A BAMF Employee Tells of Her Daily Life in Asylum Hell

The German acronym BAMF is short for Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. It is the agency responsible for processing the asylum applications of the millions of “refugees” that are now pouring into Germany. It also handles the housing and maintenance for the migrants while they wait for their asylum cases to be processed, which can take years.

The following video features the reading of the words of an unidentified female BAMF employee as she describes the horrors and frustrations associated with her job. Notice that despite her extensive experience with the downside of cultural enrichment, despite her hard-bitten cynicism and realistic assessment of what is happening, she still expresses dismay that the right wing might gain political traction from the migration crisis.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   I arrive early every morning at the office. The asylum seekers are already sitting around in the hallway,
0:04   so first I lock the door on the inside. I need to see if there are new asylum packets,
0:08   a new safe country of origin, because of residence perspective.
0:12   Then it begins. Somehow, in German and in English, but most can speak somewhat,
0:16   I mean they didn’t just arrive yesterday.
0:19   “Give my money”, “I am man”, “I f*** you”, You Nazi”.
0:24   After the 30th or so I myself began to talk like that, I was reprimanded,
0:27   so now I shut my mouth, it’s going to be so “colorful” in Germany.
0:31   We could use a security service. These guys sit in front of me and masturbate,
0:36   fumble with the zipper, play with the pocket knife, whine, get grumpy, get loud.
0:42   Pure aggression. Not everyone, of course. That’s important for me to say,
0:46   so I won’t be suspected of being a racist.
0:49   But the majority, they are just like that.
0:52   They’re young blokes, they’re fit, they have an ego, they demand, they require.
0:55   Respect, they want. Reciprocally, there is none.
0:59   The phones run hot in our offices. Female colleagues from the initial admission places,
1:03   a lot of them give up the job. Even for me it just gets a bit too close sometimes,
1:07   and I’m almost 50, and we had a meeting about how to deal with this.
1:11   Yeah, how, then? The colleagues should wear high-necked clothes.
1:15   The next day, two female colleagues called in sick.
1:18   We would like to send Germans with migration backgrounds to the initial admission places,
1:22   but women especially don’t want to do it.
1:25   Nobody asks us, are you Muslim, are you Christian,
1:28   because in Germany we have ‘tolerance’.
1:31   The refugees, however, they distinguish themselves precisely
1:34   according to their beliefs. In the camps Muslims are the majority,
1:37   very clearly so, and the people from the security service,
1:40   they’re almost all Muslims from Germany,
1:43   so the Christians from Syria and Iraq have zero chance.
1:46   They get beaten, and the Security men just watch.
1:50   With the women it’s the same.
1:53   At the washing machine the Christian woman gets attacked by the Muslim woman:
1:56   ‘You have to wait, you are haram’; with Muslims ‘haram’ means unclean.
1:59   ‘You don’t wear a hijab, you are not a human’.
2:02   ‘Your boy is unclean, he can’t play with my boy’.
2:05   That’s how it goes. In gyms, barracks, container camps, Islam reigns.
2:10   Many have speakers and then everybody has to listen
2:14   to what the Imam tells them and rams into their brains.
2:17   The German security people are not intervening. And what could they do anyway?
2:21   Razzias? And immediately afterwards, business will just continue as usual.
2:24   So one has to just take that, because there are so many of them.
2:27   They don’t want it any other way. You can try to integrate as many as you want —
2:30   Germany can accomplish integration. But how then, exactly!?
2:33   This isn’t dressage, or re-education. That’s something the migrant would have to want for himself.
2:38   It’s all men, men, men. Very young, most of them.
2:41   When at the office a woman tells them something,
2:44   or a woman may deny them a demand,
2:47   that just doesn’t even exist for them, and they start talking to each other
2:50   in their own language. I’m not supposed to understand it.
2:53   But his sneer, I understand perfectly.
2:56   Sure, they’re all under pressure, but that’s not the problem.
2:59   They have no respect for females, and I sit there in front of them,
3:02   and I have power, and they develop hate, hate of us Germans.
3:05   Everything we have fought for here in Europe,
3:08   the equality of women and men, most of them despise it.
3:11   And that’s why the Right gets new followers, they hate Muslims,
3:14   yet they profit from them, and on top they have a lot of common with them
3:17   in terms of their subjugative culture.
3:20   And so the black African has to clean the toilets — the Arabs force him to,
3:24   and at night he gets raped next to the toilets.
3:27   Most of the Muslims feel discriminated against when they’re told to clean.
3:30   In the camp, even among the men, it’s everybody’s turn at some point.
3:33   Cleaning the community kitchen, sanitary areas,
3:36   but it’s always the black guy first,
3:39   and after the black guy, the light skinned Christian, that is the reality.
3:42   We at the base, we know that, we can see it.
3:45   This job requires a lot of strength.
3:48   Those who are litigating right now, the Syrians and Eritreans,
3:52   because for over a year now they’ve been waiting for an answer from BAMF
