The Well-Integrated Foster Child — And Soldier of the Caliphate

As we reported on Monday, a young culture-enricher ran amok with a knife and an axe on a train in Bavaria, severely wounding several people before being shot dead by police. New details have emerged since then: the youthful miscreant had declared himself a soldier of the Caliphate, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, and recorded a martyrdom video.

The detailed report below was posted at Politically Incorrect. Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating the article and the videos, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The well-integrated foster child

The Würzburg attacker lived with a foster family, which is a privilege for “very well-integrated youths”. In a clip from the IS-circulated video he threatened “unbelievers” — and concretely the entirety of Germany. These two sentences from Die Welt are now ringing in a new age. An age in which there is so much lunacy that we are compelled to take it as normal.

There is no security anymore, but we’ll just proceed as usual! The Moroccans had their fun — now the Afghans are coming!

“Generally we have to assume that principally every day in every location and more or less worldwide, such attacks will take place. We are not safe from them. What is certain is that we cannot let these people ruin our lives. We will live our lives as we always have.” (Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann)

But even before this lunacy became State doctrine in our once safe country, the lying Afghan or Pakistani Muhammad Riyad, alias Riaz Khan Ahmadzai (picture) was our VIP guest. Once Merkel circulated her tantalizing selfies and uttered sentences such as “And now I want to make it very clear, it is not in my power, it is not in the power of any person in Germany, how many come here”, Riyad/Riaz had long arrived as an unaccompanied minor refugee in the custody of the youth protective services of Passau.

This is a PI photoshop, but it’s entirely possible:

The foster child given to us came to Germany June 30th, 2015. He knew, just like thousands of his companions, that the batty UNO had obliged all EU states to treat unaccompanied minor refugees (Minderjährige, Unbegleitete Flüchtlinge = MUFL) like raw eggs. And with the usual German thoroughness and efficiency the child and youth protective services played along even with bearded children — securing jobs at the Social-Mafia. Completely unashamed, youth caretakers brought foreign mid-twenties refugees to the schools and sold them there as “youths”. And after school, they were presented with yummy food (no cafeteria food), additional German lessons, trauma therapy, free wifi and lots of recreational fun. And when they got tired, they slept in affectionately decorated two-bedroom lodgings instead of in gymnasiums or containers.

The preferred housing and caring cost the German tax payer per MUFL is €5,000 per month. In recent weeks Riyad/Ryaz even enjoyed the status of a foster child in a real family, which costs considerably more. Roughly €60,000 were invested in little Riyad/Ryaz before he totally coolly and with relaxation pulled off his martyr thing.

[Picture of Riyad/Ryaz, quoting his video manifest “And I will slaughter you in your houses and streets.”]

In little slices we learn of the number of the heavily injured victims of the combined axe and knife attack:

Two of the five heavily injured victims of the 17-year-old Afghan refugee Riaz A. are still in critical condition according to the police.

Yesterday talk was of three heavily injured. And there was talk of immediate access of the attacker:

The offender then fled from the train and was found from a SEK (Sondereinsatzkommando) of the police that was coincidentally nearby.

The truth is that the attacker came upon two women who were walking their dogs and he hit one women in the face with his axe twice. The prosecutor’s office:

As he fled along the Mainwiesen he came upon a woman who together with her friend was walking her dog. He yelled something at her from behind, and after the victim turned around to face him, he powerfully stroke her in the face with his axe twice. The victim suffered from life threatening injuries. During the attack — according to a witness — he s supposedly yelled: “I will finish you, you whore!”

With all that one should not forget that with this minor afghan/Pakistani foster child, we are dealing with a sensitive boy who spent his free time with painting and wanted to bake little breads in Germany:

As well as there is a rumor that something was about to change in the residential status of the young man what could have been the trigger for the violence. And there was a hand painted IS flag found in the room of the boy. Riaz seemed neither radicalized nor fanatical. According to information of the Bavarian ministry of social services, he was doing an internship in a bakery, that he stood a chance of a possible apprenticeship.

A butcher would probably have been more fitting. In his pre-recorded IS video, the insignificant foundling brandishes a knife here and there while he tells us of his mission: “I am a soldier of the Islamic state and I am beginning a holy mission in Germany!” The video is authentic. One wouldn’t want to be stuck in the skin of his foster family, who quite possibly also have children of their own.

