The Jackboot Comes Down Hard on Germany

For several months the German police have been sporadically raiding the homes of people suspected of criticizing immigration on social media. Today the crackdown intensified considerably: sixty residences were raided. Note that Bavaria was once again the focus of police action — it must really be a hotbed of resistance against the Bundesrepublik’s policy on “refugees”.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and to Egri Nök for the hat tip:

Germany: First nationwide raid against hate posts on the internet

Because hate on the Internet is rising, the BKA (Bundeskriminalamt, Federal Criminal Police Office) wants to set an example: this morning sixty apartments were searched nationwide. One emphasis is on Bavaria — that’s where the accusations weigh especially heavily.

On Wednesday, in their first nationwide operation to fight against hate crime on the Internet, the police searched the homes of sixty accused in fourteen states, among them eleven suspects from Berlin. The goal is to counter rapidly accelerating “verbal radicalism” and related criminal offenses on the net, the BKA explains in Wiesbaden. The supposed anonymity of the Internet lowers inhibitions about writing hate speech.

25 police precincts worked together at a national level for this raid. Investigations are made based on the suspicion of sedition, related to the use of emblems of organizations that are unconstitutional. The offending language is also connected with utterances against refugees, say the Berlin state police. One investigation from the prosecutor’s office in Kempten assumed particular importance, the BKA announced. According to the information, it concerned a secret Facebook group in which the users glorify national socialism as well as exchanging xenophobic and anti-Semitic content. According to the police, with regard to that group, about forty homes of suspects were searched in thirteen states.

BKA chief: putting a stop to the coarsening of language

“The number of cases of politically right motivated hate criminality on the Internet has also risen in the wake of the European refugee situation,” says BKA chief Holger Münch. “The hate criminality on the net must not poison the social climate.” Attacks on refugee shelters are often the result of radicalization that begins on the Internet. “Therefore we have to put a stop to the coarsening of language, and investigate punishable content on the Internet.” With this operation the citizens also must become more sensitive, the BKA says. Whoever finds hate posts on the Internet should immediately report them.

Federal minister of justice Heiko Maas (SPD, Socialists) welcomed the operation. “The determined action of the administration should make everyone think before they pound on the keys to post on Facebook,” the minister says. “The creators of punishable hate posts are looking at punishments that will hurt. The Internet is not a lawless room. There is no tolerance for punishable offenses on the net.” Maas also warned that the citizens and society as well carry responsibility to counter radical incitement. “Analog as well as digital, it stands: We cannot leave the field to radical haters. The silent majority can no longer be silent.” Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU, Christian Democrats) said: “We have moral principles, online as well as offline.” Verbal violence is not acceptable and it lays the ground for real violence. “Our law also works on the Internet,” says de Maizière.

Just how much this topic has gained focus in political debates is revealed also through earlier remarks made by the Minister of Justice. The trolls have in the meantime become monsters, Maas wrote last November 2015 in the Tagesspiegel. Next to Islamic hate preachers who move about on the net, it is mostly German ‘anger citizens’ who spread hate. And with the rising number of refugees in Germany, the persecution of that group of people has risen. But the persecution of refugees is hard to counter with just Facebook regulations: subsequent to those, posts are only deleted that disparage ethnic groups, sexual orientation or gender. Refugees are not acknowledged as a group.

Stress with the employer

Hate comments on the Internet are punished with relatively high monetary penalties. “Merkel has to be stoned more often,” one user wrote, and had to pay €2000. Someone who posted in a group that was collecting donations for asylum seekers wrote that he would donate a hand grenade and a gas cylinder; he had to pay €7500 as the penalty for sedition. Many states have in the meantime installed so-called “Internet watches”, where hate comments can be reported online.

A person who posts hate speech under his real name should in the meantime fully expect that other users will tell that person’s employer. This is what happened to an employee of Condor Security, who wrote on Facebook that he wanted to plow down refugees with a snow plow. A short while later the company announced that they had let the man go. Another example: A Hermes [similar to FedEx] delivery man commented on the picture of the dead three-year-old Aydan Kurdi at the beach in Lesbos “We are not grieving; we are celebrating it.” He also lost his job. The man was also charged with “denigration of the memory of the deceased”.

