When Will We Learn?

Magdi Allam is an Egyptian-born convert to Catholicism who now lives in Italy. His most recent appearance here was last month, in a translated essay about Italy’s demographic decline.

The essay below appeared on the author’s blog. Many thanks to Giusy for the translation:

After Nice, will yet more massacres be necessary to make us understand that we must fight Islamic terrorism and that the enemy to be overcome is Islam?

by Magdi Allam

We are at war and it is time to fight. The enemy is Islam and now is the time to outlaw it. Because it is Islam that legitimizes the terrorists who cut throats, behead, slaughter and blow themselves up. Because it is Islam that inspires the brainwashing practiced in mosques and jihadist sites, transforming the faithful of Allah into aspiring “martyrs” who, by means of suicidal-homicidal acts, imagine they will reach heaven with 72 eternal virgins.

“We are at war,” said President Hollande on the evening of November 13, 2015 when Paris was bloodied by atrocious Islamic terrorist massacres, proclaiming a state of emergency, the closure of borders and violent mosques, the repression of Islamic terrorist sympathizers. The reality is that nothing of substance was actually done. Because we are afraid to face the enemy: Islam. We continue to wander naïvely around the subject, or dissemble like cowards arguing that Islam is a religion of peace and love, while the Islamic terrorists are not even Muslims but crazy people who betray the “true Islam.” We continue to underestimate and downplay the scale of the threat because only single or small groups of terrorists are carrying out the atrocities, when this is their real strength, because it makes it more difficult to foresee attacks and suppress the terror network.

It is time to say “enough” to ignorance, do-gooding, cowardice, hypocrisy and to this self-destructive suicidal desire of Europe, which imagines that in order to save itself from throat-cutting terrorists we should entrust ourselves to tongue-cutting ones, those who require us to legitimize Islam irrespective of its contents and to grant them ever more mosques.

It is time to become aware of the specifics of Islam whose two pillars, the Koran and Muhammad, which are identical for all Muslims, legitimize hatred, violence and death towards unbelievers, starting with Jews and Christians, apostates, adulterers and homosexuals. It is time to acknowledge that it is actually the Islamic terrorists who, more than anybody else, comply literally and in full with what Allah prescribed in the Koran and especially to what Muhammad said and did.

It is time to come to grips with a basic reality, which is both elementary and tragically relevant: Islamic terrorism explodes only where there are mosques, “Islamic communities”, de facto territories run according to Sharia law, the Koranic law; where alongside this the state is lacking in terms of defense and security, society is fragile on the level of demography and values, and the economy is inadequate to maintain a decent standard of living for the majority of citizens. Islamic terrorism erupts as the final stage in the process of Islamization in progress, presenting itself as the solution which violently achieves the Islamic ideal, filling the void created by the crisis in institutions and a decadent civilization. Now is the moment to stop facilitating Islamic terrorism by legitimizing Islam, conceding mosques, supporting the “Islamic community”, tolerating the application of Sharia. Islamic terrorism is like the overflowing of a river, where the river is Islam and where the banks which give way are our weaknesses as a state, society and economy.

It is time to look up and take in an overview, which then permits us to bring into the open the fact that Islamic terrorists and so-called “moderate Muslims” are pursuing the same goal of Islamization of Europe and the whole world, even if they operate in seemingly different ways. We recognize that Islamic terrorists want:

1.   To take power violently and impose Sharia.
2.   To convert non-Muslims to Islam or condemn them to death.
3.   To Islamize the institutions.
4.   To propagate mosques, Islamic schools, Islamic banks.
5.   To force women to cover themselves with the full veil.

So-called moderate Muslims want:

1.   “To encourage” women to cover themselves, even if only with a simple veil.
2.   To propagate mosques, Islamic schools, Islamic banks.
3.   To infiltrate institutions, taking advantage of democracy and the rule of law to do so.
4.   To promote conversion to Islam amongst the non-Muslim population.
5.   To achieve power “democratically” in order to declare the Islamic state governed by Sharia “peacefully”.

It is time to recognize and to dissociate ourselves from those Islamic states that, directly or indirectly, support Islamic terrorists under their various names, Isis, Al-Nusra Front, Jaysh al-Islam, Fajr Libya, Ansar al-Sharia, which are mainly Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And, incidentally, they are the same Islamic states that support the so-called “moderate Muslims”, primarily the Muslim Brotherhood, chiefly by financing the construction of new mosques in Italy and Europe. In parallel, along with the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, these states are actively engaged in the financial penetration of Italy and Europe by the acquisition of company shares and high-value real estate, through which they exercise a growing power to influence our economic and political choices.