3:56   whether they will finally be accepted as asylum seekers,
3:59   because they want to work, because they want to get out of the camp,
4:03   I’m okay with that, because when you, as a case worker, say even the slightest thing
4:06   to the people above, it doesn’t do any good. (…)
4:10   Syria, that’s clear. There’s civil war, it’s difficult for them,
4:14   but a lot don’t even come from there, and we have to verify that.
4:17   “So tell us, how does it look in Syria?”
4:20   Says he, “everything kaput.” The translator is being threatened,
4:24   right in front of my eyes, I don’t understand anything anyway.
4:27   The young men from the Arab areas, they show us school report cards,
4:31   immaculate, 70% of them fake.
4:34   We know that, but one has to prove it. Presumption of innocence.
4:38   We are a constitutional state. So you just put these people on a waiting list.
4:42   There are some where you immediately notice that things are right,
4:46   so you like to help, and so a few crooks get through, oh well, we need them too.
4:52   But that’s just not how it is. More than 75% are cheating us.
4:55   We know it; they know it.
4:58   The men have zero perspective where they come from,
5:01   especially the young guys. It is a mass emigration. The women have
5:04   to bear kids, even more children, and the sons emigrate.
5:07   They come to us and ask for asylum, because they have to,
5:10   because Germany is not an immigration country;
5:13   every demand for asylum is a single incident. That’s basically our assignment.
5:17   Recording personal information, fingerprint and photo for the ID card.
5:21   If you receive a decision to deport, you go to your community,
5:25   get different papers, and see a colleague of mine.
5:28   We can’t continually compare our individual records.
5:31   The refugees supply each other with apps full of information about us,
5:35   which are the most lenient offices, there are also apps from German Jihadists.
5:40   Eritreans, that’s where lives have to be saved.
5:44   The women from there are totally intimidated, they look at you with sad eyes.
5:48   No energy, lifeless, but their integration, how is that supposed to go?
5:52   They are thrown into our offices and remain lost.
5:55   Their men sit down and wait until they get something.
5:58   I never once encountered one that had a plan.
6:01   Those from North Africa, they know what they want.
6:04   A better life. But asylum seekers they are not.
6:07   And there are already so many of them here, they are clogging the system,
6:10   and on top of that they’re creating the most problems.
6:13   Some real cute lads among them, but incredibly disrespectful.
6:16   They send their youngest ones to steal, adolescent single offenders,
6:19   so they don’t get punished, and they all know it too.
6:22   “Yeah, well,” it is then said, “we have to create incentives.”
6:25   Such rubbish. They should’ve never even been let into the country.
6:29   Most North Africans come from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya.
6:33   They’re losers who were gang members already back home.
6:36   Just what kind of work should they do here? This is a high-tech country.
6:40   They submerge themselves into their communities, get a monthly allowance
6:43   from us; that’s fine with them. They get €143 every month,
6:46   There is concern from up high that the refugees might feel insulted
6:49   if the money were transferred to their refugee card.
6:52   That way they can’t save money to send home,
6:55   and without cash, of course, they can’t bribe anyone either.
6:58   But that would be important. There are many blacks who would accept it.
7:01   But not Arabs. They feel discriminated against. I keep being amazed at all their demands.
7:06   Again and again some disappear from the camps, and it’s always young men.
7:10   Sometimes six of them, or ten, or twelve.
7:13   The camps are empty the next morning.
7:16   Of course they’re free humans, and not prisoners,
7:19   so there are no indications to go look for them.
7:22   For them we also don’t have fingerprints yet, no names, nothing.
7:25   They may have family and go there, which would be good because
7:28   at least then they’d be taken care of. Or not.
7:31   Where do they disappear to? Just recently there was another train of refugees
7:34   from Lower Bavaria northbound, 700 refugees, not yet registered.
7:39   20 of them pulled the emergency brake, took off, what’re they going to do?
7:42   The young girls, often still children, are almost all pregnant,
7:46   raped while they fled.
7:49   So the predominant attitude is: we don’t have to put them into school,
7:52   that isn’t helpful for their integration at this point,
7:55   and anyway we don’t have enough teachers.
7:58   I mean are we in Afghanistan and North Africa here so we can neglect girls?
8:01   I gained weight in the past months, chocolate treats against the frustration.
8:04   To my colleague this all is a question of fate. Germany has to help,
8:07   despite that we’re basically importing jihad and IS into the country, he says.
8:12   I like that. That’s just so constructive.
8:15   We need people, Germany has to become younger, they tell us from above.
8:20   Is that not a summons to immigrate?
8:23   The asylum seeker who isn’t one, for months he squats in the initial reception center.
8:27   From there to the communal center, one more year, and another year.
8:31   Can’t immigrate, can’t work. It’s obvious that one or the other would have bad ideas.
8:35   It is pure insanity. We need an immigration law.
8:38   We need quotas. And from above, they block it all.
8:42   Does anyone know why?

