A Norwegian Cop Tells the Truth About Culturally Enriched Crime

The following op-ed by a Norwegian policeman was posted at a Norwegian blog after its original publication in Haugesunds Avis as a letter to the editor. Many thanks to Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for the translation.

The translator includes this introductory note:

I know Haugesund well, and remember when it was a wonderful little town. Safe, clean, with friendly locals. The last time I went back was about fifteen years ago. The place was completely ruined. Asylum seekers and Muslims all over the place. I wonder what it’s like now. How sad, how unnecessary.

Unjustified xenophobia?

By Police Inspector Thomas Utne Pettersen, Haugesund

On the 22 of July, 2016, Haugesunds Avis (Haugesund News) published an article in which a philosopher was pondering the xenophobia of Norwegian citizens, and what he describes as a colder and more cynical society. The philosopher was speculating about the background for this.

The author of this letter is of the opinion that Norway, as a rich country, has an ethical and moral obligation to help displaced individuals. However, I do not agree with the assertion that skepticism towards refugees and asylum seekers should be viewed as an expression of cynicism.

The public’s xenophobia in relation to this group is highly rational and justified, and I will try to show this by relying on both local and national examples.

Here are some examples from my own precinct;

A random (normal) week in 2016 may serve as an example:

Monday: Three men from the Middle East are in police custody — they have been charged with drug offenses. One of the individuals has been permanently expelled from Norway due to previous convictions, which include violations of immigration and narcotics laws. The second individual received his second conviction for robbery a few weeks earlier. The third individual has a string of previous convictions, but has managed to become a Norwegian citizen — after only a short stay in Norway.

Tuesday: Two more individuals are in police custody, arrested after being found in the possession of considerable quantity of amphetamines in their car. Both have prior convictions and are foreign nationals.

Thursday: Three individuals are in police custody for stabbings — two are foreigners.

During week 30, the author arrested three more individuals with foreign backgrounds — two of them have numerous prior convictions for serious integrity violations, including robbery. One of them, a man of foreign descent in his thirties, is on a disability pension — the second individual, an Iraqi citizen in his twenties, is on welfare benefits and has been granted political asylum.

During 2015 the author was responsible for numerous of detainees. The combined number of custody days totaled 2,600 — of these, 2,200 involved of men of foreign origin.

A number of rapes

Asylum seekers have in recent years committed numerous rapes in ‘tiny’ Haugesund.

The latest incident occurred this summer when an Afghan asylum seeker was convicted of raping a Norwegian child. Haugesunds Avis reported earlier this spring about another incident in which three Syrian asylum seekers were charged with the rape of two Norwegian children.

When the politicians attempted last summer to outbid each other about how many refugees and asylum seekers Norway should accept, they clearly knew — provided that they are more or less reality-oriented — that this would lead to more rapes and other serious integrity violations.

Women and children are sacrificed on the altar of the asylum and refugee department.

So what should a philosopher tell these individuals? What should the public be told? That their fears are unjustified? I sincerely hope that politicians or philosophers never get to experience firsthand the consequences of their own political beliefs and their own policies. They tolerate an injustice that does not affect themselves.

Alarming figures

At a national level the figures are equally disturbing.

In March 2014, thirty percent of inmates at Ullersmo (high-security prison) were individuals of foreign origin. In March 2014 approximately thirty-three percent of all individuals remanded in custody were foreigners.

In March 2016, fifty percent of all inmates at Ullersmo were foreigners. In most other areas of society, such a significant increase would have led to demands of investigation and targeted action.

But not in Norway. Statisticians believe that the image is skewed, due to the fact that the comparison is made with the general population, and not with young Norwegian males in a similar situation.

At least we are able to conclude that approximately eighty percent of those who applied for political asylum in Norway during the autumn of 2015 were young men — and that these are a high-risk group as far as crime is concerned.

A survey from Oslo shows that nine out of ten individuals who were convicted of violence against children come from immigrant backgrounds. Some individuals are baffled that the number is so high.

Deliberate obfuscation?

The author is not surprised — on the contrary, unbiased facts corroborate my own personal subjective experiences. In regards to domestic violence, eighty-nine judgments have been handed down in the last three years in the Oslo District Court, in which eighty-two of the defendants came from immigrant backgrounds.

Society and police spend enormous resources on investigating this type of crime committed by foreigners.

