3 thoughts on “You Build It, We Burn It

  1. One would have though that with all our historic data and other edumacational stuff it would be easy to spot rape, pillage and burn. Two diseases, Muslim and PC, converging on the silenced majority.

    • DeBalzac: and burn it will while the masses remain silent cowering in their closets. Globalism in full swing.
      Too bad the people weren’t taught history by their apathetic parents, not expecting the schools to teach anything of substance.

  2. Keep on keepin’ on– ‘ol girl Merkel and crew……………….
    Let the PRESSURE build–just like the improvised TTAP/pressure cooker bomb that works SO much better with that little bit of extra pressure in the pot before the bang.

    When your ordinary European (I hesitate to use the term ‘Christian’) folk have FINALLY had ‘enough’–the resulting explosion will be all the more spectacular.

    One word of warning–it’ll be a tad hard to run in those burka thingies.

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