“There Is No Absolute Security”

The latest information about yesterday’s Munich terror attack is that the now-deceased shooter was an 18-year-old Iranian-German with dual nationality. His name was Ali David Sonboly, and he is said to have been born and raised in Munich.

The death toll still stands at nine, as far as I know, but the number of wounded has risen to twenty-one.

I’m told this is a photo of the perp:

Below is an account of the police press conference given last night not long after midnight, Munich time. This is not a verbatim transcript, but a summary or condensation. It was kindly provided by Egri Nök in real-time, while the press conference was still going on. I’ve edited it for spelling, punctuation, clarity, and format.

Press conference begins.

Munich Police Commissioner Hubertus Andrae says 5:15pm a shooting was reported. According to witnesses they thought there were as many as three perpetrators. A few people had fled from the scene and were suspects, but they were just fleeing.

The subway was completely shut down, because people were reporting alleged attacks from all across town.

Around 8:30pm a male person was found by the officers. It seemed he had committed suicide. Taking witness accounts and video material into consideration, we assume he was the perpetrator. We do not have hints that more people were involved, at this point.

The perpetrator is an 18-year-old German-Iranian from Munich. Police officers had contact with him and shot at him but only an autopsy will show if they hit him at that point, while he was fleeing.

Ten people are dead; sixteen were injured.

The motive and background are completely unknown. We are investigating under pressure. The location will remain sealed off.

2,300 police officers were involved, some from Austria.

Many calls came in with hints of alleged shootings and hostage situations, and that massively disturbed the public. The police investigated all of them, but none could be confirmed.

100 people sought shelter at the police station.

Events tomorrow will not be cancelled for security reasons. The commissioner suggests organisers might cancel for piety respect for the dead.


Question: Was there a mass panic at Stachus? (a public place)

Answer: Allegedly shots were heard, people ran away screaming. This caused the situation at the Stachus. But investigations did not find a cause there.

Question: An 18-year-old German-Iranian from Munich is the perpetrator? How long has he been in Munich? And what do you mean he had contact with civil officers?

Answer: Our investigations have just begun, please take that into consideration.

It seems it started at a fast food restaurant, and the situation continued to evolve in the shopping centre, where civil officers met the perpetrator, and fired at him, maybe wounded him.

Question: has the person been living in Munich for a long time?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What does that mean? Longer than two years?

Answer: Yes.

Question: In the video there is mention of a “treatment”.

Answer: We cannot confirm it at this point; it will be subject of investigation.

Question: Was perpetrator known to police?

Answer: He was not.

Question: What weapons?

Answer: He began shooting in the fast food restaurant, moved into the shopping centre, continued the shooting. The victims are mourned in the shopping centre.

Question: Motive?

Answer: Nothing known at this point; everything is under investigation.

Question: What weapon?

Answer: A pistol. Everything else under investigation at the crime scene.

Question: Family?

Answer: Needs to be investigated and verified.

Question: So the “long weapons” report was not factual?

Answer: We did not find anything like that.

Question: The backpack?

Answer: We did find a backpack.

Question: Weapons inside?

Answer: No weapons found inside.

A weapon can be reloaded. We will search the crime scene and then know how often he shot.

Question: (unintelligible) car?

Answer: The car mentioned in the beginning left the crime scene at high speed. We clarified it; it had nothing to do with the crime.

Question: Adults, children?

Answer: Please understand, we can not comment on the victims, because we are still finding out their identities and have not broken the news to their families, and before we have done that we won’t comment.

Question: Did the perpetrator manage to escape the civil officers?

Answer: Yes, the colleagues lost his trail, and found him again later.

Question: Did he have a German passport?

Answer: We do not know if he carried a passport at this point. His clothes are being investigated.


Question: (??) how long?

Answer: In this first phase we can only confirm it started at 5:15, and that at 8:30 the officers found the suspect dead.

Question: In the video it seems he yelled he was a German, can you confirm?

Answer: We asked the public to send us video material. At this point it is not certain who shouted what, so I cannot confirm and cannot exclude.

Question: Was he a student?

Answer: I cannot confirm at this point.

Question: Was he from Munich?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Did the video on the roof show the perpetrator?