Just as he promised Allah, Riyad/Riaz then went on his way on that evening towards 8:00pm in order to slaughter unbelievers. A very highly-motivated young man then stepped into the regional train and encountered unsuspecting tourists from Hong Kong:

A. went to the lavatory. Shortly thereafter he left the lavatory, and immediately beat and jabbed with an axe and a knife into the Chinese family. The first panicky emergency calls of other train passengers came in to the police, they told of screams of “allahu akbar” by the offender. Possibly the offender himself then pulled the emergency brake at Würzburg-Heidingsfeld and fled. But because coincidentally there was a SEK [security police] nearby chasing drug dealers, the police were on the scene immediately. They were also attacked by Riaz A., and as a result he was shot dead.

The self-defense killing of the Islamic axe murderer provided the occasion for speculations in green radical circles. Therefore here is the entire sequence of events:

The offender was hiding in the bushes in the twilight. The police tried to find him, and they were therefore walking into the bushes. Suddenly, reports Backert from the accounts of the officers, the suspect attacked the two with an axe. “The suspect attacked the officers with the raised axe in his hand,” Backert says, He was only “three, maybe four arms’ lengths” away from them, when the attacked officers fired their guns. One of the shots then hit the suspect and killed him, and so he was stopped. “As a prosecutor, I am glad that trained SEK officers were involved in this incident,” Backert says. “If a normal police officer had been in this situation, it could have taken an entirely difficult course.”

Just how many arms’ lengths of distance does one have to keep from Merkel’s guests in the future, is something that should fuel further discussions. In other countries as well. The Chinese do not have a sense of humor when it comes to Islam.

Transcript video1:

0:00   The Afghan is an asylum seeker
0:04   who came to Germany as an unaccompanied minor refugee
0:08   and sought asylum in Germany.
0:11   Until about two weeks ago he was in an asylum home in Ochsenfurt,
0:15   and was then subsequently allocated to a foster family.
0:22   The practicing Muslim had no criminal record up until then.
0:28   On Saturday, before the attack, he allegedly got a message that a friend of his
0:35   had lost his life in Afghanistan.
0:39   According to current investigations the deceased offender is —
0:42   and I point out that we are at the very beginning,
0:46   that we have some factual information, but that many things are
0:51   not yet decided, and that this is the result of what we have so far,
0:54   that we can show you.
0:58   The… accused is suspected of, yesterday evening,
1:03   on July 18 2016, boarding the regional train from Ochsenfurt to Würzburg,
1:09   with the firm determination to kill passengers that were unknown to him,
1:17   and to therefore take revenge on the unbelievers for what they had done
1:23   to his Muslim sisters and brothers and children.
1:26   In that regard he also embraced the possibility of his own death.
1:31   In the execution of his plan he put a knife and an axe
1:35   in a rucksack or a bag, and with it he entered the regional train.
1:40   In the train he coincidentally met an employee
1:43   from the asylum home in Ochsenfurt,
1:46   in which he had resided until a short while ago.
1:49   The suspect did not respond to the employee but instead moved
1:52   to a different car on the train.
1:56   There he sought out the lavatory and armed himself with an axe and a knife,
2:01   and then went back to the train car in which the unsuspecting future victims sat.
2:08   Completely out of the blue, he massively attacked these people with
2:12   the axe and with the knife as well. He stabbed them multiple times
2:16   and hit them with his axe on their bodies and heads.
2:22   Through these — motivated by complete annihilation — attacks,
2:26   the victims suffered severe head and body injuries.
2:30   Two of the victims are still in critical condition.
2:34   Four of the victims are members of a Chinese family who were on their way back to Würzburg.
2:42   During his attack the suspect — according to witness testimony —
2:48   yelled three times: “allah, allahu akbar, god is great.”
2:52   Hearing the screams of the victims, the acquaintance of the suspect
2:56   sitting in another car was alerted to the violence and called the police on her cell phone.
3:05   At 9:13pm the emergency call was registered at the police which was also recorded.
3:13   On that call, and that is very important,
3:16   the words ‘allahu akbar’ were also very clearly audible,
3:20   therefore there is objective proof to substantiate the testimony of witnesses.
3:24   The caller reported that the suspect was stabbing passengers and cutting them with the axe.
3:28   While the ambulance and medical procedures were immediately activated,
3:32   a passenger pulled the emergency brake so that the train came to a stop
3:36   halfway between Heidingsfeld and Würzburg.
3:44   When it stopped, the suspect opened the emergency door of the train,
3:50   he left the train, and he started to flee.
3:54   During his flight along the Mainwiesen, he came upon a woman
3:59   who — together with a friend — was walking her dog.
4:04   This victim as well was attacked unexpectedly by the suspect,
4:09   and he hit her violently, after she turned around to look at him,
4:13   at least twice in the face with his axe.
4:18   The victim suffered life-threatening injuries.
4:22   According to a witness, the offender screamed “I will finish you, you whore”.
4:30   As he fled again, the suspect was found by the SEK and shot to death.
4:37   The exact details on the use of guns at the scene I will leave up to my colleague,
4:42   chief district attorney Backert, as the leader of the investigation
4:46   concerning the use of guns.
4:50   The prosecutor’s office of Bamberg, (…)
4:58   and especially based on a farewell letter discovered, are assuming
5:01   that the suspect has acted with intent to kill.
5:06   At this point, I want to express personal praise for the police,
5:13   who through their rapid intervention in an effective and timely manner
5:17   undertook the pursuit of the offender and therefore prevented
5:21   possible further expected acts of violence by the suspect,
5:26   as the axe attack on the woman walking her dog has clearly shown
5:33   just what kind of potential for further violence existed in the offender.
5:38   That the offender has subsequently died is tragic,
5:41   but a continuation of his running amok would not have been acceptable either.
5:46   Thank you.

