuslav?

Regular readers are familiar with Miloš Zeman, the president of the Czech Republic. Mr. Zeman has drawn favorable attention from “Islamophobes” all over the globe for his unwavering stance on immigration and Islamization. Like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, he is adamant that Islam is incompatible with Czech culture and values.

Czechia has a parliamentary system of government, however, and the president does not wield any significant political power. His role is largely ceremonial, similar to that of the presidents of Italy and Germany. Important decisions are made by the parliament, under the leadership of the prime minister and his cabinet.

Bohuslav Sobotka is the leader of the Social Democratic Party and the current prime minister of the Czech Republic. On Thursday German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a visit to Prague. While she was there, Prime Minister Sobotka told the Tin Chancellor that Czechia would not accept any “refugees” under the EU’s mandatory migrant quota system.

Well, that was Thursday. By Friday — yesterday — Bohuslav Sobotka was making arrangements for the care and feeding of an expected 6,000 migrants allocated to the Czech Republic by the European Union.

Xanthippa has been charting Mr. Sobotka’s instantaneous reversal of position. Here’s what she wrote this morning on her blog:

Czech Prime Minister tells Merkel ‘NO’ to migrants and quotas, the next day, his government starts looking for a contractor to look after 6,000 refugees for 3 years

Politicians lie.

We all know this.

Yet, there is a difference between ‘bending the truth’ and ‘not living up to unrealistic promises’ and a 180 degree reversal in, oh, a day or so.

OK, let me paint the background.

A year ago today, the German government, lead by Chancellor Angela Merkel, sent out a tweet saying (in German):

“The #Dublin procedure for Syrian citizens is at this point in time effectively no longer being adhered to”

In other words: come to Germany, the rule of law no longer applies to illegal migrants… All are welcome, all will be let in and given extremely generous handouts.

This tweet was, understandably, the trigger for the tsunami of migrants coming to Germany. All of them claim to be ‘Syrians’ — even though the vast majority of them are not. But, they had destroyed all their documents and, in Germany, innocence/truthfulness is presumed until found guilty/proven fraudulent…which is extremely difficult to do with people with no documentation whatsoever.

Soon, Germany began to be inundated by so many mostly military-age, male, Muslim migrants that its infrastructure began to fail. And the criminality — especially sexual attacks and property damage/theft went through the roof.

Unable to cope with this influx of migrants who do not respect the ‘law of man’ — but only the ‘law of Allah’ = the Shariah, Germany swiftly switched its position as THE ONLY country that invited both refugees from war AND illegal migrants (its laws deny Germany the right to differentiate between true refugees and opportunistic migrants) to the position that all EU nations must take in their ‘fare share’ of migrants who are unwilling to assimilate nor are they willing (or able, education wise) to work.

As if ‘Germany invites them, everybody else must take care of them’ were somehow ‘fair’.

But, there is reasoning behind this madness.

Yes, I said ‘reasoning’ — not ‘reason’.

Because this ‘reasoning’ is anything but ‘reasonable’.

To understand it, we must look to the EU and the philosophy that underlines it.

In no uncertain terms, the EU is, in anything but name, the Fourth Reich. The significant difference between the Third Reich and the Fourth one is that the Third Reich was nationalistic. The Fourth Reich in ‘internationalistic’.

The Third Reich used violence to subjugate other European nations, while the Fourth Reich uses promises of trade deals to subjugate the rest of Europe into vassal states. The means are different, but the result is the same.

Its founders truly believe that the lesson to be learnt from the Third Reich and the Second World War is not that totalitarianism is bad, but that nationalism is. These naive geniuses truly and honestly believe that if they could erase national diversity in Europe, they would effectively prevent all the wars in the whole world. Because European nationalism is the cause of all evil in the world and nothing can stand up against it…

Aside from being extremely egocentric and supremacist of these elites (something they are blind to), it misses the point that the healthy competition between European nation states is what had ushered in the unprecedented age of prosperity we are living in now. And that destroying it would prevent the healthy growth of our civilization instead leading to stagnation and corruption.

Or, perhaps they DO get it — but want to bring our Western European/North American civilization back down to the same lowest denominator as the countries with the lowest level of civilization live under. Which is the stated goal of the United Nations. But, that is a different rant…

Actually, I do believe this second option is the true motivator for the elites’ sabotage of our Euro-American culture: they think they can isolate themselves in luxury and security and want the rest of the world’s cultures to be homogenized, bringing everyone to the lowest common cultural denominator — and thus eliminating ‘inequality’.