The author is interested in fighting crime — and one of the most important measures that Norway can take to reduce overall crime is to limit immigration. Thus, I am amazed when I through my own personal observations have noted that this factor is hardly ever mentioned in the media or among politicians when they attempt to outdo each other discussing the number of asylum seekers and refugees that Norway should accept.

In an attempt to show “firmness”, the politicians claim that only those who are entitled to asylum should be allowed to stay, and all the other repatriated. This shows either a lack of understanding of how the asylum system actually works, or, alternatively a deliberate obfuscation of reality. I do not know which is worse.

The problem is that clients residing in asylum centers who have been served with repatriation orders mostly hail from countries we are unable to repatriate to, while people hailing from countries to which we repatriate disappear from the asylum centers by the thousands (Repatriation Analysis 2015).

In 2014 it was estimated that only 39 percent of rejected asylum seekers were sent out of the EU. There is no reason to believe that that figure is any higher today.

Everyday crime is being neglected

The investigation of serious crime requires significant resources — the investigation often have to deal with new confusing environments. The point is that everyday crime is being neglected. Also, resource-intensive cases — such as fraud/finance cases — are shelved due to lack of processing capacity. This can be very harmful to legitimate businesses.

The constitutional state’s guarantors are not able to meet the public’s expectations, because we are busy investigating other crimes committed by foreign nationals. This reduces the effectiveness of the police services.

In Sweden, the health authorities have gone on record and stated that the health services provided to the general Swedish public have been reduced because of migration. According to media reports, Swedish police have been prohibiting from commenting on such issues. The latter seems to be a bad idea.

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne were marked by several serious incidents and with reports of over 2,000 aggrieved women. The police were criticized for attempting to cover up the sexual abuse and the perpetrators’ countries of origin.

This secrecy is in my personal opinion a betrayal of the public. The public has a right to know the challenges the police face — and last but not least, who commits most of the crime.

Up until now, Norway and its police force have to some extent managed to deal with the situation, but if the migration continues as in 2015, we will, in my opinion, reach a breaking point.

Is not about lack of will

When certain individuals hint that the rate of solved cases and the quality of the investigation have to go up, and the processing time has to go down, they join the ranks of a public and politicians who have expectations that the police are unable to fulfill. This has nothing to do about unwillingness on the part of the police, but simply that the expectations are unrealistic.

The gap between reality as it is experienced by those of us who work with this type of crime every day, and those who are far removed from it, is now so large that something must be done to make the public aware of it.

In media reports we are told about incidents and seizures at asylum centers that would tend to indicate that some asylum seekers are affiliated with ISIS — and who are now residing in Norway. This must surely be very disturbing for the public to find out — and this fear shouldn’t be described as cold and cynical.

The philosopher believes that the welfare state is not threatened and that Norway can “afford” to welcome all asylum seekers and refugees.

The aforementioned Iraqi citizen will (for the second time) be subject to an attempted expulsion from Norway by the police because of his criminal activities. This individual has already cost Norwegian taxpayers millions.

The reality defies one’s imagination

There is currently no provision in the legislation that prevents foreigners expelled from Norway, because of their criminality, from receiving their disability pensions abroad. The reality defies ones imagination.

After having contributed minimally to the Norwegian treasury, criminals can still receive their disability allowances even if they are expelled as a result of extensive serious crime.

Thus, criminals on disability pensions can live very comfortably abroad on Norwegian tax money — is that sustainable?

I would like to challenge our local parliamentarians: should we not have a law that denies deportees their social security benefits?

Legal protection, the welfare state, safety and our egalitarian societies are under strain — without a major contributing factor being adequately discussed: crime committed by foreigners, including asylum seekers. What worries me most of all is that so few people are concerned.

(The author of the letter, Thomas Utne Pettersen, is a Police Inspector of the Southwestern Police District, but in this letter expresses his own personal views.)

22 thoughts on “A Norwegian Cop Tells the Truth About Culturally Enriched Crime

  1. This is awful…he says

    Legal protection, the welfare state, safety and our egalitarian societies are under strain…

    But glory be, he gets to sign his name to the letter. When Fjordman found similar statistics, he said the same thing beginning with Sweden circa 2005, and posted them on his blog. By the time he was “outed” much of the media compared him to Quisling.

