The Exchange at the Parking Garage in Munich

For several hours earlier today, a report made the rounds on the internet that the terrorist in Munich had shouted “scheiß Ausländer” (“f***ing foreigners”). On the basis of this report, rumors spread (and made it to the MSM) that the terror attack may have been the work of some sort of right-wing extremist.

These rumors seem to have been based on the following video, or other similar ones of the same incident. The exchange between unknown people occurred when one of the interlocutors was on the roof of a parking garage in Munich. By popular demand, we (that is, the German translation team and Vlad the Video Man) have painstakingly translated and subtitled the entire sequence.

It doesn’t make much sense to me, but here it is. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The word “Kanaken” is an extremely offensive German epithet for a Turk. Egri has labeled the various speakers A, B, C, D, and E, because we don’t know who they are.

WARNING: This video contains the original foul language (in translation), without asterisks or other bowdlerization:


00:00   A) You … you asshole! B) … I have never made… A) You wanker you! You are an asshole!
00:06   B) And now I have to buy a weapon to (shoot you? — insecure) A) Weapon? You know what you need to have your head chopped, asshole! B) ??
00:12   A) HEY! B) ??? A) ??? Wanker!
00:18   B) Shit Turks! — A) Shit Kanaken man!
00:22   A) HEY! He has got a shooting weapon, he — C) (a woman’s voice) A) … is in there, he has loaded his weapon
00:29   D) (woman filming commenting in probably Russian) A) Get the cops! He is walking there!
00:34   E) (man filming commenting in probably Russian) A) The wanker, bloody! B) I am German!
00:38   A) A wanker you are! B) Stop filming! A) What is this
00:41   shit you are doing? B) (??) was born here! A) So what? What is this shit you are doing?
00:44   B) … in this Hartz IV area, … in the Hasenbergl… A) (??) you asshole down there!
00:50   B) I have been in residential treatment in Giesing. A) Yes treatment you belong into a psychiatric asylum you asshole!
00:55   B) How is that my fault, I haven’t done anything, I (???) . A) (??)
00:58   B) Yeah shut up man. — A) You wanker you!
01:01   A) HEY! On the upper deck he is wandering about, you complete morons! (D and E who are filming commenting in probably Russian)
01:09   2 shots fired, people screaming.
01:14   2 shots fired (and D and E who are filming’s voices)
01:17   D and E who are filming’s voices
01:21   A) You are not right in your head you wanker you!
01:26   D and E who are filming’s voices
01:33   (Cracking sound) F) Go over there!
01:36   A) Asshole you shitty old!
01:39   D and E who are filming’s voices, A ranting A) They shat in your brain! B) No they haven’t! That’s the issue!
01:45   A) They have shat in your brain you complete moron! B) They have not!

10 thoughts on “The Exchange at the Parking Garage in Munich

  1. The various groups of Cultural Enrichers, including Iranians and Turks, are not always on the best of terms with each other. Just saying…

    Btw, will we see the man shouting at the gunman prosecuted for use of the word “Kanaken”?

  2. Is this a new defiance in the face of armed jihadists? Refusing to be terrorised.

  3. This exchange, while crude, illustrates that the leftist-globalist belief in “Magic Dirt” and “Magic Passports” is totally false.

    It is true the gunman was born on German soil. However, in his heart of hearts he was clearly an Iranian Muslim.

    There is far more to culture and citizenship than a fancy booklet and which set of imaginary lines you live within.

  4. One has to keep in mind, that just because there is Islam all the other lunatics are not simply going to vanish.
    Especially a so called German-Iranian (whatever that is in detail) could identify himself with Fascism.
    Some years ago a german Soccer Team was greeted warmly with the Nazi Salute in Iran by Iranian Fans in the stadion.
    Or think of the Holocaust Denial Conferenz in Iran, the NPD was one of the guests.
    The Hisbollah is using the Nazi salute also.

    And hatred aginst Turcs and Arabs (out of historical reasons) is not uncommon by ethnical Persians.
    Maybe he also felt provoced by the latest turknationalist pro-Erdogan mass-demonstrations in Germany.

    Just as there are always left- and rightwing radicals who sympathize with Islam-ism.
    British Labour Party: Corby, Ken Livingston, or the so called Linkswende in Austria etc. pp.

    • Closest thing to real Nazism right now in Germany (and in Europe) is Islam. Indeed, Hitler was a known admirer of the Islam and despised Christianism. And the Holocaust was decided after a meeting with the Mufti (according to one of his closer collaborators, I think it was Himmler). Of course, nobody knows what exactly triggered the Holocaust but Hitler himself, but that’s a fact about the timeline and the Holocaust could have been triggered by a suggestion from the Mufti.

      A dirty old trick is to blame the adversary of the very same crime you’re committing. That way, when you’re accused of that crime, you can claim it’s because of a petty revenge. European elites and media are heavily supporting Islam. Since the Islam was a close ally of the Nazism, we could very well accuse current elites of favoring Nazism. So what they do? they shout “nazi” “fascist” “islamophobe” to play that dirty trick, even when they know that nazis never were islamophobes.

  5. The leftist media do this all the time. While the facts are unknown they speculate about right wing extremists, putting the meme out there. Some people will hear this but not the follow up. This takes the heat off islam. This is a quisling act that the left are masters of.


    The phrase “kanaken man” stumped me…german to english with english translation above.

    In context, it would seem specifically anti-Turk. As more unfolds, will be interesting to see if there is a Iranian-Turk aniomosity documented.

  7. The left was so hoping this was a right winger, that they were grasping at anything to turn the narrative. Once the initial story is out, people lose interest, and end up not knowing anything more than the initial, but false narrative of the leftist press. Seems to be a new trend, blame it on a mentally ill right wing extremist, then submit a later correction as the true story comes out after people have stopped paying attention.

    • No kidding, they’re so desperate to support the multikulti narrative, any possible right-wing connection is pushed to an incredulous degree.
      To the point some leftists have wished out loud, ‘I hope this (insert massacre) was committed by a white right-winger’.
      Here they have a disturbed Iraninan-German and the idea of yet another jihadist attack, would have further eroded their already crumbling narrative.

      And in Germany that narrative is more important that people’s safety.

      For example vulnerable minorities in asylum camps will not be segregated said one official, “we are a multikultural country and that would send out the wrong message.”

      The Brevik connection they will play for all it’s worth and no doubt we’ll see a fresh round of vilification and harassment of counter-jihadists and critics of Islam.

  8. That dude is my hero – the one that engaged the jihadist in conversation. Note how the jiadist never fired at him.

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