But, I digress.

Two days ago, the Czech Prime Minister — in a speech — said in no equivocal terms, that he does not want a strong Muslim minority in the Czech Republic.

One day ago, he had repeated the same message to the visiting German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Merkel’s visit to Prague was seen as a provocation by many citizens and, indeed, they turned up in huge numbers to show their dissatisfaction with her migrant policies. It was, perhaps, the very first time Frau Merkel had faced such massive demonstrations against her and her policies.

And, it seemed, the politicians were on board with the citizenry — as they should be.

President Zeman told Ms. Merkel, in no uncertain terms, that it is unfair and unacceptable of Germany to invite the migrant tsunami and then to shift the responsibility for looking after the migrants to all EU nations.

Similarly, the Prime Minister of Czechia, Sobotka, delivered speeches on both Wednesday and Thursday, refusing any migrant quotas and stating that he did not want a strong Muslim minority (community) in the Czech Republic.

No sooner had Ms. Merkel left the country than…

…the Czech Ministry of the Interior had put our an RFP for a general contractor to provide housing and integration services for 6,000 migrants for the next 3 years.

While I’ve been writing this post up — with the aim to produce background and then translate the original article fro the Czech Website Parlamentni Listy, the story I wanted to both link to and translate has been disappeared.

Insert the most vile curses of your choice here — PLEASE!!!

Now I cannot document my claim — because I took too long to give the background and archive the link itself.

Please, do insert even more vile curses here!!!

I am reporting the truth!

More vile curses, please!

I am not lying — the article was published, by Parlamentni Listy, and was available just a few hours ago — but has vanished since.

If I can hunt the link down, I will update. In the meantime, my dear readers, I would like to call on you for help: if you can find any article/news story confirming this, before they get lost into ‘memory holes’, please, help me and post the link in the comments.

Thank you!

If any readers can find a web cache of the article in question, please leave the link here in the comments, or better yet, in the comments at Xanthippa’s place.

24 thoughts on “Et Tu, Bohuslav?

  1. Most men cannot resist the temptation of power and money. This was clearly offered to the Czech PM. Few men in power can resist these temptations.

    • This shows the degree of Merkel complicity in this catastrophe which she desires to inflict on even a small European nation. It was a matter of top priority to her and her visit had one and only one objective, the nature of which is clear from that RFP.

      Moreover, I do not think there was a positive inducement that was communicated. There was a threat.

  2. First of all, the PM was personally bribed. Second, the EU resembles the Soviet model of the Central Committee and Politburo.

  3. We need Geert Wilders to be head of the European Commission. That will put an end to the Inbred followers of the pig adverse Caliphate builders. Satanic forces { Islam } have filled the spaces abandoned by populations who worship pseudo science instead of Almighty God.
    tho some religious leaders are not religious but simply power hungry self seekers…….None of them perform Frankenstein experiments on people..animals or plants. { in the name of science } …and none…other than Muslims ” tell their followers to Convert or Kill”.

    • The Wayback machine can be circumvented by robots.txt in the web site instructions. I have tried finding several webpages that could be considered controversial, eg old Clinton news stories, only to be met by “we don’t have that archived”.

      • Also, for a recently posted item the spiders that search for new posts may not arrive quickly enough, even if the robot.txt file is not being used.

  4. I am really not a Merkel supporter and I was shocked what she did last year, i.e. opening the borders and de facto declaring that law doesn’t apply any more in Germany/Europe. Actually I am still shocked as of today.

    I also think that benefits for migrants in Germany are much to generous and should be cut to reduce the pull factor (i.e. cut payments, forbid Family reunification, kick out migrants with denied aslyum applications immediately, etc.).

    I also admire Victor Orban and the other Eastern European leaders and their stance (maybe the Polish a bit less).

    But to say that Merkel stand-alone created this flowof refuguee streams and that this is 100% a German problem is much too easy and is just not true.

    However, I think we (Germany) must get rid of Merkel and of Junker and Schultz of the EU as well and the Eastern Europeans must accept that it is also their problem, because a) the migrants move through their countries, b) an islamized German will be a constant threat to them and c) the reasons for the migration waves (war, terrorism, overpopulation, poverty, etc.) were not caused by Angela Merkel.

    So, let’s rather try to work together than shifting the blame 100% to the other side.
    Talking of a “fourth Reich” isn’t helpful here. Believe me the average German is not rich and does not benefit from the huge trade surplus (maybe apart from the fact that he/she has an underpaid job). Only the elites do so.