32 thoughts on “The Jackboot Comes Down Hard on Germany

  1. “Hate speech.” Basically, it’s whatever they want to say it is. Criticize the government’s immigration policy? You’re a “hater.” At least here in America the police don’t crash into our homes in a SWATZI-style raid over said speech. Raw milk, uncertified eggs or cheese, sure, but just for posting online? Naw. An IRS audit? Sure, maybe. Get you fired from your quasi-government job in fire, police, civil service, most definitely. Heil Merkel.

    • The First Amendment, at over 200 years old, still shows its worth, and that lack thereof is a fundamental problem in Europe.

  2. The German government officials behind this crackdown on legitimate criticism of violent jihad and Islamorapists deserve to die at the hands of the German people they’ve betrayed. These socialist worms are sowing the seeds of a revolution and they will see a terrible harvest in their own blood when the reaping finally comes.

    • I agree, such actions have historically led to revolution. Unless Germany is planning on turning itself and by extension the EU into a fascist police state along the lines of Communist China, the people in power are setting their class up for a rude awakening.
      Either way it points to the end of the democratic West in Europe that most of us here grew up to love and respect.

    • I disagree. They should be exiled to moslem lands, along with their extended families (they have a right to unity). It is about time we started punishing treason appropriately again, even if the left is too warped to understand they are doing evil

  3. Wow. Germany’s crackdown on free speech is a lot worse than in Russia. I guess all former Stasi workers and their huge network of informants are in business again, thanks to chairman Merkel.

    60 police raids for Facebook posts, but nobody yet prosecuted for 1000+ sexual assaults on women in Köln. €7500 fine for a comment on the internet, but moslem rapists are walkin free from courts. Did Germans really deserve destruction of their country third time in a row?

    • Interesting comparison to Russia. One gets in more trouble there when one does, but it’s harder to get there for normal people.

      Sad and scary at the same time.

  4. When they stop talking is when these dolts should start to worry. Because the rage directed against the immigrants raping and robbing, will now be turned against the very police whose duty is to protect and to serve. They will only learn after a few police stations are burned to the ground.

    • Yes.
      But like it always was and always will be, those self proclaimed “shakers and movers” are to stupid to notice this simple truth.

      They are nothing but criminals, and now they attack those who are not willing to accept their crimes in silent suffering.
      But payback day will surely come.

    • Yes, eventually ordinary people will use terror tactics against those authorities collaborating with Islamic supremacists. How long will it be until the torching of a migrant center leads to hundreds of migrants dying. Then state power will come down like a jackhammer. But their policies and double standards make this inevitable. Then the torching of police stations will begin. The State is bringing this on itself. Collateral murder on all sides is inevitable. It’s amazing how tolerant ordinary people have been in the face of Muslims’ intolerance and the authorities’ collaboration.

    • Yes. Still it’s amazing and frightening to me how seemingly NOBODY rushed or threw a chair or resisted in any way, these “lone” Muslim vermin carrying out the massacres in Europe and the US. Violent fantasy entertainment, Koran, Muslims everywhere and yet no preparation for the inevitable regular worst case scenario. There used to be some kind of national service commitment. Who needs social cohesion when we have multicultural mayhem and AIDS.


    Internet Guards have been established in Germany. The one above allows questions. Would a German citizen ask what is being done about koran verses online that incite violence? For instance, Sura 4:34 incites domestic violence. Why is that not banned and people posting it prosecuted?

    Or do they consider religious hate speech and incitement to violence to be fine?

    (This reply repeated from previous post as more useful here.)

  6. So once more Germany is sliding down the slippery slope into despotism, whilst this time they blame ‘hate speech’ on the almost non-existent far right (neo-Jews), the ‘hate’ action is pure fascism of the left.

    Yes, National Socialism was a leftist movement and you Germans are falling for it once more, different wrapping, same content

    The German people should be worried, National Socialism and Merkelism have a lot in common. The German people were the biggest victims of the Nazis and they will be the biggest victims of Merkel Nazism as well.