Transcript video 2:

0:02   “I am a soldier of the Caliphate. I will commit martyr attacks in Germany,”
0:11   The terror group ISIS has published a video of the suspected
0:15   axe murderer from Würzburg. In the clip which has now been authenticated
0:20   by the prosecutor’s office in Würzburg, the 17-year-old Afghani speaks
0:24   with a knife in his hand. He wants to avenge the attacks of the anti-ISIS coalition.
0:29   “Here I am, I live among you, in your houses, and I planned it in your country,
0:37   and I will slaughter you in your houses and in your streets.
0:42   I will make you forget the spectacular attacks in France, insh’allah.”
0:46   ISIS says the name of the attacker is Muhammad Riyad.
0:49   He came to Germany on June 31st, 2015, as an unaccompanied minor refugee,
0:55   the Bavarian ministry of the interior explained.
0:58   He had a residency permit and was in the country legally.
1:02   Apparently the offender sent this clip to ISIS shortly before his attack.
1:07   “And I will slaughter you with this knife. And slice your throats with axes, if God wills it.”
1:16   In the meantime the police haves found the cell phone of the axe murderer.
1:19   Everything on it now has to be evaluated.
1:22   It is not known yet with whom he was in contact on the phone,
1:25   the investigating authorities explained.

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  1. “We will live our lives as we always have”- Bavarian Minister.
    The only way to do that is without muslims.

    • He is talking about himself and he is correct. The muslims do not affect him directly.

  2. German Government and Media reiterate mindlessly that the million mohammedan migrants should not be put under general suspicion (Generalverdacht), as mosquitos are to bite once in a while.

    However, mohammedans following the teaching of the Quran when entering Dar al-Harb and conditioned among people that despise non-mohammedans, who by definition of their master end in hell, ask by declaration of their beliefs for Generalverdacht.

    Discussing the risk caused by ill-programmed young men is considered hate speech.
    Germany is unable to deal with the problem since it can’t even discuss the problem.

  3. The German politicians who welcomed the “refugees” and dismissed the concern of critics, just won’t admit the predicted terror attacks have begun.