    • Yes, we Eastern Europeans must also accept that “it” is also our problem… but what does that mean? That we copy the problems that Germany, and other Western European countries, brought upon themselves? The political correctness, massive benefits and the resulting uncontrollable waves of migration?

      True, Merkel didn’t cause all this herself. And the immigration problems are hardly only in Germany. But surely you can see that it’s not only “poverty” and “war” that brings migrants to Germany? If it was – why are most of the migrants not from South Sudan, or even Syria? Why are so many (as your TV highlighted all too clearly after New Year’s Eve in Cologne) from Morocco, and other places unblighted neither by war, nor extreme poverty – but perhaps places whose inhabitants see the West as a soft touch, and easy pickings?

      If one sees problems happening in other places, surely it’s one’s DUTY to learn, and not to replicate them in one’s own back yard? And that’s entirely what us Eastern Europeans intend to do…

      Btw, the Polish Red Cross, Caritas etc have many volunteers working in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and other middle Eastern countries… perhaps that’s the way in which we can help you to deal with this “problem”? To help REAL refugees, in areas where there’s no risk of a Cologne-style “clash of civilisations”?

      • No, there is still a risk of Cologne style clash of civilizations. Look at what happened in South Sudan recently, where White aid workers (redundant I know) were singled out for rape and other forms of abuse, as part of victory celebrations for the South Sudanese army.

  5. Of course they believe the primary lesson of the Second World War is that nationalism is evil cause of that war, and not Totalitarianism. That is because they are not nationalists. They are Totalitarians.
    Q : When the denizens of Europe ( I would use the word ” citizens ” but they won’t be then ) awaken to a total surveillance state, will they cheer?
    A : They’d better.

    • Exactly.

      The totalitarians make absolutely certain that National Socialism is always chacterized as a “far-right” phenomenon and that a ridiculous view of nationalism is put forward to the effect that if an Icelander, for example, loves his country, his language, his literature, his music, and his fellow countrymen then he must also, as the night follows the day, harbor an ambition to conquer the world, acquire Lebensraum, and exterminate non-Icelanders who annoy him.

      Similarly, no mention must be made of communist exterminations. The fantasy of an efficient and benign utopian communism must be maintained at all costs.

      The tragic irony is that totalitarian communism was immensely more soaked in blood than National Socialism but the problem the EU was ostensibly formed to solve was deemed to be “nationalism.” The very structure of the EU was authoritarian at the outset with no reason to believe it would not seek and attain total power. Its pretense of representation is a farce and it’s beyond clear that it’s a determined enemy of free speech and of the native peoples of Europe. Progress!

      Nationalism is seriously diluted now and so are the people and the nations. There’s no peace in this but that is of no concern to the ultra-leftist connivers and betrayers.

  6. To A_German, you are wrong. Merkel has a mental disease and it might be called multi-culturalism (or Alzheimer’s). But she should not be imposing it on her country — the rape rate in Germany has sky-rocketed, as well as the crime rate. Who do you think is doing this? Not the mostly-obedient, mostly well-behaved Germans.

    I am hoping that Viktor Orban somehow saves Europe, even though it’s a faint hope — how many divisions does have? Were I the “queen” of Europe I’d be deporting muslims back to the middle east so fast it would make their heads spin. They need to solve their own problems in their own part of the world. This is so clear to me that I can’t believe the crap I’m reading daily. . . does nobody see anything clearly and logically anymore? Oh, it’s just “feelings” isn’t it.

    So what Mohammed couldn’t manage by war, when he was stopped at the “former” Gates of Vienna, is now being accomplished by the muslims by simply walking in and “civilized” Europe just can’t handle it. Better to live as a dhimmi than to protect your country, your people, your civilization? I spit on you.

    • Merkel has a mental disease and it might be called multi-culturalism (or Alzheimer’s).

      Bingo! That’s the other name for multi-culturalism: when masses of people truly believe in “multi-culturalism”, it’s a sign their part of the “culture” is dying of dementia.

  7. In principle I agree with and fully Support everything which is said here. Europe must safeguard its boders, reduce the pull factors (cut benefits , restrict Family reunification, etc.), send back all of the illegal migrants, send back the war refugees once the situation ist stable again, better support refugee camps in neighbouring countries, maybe introduce an Interim stop for further asylum seekers / migrants etc.

    But still migrants will reach Europe one way or the other (reasons being massive overpopulation, poverty wars,etc.) as living conditions in Europe will always be better than where they come from.