22 thoughts on “A BAMF Employee Tells of Her Daily Life in Asylum Hell

  1. The reason why is blatantly obvious by now, they don’t even try to hide it anymore. It is white genocide, elimination of the indigenous populations of Germany and all Europe. It is the insane social engineering project called the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, implemented by a giant conspiracy of evil, Marxist traitors.

    France & Germany are heading for total economic and social collapse. The UK and Holland are not far behind. Sweden is on the edge. There will be war.

    • is there any evidence of “Coudenhove-Kalergi plan”?

      looks like an attempt to find a scapegoat of a sort?
      anyway, there is nothing constructive in repeating this mantra.

      what is going on in Europe, is well explained without any conspiracy.
      there are basically two tendencies that complemented each other –

      1) standards of humanistic moral and tolerance in the West are now so high that it compromises the will and needs of self-defense

      2) expansionist, supremacist, parasitic nature of the invading low-IQ opportunistic hordes that were co-opted from darkest places of Islamic hell – and here, I would admit a possibility of ISIS/Saudi/Qatari/Turkish/MB conspiracy of a sort. at least they expressed the will to conquer Europe themselves, exactly this way, through forced people-flooding.

      when mass invasion of hostile unarmed males from the third world started courtesy to Merkel’s sudden madness, then the inevitable happened – Germany abandoned control of borders, because of lack of will to defend it by force, fear of “racism” accusations, and because simply a lack of servicemen.

      EU and Germay were critically unprepared, while the other side was too fast, too decisive, and too massive to be easily stopped – and they were granted the impunity to invade at will, and they are now extending that impunity furhter to subjugate the kuffar, because, once meeting such grotesque stupidity, why not to use it again and again.
      and that works.

      Coudenhove and Kalergi are nervously smoking in the corner.

      • You should not attempt to scapegoat that ISIS/Saudi/Qatari/Turkish/MB conspiracy of a sort.

        Who said that the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan is a conspiracy? If it’s a conspiracy, they operate openly — just like the CDU — and Merkel was pleased to receive the European Prize from the the C-K Society in 2010. The prize is “based on the vision of the diplomat, philosopher and publisher Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.” Richard C-K is daintily referred to as the “founder of the modern democratic vision of Europe” by the German Office of the Federal Chancellor but the reality of C-K is more bizarre:

        In his 1925 book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote that “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice.”