  4. The west has now entered the Cloudcukooland delusional phase. Ripe for rape, as the Pope seems to say.

  5. What can I say. Since the integration of Germany with the former GDR and the incorporation of former STASI operatives into the Bureaucracy we now have a similar set of political and propaganda circumstances as existed in the former 3rd Reich. Frau Merkel is fulfilling the demise of the German republic and attempting to ensure the full integration of europe under the original reich principles. The incorporation of these so-called immigrants from the middle east of largely male military aged very healthy and mentally dubious males is of course part of the process. I despair of what will happen to Europe in the next 5 years. I am in hope that the Visigrad countries can remember their history and resist with force this totalitarian system. May God bless all who resist and truth and justice prevail.

  6. No doubt the German authorities main concern will not be with the victims welfare but more to do with ensuring this savage is buried in full compliance with Islamic requirements.

    The irony is that the hard pressed German citizen is paying taxes to sustain these vipers in the nest until such times until that they decide to slaughter some of their hosts.

    As for Mutti Merkel – she should have been prosecuted or sectioned by now as incompetent and corrupt. The German people cannot just stand by and watch this destruction of their once great nation for much longer.

    They have been betrayed by their Government, Trade Unions, Churches and the EU.

    For God’s sake Germany wake up! These savages are not mentally disturbed, traumatised, depressed or disadvantaged etc they genuinely despise you and wish to eradicate your culture, It is Merkel and the rest of her ilk who are the insane ones
    In your midst!

  7. Interesting point about the Chinese.

    One day, they’ll blow a gasket about this stuff, and it won’t be pretty for the Islamists.

    • I am surprised that the Han Chinese haven’t simply made their troublesome minority in the West vanish into thin air for upsetting the harmony of society.

  8. The millions of Europeans and allies who will be slaughtered because this product of the Soviet Union and her ilk. Mad, insane, confused mess we have created. And it all started with a great big, “That Enoch Powell fella an’ those other WW2 losers. We’ll show them.”

  9. The only thing I wonder about is why there are not more of these incidents.

    The only reason I can come up with is that most Muslims have trouble fighting their self preservation instinct which of course then keeps them from being better Muslims.

  10. The establishment is in an exceptionally uncomfortable predicament. Their world is falling down around them and yet they have no choice but to say all is well.

  11. c Please stop accusing politicians or anyone for the troubles we are in. The fault lies with us, the people. We have been lazy and stupid for a long time. Before WW II, Hitler wrote in detail what his plans were. Nobody paid attention. Today we keep watching utter lies about Islam on TV. The media lie to us .
    So I say: get up from your sofa , go to a bookstore, buy a Koran and READ IT ! It says it all : Muslims are the better race of men made by God… Believers are superior to non believers. Don’t associate with miscreants… Christians and Jews are descended from apes and pigs…Infidels who do not submit to Allah should be hit ” at the neck “, etc, etc , page after page.This book reeks of blood, torture, slavery, revenge, etc.
    Muhammad was not a prophet; he was a desert thug, a highway robber, a mass murderer and a vicious pedophile.
    All Islamists are good muslims who follow the Koran. All others, the “moderate” ones,are bad Muslims. Islamists should be all sent back to where they come from NOW. Their sub-culture is not compatible with ours. If we let them in, they will kill our civilization.

    • If I was born an European or American, I gladly agree with you people. But for those who really wish to integrate in the Western society, and especially becoming Christian, accept them.

      From an Indonesian Christian.

      • That would be a good idea, except that it’s not part of Obama’s plan. We have no power over his mighty pen and it is he who is signing in all those non-Christian Syrian refugees. It can be hard for Syrian Christians to even get visas for travel. The reason given? They are so oppressed they will try to disappear into the population rather than return home.

        I will try to find an example in our archives…I know I wrote at least one story on the problem a Syrian or Iraqi nun faced when trying to get here to testify before Congress. Obama’s State Dept really doubled down on that one, even though she had spent some years in Chicago getting her master’s degree in theology and had returned to a leadership position in her community. People there depended on her…she did get in to testify and was successful in raising some foundation money for her order of nuns who were under siege even though they’d moved.

  12. Now, how about muslim student that really want to study in Europe or US, causing no problems with the law, and respecting the host’ culture? Sadly, mostly those type of people aren’t from Middle East, N. Africa, Iran or Pakistan.

    Instead, they tend to be Indonesian or Malaysian or Muslim Chinese.

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