Did the FBI Know in Advance About the Terror Attack in Garland?

In May of last year Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller hosted a Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas at which Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, was the keynote speaker. Two armed mujahideen attempted to attack the event, and were shot dead by security guards.

New information has emerged suggesting that the FBI may have known in advance about the attackers’ plans. We just received the following note from the PVV:

Wilders Demands Clarification about FBI Role Garland Attack

Parliamentary questions by Geert Wilders MP (PVV) to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte about the news that the FBI may have known in advance of the attack in Garland, Texas, on May 3, 2015:

1.   Have you read the reports in Vrij Nederland “FBI knew in advance of Texas terror attack where Wilders escaped” of August 8, 2016, in The Daily Beast “FBI Agent Apparently Egged on ‘Draw Muhammad’ Shooter” from August 5, 2016, and the affidavit of an FBI undercover agent referred to in these reports?
2.   Is it true that an FBI undercover agent contacted one of the terrorists before the attack in Garland and possibly egged him on, while the US authorities knew that, in addition to the American citizens present, a Dutch MP, who for years has been living under security, and Dutch police officers were also present in the hall in Garland?
3.   Have the American authorities in any way (via government departments, secret service, embassy, etc.) passed on to the Dutch authorities the information which the FBI, according to the affidavit of the FBI undercover agent, had about a possible attack in Garland? If so, when, and what was done with this information? If not, why not?
4.   Are you prepared to ask the US immediately for clarification about these reports? If not, why not?
5.   Are you prepared to answer these questions this week?

11 thoughts on “Did the FBI Know in Advance About the Terror Attack in Garland?

  1. This is a tough one. It is a sign of how hard it is to fight an internal enemy at war with us only using law-enforcment. There’s a reason border security is critical to a nation’s survival — it dates back to ancient times: if you allow the enemy within the gates, it makes it nearly impossible to fend them off without war, and perhaps even civil war.

    If the reports are true, and the FBI so-called “egged on” a would-be assassin, it would merely indicate the way a LOT of counter-intel is conducted. For that alone, the FBI really can’t be faulted. They identify likely candidates for all manner of illegal actions, and sink the hook however they may within the law. These guys almost got thru, it is good they’re dead.

    I am FAR more concerned with the deliberate blinding of our intelligence and law-enforcement by Obama officials scrubbing all reference to “Jihad”,”Muslim”, and “Islam” from our procedures to identify the enemy.

    We ARE at war — something persons in the anti-Jihad have known for a while — but the majority of citizenry are ignorant, or willfully blind to our predicament.

    I predict that as the Muslim mass murders and mayhem increase, it will be harder and harder for the polity to hide from the truth. It is already impossible for Western pols to repeat their filthy lies about “Religion of Peace” and all the other bromides.

    That is progress.

  2. The corruption of the Dems who possess the power are nothing short if con artist who must make a plan, sell that plan and compliment the con. Its dishonest but made to appear on the up and up to benefit the better good. They are about money and power. Dems are prayers on the misinformed and anyone who disagrees are mocked and made to appear stupid. They use the media for their perverse means of discrediting those who oppose them such as republicans. Death and destruction comes for anyone who could ruin their plan. The Dems are responsible for slavery, death, beating and rape of slaves. Dems are responsible for death of Indians and theft of their land. Putting Indians on reservations. DEMS are responsible fir death of President Abraham Lincoln. The Dems wanted to weed out the undesirables so they created Plan Parenthood. The con was to sell it as women’s healthcare, now,the,new con they say it is Women’s,rights. The Dems found they could use babies by selling organs and tissue of helpless unborn babies. The Dems in the past forcefully sterilized women without consent.

  3. Excellent!

    Hat’s off to Mr. Wilders . A new, American Attorney General should follow and pursue this in the most vigorous, aggressive manner.

  4. Only after the next election, Will. Until then we are still under Obama’s oversized shoes. I hope he goes to the UN next, where he will be just as useless as the rest of the UN but it will keep his ego inflated sufficiently. However, we can’t afford [H]illary although it looks like she is a shoe-in.

    Until a majority of Americans realize that this is really war and not just some “let’s help them get their rights” bushwa, nothing will happen. This really does remind me of WWII in many ways and it took people awhile to realize it. How long does it take us to realize it? How stupid are we?

    • I’m hoping he’s not able to get in that position. Either way, he’ll continue to cause trouble for the civilized world. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to get some background on the character, and better understand why his being in the position was possible and who he is connected to.

  5. During the mid to late 1970s and early 1980s, the Jonathan Jackson/Samuel Melville Unit, a communist terror gang was running amuck in Massachusetts and other states planting bombs and killing police. The FBI had some of the members of the gang under surveillance when they planted a bomb outside a Massachusetts State Police Barracks. About an hour later. The FBI called the MSP and told them that there was a bomb outside the barracks and they should notify the bomb squad. Apparently the 21st century FBI won’t even make a better late than never “courtesy call”.
    We are after all living in a time of “fundamental transformation”.

    • I remember this very well, as I lived there during this era. Very, very dangerous people. I just never believed that they would ever come to hold positions of power, boy was I wrong.

  6. In truth, the FBI did notify the Garland police 3 hours in advance. We don’t know if it was a general alert, or contained specific information.


    We’re in the realm of counter-intelligence here, so any reports are going to be murky and not necessarily accurate. The policeman credited with the double kill was a traffic cop.


    The traffic cop received a medal from Obama for the shooting, but the Garland police are not releasing a picture for his safety. The necessity for this concern highlights the utter insanity of bringing more Muslims into the US.

  7. Baron,
    The affidavit filed on 08/03/2016 seeks the charging of CW-1 and unnamed co-conspirators in The Northern District of Ohio for having aided and abetted the attack in Garland Texas that occurred on May 03, 2016.
    According to the affidavit, CW-1 was arrested by the F.B.I for activities in support of violent jihad in the Northern District of Ohio “in or around June 2015”. When asked about his involvement with the Garland attackers in a post arrest interview in June 2015, CW-1 lied to the F.B.I about his activities in support of the attack. Subsequent forensic investigation of CW-1’s social media and emails revealed a far greater involvement by CW-1 in the Garland attack. This led to the affidavit sworn to on 08/03/2016.
    The affidavit does not state that the F.B.I had specific prior knowledge of the attack provided by CW-1, nor does the affidavit state that CW-1 was an F.B.I asset prior to or on May, 03, 2015 when the attack in Garland took place.
    My conclusion is that Ms. Geller and Mr. Spencer are mistaken in their suspicions, if those suspicions are based upon the information supplied in the affidavit you linked to.

  8. I wish you had a Twitter button so we could post all this on Twitter. The information goes viral in seconds.

    • I wish we did too. IIRC our techie had to close all the holes, including our search function that used to be at the top of the page. However, searching on google has always been quicker for me; I never used it.

      As for Twitter, it auto-retweets everything. The ones it misses I put up, or if I’m not available (i.e., resting) then the B does them. I enjoy Twitter: it perfectly suits my ADD mind. Sometimes I spend too long there but I figure that being reduced to less than 140 characters (subtracting the link) is very good practice for the verbose Irishwomen on there.

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