Answer: At this point we assume he was the perpetrator.

Question: (unintelligible)

Answer: We have no reason at this point to assume the public needs to feel insecure in connection with this event, but we repeat that there is no absolute security. At this point we have no evidence there is need to feel insecure in connection to this event.

Question: (?)

Answer: (?)

Question: what about the Facebook posts where a supposedly fake young woman asks young people to come to McDonalds at 4pm because she would give out stuff for free?

Answer: It is part of the investigation.

Our main focus in the past few hours was to make sure there are no further armed perpetrators loose in town, so we still are at the beginning of our investigations.

Question: Was the DFE (?) on assignment?

Answer: No, but the GSG 9 was.

High praise to the colleagues and officers. All other (German) states offered help.

More questions?

Question: (?)

Answer: We received quite a few video uploads, we provide a dedicated upload server. Videos and pictures are helping us. Especially to reconstruct the course of events. And we are questioning witnesses, but we understand that a few witnesses do not want to speak tonight, only tomorrow morning.

I estimate around 11:30am tomorrow we will give a new update.

Question: How many emergency calls did you receive?

Answer: They have not been counted at this moment, and I do not engage in guesswork.

Question: (?)

Answer: The perpetrator does have German and Iranian citizenship.

Question: (police officers?)

Answer: We do not have information that officers were immediately injured by the perpetrator.

Question: Where exactly was the perpetrator found?

Answer: Not at the River Isar. Near the shopping mall, on a smaller road.

Question: Did he arrive at the crime scene in his car?

Answer: Please understand this is under investigation.

Question: Do you have any idea where the young man could have obtained the weapon?

Answer: No, at this moment I do not know where it came from.

Question: (?)

Answer: We have three gravely injured in critical condition, and thirteen lightly wounded.

Question: (?)

Answer: How exactly he proceeded in the mall and in the restaurant is under investigation. We are positive we will be able to reconstruct it well, with the help of video material.

Question: Motive?

Answer: We will begin investigating his personal milieu.

Question: How could he have fatally injured that many people? It seems unusual to me.

Answer: It depends on the ability of the shooter, from how far away he shot, how well he aimed. It is a question of distance, of ammunition, and his ability. If you are hit in the leg or the head, you will be gravely injured.

Question: Children?

Answer: according to our information, children are injured. and minors are among the dead.

Question: (?)

Answer: We still have to confirm the identities of the victims. According to our initial assessment, among the wounded are children, among the dead are youths.

Question: Was the perpetrator a student?

Answer: Unknown. We are still looking for relatives, contacts.

Question: (?)

Answer: At this point we confirm it was a shooting, and whether it will be seen as terror or amok will depend on what we find. It would be unprofessional at this moment to say.

Press conference is over.

30 thoughts on ““There Is No Absolute Security”

  1. this attack appears to be a revenge action by mentally challenged individual, unrelated to Islam.

    victims are mostly young turks and kosovo albanians.



    Sonboly was born in Germany to a mother and father who had fled from Iran in the 1990s.
    His father, Masoud, ran an upmarket taxi firm using a BMW series 7 limousine that he is said to have washed and waxed every week.
    Sonboly’s mother is said to have worked as a sales assistant in the Karstadt department store in the city.

    He was put through a trade school in his early teenage years when it became apparent he was unlikely to complete the standard German Abitur exams.

    But he ended up failing at his school too, blaming bullying by ‘Turkish and Arabic’ schoolmates as being the reason for his poor educational performance.

    • “….unrelated to Islam.”

      Well, thank the heavens for that, we wouldn’t want ignorant people will discern to see spurious patterns, ’cause a 2nd gen Iranian refugee who was unable to integrate ran amok with Turk and Albanian victims supposedly because of bullying by ‘Turkish and Arabic’ schoolmates …

    • Really? What about the report that he advertised on Craigslist about free goodies? If so was the ad specifically aimed at Turks or other Muslims? If he had really wanted to attack Turks or other Muslim groups, why choose a McDonalds?

      He may not have liked his Turkish and Arabic cohort (as an Iranian he is, of course, “superior”), but if he wanted to specifically target them, would he not have chosen another venue?