        The prize from this outfit made Merkel throb with pleasure. Do you see a connection between C-K’s thinking and Merkel’s nation-destroying immigration fantasies?

        Germany does not lack servicemen. It has 325,000 active and reserve military, one percent of which could discourage any and all “migrants.” See what Hungary does with minimal forces on its border. Numbers are not the issue.

        However, as you also note, the German government lacks the will to defend German borders by force. Actually, even that is incorrect. The German government sees no need to close German borders. It is not as though it sees the need but lacks the will to do so.

    • The problem is that you see it in these terms: White vs. other.

      It is not.

      This is an invasion force brought about by careful planning by Jihadists and their oil money.

      Just like the Nazis, it will not result in anything but destruction since the idea behind it is only destructive. The color of the Muslim makes no difference. The belief is enough.

      • Well said.
        It`s important to point out, that this is not a matter of race or ethnic groups.
        Arabic or African Christians and other nonmuslims suffer under islamic violence just like Asians and Europeans do.

        Even muslims themselve suffer under Islam.
        But that is their problem, since they themselves also keep this death-cult alive.

    • I wonder when the call for Jihadist uprisings with mass killing of the citizens will take place, along with mass destruction, rapes, robberies and total chaos. Could be anytime as the Euro folks are so passive and apathetic, having no idea of their history or the Islamic agendas from the beginning of Islam thru the middle ages onward. I’m shocked the people are allowing all this. People will soon be pushed out of their houses making room for the invaders. Wake up EU folks from your slumber! Or is it too late?

      • Laura M., I’ve often wondered the same thing, and I’m thinking it won’t be very long in the future.

        I see a concerted effort of murder mayhem of epic proportions all over Germany, with the simultaneous destruction of government buildings, train stations, airports, and slaughter in malls, movie theaters, and social events like concerts etc, all within one night, day, or over several days and nights.

        And from there it will spread to France, and Sweden.

        • Nash M. : Jihad (murder mayhem) could be planned in sync to happen around the same time everywhere over there incl G.B. because all their leaders allowed these invasions with no resistance. Invaders need housing, so the killing must remove the infidels to make room for more to move in and have a roof over their heads.

  2. I used to think that my job selling bus tickets to the general public was a shock introduction to “reality”… but this is in a different league. Maybe every politician/media person should have to work in a job like this for a short time, to see what the wonderful darlings they invited to Germany are really like?

    • Good point – you can be thick as the proverbial two bricks but once elected as an MP you are free to wreak untold cultural and economic damage on an unsuspecting public seemingly without any consequences at all!
      The clearly, clinically deluded Merkel is a prime example, should she have permitted travellers to travel free for the day, in another life, she would have expected the sack and possible
      Criminal proceedings too. Yet she has been permitted to destroy Germany and the EU, actions that have been declared as constitutionally ILLEGAL by several German judges, without any consequences, still slithers off to Ankara for further instructions totally unabashed and unchallenged.

  3. “Germany has to help, despite that we’re basically importing jihad and IS into the country, he says.”

    Interesting attitude. So in order to help Syrians, he is basically ready for Germany to turn, long-term, into another Syria… and when the inevitable carnage starts also in Germany, where will the 80 million Germans escape to? Bearing in mind that there’s only a small number of “unenlightened” Polands, Hungarys, Czech Republics and Slovakias left…

  4. “The refugees, however, they distinguish themselves precisely according to their beliefs”

    This is something that “Western” liberals and particularly those who have no particular religious beliefs themselves, find so hard to understand. Because to them religion is unimportant or irrelevant to their life, they don’t understand that muslims see everything in terms of religion. They view the world through the prism of Islam. If you are not a muslim you are therefore an infidel. So it’s not surprising that when a terror attack takes place our liberal friend struggles to perceive the motive could be religious. But there is no such confusion among muslims.

    • Baucent-

      This is exactly the problem with liberals.

      They see religion as a “silly story” or a “bunch of fairy tales” not to be bothered with.

      The Ummah, on the other hand, see Islam as a complete plan for life, that is to be practiced EXTREMELY seriously, with the associated consequences.