    • Yes, the German people should be worried. Once again your government is trying to export its rules onto the rest of Europe. We did it once, we did it twice and we can do it again.

      • Well, this time there will be civil war in Germany.

        What a pity that freedom-lovers in Germany can expect no help from the old enemy, the Anglo-Saxons, who are too dumb to know what a dictatorship is and life within one means for the average subject.

        The tired old slogan: “Every people gets the government it deserves” has always been sanctimonious rubbish.

        I have always said it, as a German that the Islamists and the Anglo-Saxons with their so-called democracies can be described in four words: same [vulgarity], different [vulgarity].

        Kindest regards, wrinkly bum. Enjoy the eternal fire, where you are inexorably headed.

        • As an American who, like the majority here have some German ancestry, I am rooting for the German people to assert themselves and reclaim their high civilization.

          We are in the same conundrum here, in that we have been betrayed by the Elites.

          For some time I have noted on forums that the biggest test of American foreign policy will be when the native Europeans assert themselves against the non-assimilators.

          Those of us who understand reality will not fall to the reflexive meme that this is a repeat of the last century.

          What Germans and Europeans are facing is an existential threat to their civilization and nation.

          Actually, you are better off without intervention or official assistance from our side of the water, as our Elites will simply support your Elites against the volk.

          The best thing Germans have going for them is their history of hunting and shooting.

          Make use of it and organize now.

  7. Heil Maas!
    With the help of a former Stasi-member the german injustice minister (a mixture of Himmler and Gobbels) brings Germany back on the track of totalitarianism.
    I wonder who will come for help nowadays…
    Maybe no one.
    But the real center of resistance are the so called “Neuen Bundesländer-New States” (the former East Germany).

  8. Resist the lugenpresse. Never let up. Never give the oppressive authorities that are pumping for Islam a moment’s peace. Resist everywhere, every day. All Western countries are practicing this censorship & harassment & contravention of free speech rights on behalf of Islamic supremacism. Resist.

  9. How to deal with You-Know-Whom.

    Between us and them enmity and hatred forever,
    When you meet them cut their necks,
    Kill them wherever you find them,
    Lay ambushes for them and go after them in every stratagem of hostility.

    Now those are just straightforward instructions.
    They cannot be found reprehensible, can they?

  10. “You”. “We” still had not caught on. It’s not Germany. It’s “us”. All of “us”, ever heard of Obama, Hilary ‘n Bernie, Zuckerburg, Sharia USA and many many others. With Islamic and re-enforcements pouring in through every nook and USA cranny all day every day.. I though you might have noticed by now.

  11. What on earth is the problem with Germany & the Germans? They just can’t seem to get things right. They have a top down policy directing how you should think and what you should say. If you disobey, off you go! Currently to court, shortly to some facilities now mothballed, that will open its Arbeit Macht Frei gates for them. They haven’t got the hang of freedom of the individual have they?

      • Forgive Ellie, she must be the proverbial American [derogatory epithet], who eats up every bit the NY Post feeds her, like a delicious morsel. It is people like her, who give Americans an undeserved bad reputation all around the world.

  12. Maybe Germany will suffer a Dallas of their own some day. Of course we would need to show how sad we were afterwards. Maybe we could play the piano, and sing “Imagine”?

  13. Under the new Fuerher Angela Merkel, the fourth reich is rising. Freedom of expression denied, no means to protest without the jackboot of the state coming down on you. Germany is finished. The people of germany can only survive if they get rid of their fuerher.

  14. Glad my ancestors left Germany so long ago. At least we still have freedom of speech in America but I know there are enemies of our Constitution who would end our free speech to criticize Islam and turn it into hate speech. Very sad in Germany that if you tell truth about this Islamic migrant invasion you could go to jail. I am sure what I just said could earn me a visit by the police in Germany. I am thankful for gatesofvienna and infowars for keeping us informed, but someday the globalist could or will shut this down. We may have to turn to print someday to tell the truth but I am sure the government would crack down on that. Trump 2916! I know the FCC now wants to regulate printed media which in my opinion is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

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