      Your analysis doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • Your point may be true, but I fail to see how an ethnic motivation makes this attack less problematic.

      If Germany had a sensible immigration policy, these ethnic groups would not exist in any sizeable numbers, and the resultant ethnic conflicts would also not exist.

  2. Scanning for updates, a remarkable uniformity is apparent in the global narrative about the shooting in Munich yesterday…in other words…shouting “allahu akbar” = NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM. In this particular case, it apparently must be denied to have anything to do with Islam as well as ISIS (which they tell us has nothing to do with Islam). Go figure….here is a current listing of the narrative using Bing News search term “Munich”:

    Breitbart: BBC Scrubs Muslim name “Ali” from Munich killer article

    Yahoo: Norway’s Breivik, the inspiration behind Munich attack?

    AP: Police: Munich suspect was obsessed with mass shootings

    USAToday: Police: Munich shooter fascinated by mass killings

    WSJ: Munich Gunman Had Apparent Interest in Mass Shootings, No Islamic State Ties

    Reuters: Munich gunman fixated on mass killing, had no Islamist ties

    Munich teen who killed 9 was obsessed with mass shootings
    Munich teen who killed 9 was obsessed with mass shootings

    PakistanToday: Munich gunman’s spree linked to Norwegian mass murderer, not IS

    TimesofIndia: Munich gunman’s spree linked to Breivik, not IS

  3. This actually seems to be a revenge attack against some groups, that also happen to be muslim (mostly sunni, whereas onboly would nominally have been shia). Certainly does not seem ISIS related. Closer in nature to US school shootings than Islamic terror. An unstable kid has a rough time at school, and snaps.

    • No it’s not like our school shootings. 99.99% of school kids don’t snap and don’t go on the streets to do mass murder and dont’ yell “Allah akbar” while they commit their mass murder spree.

      He went full titl jihadi and now Westerners are covering for him. The same way they were excusing the murderous Jihadi in Nice.

      • We don’t know enough yet to come to that conclusion. No one ever doubted that Nice was an incident of Islamic terrorism; it simply took a while for all the details to come out as his ‘friends’ started giving out information about him. They chickened out so he had to go solo.

        In the end, this one will also turn out to be some form of Islamic terrorism, but this boy was weaponized by someone…and that remains a question of interest. Will the German police find the mosque responsible for handing over a Glock and that much ammunition to an eighteen year-old?

        Sure, the MSM covers for these killers. But no one here is doing that. So if you show up with this tendentious and ill-founded complaint again and I see it, it’s not going to see the light of day. You’ve made your sore point at least twice now. Basta!

    • Add islam to the mix and you have a volatile cocktail. In fact add islam to anything and you have a volotile cocktail.

  4. 1. The part that bothers me is that he killed himself. I don’t think that makes him eligible to get into Islamic heaven.

    2. If he is Persian, then he may simply have felt humiliated by the Arabs. They don’t like one another. Of course, there is the Shia-Sunni schism as well.

    In other words, I am not convinced it is the standard Islamic terror although he is alleged to have shouted “Allahu Akbar”. Perhaps he was working up the courage to shoot people.

    I was listening to someone recite a list of recent attacks. I realized that I had already forgotten about the ones in Turkey and Bangladesh. Of course, sexual assaults and various other crimes continue unabated. These are now considered as normal.

    • Just as not every socialist is not a good socialist–in the sense of being able to follow all the socialist precepts–so not every jihadist is a good jihadist.

    • Why in gods name is everyone making excuses for this murderous scum?

      The posts here may well come from Hillary supporters.

      • Attempting to understand motivation, opportunity, and background is not “making excuses”. It is an attempt to comprehend the details – you know, where the devil is said to be.

        What’s your rush?

  5. https://hinduexistence.org/2016/07/23/jihad-hit-europe-for-3rd-time-in-8-days-rise-the-children-of-god-its-the-time-to-get-rid-off-radical-allah/

    This article, posted on a Hindu nationalist site, is addressed to Europe, hence posting here. I agree with most of it — don’t agree though that this latest attack was Jihad.

