De-Islamize The Netherlands!

The Netherlands will hold a general election in March of next year, and the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV, the party of Geert Wilders) is far ahead of any other party in the polls. Below is a notice sent out today by the PVV outlining the party’s plan for the country.

The Netherlands Ours Again!

Millions of Dutch citizens have simply had enough of the Islamization of our country. Enough of mass immigration and asylum, terror, violence and insecurity.

Here is our plan: instead of financing the entire world and people we don’t want here, we’ll spend the money on ordinary Dutch citizens.

This is what the PVV will do:

1.   De-islamize the Netherlands

  • Zero asylum seekers and no immigrants anymore from Islamic countries: close the borders
  • Withdraw all asylum residence permits which have already been granted for specific periods, close the asylum centers
  • No Islamic headscarves in public functions
  • Prohibition of other Islamic expressions which violate public order
  • Preventive detention of radical Muslims
  • Denaturalization and expulsion of criminals with a dual nationality
  • Jihadists who went to Syria will not be allow to return to the Netherlands
  • Close all mosques and Islamic schools, ban the Koran
2.   The Netherlands independent again. Leave the EU
3.   Direct democracy: a binding referendum, power to the citizens
4.   Completely abolish health care deductibles
5.   Lower housing fees
6.   Retirement age at 65, indexation of supplementary pensions
7.   No public money for development aid, windmills, art, innovation, broadcasting, etc.
8.   Rollback cuts in home care and elderly care, more hands on the bed
9.   A lot of extra money for defense and police
10.   Lower income taxes
11.   Halving of car taxes

Financial paragraph per measure and total:

1.    +7.2 bn                                                            
2.    PM                                                            
3.    PM                                                            
4.    -3.7 bn                                                            
5.    -1.0 bn                                                            
6.    -3.5 bn                                                            
7.    +10.0 bn                                                            
8.    -2.0 bn                                                            
9.    -2.0 bn                                                            
10.    -3.0 bn                                                            
11.    -2.0 bn                                                            
Total:    0                                                            

Click here to read the article on the website of NLtimes.

27 thoughts on “De-Islamize The Netherlands!

  1. I think that this is an over reach but we shall see how they will do.
    Do you really think they will employ a coalition around these points?

    • If the people want it and vote for it, then there will be some interesting times ahead if they don’t get it.

    • Over-reach? I think not. This is honest-say-what’s-on-your mind politics, it’s what is needed; people have had enough of talking-out-of-both-sides-of-your-mouth-at-onece politics.

    • Well, Spain got rid of all the Muslims in 1492. If the Dutch do not follow this plan, you can call that country the Islamic Republic of Holland in a few years. The point is that Islam does not stop its colonizing and dominating actions regarding the global jihad. They press on until there is no more resistance. This is why Spain kicked out the few Muslims left after they routed this determined enemy. The point is that the few Muslims left in Spain were still trying to conquer!

      • Unfortunately, they also did in Jews at the same time.

        One does wonder, however, about how much of the Inquisition’s zeal was originally motivated by wanting no more Muslims?

    • “employ a coalition around these points?”

      Good question, closing “all mosques and Islamic schools, ban the Koran” is pretty final.

      Wilders is right however- it is not ‘radical Islam’, ‘Islamism’, ‘literal Islam’ etc it is just Islam.
      Erdogan would agree.
      There is no middle-ground with Islam, only a numbers-game towards demographic conquest and Sharia.
      Therein lies the rub, to defeat Islam(ism) it will take some very uncomfortable alliances but many hope against history and the reality of jihad, in its many guises in Europe, that a European Islam will arise, without reformation of scripture and while Islamic countries spend billions making sure that never happens.

      The PVV will be crucified in the liberal media of course but it is the inevitable endgame of multikulti and Islam, people will be forced to pick a side.
      The PVV have made that easy, no mistaking where they stand.

    • Americans say “reach for the stars and you’ll get a piece of earth.”

      If he tries to get all these anti Islam laws passed he will succeed in getting some of them passed.

  2. Dear Geert,
    Please can you start a branch party over here?
    Thank you
    An ethnically endangered species. (White! Who can tracer her family back at least 7 generation in England)

    • Ellie, I’m also a white Brit, but don’t believe that’s our problem (ethnic Chinese are not an issue). Islam, as we’re 0ften and correctly reminded, is not a race, but a supremacist belief system; even you or I can join!

  3. Out of EU and ban on Qur’an are significant proposals. I hope that Dutch citizens, including many nominal Muslims, will appreciate.

  4. Great idea – all the best. I don’t think the EU will like this – good.

  5. Yes, God bless Wilders but I don’t think the Dutch state will ever allow this to happen if one recalls their past methods when dealing with politicians who do not follow the establishment agenda (Pim Fortuyn murdered by a Muslim sympathizer, etc, never made it past the 2002 national election). The Dutch state long ago closed ranks against this politician. They will try to kill him. The Dutch state is filled with traitors, as corrupt as their counterparts in the U.S.

  6. It depends if they need a coalition by next March! Given the rate of Islamic attacks and slaughter of innocent Dutch men, women and children Mr. Wilders might win the election hands down! That would really make the EU and the New World Order
    ghouls shudder, eh?! I love it!

  7. Geert, push back with such force and maybe get half of what you had wanted, then go for the rest later. the Leftist never go away, they just continue to lurk in the shadows until they think the coast is clear and then they sprout up again like the noxious weeds that they are.

  8. With babs, I agree that it may be an overreach…for now. More deaths, which is certain from Islamic supremacy, will make these sound much more palatable for voters.

    • The Dutch people are being offered a lucid, progressive manifesto to claim back their country and culture.

      If they do not vote for it they can have no excuses and will meekly surrender their children and grandchildren to life in an Islamic hell hole accordingly.

      All power to Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage and others of their ilk who continue to expose the mealy mouth platitudes spewed by Mutti Merkel, Hollande, Sutherland, Tusk, Juncker and co for the treacherous lies they are.

      Hopefully European nations will collectively regain their sanity in the not to distant future and these liberal, left wing
      Apologists, who have wrought so much social and economic devastation, will be remembered by all and judicially treated accordingly.

  9. I like his plan, but I think he might be too late. The country already has a significant number of voting Muslim. They will provide a religiously united front against him. But I hope to God that he succeed.

  10. Off topic. To help a book go to the printer please click:
    It is a sad thing, if those opposed to Muslim Mass Migration to non-Muslim countries cannot stand together and support each other. I intend to buy this book, hopefully before Christmas this year, but have no connection in any way to the author or publisher. I live in Denmark, where the left-wing sympathisers some years ago bought more than 100,000 copies of a collection of poems written by a Muslim ( The Islamophiles can do it. I hope we can too. You just need to click, there is no obligation to buy.

  11. Europe will have to either open its eyes now or relax in complacency in the belief that islam is just another religion like Buddhism or Christianity and the open their eyes to realize that it is not a religion but a supremacist political system. And that will be too late.

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