Ted Cruz vs. the Scrubbing of the DHS Lexicon

Long-time readers are familiar with the federal government’s scrubbing of Islam-related language from its training materials on the “War on Terror”. The Department of Homeland Security, and in particular the FBI, have systematically removed all words associated with Islam from their internal documents. As chronicled in Philip Haney’s book See Something — Say Nothing, there were two separate purges of materials after Barack Hussein Obama took office, undertaken at the request of DHS’ Muslim “partners”. Maj. Stephen Coughlin has also written extensively about the success that the Muslim Brotherhood had in persuading the federal government to sanitize all references to Islam from its terrorism-related documents.

This purging of materials is one of the most successful covert influence operations in United States history. Quietly, and without making anyone outside the bowels of the bureaucracy aware of it, Muslim agents sabotaged the ability of the relevant agencies to deal with the threat of Islamic terrorists. Our security agencies are unable to talk about the ideology behind Islamic attacks on the West, unable to analyze it in any meaningful way, and unable to explain it to their own employees or other parts of the government.

It’s a remarkable victory for Islam, when you think about it. And quite discouraging for those of us who have long hoped that our government would eventually wake up and act to roll back the Islamization of the United States.

The Counterjihad community has been discussing this sort of thing for a number of years. But now, at last, the issue has been made part of the Congressional Record, thanks to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who held hearings last week into the purging of documents and materials by the Department of Homeland Security.

Below are four videos from last week’s hearings. The first two feature the testimony of Philip Haney, a retired DHS employee and whistleblower, and his interactions with Sen. Cruz.

Philip Haney #1:

Philip Haney #2:

The third video features Se. Cruz’ questioning of Farhana Khera, the Executive Director of Muslim Advocates, the group that requested the purging of Islam-related words from DHS documents. Watch her adept evasion of all questions directed at her. No matter how they are worded, she is able slip-slide away from any meaningful response:

Finally, here is the limitless and insufferable arrogance of Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Not only does he avoid answering all questions, he makes no effort to hide his utter contempt for the questioner and his office:

Links to two reports on last Thursday’s confrontation between Sen. Cruz and Sec. Johnson:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading the first three videos. Hat tip to Matt Bracken for the fourth video.

30 thoughts on “Ted Cruz vs. the Scrubbing of the DHS Lexicon

  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for posting the videos of Mr. Haney. He’s definitely a Patriot in my eyes.

    This reminds me of what Matt Bracken posted not that long ago on WRSA:

    Bracken: Ten Arabic Words – A challenge to national security professionals engaged in the Global War On Terror

    islam and it’s filthy murderous 7th Century savage practices…definitely keep spreading the truth about it. Especially since the rape of a 5 yr old special needs girl in Twin Falls, Idaho at the hands of 4 invader cubs from Iraq and Sudan.

    Yours In Liberty w/o any filthy islam!!
    Steve Kristmann aka NorthGunner III

    • NorthGunnerIII. This is your second comment on the young girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Yes, what those boys did was horrible but we probably won’t be posting about her plight in particular. Our interests are these:

      (1)the MSM has a cone of silence over the whole story of Twin Falls, not just this one child.

      (2)I urge you to read the five or six pages of archives posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch on the situation in that town. Get past the sensationalist story you cited to the whole ugly truth about how a formerly nice town is being ruined…with the full cooperation of the local media and local town officials. It’s a conspiracy to help out one of the Big Food conglomerates…

      Here’s a collection of Idaho stories, about five pages’ worth going back to 2014:


      Here’s RRW’s latest post on the girl, with updates:


      Ann Corcoran has been reporting on the problems associated with (mostly MENA) immigrants who come in here under the radar. She is the one person who seems to have ALL the information that it is possible to collect when faced with the stone-walling of the MSM.

      I don’t know where you’re from, but just put your state in the search box and see what comes up much closer to home that you had no idea about.

      Chobani Yogurt?? Who knew?

      Vermont hiding active cases of TB?

      New Hampshire unable to stop the government-pushed waves of 3rd worlders carrying every disease we’d eradicated?

      I highly recommend not just Matt Bracken’s ten words but one of the most important books in English for understanding the true nature of Islam:

      Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law

      In there, you’ll find the laws which tell you that what those boys did is not illegal according to Shariah Law. And those families live under Shariah, not under the U.S. Constitution.

      The families of those boys who assaulted the little girl have been evicted now. What SHOULD have happened is that the boys should have been treated for their own experience of sexual abuse. Sexual use of small children is endemic among Islamic tribes and families,both boys and girls. When boys that young enact those behaviors, they are *re-enacting* what was done to them.