    And those migrants still coming through will have to be distributed equally among EU countries. it is not acceptable, that they all end up only in certain countries such as Sweden, Germany, Austria, etc. So either there has to be a distribution System or we can dissolve the EU again as well. Maybe we can start from a certain point in time and ignore all migrants which came before (i.e. leave them in the countries where they are). This should reflect the (admittedly) emontional, but stupid and egomanic behaviour of our chancellor Merkel since last year (by the way I didn’t vote for her in the last two elections).

    By the why with my opinion I do stand on the right side of the lefty parties block (Merkel-)(CDU/SPD/Greens, which has still the vast majority of votes in Germany.

    So hopefully Europe can come together and still find some kind of Agreement.

    • But it seems to me that you completely refuse to take note of the fact that the Turkish border is only 175 miles and Europe has some 3,500,000 active and reserve military. What do you assume that interdiction is not the obvious first step for tomorrow?

      You also seem to believe that all Europeans are helpless once some Somali, Pakistani, Sudanese, Tunisian, Moroccan, etc. decides it us convenient to enter Europe and demand to be taken care of in grand style?

      Am I wrong about your assumptions and beliefs? I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I don’t understand why you have this seeming fatalism and not volcanic fury at being invaded and betrayed.

    • You’re validating atrocious behavior.

      You’re blaming the influx of refugees on poverty, war, and the like. It’s actually a result of lax borders and laws requiring that obvious illegal migrants be protected, sheltered, and given legal assistance to stay.

      An example is that thousands of people cross the Mediterranean in rickety rafts, whose captains scuttle them when in sight of a patrol boat. They know the Europeans are required to rescue the migrants and bring them to safe territory. This is European law.

      Australia, being an island, has a firm policy of towing all boat people back to their beach of origin. Australia is sinking fast into submission to sharia-pushing Muslims, but at least they are not pouring oceans of boat people onto their shores.

      I’m pointing out that Europe is being inundated with boat people and migrants through its own laws. The proper response is not to spread the migrants among them and encourage more to come, but refuse to allow them entry and ship back any who made it through.

      You’re thinking very much as a typical, law-abiding German, unable to consider solutions that might get messy. Europe (and America) do not have responsibility for what happens in other parts of the world (except in the cases of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and even Iran, where we plainly used our military, intelligence, and economic muscle to overthrow authoritarian, totalitarian but stable regimes.

    • Sorry, but you are wrong. It is NOT other European countries responsibility to take part in the chaos that our shockingly corrupt politicians have brought to Germany. Who cares if migrants eventually reach Europe. There is a simple answer for that. When they do reach the continent they will be escorted to refugee camps where they will then languish until they decide to go home. Plain and simple. I and other citizens of Germany owe them nothing…just like their governments owe us nothing.
      Your argument is basically saying your sick with cancer so everyone else should be sick as well so we can all waste away together in bed. Bizarre and unhealthy thinking to say the least. Where don’t they have over 1000 women sexually assaulted in one evening, where don’t they have axe and machete attacks and where don’t they have trucks running over people? The Eastern European countries. I want them to stay this way…I sure as hell don’t want them to share in our misery. To want them to have this is a very sick and regressive mindset.

  8. Europe has known about its lack of fecundity for decades now but what has actually been done?
    Forget worthless schemes that promise comparatively small sums of money for those that have children, what actual programmes have been put in place to teach the next generation the importance of having children to continue society?

    I wonder how all the supposedly intelligent rich people don’t consider what life will be like for their children and grandchildren in a world where their rich very much in the minority offspring are surrounded by hordes of poor people from different ethnic groups.
    Do they think their children will lord it over the coloured masses like the days of colonialism?

    • It requires more than stipends and indoctrination.

      Feminists must be ridiculed mercilessly. The state must be removed from any in loco parentis role. Single motherhood must be strongly discouraged. Abortion must be discredited and adoption encouraged.

      Tax benefits and subsidies must accrue to intact families and be withdrawn from parents who divorce. Mothers should not be forced to work outside the home.

      Divorce laws must not be a trap down the road that deter men from commitment. A Swedish man, for example, has to be a fool to marry these days.

      Most certainly the state must never have the power to remove children from homes if a parent exercises his or her right of free speech.

    • You could begin by allowing productive people to keep their own earnings. There is some indication that in a modern society, people adapt their child-bearing to how well children will allow them to maintain their economic position.

      By making it expensive to house and raise a family (making land expensive through migration and wages low through exporting jobs and importing foreign workers) you are doing much to encourage productive indigent citizens from bearing more children.

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