      Much like the Ummah lack the mental space to conceive of technological innovation, liberals lack the mental space to conceive how deeply religion and belief permeate the lives of the Ummah on a daily basis.

  5. The very idea of destroying secular “tyrants” like Saddam, Qaddafi and now al-Assad in order to implant “democracy” is madness, rather – the quintessence of madness. The Tunisian “tyrant” BenAli called the hijab “dirty rag” and appealed to women to get rid of it. Now he’s dead, Killery Hillary is happy and roughly a hundred of tourists are stone dead, the people from the gallery (I miss the name now) and the 46 from the hotel. Horrible, in these last days we forget the places of mass murders as they are too many. In the 70-80s there was no such thing, there was the palestinian secular terror indeed but it is no match for the islamic slaughter. The US made a huge huge huge mistake growing up the islamic terrorism in Afganistan in the 80-s.

  6. Yuri Bezmenov describes a process for demoralization/takeover of a society. Whether there is any intention of implementing this is Europe or the Western hemisphere or not doesn’t matter too much. This or not it is a process that was either identified or developed by the Soviet Union. They believed in it and invested more effort in this. So even if by coincidence everything lines up what Bezmenov describes would be the likely outcome. I would guess Europe is in the destabilization process right now by accident or design and in time they will be in crisis. The point here is not what somebody can independently predict that just reads actual news or throw up a conspiracy theory. The point to make is this is a process was developed by the Soviet Union. So if what is going on in your society is lining up with this process you are on the on that road whether or not someone is driving it. That is a point to make. It was the method of the soviets and it was implemented and used. So the process is not imaginary or conspiracy. It is a real process. The other point to make is people like this girl have a difficult/impossible time changing their way of thinking/education even to save themselves. Eg. you can’t change your way of thinking to stop the process. Having just reread Bezmenov’s interview with Ed Griffin and then reading a few new stories here made me think the are in the destabilization process.

  7. To this woman “the right” is subjugative and, apparently, “the right” profits from Muslims. I suppose they profit from them by gaining political support by opposing Muslims and pointing out the deleterious aspects of their presence in Germany.

    Heaven forbid the political process should work so as to allow political actors to identify problems and point them out to the electorate.

    I’m as “far right” as anyone can be but who knew that I am subjugative? This woman suffers from cognitive dissonance. She’s crystal clear on the damage that is being done by allowing these “migrants” and “refugees” into Germany but the other side of her brain entertains a ridiculous and false caricature of “right wingers.” Are leftists without a love of coercive measures? What does she think the government’s removal of children from German homes as punishment for non-PC criticisms of Muslims and immigrants is? Good natured remonstrance?

    Jim Kunstler wryly referred to “this patriarch-plagued republic.” I’m sure this woman sees Germany through this same prism. Men (and “right wingers”) just waiting to pounce and tear out all the gains that women have made in the last 100 years!

    • Remember that this is Germany – where if you don’t say something against “the Right”, people assume that you yourself are of “the Right”, and hence a “fascist” and a “Nazi”.

      Ergo, such denunciations from a worker for a government agency are entirely to be expected.

  8. Frankly, I have reached a point where I could not care less about Germany. What bothers me, however, is Merkel’s insistence that other countries take a share of these parasites. She invited them; the Germans welcomed them; and Germany should keep them. Once again the Germans have contrived to destroy the continent.

    • But that is only part of the truth.
      The Germans are not more or less stupid or responsible then Austrians or Swedes (acctually they are even less stupid, because there is also more resistance, they are just in focus because its a large country).

      And countries like Italy and Greece are the ones that keep not only their gates wide open, they even keep on activly transporting “Migrants” into the EU.
      And all this with approval of the EU-Commission.
      Who for many years now has propagated and forced exactly this kind of immigration for Europe.

      • And for many years even the (socialist and conservative) british Governments were part of this migration-insanity.
        Until recently.

  9. “It is pure insanity. We need an immigration law.
    We need quotas. And from above, they block it all.
    Does anyone know why?”

    Why? Sure, we all know why. You just won’t like the answer, honey.

    Why? You’ve outlived your usefulness to the Great God of the State.

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