    Islam has a problem with everyone. We all should realize this, and join together to defend ourselves against its constant aggression. Many times, initial warnings may come from our side: for example, before grooming gangs for white girls became the Pakistani pastime in the UK, they were targeting Hindu/Sikh girls (back in the 80s). But no one took us seriously then when our communities reported it. Had they done so, I think many of the white English girls who were brutalized by these beasts might have been saved.

    Islam is forever finding new ways to attack Kafirs. All of us need to be on constant watch.

  6. I don’t understand why everyone is so desperate to find a link to ISIS. Why a muslim needs a link to ISIS to commit jihad?
    Let’s say he is a muslim, he reads Quran and Life of Mohamed, then he goes to YouTube and watches videos of imams calling to kill infidels, then he watches some beheading videos. Isn’t it enough to “suddenly radicalise”?
    Police most likely has his home computer and his browsing history. I’m pretty sure they tell some story. Sadly, I doubt it will be ever released to public. And next week we’ll have another act of jihad and this one will be forgotten anyway.
    But still I perfectly accept both theories of “lone wolfs” and “sudden radicalisation”, because they don’t deny a fact that violence was inspired by Islam. And nowadays if someone has access to internet he doesn’t even need to go to mosque to radicalise.
    But of course instead of admitting that the problem is Islam, we look for some stupid links to ISIS.
    In fact, I highly doubt ISIS has a lot of direct agents in Europe. If they did, we’d have Bataclan-style attacks every week. Islamists also understands this and they spend A LOT of resources on propaganda. And so far it’s quite effective.
    So again, all this ISIS-connection searching is a smoke screen designed for the sole purpose of distracting from the main problem – Islamisation.

    • That’s all they need is the instruction books for Jihad , the Muslim Manifestos, the Quran, the Suras and the Hadieths. Read tem, study them , and act out the
      Holy War’.

  7. The finding of one book about school shootings is apparently enough evidence for German Police to announce a likely link to Breivik and the Norway massacre. However it took those same Police days to admit the train jihadi was inspired by ISIS. Who can know what was doing on in his head? And what of the CNN report of the witness Lorretta who said the killer cried “Allahu Akbar” as he began shooting at McDonalds?
    Then there is the pistol, a Glock 17 and 300 rounds of ammunition. Germany has tough gun laws, how does a 18 year old acquire a high end pistol and ammunition?
    Was he mad, bad or sad? Still very much unclear.

    • Exactly. The one detail that troubles me is that he killed himself. I do not think that is permitted if one wants to get into Islamic heaven and [redacted] for infinity.

      • There is a report of police shooting “at him” but they are just not sure whether it was their bullet that killed him or if he shot himself….for now it seems a handy solution to claim that he shot himself, and which obviously serves the purpose of throwing the scent off him being a jihadi.

      • That’s not the only murky detail in this sad story, but it’s an important one. Let’s see if it turns out that he ‘reverted’ (don’t think his parents were anything beyond secular Muslims who arrived well before the mad rush) and some imam wound him up. Mosques are armories – which would solve the question re where he got the Glock and all that ammunition. Three hundred rounds? Obviously they were expecting a bigger pay-off than they got.

    • In the end, his madness, badness, or sadness is beside the point. He lived in an increasingly violent environment; that will ‘trigger’ the mad/bad/sad ones in ways that living in a harmonious place couldn’t do.

      However, your question re his acquisition of a gun and a whole lot of ammunition is in another category entirely. As happens all too often (and I will always believe it was done in a similar fashion to the marginalized, deeply resentful and fragile Breivik) this unstable boy was weaponized, literally and figuratively. Someone or some group found him (how?) and, using his deep sense of grievance, wound him up (that part was easy enough to do), handed him the gun, and set him loose.

      Because our trust level in German authority has dropped to near zero, few of us believe TPB will find his backers or even try very hard. At some level, does this incident not serve to keep the public both scared and quiescent?

      Some cases of terrorism mass killings become very clear cut after the background becomes obvious, and witnesses who knew the perp show up to say what they knew. That was what happened in Nice after, what, a week or less?

      On the other hand, some never clarify…the mute Korean at Virginia Tech who went on a killing spree on campus has never been solved and never can be…

      Not all mass killings are terrorism, cut-and-dried. We do ourselves a disservice to lump them all together. The school killings in Connecticut weren’t Islamic in any sense of the word.