      May God have mercy on all those children.

      Meanwhile, it behooves all of us to understand how each state is bearing part of the burden.

      • Absolutely. It would appear that the local english speakers who knew their rights lost jobs to Mexicans who over time learned enough english to know their rights and in turn are now losing their opportunities to Somalies? Say as a general pattern if not a specific one. With government subsidies, no doubt.

        While at the other end of the scale, those college students who were sensible enough to study information technology are losing their opportunities to H1B workers.

        Do these big investors not know that if we are all impoverished that their products will be worthless?

        Do any of these too smart by half schemers know anything obvious anymore?

      • Thank you for posting those links to RRW. I’ve added it to my bookmarks. The story of the 5 year old really caught my attention – my Dad grew up in Twin Falls in the 50’s. I drive through that town every year and sometimes I take a detour to see how his boyhood home is holding up.

        BTW, it would be nice if the links that are posted in the comments opened in a new window instead of redirecting the window that GoV is residing in.

      • Greetings Dymphna,

        Yes I know that the ‘regime propaganda devices’ aka ‘msm’ have been very active in overing up the totality of what has been occurring to turn what has been heretofore a ‘very nice town’ as Twin Falls into a breeding hive or 7th century maggot dung. What’s happened to that innocent little girl there is the most sensitive apex of the boil that’s festering to the surface of that putrid situation. As with treating any boil; it has to be bravely faced, the poisonous elements exposed and expelled and then treated aggressively for any lasting healthy recovery to occur.

        Yes I’m very aware of what Ann Corcoran has been active with and
        I’ve read her blog…definitely a very important tool for understanding what’s been happening and the players involved.

        Yes I’m familiar with ‘reliance of the traveller’ (not capitalized because I don’t grant any legitimacy to it as a ‘lawful document’); to me it doesn’t matter what a group of neo 7th century savages calls ‘law’, especially when it has the audacity to claim the ‘rape is legally sanctioned’. No act that involves violence to another person, or threat or damage to their property can EVER be called ‘law’, no matter how many individuals attest that such is so, or ‘authority’ proclaims such.

        For that matter, ‘authority’, ‘law’, and ‘gov’ are all virulently poisonous superstitions that have no true existence in reality and are all used to enslave and fleece the unwary. I offer the following links for you and others to peruse in understanding this:

        The Most Dangerous Superstition (PDF Full document)

        Larken Rose Decimating The Illusion Of Government

        The Jones Plantation

        Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

        I have no more obligation to assign any legitimacy to sharia than I do to any other threats mouthed or penned by thugs and parasites, no matter their geographic origin.

        And for the record I live in Western Arizona…where we still carry daily for personal protection..no matter what any ‘authority’ has to say about it!

        Yours In Liberty!
        Steve Kristmann aka NorthGunner III

  2. Ted Cruz is a good man, in the U.S. Senate, where there are not enough good people. It may be true that we could not have spared him from the senate for the presidency yet.

    It is possible that sometimes, maybe, things may work out for the best. Maybe. A good senator AND a good president.

    So for the presidency it is now Donald Trump versus a whole lot of election fraud. We are not out of the woods.

    So I have been preaching this to every overconfident possible nonvoter I know.

    • At the root of all this is one BHO, undoubtedly the worst President to hold office, who will walk free at the end of his second term, to join lucratively rewarding lecture tours and non executive sinecures and to continue espousing his Islamic nonsense. Scot free just as here in Europe as has the Blair Creature after the Iraq debacle, as will Cameron after the Libyan disaster and Merkel will after facilitating the destruction of continent.
      I am not a particularly religious person but I’m beginning to think there could actually be an Anti-Christ and we are certainly spoilt for choice when you look at the four potential candidates aforementioned above!.

      • Disenfranchised— Don’t forget to add Jorge to that list of possibilities (a.k.a. “Pope Francis”).

        • Agreed,
          Would like to add Hillary Clinton to the list too.

          Her comment “it’s time to move on” regarding the terrible deaths of USA diplomatic staff in Libya, on her watch, must have been gut wrenching for the families and friends of the victims.

  3. don’t get me started about voter fraud, I was able to participate in the audit of the 2008 vote. there was a 40% to 50% likelihood that my vote, and many others like mine, were not counted. the county registrar and clerk had been replaced two years prior courtesy of mr. soros. I think that my vote was counted the last time around but I don’t know whether it mattered. I cannot in good conscience vote for madame hillaryous. I will be holding the nose once again.