It is time to rise against Islam to be fully ourselves in our own home. But how many other massacres will we have to suffer and how many other deaths will we weep for after Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Dhaka and Nice before this Europe of ours will have to face up to reality, to acknowledge that we are at war, fighting to defeat the throat-cutting and tongue-cutting Islamic terrorists, to outlaw Islam the same as it has always been for 1400 years?

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  1. The question is, what principle can we rally around to convince ourselves that every Muslim is legitimately suspect of crime? The answer is, that it is blasphemy to express Islamic beliefs, and where the act aids, abets or encourages crime it is to be punished.

    Here’s a start. No Muslim should be allowed citizenship, nor the custody of a child, nor the recognition of his or her marriage.

    • and to go on with:
      – no Muslim shall be allowed to have children.
      – the bill for every Muslims welfare shall be paid by the Muslim countries.
      – no Muslim shall be allowed to vote in the host country.

  2. There is at present enough evidence that the root cause of Islamic terrorism, Islamic supremacist ideology, Islamic discrimination of women, is Islam. The Western political establishment fails however to identify the enemy. The motives behind Omar Mateen as well as Syed Ryzwan Farook were not guns or discrimination, but ideology. The Boston bombing was not caused by an out of control pressure cooker or exclusion, but by ideology. The reason behind Bouhlel Mohamed was not his mental disorder or his poverty, but an ideology named Islam. Sometimes main stream media’s attitude of whitewashing Islam from terrorism, and presenting instead a quantity of replacing arguments, reminds me of that story, in which somebody is searching for a lost key under a streetlamp. Being asked if he lost the key walking the street, the person answers:
    – No, I lost it at home. But inside house there isn’t enough light to look around. So I’m searching here! –

  3. ‘Blasphemy’ should not be punished anywhere. Doing that is exactly what the problem is, from islamic terrorists killing people who can’t recite the koran to Heiko Maas in Germany punishing Germans for so called ‘hate speech’ – often just another word for blasphemy.

    *Here* is a better start: stop calling islam a religion and call it what it it: a life-encompassing ideology that openly and clearly advocates violence.

    • I define blasphemy as the use of the name of God for any evil purpose. In context, it is the use of His name for a criminal purpose, specifically sedition and murder, and also genocide. As soon as you profess that God sent Muhammad, and unless cognitive dissonance intervenes, you inevitably go from there to adopting him as a role model, you profess that the law of the land is or of right ought to be according to the Islamic sharia, and finally you conclude that Muslims have the mandate from God to enforce it.

  4. It is harsh and shocking for people to have to hear it, but the solution is:

    1) Recognize that Islam is the problem, not “Islamism” or “radical Islam”;

    2) Ban all further Muslim immigration to the West;

    3) Intensive monitoring/profiling of all Muslims living in Western countries. A starting point would be to go through the databases of public welfare agencies, identify every recipient with an Islamic name and investigate them. Overnight the colossal extent of welfare fraud would be revealed and the savings to the public purse would be huge;

    4) Make first cousin marriages (including common law and de facto) illegal and deprive the progeny of such of all public services: education, welfare, health, drivers’ licences, etc;

    5) Repeal any and all existing concessions to Muslims, such as women only swimming hours at public swimming pools;

    6) Oblige, under threat of criminal prosecution, all imams to deliver their sermons only in the language of the country in which they reside; and

    7) On a personal level, do not buy goods or services from Muslims. Boycott them. When a taxi (cab) pulls up, ask the driver (based on appearance): “Are you a Muslim?”. If the answer is “Yes”, “What does it matter to you?” or “None of your business”, wave them on, telling them “I don’t financially support Muslims”.

    In short, make life very uncomfortable for Muslims in the West. Let them understand very clearly that they are pariahs and will be always and only ever be treated as such. Make it clear to them that a huge mistake was made in public policy in admitting them into your country in the first place.

    Within a few years, if the above measures are taken, the Muslim population in the West will shrink.

    • It is hard to digest your proposals. Nevertheless it will be even harder to live in slavery under Islamic rule, as soon Eurabia is fully established. The crazy immigration policies of Western political elites are directly leading towards civil war.

    • The point to focus on is that, once you accept that God sent Muhammad to be a role model for the human race, then certain things follow of necessity unless cognitive dissonance intervenes.

      Ultimately, you can’t be a Muslim without having the settled intent to destroy, in whole or in part, the non-Muslim religious group, as such. That is the specific intent of the crime of genocide. Any act which encourages or assists the crime – such as raising your child as a Muslim – incriminates a person as an accessory.

