Some Stock Tips for 2016-2017

Gates of Vienna’s financial editor advises the savvy investor to diversify his portfolio by including some or all of these categories of stocks, which are expected to be bullish for at least another eighteen months:

  • Manufacturers of stuffed animals
  • Florists and greenhouses
  • Candle making enterprises

7 thoughts on “Some Stock Tips for 2016-2017

  1. I am so tired of pointless, useless public gestures that accomplish nothing. Do something that will actually change things.

  2. ALAS… you are apparently correct with your advice.

    There was so much stuff like that on the Dallas police cars… and now in Baton Rouge I was shocked.

    YOU forgot to include helium balloons!! AND FLAGS!! In your stock info.

    Look, when you do not know what else to do, you can buy a stuffed toy, cart some flowers in clear plastic sleeves, get some balloons and flags and place down some candles at the designated : MOURNING SITE.

    Now! You have done SOMETHING to show you care.

    I get the mourning thing, I do. But in Brussels some Fakestinians used the mourning display as a stage on which to complain about Israel, tear up an Israeli flag and just be generally rude.

    So some folks DO NOT GET IT!

    I do think red, white and blue balloons emblazoned with :

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE is regrettably going to be a BIG seller for awhile.

    Obama is sending MORE troops to Iraq.

    • I didn’t forget any of those. I just remembered the importance of brevity in humor, especially gallows humor.

  3. After the passage of ObamaCare and the general increase in bureaucratic regs, here’s a partial list of publicly traded paper companies:

    Clearwater Paper 69.17 +0.64 (+0.93%)
    Domtar Corp 35.47 +0.32 (+0.91%)
    Intl Paper 45.47 +1.42 (+3.22%)
    KapStone Paper 14.52 +0.66 (+4.76%)
    Mercer Intl 8.64 +0.13 (+1.53%)
    Neenah Paper 76.32 +0.75 (+0.99%)
    Orchids Paper 35.00 −0.21 (−0.60%)
    Orient Paper 1.08 0.00 (0.00%)
    Glatfelter 21.26 +0.28 (+1.33%)
    Rentech 2.67 +0.02 (+0.75%)
    Resolute Forest 5.59 +0.04 (+0.72%)
    Schweitzer 38.25 +0.22 (+0.58%)
    Veritiv Corp 42.12 +0.45 (+1.08%)

    This didn’t keep the format, but as you can see, for the most part, paper stocks are doing well. These are July stats, but I don’t know how recently done.

    Of course, if The Donald wins in November expect EVERYTHING to go up…Wall Street will be drunk on expectations for a fortnight or more. If Hillary wins, only the banks will rejoice.

    Back when the B was working for real with a dependable income, it was fun to make small investments…but that pastime vanished with the downturn and then the advent of BHO. being “middle class had only ever been fleeting anyway. Artists aren’t middle class.

    Like many others in 2009, we tumbled out of the middle class into what I call the “X” class (can’t remember who invented that term). IOW, middle class habits pared down. Way down.

    The very first thing to go was that “fun with small investments”, above. It was so new I didn’t miss it.
    Then vacations waved goodbye.
    Then eating out seemed pointless – especially since I cook better than most places. Clothes shopping returned to ‘gently used’ varieties of attire;
    I got re-acquainted with the cobbler.

    Presents are now ‘fun’ things I find at Good Will. Like a tiny ceramic cat for a dollar.
    Oh, I forgot: when the kitty died we decided not to replace her. Vet’s bills are too high and unpredictable. I am teaching the B to purr, though. Soon he will be on You Tube in a LOL video. With stripes and whiskers.

    Kindle books are still possible sometimes, though the B finds reading a choreful bus-man’s holiday. Sometimes I read to him, especially from things I think he should know and won’t ever get to in the crush of work.

    We still manage to save for rainy days and repairs. And a local woman (for local wages) helps with things I can no longer manage as fibro makes further inroads.

    I like her presence so much that I’ve already figured out what will go if I have to give up stuff in order to keep her coming — for instance, eating meat gives me no joy. I’m not a vegetarian yet, but I could become one without noticing. But she does my spirits so much good that eggs and cheese are fine.

    It’s a joy to wear something I haven’t ironed, or get into a bed whose linen I didn’t change, or to run my finger along a bookshelf absently -telling myself I “ought to dust” – only to find it’s already *clean*. I see her in the clean windows, the laundry hanging outside, or the dusted stairs going up to the B’s office.

    She’s a genius. I look at the porch and say “what should we do?” She knows where everything is now so she says “you should go read”…and voila! by the end of the first chapter the porch is done.

    The hardest thing is remembering it’s not all mine anymore. Meanwhile, the Baron’s load is big enough; he doesn’t need my stuff. In summer his ‘spare’ time is mowing our big yard (which is why he has always refused to get one of those riding mowers. He says they are heart attack machines). That’s his summer task, though it is so hot now the grass has mostly quit growing. The other seasons he spends engineering the proper placement of gravel on our driveway…he’d have made a good hydraulic engineer.

    Darn. I know how I wandered in here…I’m sure I can find the door…wait…

  4. Sorry-ly forgotten in these cash injection not for profit return suggestions is, of course, your lying socialist-oriented politicians, both local and international. But if you have cash to toss away on balloons, stuffed animals, candles, and cards for the dead who have been killed by islam, you likely don’t have much to live for anyway.
    What idiot would invest in such things in a western country other than the one at a time individuals who are bowing down to the invasion?
    The smart money is investment in the Turkish/Iraqi/Syrian (Chinese) company that is actually manufacturing those products for the “west” to purchase after the next “atrocity”.
    You know they are going to do it, you know the sheep are going to pay for it, you know you need the money. Win, win, win.

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