    • I do not have an appropriate vocabulary to try to get too well started. I will say that I vote only on election day at the local precinct on the theory that these votes are counted first, can be decisive and the balloting is better watched, mostly. Absentee and early balloting are counted later, or so I am told, and they may be less well monitored.

      • I monitored an absentee and early balloting count one time for our local precinct. We did it right after the polls closed. Tedious and tiring, but well orchestrated. Some votes had to be discarded because they truly were illegible. No, not “discarded” – simply not counted and left in the lock box with all those they’d opened and marked.

        I meant to ask the supervisor how long they have to hold onto the votes.

  4. I now realize that if the Rotherham child sex ring in the UK was to occur in the US, the US government would not lift a finger to prevent it, or bring the perpetrators to justice. Note how it was set up by Muslims, run by Muslims, used by Muslims, where hundreds of Christian English girls were raped repeatedly in the grooming stages, brainwashed & beaten & conditioned to service up to a dozen Muslim men a day. There were dozens of men involved in setting it up & recruiting, hundreds of men involved in using this ‘service’. This is not a handful of extremist Muslim men, this is hundreds. It’s also now come to light that the same thing happened in many communities across England.

    Imagine how much this rape jihad in a fakir nation is assisted if law enforcement is not trained in the terminology and attitudes and cultural background to such terms that makes such practices completely OK within Muslim societies. Spreading a deliberate and cultivated ignorance of all the diverse strands of jihad in Western nations means law enforcement doesn’t even know what to look for, how to interpret it, what to connect it to, what meanings it has for Muslims.

    Such rape epidemics will come to the US, if they’re not there already. And it will be because of the arrogant disdain and indifference of the Obama ‘team’.

    As Sun Tsu in ‘The Art of War’ warned, ignorance of oneself and ignorance of the enemy makes defeat a 100% certainty. The terrorist attacks will continue, become much larger, more frequent, will target increasingly soft targets (schools, hospitals, day care centers, theme parks …), because they’re working, and law enforcement response gets worse. SWAT teams seem to be getting worse, slower, more chaotic with each attack.

    Using accurate language that reflects Muslim beliefs and their world-view is the foundation of understanding their war on us. So the Obama White House threw away everything re counter-terror right down to the foundation. The next Administration will have to start from scratch, build up the language, understanding, training materials, analysis templates, response approaches. It’ll take years to repair the damage and fill in the huge holes of missing knowledge that the Obama White House has deliberately caused.

  5. One reads many stunning things on GoV, but the testimony of Philip Haney that in the USA there exists an organization called “The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America” with its Arabic name meaning “The Group of Lawyers Implementing Sharia Law in the United States” is truly mind-blowing. As Haney pointed out, the goal of this organization is (blatantly) unconstitutional. If, by some remote chance, Haney’s translation of the Arabic name was in any way wrong or open to interpretation, this itself should be the subject of intense media and congressional debate.

    How is it possible that every single member of “The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America” hasn’t been charged with conspiracy to subvert the US constitution? How can it be that the organization continues to exist?

    Why is the fact of the very existence of this organization not the subject of dissemination by every media outlet in the US? It should be better known than the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

    I have only viewed the first of the embedded videos, I trust I’m not in for even nastier surprises. Mea culpa, I have been too dismissive of Ted Cruz, he plainly has a positive role to play in the governance of the US. I hope he and Trump can bury the hatchet and the latter gives him an important role when he becomes President. Director of the FBI or Homeland Security seem appropriate positions given that Chris Christie is slated for Attorney General and Rudi Giuliani slated for Secretary of Homeland Security.

  6. Very interesting. Haney’s testimony of the purge of references to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood is especially shocking. The Muslim Advocate woman was surprisingly revealing as she outlined clearly the bogus PC rational behind the purge and explains why Obama won’t say “radical islam”. So we can talk about “extremism”, but not the reasons for it, if muslims are involved.

  7. I’d accuse DHS of shirking their reponsibilities, but that word is not permitted.

  8. Mr Trump accused Ted Cruz’ father of being involved in the assassination of JFK. That is quite a big hatchet to bury…
    I would like to see Sen. Cruz appointed to the SCOTUS. He is a young man and would serve our country well for many, many years.

  9. It’s a pity Trump humiliated Ted Cruz so much in public. Cruz is brilliant and could have played such a major role in a Trump administration. The US sorely needs his talents. It would be worth is for Trump to reconcile with him, but I doubt Cruz will ever be able to forgive and forget. Same with Rubio.