    When our police are given impossible tasks they end up leaving eventually. Too many criminals for the level of personnel and not enough other resources to handle the increasing levels of law-breakers means burnout. An experienced policeman goes and takes his experience and institutional history with him. The pattern that follows is depressing: less qualified replacements who eventually become time-servers take his place. And the quality of life in small towns goes down.

    NYC, with its Communist mayor, is fraying at the edges. With Bratton gone, the whole police fabric will begin to tear…as it has surely done in Londonistan.

    I feel sorry for police today.

    • It’s no help when the dolts running the show find it wise to hire Muslims as police. It’s been tossed out as a brilliant solution to the barely acknowledged migrant problem in German. NYC has Muslim cops, we’ve seen the photos that show them,while in uniform, joining the cabbies who block streets to pray rather than telling them to move along. The chief of police in Dearborn is a Muslim and the result is the outrageous harassment that the Dearborn police have served David Woods and crew for the crime of being Christian and exercising free speech – essentially enforcing the Sharia under the color of authority.

      • Ya, I thought one aspect of the movie ‘London’s Fallen’ was especially realistic, where dozens of the terrorists were actual police. These weren’t impostors posing as police, they were actual members of the police force whose sympathies were with ISIS and Islamic supremacists, and wanted to help ensure the US President was assassinated. As more and more policemen in major European cities leave their jobs they’ll naturally be replaced with Muslims, which is likely part of the inchoate plan to gradually destroy the house of war from within, as the Muslim Brotherhood famously stated in their own training documents.

  2. >> “When our police are given impossible tasks they end up leaving eventually.” <<

    Some officers "leave" long before they abandon their posts. They report the hours. They draw their pay . . . but they have "left" mentally and emotionally. Response times increase. Cops decide to become uninvolved, because they are put in no-win situations. I am not a cop, but I can easily project the mind-set were I to be in their position.

    A recent report show the murder rate in Chicago soaring:


    The attributed factor of increased gang activity seems just too convenient. Why is it suddenly happening now? Could it have something to do with the rise of the "Black Lives Matter" [how ironic!] movement? Could it be that the police do not care . . . because they risk their livelihoods and freedom by becoming involved?

  3. After having contributed minimally to the Norwegian treasury, criminals can still receive their disability allowances even if they are expelled as a result of extensive serious crime.

    Holy moly!
    These crims can live it up in the 3rd world with that cash!

    • I expect that the deportees receiving a disability check will live it up for a day or two, and having used up the money, will live the rest of the month as they have always lived.

      These types do not think ahead and don’t husband their resources. They live for the day and let the future take care of itself. So, the payment from Norway doesn’t even allow someone to live decently: it simply provides a momentary cash flow for prostitutes, drug dealers and gamblers.

  4. I’d have thought that part of being deported would be automatically to lose all rights that accrued to one as a resident of a country. As in, not only do you not get to live in this country any more, but you cease to enjoy any benefits of membership of its society.

  5. I don’t believe our politicians are stupid. I have personally known one politician and he was a cunning as cunning can be. Very clever, he acted as if in a chess game, everything was thought out, to several moves down the line. Also it is well known that these migrants are of no use to our commercial system, they are unskilled, have no culture of work and of low IQ. They do one thing well however – breed Therefore I have no alternative other than to think the following
    A) The governments really do genuinely feel for these migrants (who, have nothing whatsoever in common with us)
    B) They wish to see Europe as we know it, die under the burden of an alien culture, and out-bred by these same creatures.

    Quite why B) would hold any attraction, I haven’t fathomed out, as it is a lose lose situation. Big business would collapse, as they wouldn’t have enough skilled dedicated workers. Any welfare state would collapse, as continually taking out, without anyone putting into the system would result in collapse – as any 10 year old will tell you! Europe would be reduced to the level of Cuba in the 70s, then in another generation to the 14th Century. Countries not affected however would inherit the earth. Who would they be? China, Japan and maybe Russia.

    • I posted the following elsewhere about a possible END GAME scenario:

      The END GAME is a New Elysium . . . where a select elite lives in secure luxury, served by technology, without having to deal with the unwashed masses, and definitely APART from them.

      Think about it: This is whom the environmentalist narrative serves. These are the people benefiting from the subjugation and elimination of the sheeple through the deception of democracy and the expedient of wars – especially “civil” wars – and endless engineered crime. For the anointed few, the mass of humanity has become redundant . . . to the point of Malthusian extremes. The welfarist model and the social[ist] benefits are unsustainable.