      So, never mind shooting the Nice and Wurzburg attackers. Their parents must be hunted down and either extradited to face trial, or dealt with the Schwarzenegger way.

      • What a can of worms you would open with that one. Many parents have been deeply saddened and shocked when their children reach adolescence and turn from being the young people they thought they knew, morphing into sneering, smarter-than-thou, slogan-shrieking strangers. Fortunate are the parents whose children grow out of this adolescent pose as they move on to become responsible adults.

        This applies to all cultures, not just Muslims.Some subset of those children never grow up; they stay stuck in the mind-set of eternal adolescents, ready to blame all their problems on their parents or “society”. This phenomenon has been present since the 1920s, with increases during economic downturns.

        Theodore Dalrymple describes many UK law-abiding first generation immigrant parents who are blind-sided by their radicalized children. IIRC, this happened with the 7/7 bus/train bombers in London.

  5. As we speak: an attacker has gone on rampage in a train in Germany, using an axe. Up to 21 people have been injured. This just in (not surprising): the attacker is a Jihadi—a 17 year old Afghan it seems. This is just breaking, so I only have this from one source, so adding that disclaimer.

    • I forgot to add: this has NOTHING to do with Islam. The guy was depressed and unstable, just like the bloke who did the Nice killings.
      As far as the Orlando guy, he was just upset at his wife. Nothing to do with Islam, which, after all, is a religion of peace.

      • and just like the amok driver who committed a similar act in Graz last year. His primary weapon was a car and his backup was a knife or machete. The excuse was the same “he is mentally ill”.

  6. An objection to your statement:
    It is time to become aware of the specifics of Islam whose two pillars, the Koran and Muhammad, which are identical for all Muslims, legitimize hatred, violence and death towards unbelievers, starting with Jews and Christians, apostates, adulterers and homosexuals.

    I believe that the first name in the list is that who the verse of the sword (Kuran 9:5, arguably the most powerful single verse of the Kuran) specifically targets for extermination. These are the “mushriks”: it is hard to translate this word correctly into English; it means “those that commit shirk, namely associating partners with Allah.” In this category, pantheistic cultures such as Hindus, fall prominently. Though Hindus believe in one almighty, they believe that this almighty is accessible to us in innumerable forms, and so muslims view Hindus as the mushriks par excellence. This also explains the almost unbelievable bloodlust of muslim invaders of India in the middle ages. Never has human life been treated with such disdain, and its destruction done with such great joy and revelry.

  7. How’s about just simply making it a “No Muslims”? Close the mosque shooting galleries. These really are very sick dangerous creatures. Especially the “beautiful peaceful ones” everyone says they have amongst their friends. Just look at them. You dare not turn your back for s moment. Muslim is a mental illness and to treat it otherwise is have the ultimate death wish.

    Two of the Five Pillars of Islam literally revolve around the black moon rock set into the corner of the Kaaba in the center of Mecca. After 1,400 unchanging years, Islam cannot simply erase two of its five pillars and continue with business as usual. Allahu Akbar means our god is greater. If Mecca were turned into a vast, glowing crater, this would be visibly untrue. “


  9. This is a great essay. I cringed this morning watching video of Giuliani’s speech last night at the RNC and the stupid separation of Muslims from Islamic Terrorist Extremists. I wish people would wake up! I shall post this on Twitter.

  10. Under the Constitution Congress can suspend the writ of habeus corpus. In the USA we could then round up all suspicious Muslims (mostly males) and deport them. (By the way it is a myth that the internment of the Japanese-Americans was unjustified. Our Magic decrypts of enemy diplomatic traffic gave President Roosevelt legitimate security fears.)

    If only we had a resolute president like FDR today. Further, one must concede it is doubtful Congress would enact this suspension. But note that in the Civil War, our greatest president, equally resolute facing the greatest crisis in American history, himself suspended habeus corpus in certain areas. “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.”

    Alas many disasters will have to ensue before enough people wake up to the sheer insanity of liberalism.

  11. Europe as a continent, with few exceptions such as Poland, has basically rejected Jesus Christ and the laws of God the Father. in its place, it tried to erect a secular state based on the laws of men. It started under the enlightenment and continued head long with the jacobins, the illuminati, the free masons and then the french revolution. it chose to replace Christ and the Kingdom of God with socialism that promises a free lunch, rationalism, liberty and freedom to sin for a few short years, but instead, is now getting the chains of cruel bondage from the wickedness of Islam who does not play by the same rules. The only way Europe will regain its sanity and its freedoms that once had is not under democracy of secular thinking, or by political correctness, but under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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