    • Cruz and Rubio are both ambitious men, as Cruz is proving now. If the offer made by Trump is big enough, they’ll let it go for a shot at the longer term. Christie has done so. Ditto, Ben Carson.

      Humiliation is the name of the game in campaign politics. Smart men go with the flow and move on.

      Remember Marc Anthony’s funeral oration after the assassination of Caesar? That is how it’s done – i.e., deftly and with a deep irony:

      Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
      I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
      The evil that men do lives after them;
      The good is oft interrèd with their bones.
      So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
      Hath told you Caesar was ambitious.
      If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
      And grievously hath Caesar answered it.
      Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest—
      For Brutus is an honorable man;
      So are they all, all honorable men—
      Come I to speak in Caesar’s funeral.
      He was my friend, faithful and just to me.
      But Brutus says he was ambitious,
      And Brutus is an honorable man.

      • I think this is an excellent discussion of the relative strength of many of the Republican nominee contenders. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

        I think Rubio would be by far the worst VP nominee possible. He not only was a key supporter of amnesty and open immigration, but lied about his support of it when called to account. I remember his prevarications on it, and his punting of the H-1B visa question during the debates. He has no integrity, and doesn’t belong in any national office.

        Remember how critical George HW Bush was of Reagan’s policies, calling them “voodoo economics”. Bush had to live that down when he accepted the vice-Presidency. He gave a goodnatured interview, and when asked about it by a reporter said “Gosh. I wish I hadn’t said that.”.

  10. Cruz always refers to “radical Islam” or something equivalent, not to Islam itself. Trump has started with that as well. The difference is that Cruz is flatly against ending Muslim immigration.

    • No significant American politician will say just plain “Islam”. None of them do. To do so would be to touch the new Third Rail.

      They say “Islamic Extremism”, “Radical Islam” or “Islamism”, or if they want to really hedge, “Radical Islamism”.

      Politicians are generally practical people, so we must assume that they have tested the waters and determined that using an unqualified “Islam” would harm their political careers. Such is the zeitgeist.

      It’s the best we can do, unfortunately.

    • Ahhh, ‘radical’ islam again.
      Which implies that there are ‘moderate’ moslems; but Erdogan insists that’s an affront to islam!

      islam, he insists, is islam, and there are no radicals or moderates. And for once, I agree with the moslem. (and Trump)

  11. Note this argument at a Muslim Brotherhood conference is a fantasy of mine, and has no basis in any documented reality.

    My fantasy is that in the planning conference of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in the US, there are two sides being debated. Side 1 argues that the MB fronts should extend limited cooperation with US security agencies and support a limited vetting of immigrants, for the purpose of preventing violent jihad incidents. Side 2 argues that the MB should continue its policy of totally stonewalling and hamstringing US security agencies, at the cost of highly publicized jihad instances such as Orlando, the Boston Marathon, or San Bernadino.

    The arguments of the two sides are as follows:

    Side 1: Extend limited cooperation with US security.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has succeeded far beyond its most optimistic timeline in subverting and infiltrating key positions in the US government. We have acquired not only information, but we now control key decision-making. We have an open path to the legal takeover of the US government. We are one Supreme Court Justice away from the ability to control domestic criticism of Islam or Muslims, and from the ability to effectively disarm any opponents to future Muslim violence. As you know, we have no objection to violence per se, but in this case it is unnecessary and unproductive.

    In fact,violence at this point is counter-productive. We have the Republican Party establishment thoroughly infiltrated, primarily through the funding and grants the Republicans are so fond of. We have Hillary Clinton thoroughly in our pockets. She already publicly announced her support for laws clamping down on expressions against the holy prophet or his religion. She is completely open to unlimited contributions from Islamic sources, and understands there is are favors to be given in return. Furthermore, we have more than enough material to prevent any backsliding by Hillary.

    We have all her deleted emails. We didn’t need to hack her computer to get them; we were given her password. We also didn’t need to even access her computer, as we were given her emails directly, as well has numerous other documents from her career that have disappeared. We also have many videos that she would not want seen. But, those coercive measures are not necessary. She is quite responsive to contributions, and shows no scruples in returning whatever favors are necessary.

    A President Hillary would not only continue the Obama policies of support for Muslim Brotherhood projects, but would tip the Supreme Court to interpret out of existence the First and Second Amendments. The present timeline, created from the most pessimistic assumptions from our point of view, shows a US government totally supportive of all Muslim Brotherhood objectives in the next 15 years, if Hillary is elected, including enforcement of sharia law by the police and courts.