      Your presence as a human on the planet is no longer of use to the circle of anointed families. Now [verb, preposition] . . . and DIE!

      • The EU bureaucracy is already insulated from ordinary people to an unbelievable degree. They have their own EU malls ‘for bureaucrats only’ with every imaginable luxury available within, and priced very low. They’ve been conditioned for the last 30 years to see the people as the aristocracy used to see them, 200 years ago. The EU elite will have total immunity from what’s happening in the streets. It’s clear this is the endgame. It’s well-known the migrants cannot ever be a net benefit to the economy or society. But they can out-breed and bury the indigenous population, bring about extreme social chaos requiring martial law and the permanent abandonment of democracy and free speech principles. That is when the wealth and privilege and high-living of the elite will really take off, like the similar elites in Muslim countries. Imagine too the benefits, as the elite see it, of having an Islamic social system (impossibly nestled within a secular state): polygamy legalized, pedophilia quietly not prosecuted, legal ways of sheltering incomes above a certain (very high) level, open denunciation and policy moves against Israel, high-level corruption never prosecuted, and intelligence services used primarily to spy on US corporations & interests. Imagine all the depravity of the 18th Century Parisian royal court brought back, and it applies across the continent. The EU will eventually be a greater danger to the West than Islam.

        • If this is the case, then they are living under the illusion that they will be the ones still in charge. Who is to say an Islamic revolution would not put new leaders in charge. The elites will die along with the rest of us in such a change. The populace of a country likes it’s leaders to look, talk, and act like themselves.

        • I have two points to make.

          1) It doesn’t matter what the motivation of the leadership is. Their action pattern is stable, so they can be anticipated in their moves, entirely without knowledge of their real motivations.

          2) I think it’s barking up the wrong tree to think the elite are looking for more power and luxury for themselves. Once you get to the $20 or $30 million mark (not difficult for a higher-level bureaucrat unconcerned with corruption charges), it’s hard to figure out how you can actually use additional money in such a way your body will know. In other words, more money will not allow you to buy better food or a more luxurious living home, unless you want to paper the walls with real gold plates.

          My own thinking (I’m breaking my own rule and speculating) is that the elites suffer not from greed, but from altruism. They renounce themselves and their own interests in favor of an abstract ideal of service to the other, rather than to yourself. This provides a good explanation why they consciously destroy their own culture, society, and people.

          The most obvious objection is that the elite do gather resources for themselves. The Obamas, Clintons, Blairs, are multi-millionaires. How can the basis of their actions be the altruistic rejection of self-interest?

          As the saying goes, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. As these people destroy the checks and balances of a functioning government with the decree-based governance of a fascist state, they find great power and discretion accruing to them, which they are unable to resist. So, they grab everything in sight for themselves, but the plan is still the denial of the self-interest.

          • Do not assume that the motive behind virtue signalling is pure altruism. It may, ultimately, still be plain old greed and an insatiable lust for power. Humans are devious critters, especially at the political level.

          • I get the German guilt … showing the world they are redeemed.. whilst sticking it to Israel and the USA in their choice of charity.

            But the French and Scandinavians aren’t repenting for the greatest savagery of the 20th century.

            So let’s look at the END OF OIL and connect the dots to some very large amounts of cash transferred to Deutsch Bank and who knows how many others.

            Depressed oil prices and US fracking is putting a stake through the heart of OPEC… Saudi Arabia is on borrowed time. The Kingdom survives by redistributing the ‘wealth’… with a strictly controlled number of citizens.

            But now there are huge lay offs of foreign workers. East Indians are literally dying in the streets – as I type…with Delhi sending food assistance. Their support ended the last day they worked. It’s brutal.

            What if the Saudis have entered into a murder suicide pact with the EU;… Saudi $$$ to bankrupt Deutsche Bank and other basket cases as a strategic investment. Europe replaces its aging population with underemployed refugees from Arab Spring melt…. and VOILA… another emergency averted.

            We know Greece, Spain and Italy are on life support. Deutsche Bank lost what? 90% of its value? Bond holders are going to take a hair cut… VW is still in deep doo doo. And the printing presses cannot keep up with the cost of this madness.

            Everything has gone viral. And the lumpenproletariat are not privy to the scheming that created this downward spiral.