      • Yes, but if it is true, as reported, that he shouted Allahu Akbar, then he is a jihadi, under the influence of the hateful jihadi ideology–the ideology of Islam. No matter how young he was and no matter how incoherent his actions were.

        • I.still.want.to.know.where.he.got.the.weapon.in.GERMANY.

          It doesn’t matter what he shouted. It matters that he killed people. And that some planning went into his slaughter, if the details I read are still bearing up – e.g., ads to get kids to a fast-food place so he’d have a ready crowd to shoot at.

          At best, he wasn’t wired too tight. He certainly didn’t go to his nearest Walmart and buy a gun. Where does a disturbed teenager get a weapon? When will the authorities announce they’ve closed a mosque?? If that doesn’t happen, then the German authorities are bent.

          • To me it most certainly matters what he shouted. It means the ideology was on his mind.

            I hear that Germany and Paris have strict gun control laws. Nevertheless jihadis have managed to get guns.

            I read that Germany has closed down a number of mosques and that weapons caches were discovered in these mosques–that was reported on Fox by Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

      • The shooting in Munich began after 5pm on a Friday…which of the shooters preferred mosques/Islamic centers/arsenals held mid-day prayers/pep talks in the area?

        • This is my exact thought as well.

          He could have approached an imam at any number of mosques after Friday prayer and received his deadly equipment posthaste.

  8. 2nd generation Muslim. Diminished status in adopted country. Tormented by other Middle Eastern or North Africans, also from violent, retributive, tribal countries.

    What I want to know is why our press… print, internet, cable news..and governors, in EVERY CASE, has this rosy eyed vision of a multi cultural paradise where each hitherto isolated culture proffers only “enrichment and diversity” to our otherwise hateful, evil, xenophobic, and self loathing WHITE societies?

    This is generational. While parents have been struggling in economies shrinking from globalist dreams, our children have been force fed a toxic multi cultural stew – which instructs them that WE are BAD, failed 3rd world cultures are GOOD, and that only extreme integration will heal our hearts, and expand our minds.

    I don’t want to live in Nigeria. Save the racial epithets… I don’t want to live in Albania or Moldovia either. Multi generational blood feuds and serial rapists with elevated testosterone and minimal intelligent quotients do not make good neighbors.

    Yet Europe, and North America — and even Australia are inundated with this philosophy that forced migration and intermarriage between unlike peoples is our salvation. Victims of this carnage are casualties in a war on US by a powerful elite who have taken over our governments and communication network.

    Me and mine are necessary collateral damage, whilst the children and homes of the elite are safe in their private schools and gated enclaves. How many Syrians are being shipped to Barbados? Bermuda? the Bahamas?… And that’s just the B’s.

    This is war on White, European and American culture. As if we are some plague on the planet that must be contained, thwarted and re educated to embrace the failed membership of the 3rd world… WHOM by the way, are alive and breeding because WE were stupid enough to FEED THE CHILDREN….. DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS… CATHOLIC CHARITIES>>..

    and now the economic music is slowing… and there are not 7 billion chairs. Christians are out of cheeks to proffer to the savages of the planet who breed like roaches and do not assimilate but DESTROY the very civilization that made their survival possible.

    And now we are told it’s OUR fault that the children of migrants are self loathing losers … surrounded by the soft bigotry of white supremacy.

    And not a peep about the sexual deviance – the practice of [graphic details omitted]. They bring serial rape and mutilation of females… the generational blood feuds and IQ’s below room temperature.

    this is the price of Falafel street food? No thank you.

    We cannot drag these vermin into the 21st century … they do not have the capacity or inclination. We can either summon our inner Vikings and save blue eyes, or return to a barbarous 7th century. These invading cultures are not a way forward for mankind.

    They are a formula for destruction, for us, our civilization, and the planet. Darwin would be slack jawed at what we have wrought.

    • Hear, hear!

      If you want to know what a joke foreign aid is, study the saga of Live Aid and where the majority of the aid money landed.

      Population charts for Ethiopia from 1980 to the present are also highly instructive.

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