    Here’s the catch. If violent acts by jihadis continue, they have a chance of shocking the electorate, especially women, into supporting Trump. Right now, the media has convinced many voters that Trump’s occasional intemperate tweets are more serious than Hillary’s documented physically violent outbursts, documented, systematic lies, and general ignorance of real policy details.

    The danger is that enough violent jihad incidents would trigger voters, especially women voters, to view government as necessary to protect them from physical danger. Jihadis could literally swing the election to Trump, who we do not control through finances or blackmail. The image of Hillary Clinton as a competent leader of US security agencies is so counter to reality that voters who feel themselves in actual danger could throw away their desire for government favors, and actually vote for Trump.

    Therefore, it helps our cause to cooperate with US security just enough to ensure peace before the election.

    Side 2: No Muslim Brotherhood cooperation at all with US authorities and continued support of the hamstringing of security agencies and open, unvetted immigration, regardless of the consequent violent incidents sure to follow.

    Side 1 is misinterpreting the teachings of our prophet, especially as developed in works like Milestones by Sayyid Qutb. Our prophet does not teach the safe route, but instead instructs us to commence violent jihad when we are strong enough to prevail. Violent episodes are a vital part of eroding confidence in the present government, and paving the way for an Islamic government. We are clearly at a point where the government’s first response to jihad is to deny the existence of jihad. It is our duty to assure a complete change to sharia law, rather than wait for internal processes to move more Muslims into government leadership. The process of abrogation, as explained in Milestones, clearly commands us to employ violence as soon as we are strong enough. We are clearly strong enough. Confidence in the present government and culture is clearly eroded. It is our duty to continue the erosion through violence and to institute an open sharia government rather than settle for halfway measures of constitutional sharia, which is against Allah’s law anyway.

    The onset of violent jihad is not the easy way, but it is the Islamic way, and follows the law of the prophet.

  12. Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro obama. He is an Al-Taqiyya practicing Muslim. He is not an American. He is a deception. And the fools, the citizens of the US, installed him not once but, twice as president.

    Never give up your guns.

  13. About 3 months ago Mark Levin, a noted radio host in the US, launched a commercial free but pay video cast in the US. I immediately subscribed. Mr. Levin is best known for his stance on constitutionalism, an adherent to long study of what this country was founded on.
    Some of his shows are rather dry but I have watched every one of them since their inception. Last Friday night he spent the program interviewing Dr. Juhdi Jasser, a Muslim American that achieved the rank of Lt-Commander in the Navy and is now fighting for the reform of Islam.
    Mr. Jasser’s plea is from an intellectual that realizes that Islam must reform to fit into 21st century western society. Being an internet idiot, I am unable to call up the program for your perusal however, I think I heard that they are granting a week free for those that wish to consider subscribing.
    I strongly suggest you sign up for the week free even if you don’t wish to subscribe in order to hear what Mr. Jasser has to say (July 1, 2016). I think we can all agree that Mr. Jasser is a tiny little drop in a huge puddle (of dirty water) and, I would have very much liked to ask him how “smite their necks where ever you find them” is reinterpreted in his reformed Islam. That question was not asked of him during the Mark Levin interview.
    OTOH, Mr Jasser is a conservative and should be listened to whether you agree with him or not.

  14. Hi Babs,

    Jasser himself has a website you can access, and a newsletter you can subscribe to, both of which express his opinions in detail.

    Jasser has also appeared on video with Robert Spencer. The two are not speaking to each other, incidentally.

    Jasser has very few Muslims in his group advocating Islamic reform, and he is apparently not respected at his mosque.

    Your question is a good one. Islam is defined not just by the Koran, or even the Koran and the Hadiths, but by a huge body of Islamic legal writing which is NOT subject to reinterpretation. Reinterpretation of settled opinions constitute apostasy.

    There are small Muslim sects claiming to reinterpret Muhammad. Uniformly, these groups are persecuted by Muslims themselves. The Baha’i derives from Islamic sources and considers Muhammad to be a prophet, but do not consider themselves to be Muslim. Needless to say, it takes some fancy footwork to interpret the Koran and Muhammad’s teachings as anything but wildly aggressive.

    In my opinion, the people and groups who claim Islam can be reformed are isolated, small, and lack any influence. While Jasser is an admirable human being, he should not be considered as illustrating any possibility of reforming mainstream Islam. There are Muslims who wish to live in a modern, liberal culture, but they operate apart from Islam, even if they pray Islamic prayers.

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