            Europe cannot absorb the invasion of of young, virile, hungry, low IQ refugees. I honestly don’t think they understood when the camel got his nose under the tent.

            And …. I bet Netanyahu’s black ops have their nasty little digits in this… They are giving Europe a snout full of what they deal with every day.

            Remember.. When this started… Israel was on the ropes because left of center European leaders and academics were pressing for disinvestment… and alienation. Israel was in BIG trouble.

            Now? not a peep… about our election.. European elections.. daily bombings, acid attacks, slashers… coming out of … no where ???

            Remember. Bibi and company have been dealing with these creeps longer than we have… they literally invented the false flag operation. And they know what buttons to push.

            Europe won’t be voting LEFT much longer. And I suspect they are playing both sides in the carnage between Hillary and the Donald.

            so… that’s my take … any better ideas?

    • Why do you not look at it from this point of view:

      The politicians want security laws to make sure that they can never be removed from Office.
      In a safe Society they cannot demand those laws. But release a few thousands not-adjusted People who maim, murder, blow things up and in no time all people demand said laws.

      And who said that Big Business has no Profit?
      Lets look at this:
      An apple (this is just an example!!!!!) you can sell in Europe at 30 Cent. In Africa you can sell the same apple (even including transport only for 4 Cent.)
      The apple costs you 1 Cent.
      So where do you make more money? And everybody needs to eat.
      And to pay for all this the government has to go to the Banking institutes who demand not only their Money back but also some interest as Profit.
      And the politicians do this because once their time in parliament is ended they want a good paying Job without work. And if you send some Money to Big Business / Banking institutes they will reward you with a Job without work and a good sounding title.
      Win-Win for them.

      And who is going to pay for all this? Yes, we the hardworking citizen.

  6. It just means that more people have to speak out and that the politicians are confronted with the results of their decisions.

  7. I’d like to know why the Norwegian government puts the rights of ‘asylum seekers’ above the rights of women and children to live safely in their own communities. In Australia, any non- citizen who has committed a sexual offence against a child is deported, and anyone who has been sentenced to 12 months or more in prison, likewise. Come on Norway – grow a pair- put these criminals on a plane and drop them off home.

  8. “In March 2014, thirty percent of inmates at Ullersmo (high-security prison) were individuals of foreign origin. In March 2014 approximately thirty-three percent of all individuals remanded in custody were foreigners.”

    Be very interesting to know what percentage were muslims. But I’m sure the Norwegian authorities don’t collect that sort of information.

    • Same problem in UK prison establishments where Friday is geared ENTIRELY around Muslim prayers when Arabic is the norm so officers do not know what is being discussed or said.

      Our idiotic politicians are more concerned that ethnic minorities are “over represented” in the prison population, unable to recognise that this is because they have committed most of the crimes!

      In their own countries most of these imported criminals would be hung, beheaded, hands removed etc and yet they are masters at exploiting the UK judicial system.

      Cannot be deported because of human rights – I despair!

  9. “I sincerely hope that politicians or philosophers never get to experience firsthand the consequences of their own political beliefs and their own policies.”

    However, I sincerely do.

  10. “After having contributed minimally to the Norwegian treasury, criminals can still receive their disability allowances even if they are expelled as a result of extensive serious crime.”

    Quite apart from anything else that disturbs me about the whole immigration debacle – anywhere in the West – this made me gag on my breakfast!!!

    We live in Australia, not Norway, so my comment touches on the state welfare system here: In stark contrast with this example, my 2 sons are full time students who live independently and work part time to make ends meet, as well as receiving a risibly modest government “youth allowance” graciously awarded to people who study full time and don’t live with parents.

    In Australia, one is not considered financially independent from one’s parents until one is 22 years old …

    My youngest was 18 when he left home so could not receive this benefit (around US$380 a fortnight) for another 4 years! As well as passing his exams and paying the rent etc, he had worked hard, saved and planned for a long-awaited 2 week holiday in Denmark, leaving just after his 22nd birthday … and that’s when we found out that you don’t get paid your youth allowance during any time you are abroad, even for a holiday!

    My blood boils!!!!

  11. Stop immigration and send back those who do not follow the rules of your country.We in Germany should do the same but the politicians are blind for the needs and sorrows of the population. IT IS A SHAME !Walter Gross

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